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Mobile Chat App Development
WhatsApp like app development that transforms the way your users communicate.
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Language Translation

The chat application development comes with inbuilt Language Translation Feature, allowing your users to communicate in different languages.

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Text/ Video /Voice Call

Send text messages, make voice calls or video calls, everything for free. Light data consumption makes more beneficial.

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Offline Messaging

When out of network area or in case of emergency, users may send offline messages, keeping your users connected everywhere, every time.

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Screen Sharing

Let the instant messaging app development users share screens with each other, making this app highly profitable for business purposes.

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Unlimited Size File Transfer

Let the users transfer files, music, videos and documents. The app supports unlimited file size, making it useful for heavy transfers.

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Money Transfer

The app also supports Peer-to-peer money transfer which is a rare feature in IM apps. This gives extra power to your app.

Discernible Features
Salient Features of the Chat Application Development...
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In Built Lock

Increasing the security and privacy of communications, the instant messenger app development comes with in-built lock.

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Encrypted Messages

Messages are end-to-end encrypted, enhancing the safety and privacy of mobile chat app development communications.

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User Status Visibility

Available/offline/idle – the WhatsApp like app development shows user status visibility to other app users.

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Antivirus Protected

The chat application development is fully protected against viruses, making it highly safe to use.

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Cloud Services

Data is stored and fetched from clouds, making the instant messaging app development super fast, reliable and protected.

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Customize Font Style/Background

Users may customize their screen background or font styles to add a taste of personalization.

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Web-App Synchronization

The instant messenger app development synchronizes with web-app, making it easy for your users to communicate at large screen.

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The mobile chat app development supports multiple communication protocols like ICQ, Google Talk and AIM, making it reliable and more effective.

Our mobile chat app development comes with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.
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User Panel
  • Join Application
  • Number/Email Id Verification
  • Chat History
  • Share Contacts
  • View List of connected users
  • Profile Photo
  • Add/Edit Status – Text/Audio/Pictures/Video
admin dashboard panel
Admin Panel
  • Updates
  • Add/Edit/Delete Layouts
  • Take Action On Reported Users
  • Manage Users
  • Backup Manager
  • Reports
  • Dashboard-statistics
More Features
A Few More Features of Instant Messaging App Development...
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Co- Browsing

Users of your WhatsApp like app development may collaborate with each other to browse something, using screen sharing or through other methods.

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Tabbed Chat

Keep track of multiple chats in a single window for more efficient use of mobile screen space and faster chatting.

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Spell check

Real-time corrections of spelling and typos, correct as you type. The spell check feature is available for the most popular languages.

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Create/Join Chat Rooms- Group Chat

Users may create their chat rooms, invite friends and may join chat rooms / group chats.

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Broadcast/multicasting Features

Broadcast a message to many users, at once. The multicasting feature makes group communication smooth and sound.

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Security By Default

The app comes with powerful security measures, protecting the privacy of your users and keep the app safe to use.

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Interactive Smiley’s & Stickers

Thousands of in-built smiley’s and stickers, adding the spice to communication. Regular updates of new smiley’s and stickers.

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Conference Call

The chat application development allows your users to make conference calls to unlimited friends at once.

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Chat History

The app stores your chat history in your phone. History remains there unless user deletes. Easy export of user history.

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Screen Shot

Send a screenshot for a fast and interactive option to share an immediate picture of your work or browsing history with your friends.

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Visualize ideas and graphic concepts during your conversations with Whiteboard, an interactive messaging feature.

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The instant messenger app development is compatible on multiple platforms – including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and much more.

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