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Education & eLearning Solutions

While growth in the education industry is ensured, the opportunities can be multiplied if technology is properly used. Along with the digitization of education industry, eLearning is the next big thing that is sure to transform the education industry.

Octal IT Solution realizes the potential of technology in the education and eLearning industry, and we provide innovative solutions at the very base end. Starting from interactive classrooms to finely-shaped, technology-enabled learning methods, we deliver the next-generation of learning. With our solutions, you get access to more advanced and innovating learning methods, remote learning, mobile learning, better management of institute activities and much more.


  • Engagement

    Engagement is a challenge as well as opportunity for eLearning sector. While traditional classrooms have better engagement, interactive media can make them more engaging.

  • Revenue Generation

    Revenue generation is a big issue for eLearning platforms due to lack of proper revenue generation method. Most of the eLearning platforms out there are forced to work for free.

  • Technical Problems

    eLearning demands sophisticated technology as both ends. Lack of proper technologies or technical know-how may lead to ineffective delivery of the material.

  • Isolation

    Students learn better in classrooms, in groups. eLearning causes isolation which may sometimes result in poor results.


  • Accessibility

    eLearning has the biggest advantage in form of accessibility. The future is on-the-go, and eLearning could be a revolutionary step to take education on the same path.

  • Interactivity

    Learning methods like videos, apps, quizzes etc. are more interactive than traditional classrooms. This will lead to huge success of eLearning in near future.

  • Confidentiality

    Advanced eLearning methods provide one-to-one interaction between teachers and students. This improves the confidentiality of problem solving.

  • Cost Saving

    Classrooms, setup, transportation, study material and much more – education is a costly venture. The expenses can be decreased significantly through digitalization.

Our Solutions

Online E-Learning
Online E-Learning Solutions

We create a feature-rich and interactive online learning portal that provides the experience of real-life learning.

Remote Learning
Remote Learning Websites

We incorporate advanced tools live live-chat, video streaming, interactive media and others for improved experience.

Institute Management
Institute Management Software

Manage activities at your institutes such as students, courses, attendance, faculties, payrolls and much more with single portal.

SCORM / AICC Compliant 
Content Management
SCORM / AICC Compliant Content Management

We provide content management & study material management solutions complying with SCORM / AICC.

Virtual Classroom Solutions
Virtual Classroom Solutions

The virtual classroom solutions make your students be in class while sitting at their home.

Web Applications / Portal
Web Applications / Portal

We create feature-rich and easy-to-use web applications and web portals for your institute.

Application Development and Maintenance
Application Development and Maintenance

Need a redefined application or want to make necessary changes in your existing app? We help you with both.

Mobile Learning Applications
Mobile Learning Applications

We create learning apps for leading mobile platforms including Android, iPhone, PhoneGap and Xamarin etc.

Online Examination 
Online Examination Portal

We create highly secured and feature-rich online examination portal. The portal is easy to manage at your end.

The Octal Advantages

Interactive & Engaging Solutions

We develop solutions that are highly interactive and improve engagement considerably. We make use of attractive graphics and material to make our eLearning apps highly appealing & engaging for students.

Collaborative Learning

We incorporate tools & technologies to provide students with a collaborative learning experience. Students and faculties may interactive with each other using a shared platform.

Practical Learning

Video based and game-based training is the next big thing in the industry. Use of such media ensures better engagement, more interactivity and better performance of the application.

Ease of Use

Our solutions are easy-to-use for students as well as institutes alike. Our management software is easy to use and provides you great insights about all the activities in your institute.

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