These days we have an app for just about everything. So, there is an app for car washing as well where you can book for your car wash by experts. As numbers of cars on the road continue to rise by leaps and bounds, there will forever be a need for car wash application development. It is hugely vital to take care of your cars as this has a direct impact on your overall value. Basically, after your house, a car is your biggest buy. So if you move about in a car which is always dirty or not up to the mark, people will build a wrong impression about you. But what happens is that we tend to be busy with lot of things such as our work, children, family life etc. And because of this we do not get ample time to take care of our vehicles. This is where the need for professional car washers arises.

Types of Car Washes

There are various kinds of car wash services. These include:

  • Full-service wash- In this there is cleaning of exterior as well as interior of your vehicle. Outside of the car is washed and the entire is vacuumed by team of workers.
  • Partial wash- This includes wash of only the exterior of the car. No vacuuming service is provided.
  • Self-service wash- In this the vehicles owners wash their own cars by making use of a wand.
  • Mobile car wash- Car is collected from location of the owner. After cleaning it is dropped back where the owner wants.

Even though there is ample need and scope for growth in car wash app business, yet this business is overwhelmed with several challenges which have to be duly tackled if you wish to surge ahead in the race to make profits.

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Challenge 1- Increase in profits is simply impossible, as the business is excessively competitive

Car wash industry is excessively competitive, so it becomes very tough to find bonus revenue opportunities. If somebody else offers something extra or your competitors comes up with a discount scheme for a while, the customer quickly change loyalties.  So in order to retain your customers, you have to continuously come up with effective marketing strategies. Some of the ways how you can earn more profits are mentioned below:

  1. Target the fleet owners – You must offer attractive packages to all those who own fleet of vehicles. For instance if a person is getting 500 cars washed in a month, you must provide him something extra. Targeting a big fish helps in brand building in the long run and this will optimize your profits.
  2. Offer bonus services– If some customer avails car wash service online you can retain him by offering something extra. Some companies provide complimentary car detailing. These kinds of rewards build customer trust and steadfastness.
  1. Adopt a sustainable rewards program– For regular customers you can have an efficient reward system in place. They should get some benefit for frequently hiring the service. You should keep track of every penny which you spend on marketing.

Car Wash Application Trends & Stats

Challenge 2- Nature of car wash business is cyclical

Apart from agriculture, there is hardly any industry which is not cyclical. Car wash business depends on wide range of variables like–

  • Weather
  • Day of the week
  • Time of year

A regular car wash operator spends first three days of the week bracing for rest of the four days. This is a scenario every week. People do not have time to get car wash at start of the week. This kind of activity is usually reserved for weekends. Also, most of the people almost 32% go for car washing in winter months. 18% of customers like to go for car wash services in fall. So, basically volume of customers in this kind of business keeps going up and down frequently.

Solution– Customers need to be given special incentives to impact their decision-making process. This will tip scales in favor of business owners. Loyal customers need to be given services such as vehicle pick-up and delivery etc.

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Challenge 3: Excellent customer service is a big thing in car wash business

Keeping the customers satisfied is no small feat. As a matter of fact, it’s exceptionally important for the car wash operators as the consumers in this market are quite emotional and impulsive. Most of the people send their cars for washing purely due to emotional reasons. They want the feel good factor on seeing that their cars are absolutely cleans. They feel it reflects on their image. So, offering customers an experience which leaves them delighted is hugely pertinent in this industry.

Solution– But then how do you keep the customers happy? This is simple. Just ask them what will make them happy. Take a regular feedback from your loyal customers. This will give you a clear-cut idea of their needs. Closed feedback loops are an excellent way to enhance customer satisfaction and they can increase your sales by a whopping 20%. Carwash companies need to put a lot of focus on employee performance because their business is directly dependent on how well their employees are able to deliver.

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Challenge 4: Achieving meaningful Customer Engagement

As per a survey 79% of people between 18 to 44 years of age spend almost 22 hours in a day on their Smartphone.  Around of 44% of such consumers want the brands to sent discount deals or coupons to their phones. You have to be interactive with the customers if you want your car wash business app to do well. But then how to achieve meaningful interaction with customers is a big thing.

Solution – Mail them discount coupons. Get hold of a mailing list of prospective and current customers and send them deals on regular basis. Push notifications are also a very good idea. They have 50-80% open rate as compared to e-mails. Mobile engagement is a good way to push sales in car wash app business. Customers like to do everything via their Smartphone and if they can book the services or receive reminders about the same, their engagement will undoubtedly improve.

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Challenge 5- Different areas of performance in car wash industry.

Car wash operators need to work simultaneously in so many areas. They need to have effective marketing plan to lure customers. They also have to provide superb services so that the customer stays. Also employment of latest equipment is vital as the market is fraught with cut-throat competition

Solution– Car washing app owner needs to do a lot of forward thinking. Apart from being a marketing expert, short shrift should also be given to areas such as marketing design and employee performance. A happy customer is the biggest asset and he or she will propel your business in right direction. This business needs long working hours and several man-hours of physical work. So it is important to hire people who have high energy levels.

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Driving a clean and shiny car is wish of every car owner.  So, this business will do well if you follow the right approach. People want to hire expert services of professional car cleaners who use highly sophisticated equipment to make your cars look better and last longer. Bear this thing in mind that regular car washing increases the life and enhances the look of your car and you should work hard on enforcing this notion in your client.

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