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Our top blockchain developers specialize in assisting startups and enterprises in integrating reliable and secure decentralized blockchain solutions to automate their business processes. The blockchain development service providers alleviate your business with safe solutions.

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Partner with Top Blockchain App Development Company for Disruptive Blockchain Solutions

Unleash the benefits of advanced decentralized blockchain solutions by collaborating with the top blockchain app development company. At Octal IT Solution, we strive to implement advanced technology to create unmatched user experience and safe browsing. Our blockchain developers can efficiently integrate the technology with your existing solutions or create new blockchain solutions for your business.

From automating your business to creating a secure environment for your users, you can trust our blockchain app developers for proficient services.  Connect with us for secure Blockchain solutions, dApps, crypto wallets, private blockchain solutions, public blockchain solutions, etc.

The techies working with us have hands-on experience in working and delivering advanced blockchain development solutions for the global clientele.  As technology advances, our blockchain developers stay updated with the leading marketing trends and tools to use in their solutions.


Benefits of Investing in Blockchain App Development

Expand your business horizons by leveraging the security and decentralization of Blockchain app development. The blockchain developers at Octal IT Solution can create updated solutions that are trusted by all.

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform your business in several exciting ways. Collaborating with top blockchain developers can guide you through the process, ensuring a successful and tailored integration of blockchain technology into your business.

  • Enhanced Security

Blockchain offers robust security measures that protect your data and transactions from tampering or unauthorized access.

  • Traceability and Accountability

Blockchain provides a transparent and traceable record of transactions and data. This traceability is particularly valuable for industries like supply chain and food safety, where tracking the origin and movement of products is crucial.

  • Decentralization and Trust

Blockchain operates on a decentralized network, empowering participants and eliminating the need for a central authority. This decentralization fosters trust among stakeholders and reduces the risk of fraud or manipulation.

  • Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Embracing blockchain technology positions your business as an innovator, giving you a competitive edge in the market. By leveraging this emerging technology, you demonstrate your commitment to staying ahead of the curve and embracing digital transformation.

Services Tailored to Meet Your Custom Blockchain Development Needs

From creating blockchain solutions to upgrading existing solutions with blockchain technology, our experts can help you with custom solutions.

Blockchain App Development

Blockchain App Development

Blockchain developers at Octal IT Solution can build decentralized applications (DApps) that leverage the power of blockchain technology. Whether you’re in supply chain management, healthcare, finance, or any other industry, the blockchain app development company will handle the end-to-end development process, ensuring seamless integration with blockchain networks, and providing an intuitive user experience.

Blockchain App Consultation

Blockchain App Consultation

Our blockchain app experts will provide valuable insights and guidance, helping you understand how blockchain technology can benefit your business. They will assess your requirements, explore potential use cases, and recommend the most suitable blockchain platform or framework for your specific needs.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development

These developers specialize in creating smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts with predefined rules on the blockchain. They can assist you in designing, coding, and deploying smart contracts using programming languages like Solidity or Chaincode. By automating and enforcing agreements, smart contracts enhance transparency and trust in your business processes.

Blockchain Integration

Blockchain Integration

Integrating blockchain technology with your existing systems can unlock new possibilities. The blockchain software development company’s experts will work closely with your team to seamlessly integrate blockchain solutions into your infrastructure, ensuring smooth data exchange and interoperability with your legacy systems and third-party APIs.

Cryptocurrency Development

Cryptocurrency Development

If you’re interested in creating your own cryptocurrency or token, the blockchain development company can help. They will guide you through the technical aspects of token creation, including selecting the appropriate blockchain platform, defining token standards (such as ERC-20 or ERC-721), and even assisting with initial coin offerings (ICOs) or security token offerings (STOs).

Blockchain Security and Auditing

Blockchain Security and Auditing

Security is of paramount importance in blockchain implementations. The blockchain development agency will conduct thorough security audits to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. They’ll assess the code of smart contracts, implement robust security measures, and provide ongoing monitoring and support to safeguard your blockchain network against potential threats.

How Octal IT Solution Stands Out as the Leading Blockchain App Development Company?

As you connect with our blockchain development team, we'd start with conceptualizing the solution, develop, test, and then deploy your solution.


Context Driven Customization

Our business analysts team works closely with you to understand your business needs and technology aspect to create blockchain solutions that aligns with your vision.


Data Backed Performance

You can trust our blockchain app development team for solutions that are data-driven. We study the market behavior and future scope before beginning to work on your solution.


Scalable Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain app developers working with us can create solutions that can easily scale as your business grows. We believe in sustainable development with zero-waste resource.

Popular Programming Languages For Blockchain App Development

When it comes to blockchain wallet app development, another common question that is asked frequently is which programming languages are used to develop a blockchain-based app.

Our goal is to empower your organization with cutting-edge blockchain solutions that streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance security

As mentioned earlier, the language chosen for a project depends on the requirements and purpose. For instance, some languages are preferred for apps with smart contracts, while others can be used for apps with asynchronous apps. Sometimes, the language is also chosen on the basis of the availability of app developers in the market.
The answer is multiple languages can be used for blockchain wallet app development, depending on the purpose of the app and the skills of the teams. Below are some of the most popular coding languages for blockchain development:

  • Python
  • Java
  • Go
  • Solidity
  • C++
  • Plutus
  • Scillia
  • Rholang
  • C#
  • Micehlson

Outsourcing Your Blockchain App Development Tasks Can Change the Game for You

Hire mobile app developers to build blockchain 360-degree security of your applications. With experience in blockchain software development, our experts can help you upscale your business to enterprise grade.

01 Tap into Expertise

Blockchain app development is a specialized field, and outsourcing gives you access to a team of seasoned professionals. These experts have a deep understanding of blockchain technology and know the ins and outs of developing innovative solutions. They bring fresh perspectives, industry insights, and a wealth of experience to the table, ensuring that your project is in capable hands.

02 Save Your Time

We all love saving money, right? Outsourcing your blockchain development can significantly reduce costs compared to building an in-house team. You don’t have to worry about recruitment, training, or providing office space. Instead, you get to work with a skilled external team, paying only for the services you need. It’s a win-win situation that allows you to allocate your resources wisely.

03 Focus on What You Do Best

Your core competencies deserve your full attention. By outsourcing blockchain development services, you free up valuable time and energy to focus on what truly matters: growing your business, nurturing client relationships, and fine-tuning your strategic direction. Leave the technical complexities to the experts, so you can shine in your own domain.

04 Lesser Time to Market

In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence. Outsourcing accelerates the development process, helping you bring your blockchain solutions to market quickly. The external team is equipped with the right tools, methodologies, and expertise to streamline the project and meet deadlines. You’ll be one step ahead of the competition, ready to wow your customers with cutting-edge blockchain innovations.

05 Adaptability and Flexibility

Business needs evolve, and flexibility is key to staying ahead. When you outsource your blockchain development, you gain the advantage of scalability. As your project grows, you can easily expand the team or make adjustments without the hassle of recruitment and onboarding. It’s like having a dynamic workforce that adapts to your changing requirements seamlessly.

06 Minimize Risks, Maximize Success

Implementing new technologies always comes with risks, but outsourcing can mitigate those risks. Trustworthy outsourcing partners have a proven track record and extensive experience in blockchain development solutions. They know how to navigate challenges, ensure security, and comply with regulations. With their expertise by your side, you can rest assured that your blockchain project is in safe hands.

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Which Are the Most Popular Blockchain Platforms?

The list of private blockchain platforms is quite long. Therefore, we have filtered all the platforms, and here is the list of the most popular ones.


It is the first and most popular blockchain platform for peer-to-peer electronic transactions. The platform is highly secure and maintains transparency. It controls its cryptocurrency aka Bitcoin.


Introduced in 2013, Ethereum is another excellent blockchain platform. Like the Bitcoin blockchain, it is decentralized as it boasts the support of smart contract development. However, it lacks processing speed and has a higher transaction processing cost.


This private blockchain platform was developed by one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, i.e., Binance. BSC aims to offer secure and fast transactions at low fees, making it an excellent choice for developing DeFi applications.


This blockchain platform is well-renowned for emphasizing sustainability, scalability, security and transparency. Thus, it becomes one of the best choices for secure and dependable smart contract development.


It is a multi-chain private blockchain platform that allows private blockchain space to share information and interoperate conveniently. Its main focus is to offer interoperability, scalability, and a framework to create custom blockchains, aka parachains.


It is a high-performing private blockchain platform designed to develop decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies. The platform offers fast transaction speed and low transaction fees, making it an ideal choice for developing high-throughput applications.

Types of Blockchain Applications

There are four main types of blockchains:

This is a permissionless type of blockchain and is non-restrictive. Any user having an internet connection can sign in to a blockchain platform to become an authorized node. The distributed ledger technology (DLT) of the blockchain became popular due to the public blockchain. A public blockchain doesn’t retrieve and store information at a single point but the information is dispersed across a whole network. Thus the information is accessible by all participants in a decentralized network. To ensure that the information is authentic, it requires verification which is done either through Proof of Work (PoW), or Proof of Stake (PoS).
A private blockchain works like a restrictive network and is under the control of a single entity. The operating method is the same as that of public blockchain in regards to decentralization and peer-to-peer connections but works on a comparatively smaller scale. Not everyone is allowed to join a private blockchain, and a private blockchain mostly operates on a small network of a company or an organization. Blockchain app development companies can set different levels of permissions, security, authorizations, and accessibility in a private chain.
As the name indicates, a hybrid blockchain is an amalgamation of both private and public blockchain. The organizations can create a private permission-based system in addition to a public permissionless system. Thus, they have the flexibility to control who can specific data of the blockchain, and which data will be available for the public. Generally, in a hybrid blockchain, the transactions and records are not available to the public, but access can be given when needed, mostly by a smart contract. Confidential information is verifiable but is kept within the network. Even though a private entity owns a hybrid blockchain, it still can’t alter transactions.
Popularly known as federated blockchain, a consortium blockchain is like a hybrid blockchain as it has both private and public blockchain features. However, in this blockchain instead of a single organization, multiple organization members can collaborate on a decentralized network. It is a private blockchain but the access is given to a particular group. Thus, it mitigates the risks that come with just one entity controlling the network on a private blockchain.

Most Popular Use Cases of Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology has proven its potential across multiple industries. It has several notable use cases, and the list of same is as follows –

Cryptocurrencies and Digital Payments

The most popular use case of Blockchain is to develop cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Blockchain technology has enabled secure and decentralized payments by eradicating the requirement for intermediaries. Cryptocurrency wallet development services are now popular in many parts of the world, thanks to the secure and safe transactions blockchain allows.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

The DeFi marketplace is also leveraging blockchain technology to eliminate the requirement for intermediaries and support peer-to-peer transactions. It involves decentralized borrowing, lending, exchanges, farming, yield, and other financial instruments.

Smart Contracts

Superior blockchain platforms like Ethereum also permit smart contract development. These contracts are executed automatically upon pre-defined activities. It helps automate the process and enhance efficiency. As the processes are automated through smart contracts, it helps save a lot of resources.

Identity Management

Blockchain technology can offer a protected and decentralized framework for organizing and managing digital identities. It allows ‌users to have complete governance of their data. The user also has the option to share the selective data with trusted parties.

Voting Systems

The voting systems developed leveraging blockchain technology are transparent, secure, and immutable. Recording votes through a blockchain-powered voting system; the results cannot be manipulated or tampered with. It also increases the trust of ‌voters in the democratic process.

What are the benefits of developing blockchain applications for your business?

Blockchain service providers come with multiple benefits, and here is a quick look at the same.

The decentralized applications developed leveraging blockchain technology are decentralized and transparent. It eliminates the requirement of any central authority as it distributes the data among the network nodes. Transparency helps ensure that each participant has similar information to prevent manipulation and fraud.
Blockchain technology is highly popular for offering enhanced security and transparency using its cryptographic techniques. Digital signatures and consensus algorithms are used to ensure data security. All these security factors make blockchain highly valuable for industries where data security is important.
Leveraging blockchain technology can also help save a lot of resources by automating processes and eliminating the need for intermediaries. Smart contracts are implemented to automate various processes like digital assets transfer, payments, etc. Automating processes also helps reduce the chances of human errors.
The decentralized applications built using blockchain technology also leverage tokens that are further used for representing digital assets and ownership. Tokenization also enables liquidity, fractional ownership, and fundraising mechanisms i.e. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and STO (Security Token Offerings). Businesses also get the opportunity to pitch a broader investor base and get funded.
Last but not least, Blockchain technology abolishes the requirement of intermediaries by permitting direct transactions i.e. peer-to-peer. It decreases the costs related to intermediaries and offers more power over transactions. It also unlocks possibilities for new businesses and ecosystems without relying on central authorities.

Industries investing in blockchain development

Various industries leverage Blockchain technology for designing, developing, and deploying applications as they come across its potential and benefits. Here are a few industries that are actively investing in blockchain app development.

Finance and Banking

Finance and banking solutions implement Blockchain technology and make it a part of operations in banks, insurance, and payment processors. With the help of blockchain technology, smart contracts help streamline the process and prevent fraud.


Healthcare and medical solutions integrate blockchain technology in their applications to securely manage patients' data and enhance interoperability between healthcare devices. It also helps improve the security and transparency of the data and streamline healthcare processes.

Real Estate

Blockchain technology successfully reshapes the real estate industry by streamlining transactions, augmenting transparency, and allowing fractional ownership with the help of tokenization. Smart contracts are utilized to automate property transfers, rental agreements, etc.


The agriculture industry is also exploring blockchain technology and finding areas for implementing it. Till now, it has been utilized for tracing foods, reducing the chance of manipulation and fraud in the supply chain, and confirming fair reimbursement for farmers.

Inventory and Supply Chain

Blockchain can keep track of the stock and expiration dates, making inventory management seamless. In the supply chain, blockchain gives end-to-end visibility and all the participants involved in the supply chain can see what is happening in the process in real-time.


In the Education industry, the most time-consuming task is the verification of the candidate's credentials and certificates. It is a complete manual paperwork process. Blockchain can expedite it by accessing and sharing this data securely with authorities.

Internet of Things

The role of Blockchain in IoT is to provide security for hugely distributed system. In IoT, the weakest link strength determines the security of the system. Blockchain ensures that information secured by IoT devices is private and accessible only by authorized people.

Gaming and Entertainment

Blockchain technology contributes greatly to the gaming and entertainment sector. Leveraging blockchain in developing application helps with digital assets ownership, a decentralized marketplace, and even in-game economies.

Factors To Consider in Blockchain Wallet App Development

While developing a blockchain app development, it is imperative to consider all the factors involved. Here is the roster of the important factors to consider:

Type of Platform

On one side, there are blockchain platforms which are based on cryptocurrency, while the others are based on smart contracts or crypto tokens. You have to analyze which platform would be better for you in making the development of blockchain apps easier.

Smart Contracts

A blockchain has to employ several protocols for consensus like PoW (Proof of Work), PoS (Proof of Stake), PoET (Proof of Elapsed Time), and others. So it is imperative to select the right platform based on consensus protocol.


Cryptocurrency is an important aspect that you can’t omit while looking for blockchain application development. Make sure you conduct adequate research to decide whether or not your mobile application needs to support cryptocurrencies.

Private/Public Type

We have already explained the Public and Private types of blockchain. If you want a network where everyone can participate and make changes then go for public, or if you want only authorized users to participate then you have to build a private network blockchain.

Adoption Rate

You have to identify the adoption rate of the current blockchain and also the community support. The adoption rate signifies the extent to which a blockchain has been implemented. It is always a good decision to opt for a technology which is more widely being used than technology with a low degree of acceptance.


Three important considerations should be made while examining blockchain scalability: decentralization, security, and speed. The term "scalability trilemma" refers to the circumstance in which a developer could only be able to satisfy two of the three specifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Blockchain App Development

Have a few questions before starting on your blockchain app development project? We get you covered.

Blockchain app development service is a process of creating highly-secured, decentralized software providing full traceability and security of the data and transactions. At Octal IT Solution, we have a team of blockchain developers that master various blockchain platforms to create a feature-rich blockchain application for you.

At Octal, we provide a wide range of blockchain development solutions, including custom blockchain app development, consultation, smart contract development, blockchain integration, cryptocurrency wallet development, blockchain security and auditing.

Octal IT Solution is the best blockchain app development company in the market. With an industry experience of 16+ years and a team of 250+ skilled professionals, the company offers high-end blockchain solutions.

A blockchain application with medium-complexity can be developed on Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, and EOS platforms. The cost to develop such application ranges between $30,000 and $50,000. However, a more complex and secured app may cost higher, ranging between $60,000 and $150,000.

Outsourcing your blockchain app development project provides you with a number of benefits. This way, you get access to the best experts in the industry ensuring a feature-rich app and earlier launch to the market. Also, you do not have to focus on the development process which allows you to focus on your core business. Also, outsourcing is ~30% less expensive than hiring an in-house development team.

The time utilized in developing a blockchain solution depends upon various factors like requirements, app features, app complexity, etc. Thus, we suggest contacting us along with your requirement for an accurate estimate.

  • Blockchain, being an immersive technology, is utilized across various industries. The industries that can benefit from Blockchain are as follows –
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • E-commerce
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Energy

What Makes Us the Buzz of Tech Town

Here’s what our business partners say about us.

Ms. Joyce Mesick

Founder, Finding Trusted Care

Project summary: Finding Trusted Care

Octal IT Solution has created a caregiver company’s flagship platform and app. Their resources have also worked on the firm’s website design. Around eight teammates work directly with the client on the project.

  • Budget $50,000 to $199,999
  • Duration May 2022 – Ongoing
  • What They Say? Read Full Review

Mr. Michael Tan

Project Manager, Clarins Pte Ltd

Project summary: Clarins

Octal IT Solution was hired by a skin care brand to build their inhouse claiming system. They used PHP for the development of their project.

  • Budget $10,000 to $49,999
  • Duration Jan. 2019 – Aug. 2020
  • What They Say? Read Full Review

Mr. Ashutosh Walia

VP Gaming, Hungama

Project summary: Hungama

An entertainment company hired Octal IT Solution to develop their mobile app, which was meant to be viewed as a gaming platform for the entertainment industry.

  • Budget $10,000 to $49,999
  • Duration Sep. 2022 – Jan. 2023
  • What They Say? Read Full Review

Ms. Kanchana Gupta


Project summary:

Octal IT Solution has designed and developed a web platform and a mobile app for a mentoring platform. They’ve used React.js to build the web platform and have created the mobile app for Android and iOS.

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