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We create web and mobile solutions for Healthcare & Fitness Industry.

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Digital Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Mobile apps have revolutionized the way, the people maintain their fitness, hospitals diagnose their patients, health reports are being sent.Right from determining the quality of sleep till the measuring your heart beat and pulse rate, the mobile apps are covering you all.

The moment the patient steps into the hospital, the phone number is being verified and their you share all the prescriptions, reports, diet, next appointment with a reminder too. Well, the mobile apps have made it quite easy and we at Octal IT solution are making it much easier with the help of health and fitness apps, that will display all the information at a single touch and will follow your commands even while you are on a go. Thus, we are taking all the necessary steps that will exactly match with your fitness goals and health requirements.


  • The Trust Gap

    Owing to the controversies over the subjects like drug pricing the consumers as well as physicians do not the trust the information rolling from the healthcare industries and marketers .

  • Government Regulation

    Due to the fact that the, health industry is being governed by the government regulations and global implications, hence keeping up with changing standards becomes quite difficult.

  • Online Reputation Management

    Traditional measures of treating patients are nowadays diminishing hence, priority to Patient experience (PX) must be given to drive the innovation in technical standards.

  • Soaring Cost of Care

    Elevated prices of prescribed drugs, rocketed costs and a large populace of uninsured patients had led to the rise in the cost of overall health products.


  • Patients Want The Innovative

    Increased awareness had led to an increased demand of the consumers and the patients. In order to gratify the same , priority must be given to care based modules.

  • Boot towards Competence:

    In order to cut down the organizational costs and structures for increasing the customer base, it is vital to avoid the errors and redundancies that may complex the overall system.

  • Advancement of Patient Care:

    Since the entrepreneurs in the health industry are striving to render quality patient care services for a major populace. Hence adopting technology can help them foster improvised patient care.

  • Flourishing Interest in Ongoing Care:

    Patients just don't approach healthcare service providers only in medical emergencies, in case they interested in amplifying overall wellness should be provided to them.

Our Solutions

Hospital Management
Hospital Management Systems

Making the appointment, report collection, diet chart and consultation quite easy, we built apps and Hospital Management Systems that suits your health and fitness requirements.

Web Applications/ 
Web Applications/ Portals

Detailed elaborations and evaluation along with all the facilities that the hospitals provide are being graphed on the Web Applications/ Portals that are committed to your health organization.

Health & Fitness
Mobile Applications
Health & Fitness Mobile Applications

Tracking down the heart rates, sweat details, miles covered and sleep quality we make Health & Fitness Mobile Apps that matches up with your fitness goals and accomplishments.

Healthcare analytics &
Business intelligence
Healthcare analytics & Business intelligence

Combing the critical health data with the BI ( Business Intelligence) we deliver the solutions that figures out the most optimized cure methods.

Electronic health Records EHR Softwares
Electronic health Records EHR Softwares

Our developers for analyzing your reports and data develop the softwares that are accurate and at the same time efficient.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Software

These are the intelligent softwares that stores your medical data in the digital form and executes the same if required for future purposes.

Remote health
monitoring System
Remote health monitoring System

Our remote health system helps you to acquire all the relevant information that may be required by the user at any place irrespective of time and connectivity.

Product Development
and Maintenance
Product Development and Maintenance

All the related and associated medical products we develop are focused and at the same time deliver quality that is required in executing all the health related tasks.

IoT App 
IoT App Integrations

Making the maximum use of IoT, we make apps that connect with your health gadgets and adjust them according to your time and workout strategies.

The Octal Advantages

Data collection and data privacy

Implementing the most effective big data analytics solutions, we easily map the data of the right patient so flows out to the therapist, and makes sure that it comes with the effective solution.

Wearable tech & Cloud

While using all the cutting edge technologies, we create fitness apps that delivers on-demand medicine services and patient care prescriptions and beyond.

Targeting patients personally

We deliver solutions that comprise of medical history, health care plans and other critical data so as to make the patients realize that he is being treated personally and with utmost importance.

All-in-one Portal

All the required features come up under a single portal so that user can manage and monitor all the related activities without any confusion.

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