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Uber, Ola, Grab & Didi are billion-dollar Taxi Aggregation App businesses. Your app could be the next in the list...

Octal IT Solution is a premier taxi aggregator solution provider company offering cutting-edge online Taxi booking Mobile App development services. If you have an cab booking mobile app idea that may change the world of transportation, taxi booking mobile app developers at octal help you with giving it a real-life shape. We create highly innovative, feature-rich and technology enabled solutions for Taxi Booking Mobile App Development, Taxi Booking Web Portal and Taxi Aggregator Apps that connect millions of users with your business.

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Tracking taxi location and syncing location data with server

online taxi booking website

Measuring distance travelled by taxis accurately

online cab booking system

Managing Push Notifications from the server

taxi booking app development

Displaying an accurate digital meter to taxi driver

taxi app development
taxi booking app development company

Dispatchers track taxi position using Google Maps

taxi booking app builder

Passenger locates driver position using GPS

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Automatic Route Calculation with Google Maps and GPS

taxi booking app for android

Voice driven directions to the pickup and destination locations


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    With the increasing cases of harrasment and privacy issues, ensuring safety of customers is a big concern for service providers.

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    Uber started alone but today, there are dozens of Taxi Aggregator Apps operating in the marketing, resulting in immense competition.

  • taxi booking app developers india


    Dedicated support service is still a big concern, particularly during late-night hours. Customers need nothing but 24x7 support.


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    Number Masking

    Number Masking, a feature that creates a communication channel between the customer & the service provider, increases customer safety significantly.

  • cab booking app development


    Country-specific apps like Ola & Didi are more successful than Uber in their respective countries. Being local is a big advantage.

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    Payment Options

    Paying the exact cash has always remained a concern for customers. Availability of Payment Wallets may prove to be a big opportunity.

Your own Taxi Booking App for iPhone and Android

Allow your customers to book your taxi services with just a click from their smartphone. Also, remain in control with your fleet, drivers, customers and valuable insights through a powerful dashboard. We create feature-rich Taxi Booking App Solutions to take your taxi Aggregationbusiness in the digital world.

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Next-Gen dispatch software

Running a business requires right tools. We build next-gen dispatch software that keeps your business running.

Right tools for automation

Automate everything - your orders, bookings, drivers, customers & data with a centralized portal & app.

Rating and Reviews

Keeping your customers happy & your drivers motivated becomes easy with an advanced Rating & Review System.

Detailed Fares

Configure your fares and share with your customers even if the trip cost calculation is off.

Multiple Channels for Drivers

Classify your fleet in drivers in different channels, making it easier for customers & drivers to choose their ride.

Configure Multiple Rates

Configure different rates as per vehicle and destination. Manage the rates & fares from easy-to-manage backend.

App Features

Our taxi booking mobile app comes with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you, your drivers and your customers.

taxi booking app driver panel features
Passenger Panel

→ Book vehicles for airport arrivals & departure.
→ Manage their wallet.
→ Schedule their ride for future.
→ Book rides for other person.
→ Book ride on hourly basis.
→ Check their upcoming and previous rides.
→ Amend their upcoming rides.
→ Avail attractive membership plans for the rides.
→ Book their ride without any registeration.
→ Get free extra rides from the promotions.
→ Multiple Demography
→ Flight Verification
→ Pick-up Airport Sellection
→ Track Driver Location

taxi booking app customer panel features
Driver Panel

→ Accept and complete the job assigned by admin.
→ Transfer their request to other drivers.
→ Accept the request for its nominated drivers.
→ See the route map for the job.
→ Driver-friendly user interface.
→ Advanced Notification of the rides.
→ Live Chat Services between drivers & customers.
→ Broadcast request (paging) is available.

taxi app admin panel features
Admin Panel

→ Manage master set of Services, country, city, vehicles, etc.
→ Create their own drivers, customer & staff.
→ Create, amend & cancel reservation.
→ Manage job assignment & cancellation to drivers.
→ Admin can create their business partners.
→ Assign roles & mini master planning to Business Partners.
→ Admin can direct chat to drives.
→ Define different rates for different customer types.
→ Manage driver's account for different transaction types.
→ Add transaction for drivers and customers.
→ Manage Transaction reports, Job reports, Payment history & App booking consumption.

Advanced Features

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Intelligent Queue Algorithm

Distribute the jobs between your drivers in a handy & fair way. The app forms a queue of all drivers reachable within 5 minutes to the customer, and send the job request to available driver.

  • Increases customer loyalty by minimizing waiting time.

  • Increase drivers’ engagement by fair job distribution.

  • Eliminate drivers' idleness.

PHP CMS Development

Manage orders with Dispatch Panel

A beautifully-built dispatch panel to manage your fleet and drivers. Enabled with advanced features like:

  • Beautiful, simple yet functional design.

  • All your orders are in one place, listed and sorted by relevancy.

  • Helps your operators provide more efficient service.

  • Keyboard navigation and phone line integration.

  • Worldwide geo-coding & location-tracking system.

uber like app development

Automated dispatch with Driver App

The Driver App is created with great perfection, making it easier for your drivers to navigate important data. Can be easily managed with their smartphones.

  • Clear order instructions on Drivers’ App

  • Helps your drivers to get clearly visible orders with the important data on the screen.

  • Improves accept/reject decision making.

  • Navigation to pickup and drop-off.

  • Can see passenger’s exact location on the map.

  • Can estimate shortest and best route to reach the passenger

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Automate Drivers’ Billing and Payouts

We build a system that automates payment acceptance from your drivers. You may set different subscriptions, payment schedules and payment methods.

  • Charge your drivers per month, per week, per day, or per order basis

  • Charge fixed amount or percentage of total earning

  • Combine different payment subscriptions

  • Automatically calculate and charge the driver on a set billing period

  • Driver can top-up with a credit card or cash

  • Transfer money to your drivers on a daily or weekly basis

taxi app solution

Fixed Rate Zones

Create fixed rate zones for your passengers. Select popular locations and routes to charge fixed fares.

  • Set fixed rates for airport trips or trips between two places.

  • Set priority for overlapping zones

  • Promote rides with fixed rate cards on specific days

  • Attract more customers with fixed rates on ride sharing

Cab Request Heat Map

Find areas with most cab requests, and assign more vehicles and drivers in that particular region. The advanced heat map shows cab request frequencies in different colours allowing you to make better decisions.

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Advanced Rating / Review System

online cab booking system Driver Rating See driver's ratings in a visually-appealing panel.
taxi booking app development
Steve taxi app development29/08/2017 Driver was very friendly and informed. He knew the route properly. Highly appreciated.
taxi booking app development company taxi booking app builder
taxi app developers india
Jordan taxi booking app for android29/08/2017 Driver reacted quickly and reached the destination in time.
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Few More Features...

Technologies We Use:

We use the best stack of technologies to give extra power to your app.
Below are a few technologies we use to empower your business...

taxi booking app development

GPS Technology

Having GPS in a taxi aggregation app isn’t new. But utilizing its feature to the fullest is what makes a difference.

We make the best use of GPS for you, your drivers and your customers. You can get accurate location of your cabs, your drivers can track the customer’s location and your customers sees a taxi coming on the map – everything in real time.

taxi app development

Cloud Operations

By utilizing the power of Clouds, we enable your app to get thousands of requests per second. Also, we manage everything in technical operations so you can focus on your business growth.

Being highly economical, cloud operations reduce your operational costs while increasing your productivity and profits.

It also enables you to work without your own infrastructure. You can manage your business from any place in the world.

taxi booking app development company

Database Designs

Apache Cassandra Database powers the leading companies in the world including Google, eBay, Facebook, Oracle, Cisco, Wolero and Haily to name a few. Being the most powerful and cost-effective solution, we make use of Apache Cassandra to give your business the advanced level of security and access.

The distributed database has features like Best performance in class, Elastic scalability, Always-On architecture and Fast linear-scale performance.

We also use other databases like HBase and MongoDB as per your unique business requirements.

taxi booking app builder

Real-time Analytics

Get a fully customized Analytics Panel powered by DB infrastructure, data structures and algorithms. It keeps you in control with your operational data and help you reach on time-sensitive events to build projections.

With the Analytics Panel, you get real time revenue reports, revenue projections, drive your business by the numbers and much more.

taxi app developers india

Other Technologies

  • Twilio – for Push Notifications

  • Nexmo – for SMS, Voice and Phone Varification

  • Braintree & PayPal – for accepting payments

  • GWT – for Powerful Programming

  • Datastax – for Data Management

  • Mandrill – for everything related to emails

  • Debian – the Universal Operating System

Client Testimonial

We take pride ourselves on providing superior Mobile App Development Solutions. Read what wolero has to say about working with Octal IT Solution.

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Octal IT Solution is a development agency, which is keen to offer all the requirement of their clients from tip to toe. The company offers what it claims to the customer with 100% customer satisfaction. taxi app developers india

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