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Handyman service app development
On demand handyman app development that churns out revenues for your business, in just the right way.
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Accept/Reject Job Request

According to the product availability, number of handymen available and the pending orders, accept or reject the orders through app for finding Handyman.

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Auto Estimate Arrival Time

The Handyman on demand app estimates the arrival time of the handymen based upon their location/availability and sends you notifications.

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Job Tracking management

Track bookings and other processes in real-time, and get detailed reports about all the activities through your Handyman on hire app.

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Emergency/ Panic Button

An advanced Panic button allows the Handymen on demand app users to seek help in the case of any emergency or panic situation.

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Multi Location Access

Users of your on demand Handyman app may find handymans from different locations, along with finding the handymen in their neighborhood area.

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Location Favorites

GPS integration lets your on demand Handyman service app users easily find a handyman in their area and it also allows your users and handymen to share & track locations.

Discernible Features
Salient Features of On Demand Handyman Services App Development...
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Create/Edit Profile

Users and handymen may create their personal profile by providing essential information about them in on-demand app for Handymen.

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Live Tracking

Track bookings and other processes in real-time, and get detailed reports about all the activities through your Uber for Handymans.

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Switch Online/Offline

You may toggle the availability of the handymen within your on demand handyman app. The handymans may also set their availability.

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Caller Identification

The inbuilt feature of the on demand handyman application lets your handymen identify the callers even before picking up the call. This helps them customize their conversation.

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Instant Alert

The app for finding Handyman sends instant alerts for booking, cancelation, scheduling, and arrival time of handyman and job completion.

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Social Sharing

Users may easily signup or log in using their social media accounts & may share your Handyman on demand app with their social media friends.

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Wallet Money

The Handyman on hire app comes with an eWallet that your users may pay for your service. Easy wallet top-up through credit/debit cards.

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Pay By Cash/Credit Card

Let the Handymen on demand app users pay through different payment mediums, including cash, net banking or credit/debit cards.

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Generate New Bills Easily

The on demand Handyman app allows you to generate digital bills easily. You may also send the bills to your app users and handymen easily.

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Cancel Bookings

The on demand Handyman service app users may cancel the booking if they are not available at home or have found an alternative.

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Customer Loyalty Programs

Retain your on-demand app for Handymen customers by offering loyalty programs, special discounts, referral programs or other promotional activities.

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Individual Login for Handymen

Users of Uber for Handymen may signup/login with their email/password, social media accounts and phone number with a one-time password.

Our Handymans mobile application development solution comes with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.
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User Panel
  • Easy registration
  • Auto Suggestions
  • Address auto Complete
  • Get Handyman Listings
  • View Handyman Statistics
  • Pick Taskers Based on Reviews
  • Track the Handyman
  • Schedule Bookings
aggregator dashboard panel
Handyman Panel
  • Get feedback
  • Accept/ Reject Service Requests
  • Edit/Update Profile
  • Get User Details
  • Update Task Status
  • Provide Service to users
admin dashboard panel
Admin Panel
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Export Report Data
  • Transaction History
  • Job History Details
  • Earning Management
More Features
A Few More Features of Rent a Handyman App Development...
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Email/SMS Notifications

Users, handymen and admin get notifications about new inquiries, allocation, job completion and payments.

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Promotions and discounts

Promote your on demand handyman app with inbuilt promotions, offers, discounts and other loyalty programs.

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GPS Navigation

Makes it easy for your on demand handyman application users & handymen to locate each other and find shortest route to reach them through inbuilt GPS.

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Instant Chat

The app for finding Handyman comes with inbuilt Chat, Email and SMS integration allowing your users to communicate with you when they need.

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Automatic Billing

The Handyman on demand app creates digital invoicing and bills, keeping the necessary monetary records right in your pocket.

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Advanced Backend Configuration

You get an advanced backend in the Handyman on hire app that allows you to configure your settings and provide other details.

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Fast Booking

With real-time availability and easy-to-use Handymen on demand app, booking the appointments become very easy for the patients.

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Quick Cloud Installations

The on demand Handyman app is managed by clouds with all the important data is stored on clouds. This makes the app run faster and safe.

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Detailed Handyman Profile

Your on demand Handyman service app users and handymen may create their profiles with details they want to show.

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Advanced Analytics

Get detailed insights about the activities on your on-demand app for Handymans, including appointments, users, handymen, earnings and much more.

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Advanced Search

Users of the Uber for Handymen may search for handymen using advanced keywords like location, specialty, fees etc.

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The on demand handyman app comes with built-in SEO features that make it easy for your users to search handymen with relevant keywords.

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