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eLearning is the future and a billion-dollar business idea. We create Powerful e-learning solutions, learning management system, M-Learning App, e-learning apps for students and school education apps packed with powerful features, interactive designs and great simplicity.

Redefine eLearning Industry with Custom eLearning Development.
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Stream your learning classes or live classrooms on interactive On-Demand / Live Video and Audio Streaming online learning apps.

e-learning system

Break the barriers of time & location. The mobile learning app provides an interactive environment of asynchronous learning to your students.

e-learning solutions

Make learning a fun activity with online quizzes and exams. The e-learning app comes with pre-defined quizzes & you may create your own exams.

mobile learning app

Communicate with your users through a Video Conferencing Channel. Make learning interactive through live group conferencing.

online learning apps

Provide your users with highly interactive mobile training apps through recorded lectures, lessons and live classroom sessions.

elearning development

Sell videos, lessons, books or learning products through a fully-protected & easy-to-use inbuilt ecommerce platform.

The Solutions
Our team of proficient and skilled developers masters the art of developing e-learning portal, kids learning apps, school education apps, Virtual Classroom Apps, Institute Management Apps, M-Learning App and Skill-learning Apps etc. With our online learner application development services, we help your business to attain an impressive growth in the industry.
e-learning application
  • Virtual Classroom Apps
    e-learning management system
    online learner application
    Virtual Classroom Apps

    Let your students attend the classes right from their homes. The elearning app comes with advanced features like Live Video Streaming, Scheduling (to enable students to attend the class at their preferred time), Classroom Recording, Video Conferencing, Group Studies and much more.

  • Institute Management Apps
    custom elearning development
    e-learning apps for students
    School Education Apps

    The school education apps come with all the features of Virtual Classroom App, along with some extra features and powers for the admin. It’s a complete institute management system with features like attendance tracking, payment tracking, classroom tracking & much more.

  • M-Learning Apps
    e-learning mobile apps
    e-learning apps for android
    M-Learning Apps

    The simplest yet most popular apps is mobile application for education. The mobile learning app feature a large database of study material, videos, questions, quizzes and other supply, providing the students to learn through videos or study. You may charge a subscription fee to convert it into a business model.

  • Skill-learning Apps
    mobile training apps
    e-learning application for android
    Skill-learning Apps

    Apps like Udemy are quite popular, dedicated to professional learning. Right from business lessons to programming, web designing and much more, these mobile training apps have a large impact on the corporate world. A large database of material, videos and community make these apps a great learning place.

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We have years of experience developing multi-platform e-learning system and education learning app for Mobile, Web, Wearables and Connected Platforms.

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Our e-learning solutions come with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.
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child education app
Student Panel
  • Easy SignIn/SignUp for the User
  • View & Choose Courses & Learning Subscription Plans
  • Pay For the Subscription Plan
  • Can Search Tutors based on various filters
  • Attending Webinar/Classroom/Online Courses
  • Can View the Subjects available and Choose a Subject
  • Connect with Tutor through Video & Text Chat or Posting a Question
  • Students can directly Post Questions to be answered by Tutors
  • Can Contact and Hire Tutors
  • View Asked Questions History
  • Refer a Friend and Earn Credits on successful Referrals
  • Manage His Account and Settings
  • Course Certificates
  • Testing Knowledge through Quizzes & Online Exams
  • Providing Feedback
m-learning app
Tutor Panel
  • Tutor Registers his Account
  • Easy Login for the Admin
  • Tutor can enhance his detailed Profile
  • Tutor can view the available Questions and the Credit awards for each Question
  • Tutor can respond to Questions and Earn Credits
  • Tutor can connect with students on Video or Audio chat
  • Can edit his Account and Settings
  • Can Receive Notifications, Reviews and Ratings
school app android
Admin Panel
  • Can Manage Users (Add/Edit/Delete Students & Tutors)
  • Can Manage Subjects (Add/Edit/Delete Subjects)
  • Can Manage the Subscription Packages
  • Can Manage the Badges (Assign/Delete)
  • Can Manage Locations (Country/State/City/Zip code)
  • Can Manage Content and Various Filters
  • Manage Sessions (Booked/Availed - Per Tutor, Per Student, On Date)
  • Course Catalog, Content & Enrollment Management
  • Can View/Delete Earnings
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • E-commerce and Subscriptions
  • Student Information system
  • Manage Questions and Notifications
  • Manage Credits
  • Manage Chats
More Features
Delivering More Powers and Flexibility to your eLearning Business...
school education apps
mobile application for education

Raise topics, create polls and allow your users to vote their favorite option.

educational apps for iphone

Create customized surveys to spread social awareness or trending topics.

education learning app

Let your users schedule a classroom session for a day or time that suits them.

elearning app

Create or connect with online forums to promote your online learning apps & share knowledge.

learning management system

Get fully-customized & detailed reports for all activities on your e-learning application.

e-learning portal

Define grading and let your users improve their skills by uncovering higher grades.

e-learning system

Create assignments & group projects for your eLearners, make your e-learning app interactive.

e-learning solutions

Get a tailored and highly configurable e-learning portal to manage back-end of your education learning app.

mobile learning app

Create enrollment rules and memberships for teachers and students.

online learning apps

Create a community or share your app on social channels to spread brand awareness.

elearning development

Turn your e-learning mobile apps into a flourishing business through branding & white labeling.

e-learning application

Allow your users to sign-on using their email, phone number or social channels.

e-learning management system
Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing is a stunning feature that allows your teachers and students to interact with each other. The feature may replace the live classroom training method, along with helping the students to resolve their queries with teachers through a live video session.

The education apps for students also help students to create groups and learn through group studies. This can be better implemented for group projects, group studies, and assignments.

We enable your e-learning system with web conferencing and video conferencing using cutting-edge technologies. The students and teachers may interact in a one-to-one or group conference through a secured, powerful and interactive mean.

online learner application
Cloud Powered LMS

The e-learning mobile apps is powered by Cloud-based learning management system, making it super fast, reliable and secured. All your data, lessons and videos are stored on the clouds, making the e-learning application easy and fast to use. Also, you do not have to worry about the safety of your content as the Clouds protect your data & content from misuse.

We make use of highly protected, reliable and fast cloud computing technologies to give your learning management system the extra power and flexibility you need.

custom elearning development

Interactivity is the biggest asset & requirement for kids learning apps. With the help of gamification, interactive visuals, videos & quizzes, we make learning a fun for your students and teaching a joy for your trainers.

You child education app remains enabled with interactive videos, graphics, puzzle games and more to keep the students engaged and entertained. Want more; add your own quizzes or videos to make it even more interactive. Everything is easily manageable from your admin panel.

e-learning apps for students
Multiple Language Support

We create educational apps for iPhone & Android that support multiple languages. Provide your users the content in a language they understand and speak. Changing the language is simple as a tap. We use powerful translators to make high-quality content translation.

You may put your content or videos in different languages and let your users choose the language they prefer. Everything can be easily managed from your admin panel.

e-learning mobile apps
Payment Integration

Accept payments from your users with a highly protected and easy-to-use payment system. We make use of finest technologies to make payment accepting easy for you. Your users may pay with a Credit/Debit Card, Netbanking, eWallet, PayPal or other payment systems.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Multi-currency Support
  • In-app Purchase Model
  • Free/Premium Membership
e-learning apps for android
Back-end App

Powerful back-end gives extra power, flexibility, and features to your education apps for students. The backend is written in Java and Python, while others with HTML 5 language. Less of PHP is used primarily for server-side logic.

We use C++ for Mac/Windows client, Java for e-learning application for Android and Objective-C for educational apps for iPhone. The main principle behind the backend is partitioning by features. We assign a team of developers for each app feature.

mobile training apps
Social Learning / Message Boards

Through social learning & message boards, we apply advanced tools and techniques to increase the reach, popularity, and effectiveness of your online learner application. Let your users share the questions, or knowledge with everyone on the social channels, and let others participate in the discussion.

With the inbuilt social learning & message boards, your users won’t need to visit other social accounts to communicate with their audience. Everything can be easily managed from the app itself.

e-learning application for android
Skills/Certification Tracking

Track enrollments, course progression, assessments, and student feedbacks and much more within the e-learning management system. Advanced reporting system enables you to get user reports, teacher reports, course reports, revenue reports and more.

Generate certificates and assign grading to your students based on their performance. You have a handful of predefined templates and may also create your own certification template. It helps you brand your child education app and keep your students engaged.

educational app development

Let the students communicate with each other, or with teachers, and be a part of the communication by joining the chat. The e-learning apps for students come with pre-installed communication channels enabling you to bridge the gap between the trainers and the learners.

We make use of cutting-edge communication technologies and channels to make the app as interactive as possible. One-to-one messaging & group messaging creates the effective communication among everyone.

kids learning apps
Other Technologies

We use the best of the technology stack to insert powerful features in your apps:

  • Twilio – for Push Notifications
  • Nexmo – for SMS and Voice Varification
  • Braintree & PayPal – for payments
  • GWT – for Powerful Programming
  • Datastax – for Data Management
  • Mandrill – for emailing
  • Debian – Universal Operating System
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