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Travel & Leisure Indistry Solutions

Understanding the concerns of the travelling industries, we make mobile apps that not only allows you to book the tickets or plans for your journey, but also provide you with the option for booking the rooms, or renting the car and helps you in finding out all the related discoverable places.

We at Octal IT Solution engineers the best and excelled travel apps that allows you to transfer or exchange the currency, the destinations that are to be discovered, finds out the travel guide and allows you to match the time zones, in case you are travelling abroad, thus making your journey quite simplified and hassle-free.


  • Resource Optimization

    In reference to ticketing, travel and hotel bookings, inventory management is quite crucial for managing the resources efficiently.

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility

    Since the customer user-base is expanding, hence it is quite imperative to maintain a pace with all the technological solutions so as to be compatible with multiple platforms.

  • Target Marketing

    As there exist different sections of society, hence the interest of those also differs to a great extent. So it is important to come up with highly targeted marketing campaigns focusing on marketing tastes.

  • Competition

    Travel industry since is loaded with thousands of vendors, hence it becomes quite important to come with the innovative service experiences and delivery platforms.


  • Constantly-Changing Competitive Landscape

    With the rise in technological standards with each passing day, big data, in destination will impressively modify the travel industry.

  • Evolving Customer Expectations

    Nowadays, customers are undeniably getting smarter so adopting the right marketing approaches is a must in order to uplift the brand reputation.

  • Big Data

    To remain ahead in this prevailing competition, capturing the technology for delivering the right information at the right time is necessary to keep the consumers engaged.

  • Escalating Operating Costs

    With the rise in industrialization, elevation in the cost of hotels and travelling are compelling the hospitality groups are rising their operational costs, thus making the resource utilization difficult.

Our Solutions

Comparison Portal

We allow you to differentiate between the two distinctive places, hotels or cafes so that you land at the right place.

e-Ticketing and
e-Ticketing and Reservations

Without being standing in the long queues, we make provisions that allow you to book the tickets with the suitable fare standards.

Trip Management Apps
Trip Management Apps

Our Pre & Post trip management allows you to schedule your plans, check the availability of rooms, figures all the optimized travelling plans, to ensure the best travelling experience.

Journey Planner Portal
Journey Planner Portal

The portal allows you to plan all the places that are to be discovered within a specified set of dates and accordingly plans out your check-in or checkout activities.

Hotel Booking Applications
Hotel Booking mobile Apps

With the admirable booking options, we list down the hotels that suit your budget frameworks and the best geographic area that is closer to your hanging destinations.

Foreign Money Transaction
Forex (Foreign Money Transaction)

In case you are travelling abroad, and run out of cash make secure money exchange procedures to combat with this situation by allowing you to make easy transactions.

Car Rental Solutions
Car Rental Solutions

For making your travelling void of tiredness, we deliver the authenticated, standardized and secured car rental solutions for accomplishing your journey across the places you wish.

Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications

All the features that complete your travelling are embedded into an app that makes the makes your journey admirably simplified.

Web Applications / Portals
Web Applications / Portals

With the web portals, there are images for your destination with their specialty defined in, that boost up and strong up your plans of travelling.

The Octal Advantages

Destination management

We help you to graph the entire interesting platform for destination management. Our fluent portals help you to locate the right location that will create the impression with the versatile marketing and content strategies.


With the several of web and mobile applications, we create ample of mapping and navigation solutions and doe making your destination search easier.

Travel and hotel bookings

Developers at Octal IT Solution create interactive booking engines that promise the customer with an utmost convenience thus, promoting reliability and security.

Personalized Experience

In order to match up with the customer demands and expectations, we graphs out the value proposition solutions for providing outstanding and individualized experience that is governed with the location-based services, schedule disruptions, options of in-journey merchandizing and more.

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