How easy it gets when you can easily book or rent a motorcycle to commute nearby with just a few taps on your smartphone. Not only is it affordable, but it offers a great level of comfort as well.

Traveling is all about exploring, and It is more fun while riding a premium motorcycle. For, when the weather is pleasant and picturesque locales surround you, nothing can beat a motorbike ride.

What do you think? But to add to your woes, getting a motorbike on rent while on vacation often poses certain struggles. However, nowadays, mobile apps are the ultimate solution to every problem of yours; here again, motorbike rental app development comes to the rescue.

Yes, a number of businesses today are offering a motorcycle rental app development solution for motorbike rental. In this article, we will be discussing various aspects of bike rental app development, like key features, technology, and development cost.

After all, with the usage of mobile apps not being restricted to just shopping malls, coffee shops, and food delivery anymore, why lag in this domain as well? The motorbike rental app development trend is catching up pretty fast, and we already have a number of companies investing in bike rental app development to make it easy for potential customers to use their service.

MotorBike-Rentals Worldwide Statista Market Forecast

Bike Rental app Market
  • Revenue in the Bike-sharing market is projected to reach US$8.44bn in 2023.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 10.71%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$12.68bn by 2027.
  • In the Bike-sharing market, the number of users is expected to amount to 0.96bn users by 2027.
  • User penetration is projected to be 10.6% in 2023 and 12.1% by 2027.
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to amount to US$10.34.
  • In the Bike-sharing market, 93% of total revenue will be generated through online sales by 2027.
  • In global comparison, most revenue will be generated in China (US$5,185m in 2023).


Accordingly, it is safe to say that motorbike rental organizations are excited about taking their business advance and giving the most proficient versatile application answer for motorbike rental. In the event that you have coincidentally found here a similar explanation or are intending to build up a motorbike rental application, we have gathered everything in one spot, including highlight sets, cost, and some more. Continue pursuing to think about them.

Thus, it is no wonder the trend of motorbike rental app development has taken off, and today, more and more motorbike rental businesses are eager to take their business forward to getting an app (after all, mobile apps have become vital for most businesses out there). So, if you are keen on getting a motorbike rental app developed for your business, then this article can be helpful in gaining a deep understanding of the motorbike rental app development process. It covers everything from features, benefits, and technologies involved to the estimated cost that will go into the making of such an app. Let’s begin:

Top Motorcycle Rental Mobile Apps in the US Market

EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals

EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals

EagleRider is a renowned motorcycle rental company with a mobile app that allows users to find and rent motorcycles across the USA effortlessly. Their app offers a user-friendly platform for booking, scheduling, and managing rentals, providing a diverse selection of motorcycles for riders.

Twisted Road

Twisted Road

Twisted Road is a peer-to-peer motorcycle rental platform that connects motorcycle enthusiasts with a desire to rent with motorcycle owners looking to share their bikes. Through their app, users can browse and rent motorcycles directly from owners, fostering a community of motorcycle sharing.

Riders Share

Riders Share is another peer-to-peer motorcycle rental service in the USA, offering an app where motorcycle owners can list their bikes for rent, and renters can easily discover and book available motorcycles, creating a sharing economy for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Revv Motogo

Revv Motogo

Revv Moto provides a mobile app that facilitates motorcycle rentals, catering to both short-term and long-term needs. With an extensive network of partners across various cities in the USA, the app offers a convenient platform for users to find and rent motorcycles for their travel and riding adventures.

How Buke Rental Mobile App Works?

A bike rental app works by allowing users to browse and select from a list of available motorbikes, choose their preferred rental duration and location, make a reservation, and process payments through the motorbike rental app. Users can then pick up the rented bike from a designated location, use it for the specified time, and return it to the agreed-upon drop-off point. The bike rental mobile app typically provides features like GPS navigation, user profiles, document verification, and in-app communication for a seamless rental experience.

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Key Features for Your Bike Rental App

Features play a significant role when it comes to Bike rental app development that you ought to take to the market. It is the feature set involved that would help you earn the best results in no time.

The rental app would have different feature sets for different audience groups. One would be for users, drivers, and admin. We here elaborate on the features that we would include in your product. You can always suggest to us something better that would make your product unique.

User Panel – Motorcycle Rental App Development

motorcycle rental app development

Login/Registration: This is the section where the user will first land. The registration can be easily done using the email ID or by using social media credentials.

Multiple Bike-type: Here, users can pick their favorite kind from the category of motorbikes available. They can select one that meets their requirements well.

Scheduling: Once the user picks his type of vehicle, he can get the basic info, like color, number, etc., and can accordingly schedule a booking.

Book Now: Often, in case of a certain urgency, this feature becomes useful as it allows the users to book the motorbike on rent instantly with no delay. Voila, let’s get it done!

Rent Your Motorcycle: You can also rent out your car and can make money. Easily manage your bookings and track payment records.

Manage Bookings: This is the section from where users can manage the confirmed booking as well as the time-span charted with just one tap on the screen. It allows them also to keep track of upcoming bookings.

Premium Motor-bike Section: There can be a different section from where users can book premium motorbikes, Like Harley, Ducati, etc. Here the charges will certainly be higher than usual.

Easy Payments: Within the app, various digital payment systems are integrated to allow users to make easy payments for the fare incurred during their visit. They can also generate an appropriate ride receipt from this section.

Fare calculator: From here, as per the distance that’s required to be covered, users can find about the subsequent KM ranges & calculate the fare charges.

Set pickup points: To collect the rental motorbike, users can assign a specific landmark or suggest a navigation route.

Door-step delivery: Users can also make the booking via the app and get the chosen motorbike delivered to their doorstep for a prescribed period. Then, they can ride the vehicle to their desired locations.

Booking Cancellation: From here, the user can easily cancel an upcoming booking in case of certain urgency as and when needed. This feature will make your rental mobile solution all the more effective and convenient for the users.

Alerts & Notifications: Once the booking is confirmed, users are sent alerts via push notification or SMS to inform them about the confirmation. In the same way, alerts can also be sent for other purposes, say when they have attained a milestone.

Admin Panel – Motorcycle Rental App Development

motorcycle rental app development

Dashboard: This section is for the admin from where the latter can closely monitor all the rental motorbikes, and it also has a list of the vehicles that have already been assigned to the users.

Motorbike Management: Heading to this section, Admin can easily update the vehicle & its information as well as user allocation details—a great way to optimize overall vehicle management.

Manage Users: This category holds information regarding all the users associated with the motorbike rental app, and the admin can easily manage them all from here.
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Manage Fares/Location-based charges: This section is for Admin to manage the fare structures and renting costs for a specific area or navigation route.

Payments Manage: This is the section from where the admin manages and stores all payment details, gateways, and commission amounts to make for a transparent transaction system.

Manage Category: From this section, the admin manages the categories of different motorbikes. Admin is responsible for updated information regarding vehicle availability according to the rental bookings.

Reporting & Analytics: All of the real-time reports related to vehicle renting details, like the most-selected motorbike category, time schedules, and the total number of orders, are prepared in graph format so as to streamline operations.

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Additional Features for Motorcycle Rental App Development

Interactive Statistics: These statistics prove immensely helpful in streamlining the overall business processes. It is useful in generating real-time reports concerning time rates, base fare, distances, fixed packages & other settings. Thus, it gets easier to monitor the business processes effectively, and the relevant business insights & ideologies can also be extracted.

GPS Tracking: This feature will allow users to track their location in real-time so that it gets easier to keep family and friends informed about their present location. The location can also be shared with the App Admin to ensure security. Other than that, GPS will allow users to choose more optimized routes as they begin their travel.

Rental cost calculator: This feature allows the users to calculate the fare incurred from the usage of a rental motorbike. Here, the user needs to enter the city name, time & date of receiving the motorbike & date of return. As per that, the calculator graphs a rough chart of the rental cost that will be incurred. This way, users get a rough estimate of the rental cost that will be incurred in the upcoming ride.

Payment Integration: For a bike rental app development, integration of digital payment gateways is essential. It is advised to offer multiple payment ways, like Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, eWallet, Net-Banking, Stripe, Braintree, etc., so that users can conveniently make payments within the app. Hence, users can make payments while booking the service itself, thus saving themselves from cash payment hassles. Also, this way, the users can assure themselves of timely vehicle delivery.

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Bike rental app development

Offers & Promo Codes: When users are frequently sent alerts regarding deals, offers & promo codes, they will be more encouraged to use your motorbike rental services. This is a great way to boost user engagement with the app and to keep them attuned. After all, users appreciate services offered at a low cost, and thereby, by offering deals & discounts on a regular note, you can certainly enhance your user base and app visibility.

Behavior-Tracking: The usage of algorithms is a great way to make the search criteria of the users smarter. The algorithms do a great job of storing all the recent bookings made by users. Accordingly, the next time the user is using the app to schedule a booking, the relevant vehicle category, along with specifications selected by users in the past, will be charted down. This way, users can make an instant booking.

Cloud Environment: You can store crucial and private business data & deals in a much more secure manner in Cloud-based servers. Vital information related to the users, vehicles, and others can be managed & authenticated under these secure cloud-based servers.

Operational Zone Setup: In case you are keen on offering customized services, then Operational Zone Setup will prove very helpful. This feature will allow you to pick & serve the areas from where the most number of booking orders come through. This feature is also helpful to make users aware of your services in a specific area. It is a brilliant way to attract users and also to urge them to book your services owing to the many benefits that come along.

Technology Stack: For robust bike rental app development, it is vital to have a strong technology game. After all, only by picking the right set of technologies you will be able to meet the various user requirements and attain your business objectives. A mobile app offering excellent performance & great quality is certain to grab the users. Eyeballs and stay steady in the long run.

Location Tracking: Apple Maps & Google Maps are used for iOS & Android, respectively, to determine and monitor user location. As per the data provided by user-proximity sensors, the user’s location is determined.

Cloud: Google Cloud Servers & Amazon Data Servers are used to securely store & access data.

Real-time Analytics: Google Analytics & Flurry are mostly used to track user data, like the number of users visiting the app, number of downloads, bounce rates & other crucial information.
SMS, Phone, and voice Verification: App developers can use Google sign-in or Facebook SDK for authentication and spam handling.

Database: MySQL, Postgres, HBase, MongoDB, etc., are the most used database technologies to store customer & business-related data effectively.

With the latest technology trends being involved in bike rental app development, our experts make sure your product stands ahead of time and competition. If you have any particular choices or better suggestions, we are always open to them. We would appreciate it if you could help us with your choices as it specifies your expectations from us.

How to create a Motorbike rental mobile app

As we have discussed all the vital features that go into motorcycle rental app development, it is also time to put some light on the development process. Below, we have discussed the required team structure and estimated the cost that will go into the making of such an app.

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Our best bike rental software developers fabricate an adjustable application model for new businesses and business people to make their adaptations of bicycle rental applications.

Prerequisite Analysis

Our app developers comprehend and make an execution plan dependent on the customer’s prerequisites. We make sure that the product that is delivered to you is in line with your business needs and helps you earn the most profits.

Ewallet App Integration 

Implicit help for well-known digital transaction platforms with new mix support. We would integrate e-wallet payment platforms with your motorcycle rental app to make sure that your users, be they riders or drivers, do not face any difficulty when using your product.

Notification Integration 

Message pop-ups, email and SMS alarms set up, and other notifications so that your customers do not miss the service dates and the travel plans. They can also get to know about the discounts and reward points from time to time.

Analytics Integration 

Backing for combination with well-known analytical stages so that you can always determine how much your business is generating and what aspects are working more than others. Our bike rental booking software developers ensure you face no difficulties when using the app.

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Development Choice 

On-reason or cloud-sending choice according to the business necessities. We would suggest suitable technologies and other details, but the final decision would be yours because you understand your business needs the best.

Security Compliance Check 

Full information security review to satisfy guidelines and consistency guidelines. We make sure at no point your customers or you have to face any difficulties regarding the solutions that are delivered to you.

Application Store Submissions 

Once we are done with the development process, we make sure to submit the product on Google Play Store and Apple App Store effectively for better reach. Once you have entered the market, it is time to start earning profits and build a brand face.

Tech Support and Upgrades

We value our customers and look forward to lifelong business relationships. We ensure to provide after-deployment tech support and updates to ensure at no moment you feel left behind.

Required Team Structure

The right team consisting of skilled & experienced professionals is imperative in the making of such an app. You can get in touch with a Mobile App Development Company that holds a good name in the market and boosts brilliant developers & designers who can contribute greatly to the app development process. You will require:

The four pillars of the bike rental app development team work together to deliver solutions that stand out in the market. We experiment on various grounds and test various aspects to ensure that we only implement the best alternatives with your product. Our team strives to deliver only exceptional products that build an identity of their own in the market.

Since we follow agile methodology, you will always be a part of our bike rental mobile app development process. We take your feedback at various levels to ensure that the results that are delivered meet your expectations and business needs.

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Motorcycle Rental App Development Cost Estimation

As it comes to determining the cost of motorbike rental mobile app development, you need first to understand that various factors are considered to decide on the cost of an app, i.e. App Complexity, Features, Additional Features, Country where the app is being developed, etc.

motorcycle rental app development is a complex process, and it has several aspects that need to be taken care of. If the on-demand mobile app development team that you hire to work for you includes the following costs in your package, then you can proceed with them. If they ask for extra charges, then you need to think again.

We share a clear budget with a segregated cost division to ensure that the amount that is charged fits your budget for motorcycle rental app development. Outsourcing is already going to save you a lot, and a little awareness can add more to it. Our motorbike rental app development experts will come up with suggestions that fit your budget and business needs.

In the case of a motorbike rental mobile app, it will be going through the following processes:

  • Documentation (15)
  • Design (40-60 hours)
  • Web Services (80-100 hours)
  • Front-end Panel for Users (250-280 hours for each platform)
  • Admin Panel (60-80 hours)
  • Testing (40)

Thus, the motorcycle rental app development cost integrated with all the features mentioned above will be somewhere between $12000-$15000 for a single platform. However, if you are keen on getting more features added to the app, then it will cost a little extra.

Wrapping It Up!

If you are looking forward to how to start a bike rental business, then this blog would have made things clearer to you. Entering the market with an innovative idea is never going to let you fail. With our application developers, you can be assured that the solution delivered is world-class and helps you earn the most. We have been working in the sector for almost two decades and are well aware of the industry’s needs. With advanced technology like AI, ML, VR, AR, Data Analytics, etc., we make it a point to deliver motorcycle rental software that helps you generate the most profits.

Not just this, the team would be available to connect with you around the clock to help you assist in your queries and clear your doubts. With well-experienced UI/UX designers, we affirm to deliver solutions that are technically sound and aesthetically eye-pleasing.

So, if you have a business idea, reach out to our experts and get the ball rolling.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Motorcycle Rental Booking App?

A motorbike rental mobile app developed for smartphones, devices, and tablets that allows users to rent motorcycles or motorbikes for a specific duration. These apps are typically used by individuals who want to temporarily use a motorbike for various purposes, such as commuting, touring, or leisure rides.

How much does it cost to develop a motorbike rental mobile app?

The cost of developing a motorbike rental mobile app can vary significantly based on factors like the complexity of the app, features, platform (iOS, Android, or both), and the development team’s rates. A simple app may cost $12000-$20000, while a more advanced app with additional features and customization could cost $50000 or more.

How do bike and scooter rental apps make money?

Bike and scooter rental apps make money through several revenue streams, including Rental Fees, Subscription Models, Advertisements, Data Monetization, and merchandise selling.

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