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Looking for the best grocery delivery app development services to build apps like Instacart and BigBasket? We are top Grocery delivery app development company that can turn your vision into a working reality or elevate your grocery store app with cutting-edge technologies. Reach your customers with a grocery delivery app solution that is built to perform and engage.

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On Demand Grocery Delivery App Development Company to Develop Feature-Packed Grocery App

To stand out in the competitive market hire grocery delivery app developers who leverage the power of advanced technology to build solutions that are easy to navigate and use. Octal IT Solution has delivered around 300+ projects successfully to clients all over the world. We are a renowned grocery delivery app development company in the USA and bring to the table experience & expertise in developing grocery delivery apps.

Your Grocery Delivery App Development Partner Is Here!

We make the online grocery shopping experience convenient with advanced technology like AR, VR, AI, Blockchain, etc. Get grocery delivery app development solutions that are robust, scalable, and customizable to suit your business needs. So, if you have decided to take your grocery store online or want to enter the grocery delivery marketplace, then hire grocery delivery app developers team to turn your vision into a working reality. Our mobile app development company has the experience and expertise to build online grocery shopping solutions that can make a substantial impact in the market.

On Demand Grocery Delivery App Development Business Models

We are the top grocery delivery app development agency that offers custom grocery delivery app development services and builds solutions for aggregators or single-store owners keeping their business needs in mind. Hire grocery delivery app developers with us to get a solution tailored to your business goal.

Grocery Stores a Click Away

If you own a single store and want to reach a wider range of audience then, this is the right solution. We can help you with a grocery store app that turns out to be your online identity. Partner for on demand grocery delivery app development services to sell like your store around the city.

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Deliver Grocery Anywhere

Multiple stores? Easy. Connect with an on-demand grocery ordering application development company to build a solution where you can check the information of various stores you own in one place. Our experts integrate inventory and order management software with your grocery store app to manage multiple stores at once.

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The Best of All Under One Roof

Enter the market with a grocery delivery marketplace app like InstaCart, Blinkit, etc. The application comes with a dashboard that manages the application. Connect with nearby grocery stores and grow your business bigger with a grocery delivery app.

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Quick Delivery from Dark Stores

Make grocery delivery as easy as it can be from the dark stores and deliver solutions easily. Our grocery delivery app development team brings you solutions with custom details. Save on creating a brick-and-mortar store by partnering with our grocery ordering app development company.

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Benefits of Developing a On Demand Grocery Delivery App

Unveil the extravagance of the digital arena with unmatched grocery ordering app development solutions. Entering the digital arena makes it easier for you to connect with customers and grow your grocery delivery business.

Get High ROI

Get High ROI

Adding a grocery delivery app service opens up a new source of income. With more customers opting for the convenience of home delivery, you can expect an increase in sales, which ultimately leads to higher revenue for your grocery business.

Build Customer Loyalty

Build Customer Loyalty

Once customers experience the convenience of grocery delivery, they tend to stick around. By providing this service, you can foster customer loyalty. Satisfied customers will keep coming back for their grocery needs, contributing to your business’s long-term success.

Expand Your Business

Expand Your Business

With an online grocery delivery service, you can expand your customer base beyond your physical store location. By delivering groceries to different neighborhoods or even other cities, you can tap into new markets and attract customers who might not have otherwise visited your store. This can lead to increased sales and growth for your business.

Diversify Your Services

Diversify Your Services

Adding a delivery service allows you to diversify your offerings and provide a comprehensive shopping experience for your customers. By catering to different preferences, you can attract a wider range of customers and become a go-to destination for all their grocery needs. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamline Operations

Streamline Operations

Implementing a delivery service requires optimizing your operational processes. You can streamline inventory management, logistics, and order fulfillment to ensure smooth operations. This focus on efficiency can result in cost savings, improved productivity, and overall business growth.

Mark a Digital Presence

Mark a Digital Presence

Offering a delivery service enhances your brand image. It shows that you care about meeting customer needs and providing convenience. A reliable and well-executed delivery service builds trust and credibility, making your brand more reputable in the eyes of customers.

Deliver Goodness to Your Customers’ Doorstep with Advanced Grocery Delivery Applications

Ditch white-label solutions and get custom grocery delivery app development solutions tailored to create your identity in the digital arena!

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Robust Suite of On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Development Services

Get distinctive online grocery shopping app development solutions that can help you scale your business standards and earn great profits. The proficient team of developers bring to the table comprehensive grocery delivery app development services customized to your business needs. Foster strategic grocery delivery app development trends and tools to reach the pinnacle of your market success.


Custom Grocery Delivery App Development

With over a decade of experience in grocery delivery app development, our experts leverage experience and market understanding to develop tailored solutions for your brand.


Growth Oriented Grocery Delivery App

Uplift your venture by using the best technology for grocery shopping apps. The applications we deliver streamline business management by bringing together order management, inventory management, delivery management, etc. together.


Customer-Centric Grocery Mobile App Development

Our grocery delivery app developers have a customer-centric approach and excel in delivering user-friendly and easy-to-navigate solutions. Over the years we have created solutions to engage users and create market value.


Dedicated Grocery Delivery App Developers

Get a managed grocery market app development team that works like your in-house team to develop your online grocery store app as you focus on designing and working on the operations and functions of your grocery delivery application.


Entrating UI/UX Grocery Delivery App Design

The book is often judged by its cover. Connect with our grocery delivery app design company for a visually appealing solutions complex in its operations and interesting in its looks to engage customers and keep them busy.


Advanced Technology Grocery Delivery App Development

Techies offering grocery delivery app development services at Octal explore advanced technology to bring to life your business app idea. Your grocery store app comes with real-time order tracking, route tracking, order management, inventory management, etc. to build a strong presence.

Hire Grocery Ordering App Development Company for Your Dream Project

Octal IT Solution has successfully delivered many international grocery delivery app development projects that make it easier for you to cater to customers’ needs promptly.

Leverage the experience and expertise of our grocery delivery app development firm to get thriving solutions and deliver fresh groceries to your customers. With quick commerce flourishing most grocery shopping apps now commit to delivering orders in less than 10 minutes. Hire grocery delivery app developers to create solutions that wouldn’t succumb to the surge in orders.

  • Zepto like Grocery Aggregator App Design
  • Blinkit like Grocery Delivery App Solutions
  • Instamart like Grocery Delivery App
  • Walmart like Grocery Delivery App Design
  • Amazon Fresh is like a Grocery Delivery App
  • Jio Mart Like Grocery Delivery App 

What Makes Our Grocery Delivery App Development Services Stand Out?

As a pioneer in the industry, Octal IT Solution is always paving new ways to make its grocery delivery app development services stand out from the competitors. Our expert developers include unique aspects and strategies to make the online experience of users impeccable in every way while increasing sales.

Smart Marketing

There should be an inimitable way to sell your services and attract a large base of users; hence, we help businesses with smart marketing by including advanced features & functions such as search & filter, product display, navigation, etc. Be it finding products or buying them, our functions will help users at every step.

Product Promotions

Promote your products in an effective way so that they can align with your goal-completion strategy. Offer discounts, deals, and loyalty rewards, but with an actionable promotional strategy. You can also use data related to users’ purchase history and preferences to drive sale conversion and enhance customer loyalty.

Mobile Optimization

At Octal IT Solution, we believe in providing users with an ultimate grocery shopping experience on whatever device they are using. Hence, to gain the attention of a wide user base, we don’t just provide a smaller and interactive website version of our grocery delivery app but also optimize the voyage at every step by integrating unique features.

Personalized Shopping Journeys

Facilitate grocery delivery app users with a personalized shopping experience and see the magic by yourself. At Octal IT Solution, we have experts for grocery app development to include AI-driven recommendations, relevant search results, customized promotions & deals, etc. to help users experience an improved shopping journey.

Cutting Edge Technologies That We Use in Grocery Delivery App Development Solution

Hire grocery delivery app developers to implement cutting-edge technologies in your online grocery store app. Our techies leverage the latest trends and tools to turn nearby grocery stores into well-managed grocery store apps.

The potential for automation and advancement to eliminate human intervention and run your business efficiently is a reality with Business Intelligence. Experts at our grocery ordering app development company integrate solutions like NLP, custom choices, CSV, and predictive analytics to make sure you get the best from your investment.
AI-based chatbots work like your personal salesman who answers customers' queries and helps them with basic solutions. Hire grocery delivery app developers to integrate chatbots to answer basic questions that are being asked by customers. This would save your time, customers’ time, and the store owners’ time and help them get more reliable results.
Big data analytics helps alleviate menaces by recording and evaluating data collected by behavioral analysis of customers’ activity. Our grocery ordering mobile app development company works constantly on elements that are a reason for the users to abandon the application and mark your presence online.
Avail grocery delivery app development services to integrate and implement drones and autonomous vehicle management systems with your grocery and food delivery app solutions. This would make deliveries faster and hassle-free without being stuck in traffic and delaying deliveries.
Our blockchain app development services providers use the technology at their best to ensure transparency and traceability. With advanced technology like blockchain, AI, ML, etc. the best grocery delivery app development companies mark their presence in the market.

Benefits of Hiring a Grocery Delivery App Development Company

Being a top-notch grocery delivery app development company, hiring Octal IT Solution will be beneficial for you to get a thriving success and growth. Here, we have listed a few benefits for you to look at before choosing us.

Technical Proficiency

Technical Proficiency

We, as an experienced grocery app development company, have expert developers with a specialization in mobile app development with a deep knowledge of advanced technologies and tools. It ensures businesses get a next-gen and quality grocery delivery app built using best practices.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Octal IT Solution never compromises the quality of solutions, hence, we apply rigorous testing processes according to usability, performance, security, and compatibility with different platforms, & operating systems. Our QA team solves all the bugs before delivering the solution to the client.

Cost & Time Efficiency

Cost & Time Efficiency

As a well-known firm for grocery delivery app development, our development team ensures to provide clients with cost-effective solutions with a faster time-to-market. Being a specialized agency, we have robust infrastructure, tools & resources that can help businesses save both time and money.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

While providing grocery delivery app development services, it is necessary to consider security & compliance with regulations to protect sensitive customer data, project details, payment information, etc. We are well-versed and determined when it comes to following data privacy & security protocols.

Scalability & Customization

Scalability & Customization

When businesses hire Octal IT Solution for grocery app development, they get to have customized and scalable solutions crafted according to their specific business needs. Our delivered grocery apps will be the best fit aligned with their goals & future expansion leading to better business growth.

High-quality Solutions

High-quality Solutions

Octal IT Solution has been working in a similar domain for years and excels in creating feature-rich and industry-grade grocery delivery applications. Our expert and dedicated grocery app developers deliver high-quality solutions that go through different testing procedures to ensure quality & performance.

Our Recognized Work As Top Grocery App Development Company

Showcasing the best grocery app development solutions by our team.

Top Features to Include in Grocery Delivery App Development Process

Exemplary Features Our Grocery App Development Company Integrates to Make Your Grocery Delivery Services Stand Out.

Simple App Onboarding

Simple App Onboarding

We understand users abandon the app or website when it takes time to log in to it. Thus, they integrate easy onboarding solutions.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

With real-time analytics you can check what products are trending, which nearby grocery stores are performing well, and if any changes need to be made.

Extensive Database

Extensive Database

With an extensive database, you can add hundreds of products to your grocery delivery application without adding to the load time.

Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboard

With a custom dashboard the delivery agent, user, and the store can review their activities on the application and check for their earnings and expenses.

Real-time Order Tracking

Real-time Order Tracking

Notify users as the order is placed, accepted, dispatched, and delivered. One can check the estimated delivery time and the driver’s exact location at any moment.

Smart Integrations

Smart Integrations

Our grocery delivery app development services providers take care of all the third-party integrations that can help you upscale your business and stand out from the crowd.

Schedule or Re-Order or Return

Schedule or Re-Order or Return

Let your users schedule the grocery delivery services, return the orders, or check old orders to reorder. Hire grocery delivery app developers for a user-friendly convenient solution.

Store to Door

Store to Door

Let your users receive their orders at their doorstep. The grocery delivery app development team integrated smart GPS to ensure the order is delivered in the shortest time.

Secure Payment

Secure Payment

Integrate secure payment solutions with your grocery store app to let users pay online from the same portal. The experts add multiple payment links to let users pay by their preferred mode.  

One-click Support

One-click Support

Like users visiting traditional grocery stores and clarifying their queries and requirements, similarly, they can connect with the support team of your grocery delivery app in a single click. We keep users at the heart of their decisions.

256-bit Encryption

256-bit Encryption

In the realm of cyber frauds, it is important your online grocery delivery services app earns credibility. Our grocery ordering app development company uses 256-bit encryption to ensure secure transactions and no privacy infringement.

Shipping Management

Shipping Management

Manage shipping and logistics need for your grocery store app with the help of advanced sipping and logistics management software. The experts can create grocery delivery solutions that make managing and tracking your orders easy and convenient.

Advanced Features to Include in Grocery Delivery Mobile App

At Octal IT Solution, we consider integrating advanced features into our grocery delivery mobile apps to provide businesses a competitive edge and make their app stand out in the crowd. Here are they-

Analytics Dashboard

We integrate an analytics dashboard while providing grocery app development to track key metrics including user demographics, order volume, transactions, in-trend products, and delivery performance. It helps businesses make data-driven decisions leading to better customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Search & Filters

At Octal IT Solution, our expert grocery app developers implement intelligent search & filter functionality to sort items based on their category, dietary preferences, brands, price range, etc. This advanced function includes features such as voice search, predictive search, & barcode scanning.

Personalized Recommendations

To provide users with a seamless experience, we add a personalized recommendation feature while providing grocery app development services. It used machine learning algorithms and data analytics working based on purchase history, user choices, etc. to improve engagement and future purchases.

Virtual Shopping Cart

Being a top grocery delivery app development company, we excel in providing advanced features like a virtual shopping cart with drag-and-drop, item details, quantity adjustments, and saving items. It also enables users to edit the cart whenever required along with adding or removing items.

Multi-store Management

Businesses can have grocery app development with us to create an aggregator app aiding various stores across cities and managing them from one place. We can build and customize the app according to your needs that align with your business functions smoothly fostering rapid growth.

Multi-language Support

We prioritize integrating the multi-language feature catering to a wide range of user bases enabling users to leverage the app functions in their native language. It leads to delivering customers an amazing and localized experience while facilitating businesses with expanded market reach and engagement.

How Does a Grocery Delivery App Work?

Octal IT Solution is the leading grocery delivery app development company that excels in providing efficient solutions with easy navigation. Check out the following steps to understand how our grocery delivery app works-

  • Sign-up for the App : Users can register the app and create an account by entering their information such as name, email, contact no, etc.
  • Search Items : They can find the product by entering the product name in the search bar and can also apply filters for better search results.
  • Place Order : To place the order, they can go to the cart or can directly order the searched items by choosing a payment method, entering an address, and confirming the order.
  • Order Delivery : The order will be delivered to their doorstep on the estimated time. Meanwhile, they can track their order via real-time GPS tracking.
  • Ratings & Reviews : After getting the order, they can give ratings and reviews about it to help others know about the services.

Indulge with Grocery Delivery App System Design Architecture

At Octal IT Solution, our grocery delivery app’s design architecture consists of numerous elements that help users easily find, place, and receive their orders. Learn about it in the below steps-

01 User Interface

The user interface of the grocery delivery app includes web and mobile app interfaces enabling users to view, search, order, and track the deliveries.

02 Backend Services

Back-end services allow admin to manage several operations including user management, order management, order management, payment management, inventory management, delivery management, etc.

03 APIs

Through APIs, our grocery delivery app can interact with other systems and services leading to elevated functionality and delivering customers an augmented experience.

04 Third-party Integrations

Third-party integrations are related to adding external services to our app for the betterment of its functionality and usability. It comprises geo-location and mapping tools, payment gateways, etc.

05 Databases

Databases are used to manage the large volume of data in the grocery delivery application relevant to users, delivery personnel, restaurant details, and so on.

06 Cloud Infrastructure

The use of cloud infrastructure for grocery app development helps to handle huge traffic and support the data storage requirements as businesses don’t need to store all the data in a physical server.

Essential Panels for On Demand Grocery Delivery App Development

Grocery delivery app developers understand your business needs and include all the features in specific features to ensuring using the application is easy.

Let Your Customers Shop Easily

  • Place Order from Single/Multiple Shoppers
  • Check/Download Order Invoice
  • Add Address Details
  • Connect with Delivery Agent/ Store Manager
  • Reviews And Ratings For Shoppers
  • Add Items In Sent Order

Manage Your Shop with Tech Support

  • Accept or Reject Order
  • View Recent Orders
  • Generate Invoice of Each Order
  • Respond to USers for Their Store related Queries
  • Check Order List
  • Manage Inventory

Manage Your Business with Automated Tools

  • Manage Your Grocery Business from Orders to Delivery
  • Analyze Reports and Analytics of the Grocery Delivery App
  • Verify Users Registered with the App
  • Create New Offers, Deals, and Discounts to Engage Users
  • Check Orders and Fulfillment Details
  • Review and Check Customer Feedback

What Makes Octal One of the Best Grocery Delivery App Development Companies

We have earned ourselves a reputation as one of the best grocery delivery app development companies around the globe. The experts integrate advanced features and third party API’s to deliver grocery delivery app development solutions to engage users and make their grocery shopping less hectic.

The Key Elements to Make Your Grocery Delivery App Stand Out from the Crowd

The demand for grocery delivery applications has skyrocketed as a result of groceries being delivered right to your door. A prominent provider of grocery delivery mobile app development, Octal IT Solution develops grocery delivery applications with feature-rich functionality that yields positive outcomes. Your grocery store gains more clients, you gain a thorough understanding of your industry, and last but not least, you learn about the preferences and tastes of your customers.

  • 10 Minutes Delivery
  • Social Media Integration
  • Accessible on Various Platforms
  • Add to Favorites and Wishlist
  • Location Based Solution
  • Number Mapping
  • Share Packing and Delivery Instructions
  • Customized Recommendations
  • QR Code Scanner

Automate Grocery Delivery App Development Aspects

Being the best grocery app development company, we are well-versed in automating the included aspects as it helps businesses manage operations, alleviate costs, & provide an amazing shopping experience to customers.

Inventory Management

Implement an automated system into the grocery app to track & update the inventory based on the placed orders ensuring enough level of stock.

QR Code Scanning

Include a QR code scanner to scan the products’ barcodes to get information about them, such as availability, ingredients, price, calories, etc.

AI-enabled Demand Forecasting

Use AI algorithms to identify trends, & historical data helping businesses to predict users’ demand perfectly and satisfy their expectations.

Smart Analytics & Reporting

Integrate smart analytics & reporting tools to get visions on key metrics such as delivery performance, order volumes, inventory turnover, etc.

What Makes Grocery Delivery App a Profitable Business Idea?

Most applications now come with quick commerce solutions integrated that makes it possible for the users to get their orders in simply 10 to 15 minutes.

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On Demand Grocery Delivery App Development Monetization Models

Grocery delivery app development services work in accordance with your business requirements with the help of our in-house experts. With the best tech solutions we ensure you earn profits with our services. Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers to get quality grocery delivery app.

Subscription Plans

Consider offering premium membership or subscription plans to your customers. These plans provide perks like free or discounted delivery, exclusive deals, or priority access to certain features. Your monetization model also defines the grocery delivery app development cost.

Sponsored Listing

Generate revenue by displaying ads or promoting sponsored listings within your app. These can be advertisements from local businesses, brands, or featured products from partner stores. Just be careful to ensure the ads are relevant and don't negatively impact the user experience.

Commission from Stores

You can earn a commission or percentage of the total order value from the partner stores for driving businesses their way. It's a win-win situation, as your app benefits from increased revenue while the stores gain access to a larger customer base and customers get grocery delivered.

Cross Promotion

You can generate revenue by displaying ads or promoting sponsored listings within your app. These can be advertisements from local businesses, brands, or featured products from partner stores. Ensure the ads are relevant and don't negatively impact the user experience.

Hire Grocery Delivery App Developers

Connect with the experts to get a detailed insight into grocery delivery app development cost and process. Over the years, our unmatched services have earned us a place in the list of the best grocery delivery app development companies in the world. You can hire grocery delivery app developers from Octal, depending on your business needs and budget.

Hire Grocery Delivery App Developers Full Time 

Connect with the grocery delivery app development service providers that work with you full-time. The dedicated team would work with you like your in-house team and is responsible for everything from scratch to scaling the solution. 

Hourly Basis Grocery Delivery Services App Developers 

Depending on the tasks on your grocery delivery app development project, you can hire developers hourly. Thus, you’d bill them for their time working on your project. 

Time and Material-based Grocery Delivery App Development 

Depending on the task and the infrastructure used you can bill the grocery delivery app developers working for you. This is quite cost-effective if you want to tweak your app with advanced technology.

Reasons to Hire Grocery Delivery App Developers from Octal IT Solution for Your Next Project

At Octal IT Solution, we have the best grocery delivery app developers with high knowledge and proficiency in pioneering technologies and tools. With years of understanding, they know how to create cost-efficient and result-oriented solutions leading to great customer experience.

Higher Technical Proficiency

Our team of committed and skilled grocery app developers helps us craft solutions compatible with different ecosystems. They use a modern-edge tech stack while leveraging their technical proficiency to deliver high-end grocery applications to businesses.

Industry Insights & Experience

Being a leading grocery delivery app development company, we have experts with deep insights into the latest industry trends, current technologies, and user preferences. They have hands-on experience in delivering hundreds of grocery applications.

Agile Methodology

At Octal IT Solution, our expert emphasizes using Agile methodology for grocery app development. It enables them for iterative development, easy collaboration, faster time-to-market, flexibility, transparency, and frequent changes during the process.

Client-centric Approach

While providing Grocery app development services, our developers follow a client-centric approach fostering collaboration, communication, and better customer satisfaction throughout the process leading to completing client expectations & business goals.

Cost Estimation of Grocery Delivery App Development

Octal IT Solutions is known as a top-notch grocery delivery app development company that has provided cost-effective and high-performing solutions over the years. We have expert grocery app developers who know how to create an efficient app on a lower budget without compromising the quality.


Cost of Grocery Delivery App’s UI/UX

With experienced designers, we provide businesses with grocery delivery apps with easy navigation and appealing design. It comprises interactive and visually attractive elements, vibrant colors, high responsiveness, and compatibility with different OS. Hence, the UI/UX development cost will greatly depend on the styling and visual elements you want to add.


Cost of Grocery Delivery App Development

The grocery delivery app development cost estimation encompasses various aspects such as experience & expertise of developers, time taken in the process, and used tech stack. We have highly experienced and professional developers who help businesses lead a budget-friendly and transparent grocery app development process.


Cost of Grocery Delivery App’s Maintenance

After the development, the cost of maintaining the grocery delivery app can vary based on aspects like updated features, security upgrades, bug solving, optimization, etc. Octal IT Solution is the best when it comes to providing post-deployment support & maintenance, be it updating the app or adding a new tech stack into it for high performance.


Cost to Hire Grocery Delivery App Developers

The cost to hire grocery delivery app developers from us will be based on the number of experts you hire, their experience & skills, and the estimated time for development. At our firm, we assure you that provide proficient and result-oriented grocery solutions at the best reasonable rate compared to the market.

Advanced Tech Stack Offering by Top Online Grocery Delivery App Development Company

Being top grocery app development company we implements the latest tech stack to create a seamless user experience and diligent app performance to beat the cut-throat market competition.

Mobile Technologies

With native and cross platform app development, we ensure you get the best solutions. Our android app development services, iOS app solution providers, and other developers affirm your grocery delivery app is compatible across all platforms and is at the top of the industry.

Advanced Database

The grocery delivery app developers integrate advanced database to store your information with utmost security. With the surge in users the database will manage everything efficiently thus allowing uninterrupted data flow even in peak hours.

UI/UX Design

Associated with our Grocery delivery app design company for solutions that are unique and creative in their look and feel. The UI/UX design team implements latest tools and trends to create an immersive app experience.

QA and Software Testing

For a bug-free grocery delivery app solution, partner with our Qa and Software Testing services providers.The team tests your grocery store app to affirm it has no glitches or bugs. User experience is as the heart of our development process and we deliver flawless solutions

Payment Gateway

For safe and secure payment gateway, we integrate the most secured solutions in the market. With encryption and tokenization, we affirm the chances of any kind of data leakage or theft is eliminated.

Grocery Delivery App Development Process

While providing grocery delivery app development services, we follow a step-by-step development process using agile methodology and other best practices. It is required to stay agile throughout the process and collect feedback from clients and end-users to ensure meeting the changing needs of users and create a proficient solution.

  • Project Conceptualization

  • UI/UX Designing

  • App Development

  • Quality Assurance

  • App Deployment

  • Support & Maintenance

Why Choose Octal as Your On Demand Grocery Delivery App Development Company?

Octal is the best on-demand grocery app development company. You must consult your idea with our expert developers, and we will ensure you are never disappointed with our exceptional services.

Try and Buy Model

Sign NDA for Confidentiality

Security and IP Protection

User-Centric Development

Meet Stringent Deadline

Round the Clock Availability

Advanced Tech Stack

Global Clientele

Quick Team Scaling

Multiple Engagement Models

Updated Tech Experts

Effective Synergy

Frequently Asked Questions About Grocery App Development Company

Here are the answers to most common questions asked to our grocery delivery app developers.

Yes, users can select from various payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, or Braintree, making it convenient for them to pay for their orders securely.

To efficiently manage delivery logistics, we integrate reliable APIs like Google Maps or Mapbox. This enables accurate tracking of orders and optimization of delivery routes for a smoother experience.

Surely. The development team at Octal IT Solution understands the need to build a trusted consumer base and for that, you would need to have loyalty programs and discount coupons integrated into the application.

The time it takes to develop a grocery delivery app can vary depending on the complexity and features you want. Usually, it takes several months to create a reliable and user-friendly app.

Yes! The app can be connected to local grocery stores and chains so that users can shop from their favorite stores and have the items delivered right to their doorstep.

Yes! Users can add multiple delivery addresses to their profile, making it convenient for them to have groceries delivered to different locations, such as their home, workplace, or a friend’s house.

What Makes Us the Buzz of Tech Town

Here’s what our business partners say about us.

Ms. Joyce Mesick

Founder, Finding Trusted Care

Project summary: Finding Trusted Care

Octal IT Solution has created a caregiver company’s flagship platform and app. Their resources have also worked on the firm’s website design. Around eight teammates work directly with the client on the project.

  • Budget $50,000 to $199,999
  • Duration May 2022 – Ongoing
  • What They Say? Read Full Review

Mr. Michael Tan

Project Manager, Clarins Pte Ltd

Project summary: Clarins

Octal IT Solution was hired by a skin care brand to build their inhouse claiming system. They used PHP for the development of their project.

  • Budget $10,000 to $49,999
  • Duration Jan. 2019 – Aug. 2020
  • What They Say? Read Full Review

Mr. Ashutosh Walia

VP Gaming, Hungama

Project summary: Hungama

An entertainment company hired Octal IT Solution to develop their mobile app, which was meant to be viewed as a gaming platform for the entertainment industry.

  • Budget $10,000 to $49,999
  • Duration Sep. 2022 – Jan. 2023
  • What They Say? Read Full Review

Ms. Kanchana Gupta

Founder, vLookUp.ai

Project summary: vLookUp.ai

Octal IT Solution has designed and developed a web platform and a mobile app for a mentoring platform. They’ve used React.js to build the web platform and have created the mobile app for Android and iOS.

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