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Octal Info Solution offers feature-rich and fully-protected eWallet Application Development Services for Android, iPhone and Wearable Devices.

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online wallet app
Store Money

Users can store their money in wallet app

ios wallet app
Transfer to Account

Add multiple bank accounts & Transfer Wallet Balance

ipad wallet app
POS/ Kiosk Integration

Integration wallet application with POS/ Kiosk systems

e wallet apps
Money Transfer

Money Transfer to contacts on airtime, payment management

wallet app
Split Bills

Split bills with friends and pay individually

mobile wallet app
Big Offers

Timely reminders about the in-wallet offers

iPhone wallet app
Pay Bills

Pay utility bills and purchase bills across accepted stores

wallet app for android
Cash Pickup

Pick cash by adding money to e wallet app for cash-only needs.

e wallet app
Budgeting tools

Budgeting tools to allow users to track expenses

The Solutions
  • NFC Communication
    digital wallet app
    mobile payment app
    NFC or Near Field Communication

    It’s a highly secured protocol for contactless payments between an NFC-enabled smartphone and a transmitter attached to a POS device. Today, most of the eWallets run on NFC communication channel.

  • Bluetooth and iBeacon
    online payment apps
    phone pay app
    Bluetooth and iBeacon technology

    A fast & safe technology, Bluetooth, and iBeacon are highly applicable for safe and fast data transfer. The technology can also be well applied for payment transfer and eWallet application development.

  • QR codes
    tap and pay apps
    online payment wallets
    QR codes

    Most of the eWallets and Money Transfer Apps come with the QR Scanning feature. It lets your users to transfer or receive contactless payments just by scanning a unique QR code.

  • Payment App
    NFC wallet
    NFC payment app
    Payment App

    A great solution for businesses, the Payment App becomes an alternative for cash payments. Partner with businesses and local merchants to serve as their money transfer & payment channel.

Our phone payment app solutions come with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.
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mobile payment app
User Panel
  • User registration
  • Authorize bank account
  • Add balance
  • Balance status
  • Transfer cash
  • Pay bills
  • Accept payment
  • See Offers
  • Transaction History
  • Invite Friends
ios wallet app
Admin Panel
  • Default admin panel
  • Users Data Control
  • New offers
  • Manage the contacts
  • Manage users
  • Secured database
  • Usage Analytics
  • Intercom Support
  • Cash Report
  • Add/Block Features
  • Reporting
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ipad wallet app

Before launching your mobile wallet app, we do comprehensive vulnerability management to identify & eliminate any chance of vulnerabilities.

e wallet apps

We use Information Security Management System to keep the valuable data, accounts, passwords & transactions secured.

ewallet app for android

We conduct a comprehensive Penetration Testing to make sure your phone pay app is completely protected against threats of penetration.

wallet app

We use BurrpSuite to ensure complete Application Security – making sure your online payment apps are safe to use for your users.

mobile wallet app

Black Box and Source code review are conducted to ensure the safety of your tap and pay apps, keeping it secured against threats.

iPhone wallet app

To provide extra speed and protection, we make use of SOAP and REST Protocols, as required by the client.

Great Features
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wallet app for android

We make an iPhone wallet app enabled with auto-backup. The user may restore his settings and data from an earlier backup.

e wallet app

A highly portable wallet app for android which is easy to carry & port. Allow your users to easily add money and pay online/offline.

digital wallet app

Categorize different transactions and cards to make the online payment wallets more appealing & pleasant. Users may sort the cards as per different categories.

mobile payment app

Generate and send a digital receipt after every transaction. The receipt can be sent on the phone number, email & within the app.

online payment apps

Offer rewards points on each transaction and let your users redeem the rewards points in cash or wallet balance.

phone pay app

Let the users pay, transfer and accept payment by scanning QR codes. We enable a powerful QR scanner within the mobile payment apps android.

tap and pay apps

Offer rewards on each successful referral. Your users get loyalty rewards and you get a larger audience to serve.

online payment wallets

The section contains the transaction history of a user. The user may search his transactions by advanced filters.

NFC wallet

Send real-time & fully-customized push notifications to your users for different offers, rewards & promotions.

NFC payment app
Fully Protected

The mobile payment application is well-secured with PCI compliance, protected against vulnerability & threats.

wallet app android
Secured Transactions

All the transactions are protected with Digital Signature and an extra layer of protection, keeping your money safe.

wallet application
Rewards & Points

Keep your users engaged & interested by offering reward points, loyalty points, referral points and cash redemption options.

mobile payment apps android

With the help of Geolocation and GPS Technology, you may find friends around you and may easily make payment by just tapping the name of the recipient. These days, many apps come with this feature to enable faster checkout.

  • Find friends & people near you
  • Pay with a single tap
  • Accept payments without sharing your phone number
  • Find other services and merchandise near you
ipad wallet app
Data Sync

Sync important data from your social accounts and mobile number. The app may select your bank account linked with your phone number, eliminating the requirement of connecting your bank account separately. It increases safety, accuracy, and convenience.

  • Sync your bank account automatically
  • Sync your friends from your phone contact list
  • Make Payment or Accept Payment from Contacts
e wallet apps
Booking Calendar

With the help of Booking Calendar, you may schedule payments or fund transfer for a later date. The calendar also shows your transactions on an appealing calendar.

  • Schedule fund transfer & payments
  • View your transactions on Calendar
  • Share calendar with others
ewallet app for android
In-App Camera

The biggest use of the in-app camera is for QR Code Scanning, but it can also be used for other purposes. Users may send pictures of their receipt or bills to others.

wallet app

Tokenization of a safe method of payment since it creates a one-time code for user’s credit/debit card and can only be used once. This hides the actual credit/debit card number from the merchant and thus improves security.

  • Real-time generation of one-time code
  • Immediate code generation after card swipe on POS terminals
  • Point-to-point encryption while making payments through POS
  • Advanced mobile device identification with wallet-to-mobile pairing
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Cloud Operations

The data is stored on and is processed from Cloud, making the transactions highly secured, fast and reliable. We make the best use of cloud computing to enable your app with advanced features.

  • Added security enabled with Clouds
  • Faster transactions with Cloud Computing
  • Powerful data access with portability
iPhone wallet app

Enable your users to communicate with each other within the app. You may ask to use a communication channel, chat, messaging or video call to make this feature look awesome.

  • User-to-user communication
  • User community & forum
  • Chat & call support
  • In-app notifications, emails & messages
wallet app for android
Create Virtual Cards

Just like a virtual wallet, you may create a Virtual Card that your users may use just like their credit/debit cards. The card runs on eWallet Balance and contains nothing but a username/code/password.

  • Easiest way of payments
  • No need to carry anything
  • Completely virtual, safe and fast
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Wearable Integration

Connect your app to wearable devices like Smartwatch and let your users make payments or transfer funds from their wearable gadgets. The boom in wearable gear industry opens new doors of opportunities for this feature.

  • Easy integration with wearable devices
  • Increase portability and convenience
  • The technology of the future
digital wallet app
Other Technologies

We use the best of the technology stack to insert powerful features in your apps:

  • Twilio – for Push Notifications
  • Nexmo – for SMS and Voice Varification
  • Braintree & PayPal – for payments
  • GWT – for Powerful Programming
  • Datastax – for Data Management
  • Mandrill – for emailing
  • Debian – Universal Operating System
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