Technology is reshaping the way we look at the world. Image Recognition (IR) is one such trend that is growing exponentially using Machine Learning methodologies. Searching for something is not a big deal now you have many options to search for anything with super fast speed. People are living in a fashion and capturing images are included in their daily activity. They are looking for solutions that allow them to search any information over the internet with images. IR uses such a technology that gives you the power to quickly identify any object, place, and people in images.

With the implementation of advanced algorithms, IR can retrieve detailed elements of individuals from bulk images. IR has a seamless presence in various industries like e-commerce, healthcare solutions, mobile industries, gaming industry, security, automotive, and many more. Many technology-oriented companies have already indulged their hands in it to attract many users and earn good profits. Surely, IR is going to pave the global futuristic market.

Some of the best mobile apps integrated with IR-based technology are Google Lens, Screenshop, Leafs Nap, Taptapsee, and many more. And if you want to embark on your presence in this technology, then read this blog very carefully.

IR Technology’s Latest Stats in 2024

The IR industry is harnessing the needs of many markets and businesses. According to an estimate, IR-based technologies would thrive in the company years. The market will reach around 40 billion USD dollars at the end of 2021. This is a huge hike compared to the year 2016 when the market was only 16 billion USD.

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How does the IR-based app work?

IR techniques are engraved with pixel-based advanced technologies. The process starts with capturing a person’s image in front of the camera and saving it to the database for future identification of face images. Each face is counted as a data point.

To make an IR-driven app you would require these components:

  • Video camera
  • High-end database server to secure database
  • Advanced algorithms for better comparison and recognition of patterns
  • The supervised trained neural network quickly accesses millions of images.

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Features required for IR App

When we talked about features and functionalities, use of different tools, APIs required for IR App integration, user and admin panel features also enrolled with the app development.

Below we have listed 3 popular tools for IR mobile apps :

  • Native API: They help to build platform-based mobile apps. This breaks down the cost and effort of developing an app.
  • Third-party solutions: To create technology-driven apps many companies offer clones of similar mobile apps or in-build codes and solutions. One of them is Amazon which delivers visual recognition API with both free and premium to use. Another one is FaceMark company which provides a reliable API solution and a sample of data points to recreate full faces and profiles. They are easy to use with varying pricing models. The third one is Luxand. cloud API to determine features like human gender, age, demographics, and many more, with the difference between basic, pro, and ultra packages.
  • OpenCV (open-source computer vision library): with the presence of features like identifying images, tracking mobility items, and extracting 3D objects, this library is very focused and operational. With more than 2.5 thousand researched algorithms this is one of the vast sources for IR development.

Below are the list of User and Admin features that should be infused for IR driven app:

User Panel

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  • Registration
  • Login
  • Upload photo option
  • Push notifications
  • Real-time image detection
  • Manage profile
  • Document management
  • Mark to Favorite
  • Filter usage to find exact matches
  • Add to cart
  • Buy now
  • Automatic comparison from the database
  • Share your screenshot with social media
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Admin panel

  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Filter category control
  • Manage to filter
  • Reports and analytics gathering control
  • Notification
  • Sharing management
  • Customer management
  • Manage database systems

Advantages of IR-Enabled Apps in Business

There are many advantages to using the latest IR technique for your mobile app. Some of them are as follows:

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  • Time-Saving
  • Cost Saving
  • Improves Productivity
  • Social Media Integration( Sharing, Signup, Login)
  • Push Notification (Promotion Alerts & Marketing)
  • User Behavior Tracking ( Buying & Search Behavior Tracking
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
  • AI-Powered Chatbots for lessening humane efforts
  • Inventory Management System
  • Real-time dashboard and analytics
  • Smart Search Features Like
  • Product Recommendation
  • Image Search
  • Voice Command Search
  • In-App Camera
  • QR code and Barcode Scanning
  • More eWallet Integration
  • Order Heatmap View
  • PIM Integration
  • POS Software Integration

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Where IR-based Apps are used?

IR will be a powerful and demanding domain in 2021. This technology is binding with the shopping industry to retail to other business spheres. Some of the most inevitable IR industries are:

  • Education: Students can detect different types of species.
  • Manufacture: Facial control for easy checking of worker’s attendance and location tracking to increase their efficiency.
  • Automobile: Driverless application implements such technology.
  • Medicine: Able to test many diseases using advanced algorithms. Medical tracker for your peaceful sleep, and any facial disorder.
  • Social Media: Chatbots are the best examples of providing customer service.

There are many industries where we can see the dependence on IR-infused technology like Automobile, Gaming, Healthcare Industry, Retail Industry, Security Industry, Social Media Networks, and Visual Search Engines.

Benefits of the IR Mobile App

There are countless benefits you can figure out using the IR domain application. From online shopping to gaming zones, medically equipped IR lenses to driverless cars, it covers large domains and marks its presence in the pool of industries.

A few of the important functionalities to keep in your head before using IR technology in your mobile apps are:

  • Facial-Recognition: Both of the techniques would require a high end of security. There should not be a risk of data breaching on the server side. If you can’t maintain the privacy of your users, then you will end up losing them soon.
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  • Visual Geolocation: This is the must-have feature for any IR-oriented mobile app. Employers can track their real-time locations and their client’s location. This helps to build trust in them and the company.
  • Industrial Automation: Today in a company, we can easily find the use of Chatbot for offering customer services to the users. They have built their mobile app with facilities like Chatbot or virtual assistance. This reduces the 24*7 dependency of humans on companies. Hence the extra cost in the company would degrade by many levels.
  • Gesture Recognition: Today our smartphones are less with gesture control features. For locks, security companies have used fingerprint lockers and facial locks to mobile to preach high security to them. Although many of us want to be anonymous, this function helps them to be that and keep their data safe.

IR helps businesses structure the localization of human faces in visuals. Companies like Google and Uber use IR to map and keep the data sets of human faces inside the database and manage to track them. This will also help customers to get advanced preference-based searches while using the IR app.

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Tech Stack Required for IR App

Various technologies stack is required for IR-based apps. Below we have piled you with all of them.

  • IR App Development platforms: ARcore ARkit Wikitude
  • 3D modeling software: on shape, Sketchup
  • Push notifications: Twilio,
  • Database Technologies: Datastax, MongoDB
  • SMS Phone Verification: Nexmo, Twilio
  • Real-Time Analytics: Apache Storm, Google Cloud DataFlow
  • Cloud Environment & CDN: Amazon, Cloudflare, MaxCDN
  • IR Devices: Mobile Devices, Gaming Devices, Automobile Sensors, Scanning Devices
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal, Braintree, and more

These are the important technologies stack should be kept in mind by the developers.

Team Required for IR App Development

Preparing an intelligent feature-oriented app requires a high-end team. Let’s see what mixture of people are in the team.

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  • Project Manager
  • IR Technology Expert
  • Animation Expert (for any 3D Modelling)
  • Android and iOS Developers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Requirement Analyst
  • QA Specialist

Cost to Develop an IR App

So, how much does it cost to develop an IR technology-based app? That must be your next question, right? Curating an app with Image Recognition Technology would pack up a team of experts, the latest technology-driven tools, fast-paced features, and many more. So we can’t think that it would come for free. There is nothing free in this world. But you should always take care and exclude those things which would end up your cost of development higher.

To develop an IR App you should intelligently separate between the major features including the user and admin-centric panel and discard the minor and useless ones. Always measure and estimate the time and cost required before proceeding further in development. Also think about the future aspects of the app, unless you will end up with outdated featured apps.

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If a company is embedded with a team of full-time experts who could match requirements then it’s fine, but if you don’t have a team of reliable people who match the shores of client’s needs then, it’s advice you might opt for other outsourcing professionals and hire them monthly. But again keep in mind the location and their charge ratios. The charge should fit in your budget. As you know, the cost of development is not the only thing you will end up investing in. There will be many more areas where you will have to put your money while developing your IR App. Like the cost of maintenance, customer support, marketing and branding services, updating features, and many more.

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One more way to develop the IR app is to select an app development company with the remarkable experience of building technology-driven IR apps. Surely they would give you a team of professionals who have enough expertise to listen to your requirements and assist you in your journey. Freelancers can also help you with your ideas. You can consult them based on their skills and past performance.

There are many ways you can go for and start developing your IR-intrigued app. Let’s now have a look at the cost estimation of IR App Development based on location.

  • Developers from the US: $100-$300/ hour
  • Developers from Australia: $50-$200/ hour
  • Developers from Europe: $60-$250/ hour
  • Developers from Asia: $30-$100/ hour

However, the exact estimation you will know at your project. That is a rough analysis. Your cost of app development is reduced in Asian countries than in other European countries. Developing an IR App will cost you around $30k to $50k.

Final Conclusion

Image Recognition techniques cover a large spectrum of the market. Google Lens is one of the best examples of IR-driven apps. Users have a phenomenal experience using such applications. It is the right time to start your business in such modern applications where the mixing of all other technologies has come together. Thanks to machine learning which reluctantly keeps developing new technologies like IR, VR, and OCR to ease the user.

Research the market before planning for your journey. Define a road map, choose the right APIs, and a team of experts and professionals who help you decide where you will land to incorporate IR techniques inside your future app. The best advisor is like your best friend to support you. IR and computer vision applications are constantly growing the market of play stores, so start to label your brand with these intrinsic technology apps.

So if you want to boost your business with the usage of IR-based apps, let’s talk. We have built consistently top-designed and IR-oriented apps for a large group of companies. Our apps are not only matched with the industry standards but embedded with the latest technologies and trends. We will give you wings to fly high and excel in your presence in the digital world using IR.

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