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Fleet Tracking App & Software Development
Powerful vehicle fleet management system that helps you manage your fleet effectively.
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Satellite View/Monitoring

Keep an eye on your vehicles through satellite. You may see the live position and routes of your vehicles on your fleet management application.

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Automatic Driver Assignment

In case your drivers need your assistance, the fleet management app makes you able to provide necessary assistance within minutes.

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Flexible Labeling

Easy and flexible labeling on your vehicles makes it easy for you to distinguish your fleet. Easily managed through your fleet management software.

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Fuel Management

With the fleet management application, you may track how much fuel your vehicles are consuming. Attractive charts make data analysis easy for you.

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Sensor Integration

With in-built sensor in the fleet management mobile append easy integration with your vehicles, you may get a notification for any unusual activity.

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Enhanced Security Features

The business vehicle tracking system comes with enhanced security features, sensors and GPS tracking that ensure the safety of your fleet and your drivers.

Discernible Features
Salient Features of the Vehicle Fleet Management Software...
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Real Time Tracking

In the admin panel of the commercial fleet management app, you can track the vehicles in real time. The geo-location sends you exact location of your vehicles.

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Job Schedule Board

Through the job scheduling board of commercial fleet tracking app, you can easily schedule your jobs and distribute those among your vehicles and drivers.

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Your Map. Your Way

A fully-customized map for your fleet and commercial vehicle fleet management app, allowing you to keep an eye on your vehicles, the way you want.

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Safety Driving

The commercial vehicle tracking app keeps an eye on the driving behavior of your drivers and sends you a notification if a driver breaks the traffic rules.

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Route History

You get a detailed route history for each vehicle in your fleet, allowing you to measure where your vehicles have been running.

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Route History

You get a detailed route history your drivers have followed. Analyze the route and set better routes to save on time and fuel.

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Automated Alerts

The corporate fleet management application sends automated alerts for different activities. You may set the activities you want to get an alert for.

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Historical Fleet Data

You get access to detailed data about your fleet, including their driving routes, fuel consumption, assignments, job completion and revenue.

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Custom Map Overlays

Zoom into the map and create custom map overlays to highlight areas of your operation. The enterprise fleet management application makes it super easy for you.

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Offline Tracking

You may track your fleet and drivers even if you are offline. This is highly useful feature to keep an eye on your fleet from remote areas.

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Trend Analysis

Popular routes, vehicles and other trends are beautifully managed in the fleet gps tracking app. You get customized charts to analyze the trends.

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Cloud Based

The cloud based fleet management software is powered by clouds, helping it with enhanced security, speed and performance. Your data is safely stored on clouds.

Our vehicle location tracker application comes with advanced features, dashboards and management tools for you and your app users.
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Driver Panel
  • Online Driver Education
  • Route Tracking
  • Driver Scorecard
  • Driver Behavior Tracking
  • Real Time GPS Tracking
  • Insurance Services
  • Reports
  • Leader Boards
admin dashboard panel
Admin Panel
  • Maintenance Scheduling
  • Service Availability
  • Specialized Solutions
  • Smart Dispatch
  • Daily Reminder Dashboard
  • Fuel Usage, Vehicle Tracking, and Performance Analysis
  • Tire Management
  • External work management (EWM)
  • Driver Management
  • Detailed Interactive Maps
  • Manage Vehicles
More Features
A Few More Features of Vehicle Management Software...
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API Integration

It comes with powerful APIs for different purposes, allowing your fleet gps tracking software to perform a wide range of activities.

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Temperature Sensor

The temperature sensor notifies you and your drivers when the temperature is higher than usual. This provides extra safety to your fleet and drivers.

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You get detailed reports about everything in the fleet management portal – assignments, fleet, drivers, revenue, fuel consumption and other activities.

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Driver ID

Provide your drivers with a unique ID and integrate it with your fleet management tracking application. This allows you to track data about each driver separately.

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Payroll Integration

Payroll integration and easy costs reimbursement in the fleet management tracking software allows you to keep a record of your earnings and payments of your drivers.

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You may select and set the routes for your drivers in fleet management tracking system. This allows you to set the easiest and quickest routes, saving on time and fuel.

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Inspection and Issue Reporting

Get a detailed report of issues and inspections of your vehicles in fleet monitoring application. This allows you to fix the issues without any delay.

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Time Zone/Languages

The fleet monitoring software allows you to set your time zone and operational languages. Selecting time zones and languages takes no more than a tap.

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Bar Coding

The bar codes allow your drivers to pay toll taxes, as well as allowing you to accept payments and transfer payments to your drivers through gps based vehicle tracking application.

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Eliminate Bad Driving

With features like enhanced safety, live tracking and behavior tracking, you get driving reports and may eliminate bad driving habits in fleet tracking app.

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Messaging Feature

The in-app messaging feature of the vehicle tracking application allows your drivers to communicate with you and with each other in case of any emergency.

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Stop Speeding

The vehicle tracking app comes with a Speed Detection feature that warns your drivers and you whenever the vehicle speed exceeds the limit.

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