“If you don’t have an auto industry, you will not be secure as a nation because you won’t have a backbone like manufacturing to be able to put people to work in producing the means to keep you secure.”- Jennifer Granholm


Smart cars are the future. People want smart vehicle solutions that drive them to a great level of satisfaction. Automotive smart app solutions offer them the experience to roaming without any hassle.

With the emergence of technology-driven factors like IoT and AI, the market of the automotive industry is going to be projected at $82.8B by the year 2022 with a CAGR of 26.7%. Top companies like Ford Motor, Google, Robert Bosch, AT&T, and Apple have inspired many lives by their ultra-modern solutions for automotive mobile app development. Apart from automation solutions, features like real-time syncing data, earlier traffic analysis, in-vehicle network, cloud-based services, and in-app communication are succinctly going to hit the ball.

Market Stats & Growth

Mobile app devices have changed the way we look and think about things. With the advent of technology, use and consumption have increased. Automotive retailers have adopted the font usage of mobile phones every day.

According to the survey conducted by Car.com on behalf of Neilson, 83% of car, shoppers are dependent on mobile phones and 23% have used their tablets for the same,

The survey has revealed that the age group of people using automotive apps is 48%, from the 18 to 34 age group. In May 2011, a survey conducted by Cars.com stated that 16,000 smartphone users is using automotive mobile app development to complete their essential needs.

It is one of the topmost industries in the world. The automotive industry has covered many sectors including the Car Rental Application, Parking Finder Application, Car Washing App, E-bike Sharing App, Taxi-Booking App, Bike Rental app, etc.

Industries have been going through a shift in the fall of the market. To retain the market of the automotive industry they have adopted many of the technologies including Machine Learning, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, and others. Industries should have to adopt several measures to gain momentum and beat the competition.

Benefits for Automotive Mobile Apps

In recent years, people are highly dependent on the usage of mobile applications. Some of the major benefits of using the automotive app development are as follows :

  • Efficiency improvement: By using smart mobility solutions, the automotive app development industry has embarked on its growth in the segments. The solutions are less with the highly smart automated tools, inventory solutions, supply chain management, marketing strategies, and many more things are handled by the mobile app.
  • Thrillful experience: Smart automotive app development solutions are offered some of them off-the-beat peer solutions to the market. Flexible driving, temperature control, driver updates, parking assistance, car washing assistance, rental vehicles, and many other features are endorsed for the better experience of the users.
  • Result-driven solutions: The solutions are truly based on the industry norms and are highly optimized. The mobile app is your smart solution assistant in every condition.

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Business Models

The automotive industry leverages some of the best industry solutions in the market for its users. Automobile designing apps are helpful for people to offer several comparing options of different prices, review listings, and video suggestions for easy comparison of the prices. The industry experts have adopted relevant models to claim successful projects to the market. Some of the business models are as follows:

Automotive App development

Dedicated Apps for customers

The automotive industry has faced a transcendent shift by the usage of mobile applications with the mix of advanced technologies like ML, IoT, etc. Dedicated apps are mainly focused on the customers within the single platform. The developers are well known about the need and demand in the industry of automobiles, able to serve their quality within the app. Some of the industry-driven services are a quick comparison of rental vehicles, pre-booking rides, insurance renewal services, traffic locating using GPS, dealership maps, and likewise.

Inbuilt Apps for customers

The automotive apps flourished with inbuilt features. They enhance customer satisfaction but are also configured with custom aligned services like music listening while enjoying their ride, live call, text messages feature, live tracking option using GPS with the use of Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Siri.

The market is reciprocating its revenue using the above business models. Some of the top market leaders keep on researching the market analysis and come up with the best automotive app development for the market of unstoppable possibilities.

Market Leaders in the Automotive Industry

According to Google, 60% of the data is used just for searching vehicles on the mobile apps for the automotive industry. These data have depicted that the usage of mobile apps has become predominantly part of our day-to-day lives. These figures invoke many new companies to set their remarkable presence in the market of the automotive industry. People are now not only utilizing the app usage for specific features, rather an app must be an overall package for a list of features including auto control music player, GPS tracking, live traffic navigation, in-app communications, and many more features. This serves as an opportunity for the new enthusiastic market leaders and developers to bring out the most valuable service to the people. Now, are you curious to know what are the types of apps already surreal with their presence in the market? Let’s get readout below:

  • Waze Navigation and Live Traffic App: This app must be your daily partner when you are on the road. Waze helps its users check the live traffic, any hurdle in the destination path, suggest alternative paths for reaching fast at the destination, and many more things all in one. Millions of people have kept on believing in this app to check out the accurate data nearby.
  • GasBuddy: With a rating of 4.4 on Android and 4.7 on iOS, this app has been immensely used by people across the globe. In 2021, the price of fuel is reached to a greater extent, and GasBuddy helps their users to locate an instant solution to fill up their tanks within price limits. On navigation, it suspects the best gas-filling route to the user. It offers many price-saving options including GasBuddy cards that give 25% of the concession in the rate of the prices of the gas filling.
  • Cars.com: Everybody has a dream to buy their car. But the task is still daunting. Cars.com has given its users the facility to suggest a list of offers from various prices and deals. Its advanced calculator helps to calculate the EMIs, and tools to compare the prices, and bookmark your favorite car for the future.
  • Parkopedia Parking: People mainly use their vehicles to reach their destination. The Parkopedia application aims to offer the best car parking options to their users using the road map route and geolocation tracking option. Users can apply various filters to search their free car parking locations.

These are daunting apps that help people who are in a rush and want to reach their location on time with budget-friendly options. Developers are adding more features to the app to make the use of the app more realistic to the people.

Types of Automobile Solutions Provides in Marketplace

Car Buy Sell PortalCar Rental PortalCar Wash App
Bike Rental AppE-Bike Sharing AppTaxi Booking App
Parking Finder AppBoat Renting AppTrucking On-Demand
Charging Station FinderRoad Assistance AppFuel Delivery App

Features endorsed for Automotive Mobile App Development Solutions

We provide Automotive app solutions to the auto industry, original equipment manufacturers, and aftermarket companies. Our automobile detailing app solutions are well experimented with as per the industry methodologies, robust, highly competitive in the market. Some of our best solutions are:

  • Embedded In-Vehicle Solution: Our embedded solutions are very well integrated with the current in-demand market requirements. These are well-connected with the different touchpoints, able to collect data from various actionable resources. Vehicles are well-smartly configured with ready-to-get updates, notifications with advanced AI and IoT technologies. Users get the fully automated solutions without any worry in their mind for their security, predictive maintenance helps to notify earlier to the user before any haphazard happens later.
  • Connected Car Solution: We believe in changing the living standard of the people. Make the most comfortable while driving with the smart internet featured cars. Users have the access to control their vehicles using our applications. Remote car control using embedded software is one such solution. Cloud services for large database storage, fleet management, data and analytics for better prediction, OTA map updates, content broadcasting, and many idealistic features are prominent for easy accessibility of the users.
  • Autonomous ADAS Solution: Our apps are infused with an automatic driving support system (ADAS) for better comfort and safer driving to the user. While driving, in any of the conditions if the user is unable to respond to brakes on time, control their speed within time, our intelligent driving support system helps the user. The alarm system prompts alerts before any pedestrian zones, gives mapping operations, interoperability in real-time, ADAS breaking, and steer control offer a greater extent of comfort to the user.
  • OBD Solution: Onboarding diagnostic solution (OBD) is the one-stop solution for workflow automation, check early diagnosis for any malfunctioning, improve the fleet management solution, easy data and analytics support are the intelligent solutions for users to convey their easy solutions.
  • Navigation and Mapping Solution: Right navigation is the utmost need of any application, to arrive their users or drivers at the correct place. Intelligent mapping and navigation solution helps the user to depict the best route to reach the earliest. Our solutions are cohesively wrapped with the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) system for the smooth conveyance of the users. Features like voice guidance support, offline and online map search, real-time traffic information, etc are best to guide the user during their journey.
  • Automotive Security: Our solutions are automatically incubated with the threat and alarming situation while driving. The advanced application solutions can detect any security loopholes, prevent hacking, secure privacy and safety, protect any mischievous activity by regular penetration testing, and code reviews.
  • Automotive AI and ML solution: AI, ML, and IoT combined solutions are the future of next-gen smart mobile applications. Intelligent decision-making systems, route tracking, predicting traffic at the earliest, detecting vehicle failure, checking fuel consumption, and predictive vehicle maintenance features are smartly managed by these technologies. IoT transformed the way we live in the world with reliable solutions. Our applications are in-app support, OTA updates, examine vehicle health, cloud-based integration, and other solutions that offer a smooth experience to our users.

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Technology Stack Required for Automotive Mobile App Development

The right mobile technology stack is required right from using the app to third-party integration, GPS support to secure payment support system, latest technology required including IoT, ML. Our automotive app developers merged the latest technology trends with the application.

  • Location Tracking: Advanced proximity sensors allow tracking of the live location of the user and fetch out the best route for them in real-time. Our automotive mobile apps are integrated with Google Maps for the Android platform, and Apple Maps for the iOS platform, to ensure the best possible routes.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Smart automotive solutions intake lots of data for performing any of the activities equal to the human level. Real-time analytics store every data and based on that predict the possible actions. Google Analytics is one such best analytical tool for that.
  • Database: Automotive App Development give full control to the admin for handling the detailed data history of the user and the driver. Some of the database servers are MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, Cassandra, etc.
  • Cloud Server: Automotive app developers require a plethora of storage on cloud in case if the off storage fails to load the large data, or any hacker fetches the data in real-time. Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Server, Google Drive, are the best cloud solutions that can store large data and have server backup.
  • User Interface and User Experience: For the front end: CSS, Bootstrap, HTML technologies are required, while for the back end: python, javascript, ruby, Django, and angular are the best programming languages for Android. Swift is the best iOS platform.
  • Payment Integration: We have offered multiple payment gateways to the users including Braintree, stripe, digital wallet app development, PayPal, etc for the surreal experience to the user.
  • The automotive industry offers mobile application development company a great way to monetize their apps. The automotive industry is a complete ecosystem under which plenty of mobile app solutions fall. This affects the cost of developing the mobile app based on many factors. Next in this blog, is the cost factors on which estimations are detected.
Automotive mobile App Development

Cost estimation required

The cost estimation is a very crucial parameter that depends on several factors, including the complexity of the app, region, number of platforms, and other development activities.

Countrywise hourly estimate:
European developers: $30-$120 per hour
US-based developers: $50-$100 per hour
Asian countries developers: $20-$80 per hour

Depending upon different activities the cost of the development fluctuates. Although the cost of development for basic app architecture lies under $40k to $60k, when created by automotive app developers on the the Android platform in India. With the advanced feature integration, the cost turns around $70k. It includes future-driven solutions to leverage the level of application.


The world of the automotive industry is so lucrative heading with some of the industry’s best solutions. Smart cars like Audi and Mercedes Benz, are the perfect examples, showing how a smartly configured mobile application gives a smooth level of experience to their users. Automotive brands are well aware of the recent transformation of technologies and changes in customer thinking before purchasing any vehicle. One of the most intuitive parts of mobile applications is how flawless apps are well-designed.

In the current scenario, investing time in the development of the automobile dealer app market is best for retaining customers, especially youth who want the best experience in their journey. An ideal app company can be a great option for you to serve your users the best possible solution under the budget. You can connect with us to attain a secure place in the marketplace of mobile apps.



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