In this blog, we discuss furniture store app development, key features, business models, and the cost of building online furniture shopping apps. Do you also want to know about furniture store software with cost and key features and also apps to sell furniture then keep reading this article.

“Creating a better everyday life for many people.”

le”Everyone has an aesthetic sense to decorate their homes but all of us have the capabilities and the need to build our safe corner. We choose the right colors for the walls, the elements to add to the room, the furniture, and the look and feel. Everything is personalized and designed to fit the personality. 

Isn’t it amazing how the smallest things in our homes can affect our emotions and state of mind? 

In recent years, when the world has started relying on mobile applications for everything, furniture store app development is no longer a surprise.

If you are a furniture store owner or want to be a third-party seller with some exotic and amazing furniture to showcase, then along with your brick-and-mortar store, you must choose to enter the market with an amazing furniture management system and mobile application. We understand mobile app development is a complex task, but if you collaborate with the right team, they can help you with the right solution. There are ample teams in the market for furniture store app development.

The Furniture Store App Development team has curated a step-by-step guide that can help you keep a check on the mobile app development process and also decide the basics of your application. 

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The important points to consider when a furniture store app development team works on your project define the complete functioning and understanding of your business idea. 

  • Need of the Application
  • Business Model 
  • Technology Partner 
  • Competition Analysis 
  • Feature Set 
  • Cost of Development 

Let’s not waste a lot of time and start moving forward with the details. When you hire mobile app developers to work on your furniture store app development, the first thing is to define the business objective and vision. The furniture store app is one of the most trending ideas that our startup assistance team has been working on. Besides, the outbreak of the pandemic has paved the way for many similar solutions. 

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Furniture Store Development

Why Do We Need a House Furniture App?

The mobile applications are designed as a solution to certain problems. Some of them are a source of entertainment, some help with daily chores, some help in taking care of the health, some deliver food and the list goes on. Basically, if there is a problem that you may be facing, hiring a mobile app developer can help you resolve it. 

The house furniture app also comes up with some amazing perks of its own. 

The 3D Look of the Furniture

People who use furniture applications can easily check the real-time 3D image of the piece of furniture they want to buy and try it in the corner of the room where it is meant to be. Before they finalize the product by real-life check, they can see the color, design, size, and other details that fit with other elements in the room. 

The Customized Pieces 

It is really interesting to have a solution that lets the user pick personalized pieces of furniture for them. Visiting stores is a tedious job. Going from place to place in search of that one corner table or shelf that would change the look of your room. With the furniture application finding the right piece of the application becomes quite easier. 

The Final Look 

Once the user has picked up the furniture of their choice, they can check it at various places. Also, they can visit an offline store to see the real look and feel of the product. 

If this matches exactly what they were looking for, then it is a win-win situation. 

The Ease of Selection 

Visiting various places to find the right set of furniture for the home can be a little tough. It needs time to commute and communicate with people at various places and then finalize things. This means you need to invest a lot of time and energy in the process. 

With online furniture shopping apps, it becomes easier to choose the right piece without investing much energy or time.    

The Pocket-Friendly Idea

Buying something randomly that just feels like the right fit for your home isn’t the right choice. It is more like squandering your money. It is better to try the items online and then choose the pieces that may look good. 

This would help you save a lot of money as you are surely investing in something that you want instead of picking something random. 

These are some of the basic things that need to be considered when working on furniture store app development. Now that you are confident enough to enter the market with a solution, the next step is to decide if you want to hire an in-house team or outsource your project. 

In-house Team or Outsourcing the Project: The Right Decision to Make 

If you are looking forward to developing an application that can help you stand out in the tough competition, then you need a strong team of dedicated mobile app developers who will help you through. You can choose to work with an in-house team or outsource a team that would make things easier. 

If you hire an in-house team then you may have to let them go once you have the product ready. This would spoil your credibility in the market. Also, once the product goes live you don’t need to work with a big team.  Another problem when you hire a team is you aren’t sure about their experience and the projects they have worked on. 

This puts the developers in a state of doubt and your project at risk. 

Outsourcing your Furniture Shopping App Development project to an IT consulting team can help you in various ways. Firstly, they would be having android app developers and iOS developers who would have worked on a similar project. Secondly, they would be technically advanced and the most important point is they would be on a contract basis so you would get your product live within a budget. 

Before we check on the other aspects of your furniture app, let’s see what business model would help you earn the best. 

Furniture Store App Development

Business Model for Apps for On-Demand Services

The business model for your on-demand mobile app development services is defined by the customers you want to reach. You could either sell it to the consumers or the retailers. There could be a probability that you build a marketplace where you buy from one and sell to others like a third party. 

Based on your dealership type we have three models to choose from

  • Business to Customer 
  • Business to Business 
  • Customer to Customer 

Business to Customer Model (B2C)

If you own a furniture business then surely this is the model you can work on. This model basically allows direct delivery of furniture from your store to the customers who availed these. 

Simply furniture shopping app development that can showcase your collection to your customers and help you be at the top of your game. 

Business to Business Model (B2B)

If you have a big furniture store with a manufacturing unit and your furniture instead of the customers go to retailers then this is surely the business model that you are looking for. A business-to-business on-demand furniture shopping app development offers solutions from a bigger business group to smaller ones that further can take it to the customers. 

Here the owner can offer white-label solutions or simply brand their products to make sure their name reaches the market. This could be an interesting model for your furniture app if you want to avoid dealing with customers directly.  

Client-to-Client Model (C2C)

This model works for small-scale industries where the customer further sells the products to other customers. Working on a model like this would be a little inconvenient as the cost of transportation for the furniture is real high. 

We suggest you do not consider something like this as this would gradually add to your confusion and delivery costs. 

Talking of costs, we have already discussed that hiring a mobile app development team for your project would be convenient. Further, we have defined the business model that can help you make a great profit. Let’s now move to the cost of the development of your furniture app. 

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Cost of Furniture Shopping App Development 

We understand trusting a team to take care of your vision is quite a risk but if you take care of a few points you can hire a mobile app development team that makes your business successful. Let’s now talk about what would be the investment you may need to turn your app idea into a working reality. 

The cost of furniture shopping app development is determined by various factors like: 

  • Features 
  • Technology 
  • Timeline 
  • Region

Talking about the region, the cost of hiring developers from various development hubs of the world could be 

  • US: $135-$150 per hour 
  • UK: $125-$140 per hour 
  • Europe: $110-$125 per hour 
  • Africa: $80-$110 per hour 
  • Asia: $15-$50 per hour 

You want to take to the market a basic application compatible with various devices the cost to build an app for furniture shopping would be somewhere around $20K USD to $45K USD. Also, you seek an advanced solution for your business, then the cost of development may rise to around $55k USD to $75K USD. 

If you are looking forward to furniture shopping app development that is technologically impressive and easy to use then the team at Octal IT Solution can help. 

Octal IT Solution has established its name as one of the most advanced mobile app development companies that can make things easier for users. Our iOS app developers and Android app developers work simultaneously to affirm the solution is hybrid and builds your identity on the internet.

We integrate some interesting features with your application which makes it really easy for us to help you have an edge over your competition. 

Furniture Store App Development

Features to Look for in a Home Furnishings Augmented Reality App

We make it a point to amaze your users with technically advanced and comprehensive solutions. These solutions offer more advantages than we’ve discussed of a furniture store mobile application. To create a furniture app, you’ll need several features that will captivate and hold users’ attention throughout the process.

Simple Onboarding Process for the apps to sell furniture

The onboarding process for your application is simple, which makes it easy for users to interact with the solution. They may just log in to the application and start utilizing it because they do not need to spend a lot of time filling out the details.

It is critical that the user does not feel that their information can be used in any way. You have the option of assisting them in logging in either via email or mobile number. 

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Select User’s Personality

The furniture that is used contributes to the home’s personality. Is this really your dream home if your furniture isn’t reflexive and can’t speak of your personality? It would be fantastic if you could visualize the designs and variants you wish to employ in your area. Vintage furniture, modern furniture, and multi-purpose furniture are all options depending on your needs and requirements.

Our furniture store app development team is committed to creating a database that includes all of the colors and patterns linked with the leading home furniture solution providers.

Choose Your Furniture furniture store software

Let’s add the pieces to the users’ place once the style has been decided. To appreciate the changing weather, there must be a lovely table by the window with a comfortable chair and a bookshelf.

Allow your user to select the best furnishings for their needs as well as an interior design concept that will help them express their uniqueness. IKEA, for example, has been assisting users in selecting the best solution for their projects.

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These minor details make a significant difference in the ideal home’s atmosphere.

Draft Your Ideas in online furniture app

When you hire us to create an app like Pepperfry, we take the greatest aspects of the app and include them in your product. This is one of the best apps for furniture shopping with some exemplary features that impress the audience a lot. 

A draft book is a great feature to include in your app since it makes it simple for your customers to come up with unique ideas for their space. Allow people to contribute their ideas and save them for future use. As a result, once they’ve completed their studies, they’ll be able to determine what works best for them.

Assistance to the Users about online furniture app

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your solution suppliers aided you in staying ahead of the competition? Allow your users to connect with skilled interior decorators and professionals for advice or help. You don’t have to hire them full-time; instead, let them serve as a personal assistant who will virtually extend their service to users in the event of a problem.


Allow people to share their transformations with others. People can share short videos, photographs, and other content from their homes once they’ve been there for a while. The audience can also discuss how they worked on different parts and how significant they are. They can also get inspiration by reading and watching other people’s journeys.

We make certain that the things you receive are simple to use.


If the user requires additional input, he or she can participate in discussions in the application’s numerous groups. Our team of home furnishing app developers focuses on creating interesting and intuitive solutions.

This is the greatest spot for your user to go if they’re looking for other approvals or suggestions.

They can even get ideas for their nooks and crannies that require a makeover from here.

Integration of Social Media 

The integration of social networking apps makes it extremely simple to share the layout you’re considering with your friends and family. As a recommendation, they can add or delete things from the arrangement. They can also discuss varied thoughts on numerous social media platforms, but they do not use them to harm others.

Camera within the app in online furniture app

It’s simple for users to take genuine home corners for renovating and designing with an in-app camera. We assure you that just modeling the location is not a difficult task for your consumers.

They can be certain of the size and appearance of the elements they wish to add to the area by using real images and scaled dimensions.

Chat with AI in online furniture app

If consumers encounter any problems while using the applications, they must receive immediate support. Our furniture design app development team accomplishes this by incorporating a Smart chatbot into the app.

The chatbot can answer the majority of questions your users may have about how the app works and how to utilize it.

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Aesthetics that Dazzle Furniture store software

When working on applications, the application’s aesthetics are quite important. We believe that the solutions you present to the market are appealing and simple to use. 

If the navigation is difficult, the user may exit the application in the middle of it.

It’s critical that creating and saving projects via application is simple and enjoyable.

Payment Integration in the apps to sell furniture

It’s pretty inconvenient to switch between apps. Our digital wallet app development team ensures that the solutions given to you can easily hold clients with in-app payment integration.

Payments can be made with credit cards or other methods.

These are a few of the most common features that our mobile app developers incorporate into your apps. We have a team of professionals who have given similar solutions in the market, but each one is different.

We use innovative technologies to ensure that the solutions we give to you are out-of-the-box.


Advanced Technology Used in Your House Furniture App Development  

The company you choose as your tech partner for your house furniture app makes it a point to ensure that the product they’re developing is simple to use and stands out from the crowd. They would provide solutions that will stand the test of time, and thus use the most up-to-date technology with your app.

Artificial Intelligence for Furniture Mobile App Development

The two technologies that are running the app development industry with full force are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. They’ve helped a variety of reach a larger audience. The online furniture shopping mobile app development our team works on leveraging the advantages of advanced technologies to ensure that the product remains relevant as technology advances. 

AR/VR for furniture shopping mobile app development

Augmented and virtual reality have been around primarily in the entertainment and gaming industries. The home furnishings sector is relatively new to technology and would benefit from the best implementation.

People can visualize what their ideal project would look like before committing to it. Everything may be planned and defined, from a nail on the wall to the furniture in the room.

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Big Data 

Enabling big data analysis techniques to examine what is popular and what is not is a sensible decision, as we discussed the colors, furnishings, and other aspects that would be required. One can easily envision how things would run and what they would want for the property depending on the locale and the weather.

Cloud Computing 

Integration of a dependable cloud computing solution with your application makes it very easy for users to maintain their position in the market. We’ve been working on cloud-related solutions to assist you to stay ahead of the competition.

These are some of the most significant technologies to incorporate into your solutions. When you choose us as your technology partner, we will assist you in exploring the benefits of technology and narrowing down the technologies that will make your application stable, adaptable, scalable, and, most importantly, extremely profitable.

Top Inspirations for Furniture Shopping App Development

Overstock – furniture selling app


Overview: Overstock is an eCommerce site that provides a huge selection of furniture, accessories, and home goods. It is renowned for its clearance and discounts on merchandise.

Features: Customers may get discounts and bargains on a variety of home décor items using Overstock’s app. The software includes a shopping cart, a product catalog, and a safe checkout procedure.

Key Attributes: Overstock is a top choice for those seeking for inexpensive furniture and home décor because of its reputation for having reasonable products.

Houzz – furniture selling app


Overview – Houzz is a website devoted to home design and decoration. It provides a wide range of items and acts as a source of ideas for design and home renovation projects.

Features: The Houzz app enables users to browse a wide selection of furniture and home décor products. Users may visit a marketplace to buy the items depicted in design photographs and build idea books to collect inspiration.

Key Strengths: Houzz offers a large network of homeowners, design lovers, and professionals and is renowned for its design inspiration. It’s a useful tool for people who want to remodel or refurbish their houses.

West Elm – furniture selling app

West Elm

Overview – West Elm is a store of contemporary furniture and home goods. It is a division of Williams-Sonoma, a retailer renowned for its chic and modern goods.

Features: Users may browse and buy contemporary furniture and home décor goods with the West Elm app, which offers a user-friendly shopping experience. It provides a range of distinctive and fashionable goods.

Key Attributes: West Elm is renowned for its modern designs and emphasis on chic and high-end home furnishings. It is a favourite among those looking for contemporary décor pieces.

CB2 – furniture selling app

CB2 - Home Decor eCommerce app

Overview: Crate & Barrel’s CB2 brand is well-known for its reasonably priced modern home furniture and décor.

Features: The CB2 app provides a large range of modern and reasonably priced furniture and home design items. It offers people a simple shopping experience that enables them to explore and buy goods for their homes.

Key Strengths: The products CB2 offers are contemporary and reasonably priced, which is a plus. It’s a fantastic option for anyone seeking for stylish and reasonably priced décor products.


There’s always a lot going on when the furniture mobile app development team works on your solution. The hybrid app development team associated with us affirms that the solutions that you get help you build credibility in the market and be in a win-win situation. 

Wrapping It All Up!

The mobile app development team at Octal helps you build a solution that is in line with your vision and business objective. We make sure what you take to the market is not just an application but a business that attracts users. Our team follows an Agile development methodology where you too are a part of the development cycle and can share your inputs directly. 

So, if you are sure about your furniture mobile app development and want to be at the top of your game, simply connect with the experts and enter the market with a high profit-generating solution.


Is selling furniture online profitable?

Selling furniture online is one of the most profitable e-commerce businesses in the recent times. Most stores are going digital to reach wider audience and to generate more revenues.

Why should I create an app for my home décor & furniture store?

Creating an app for your home decor and furniture store will help you reach a wider audience, showcase your products easily, generate more sales, and gain popularity beyond your physical boundaries.

How can I create a furniture shopping app like Ikea Place or Wayfair?

To create a furniture shopping app like Ikea Place or Wayfair, hire a team of developers. Outsource your project to a reliable ecommerce app development company that can help you build an online store from scratch.

Which tech stack is required for developing an online furniture store app?

The tech stack used for your online furniture tore app development is: 
Front-end:HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Back-end:Node.js, Python, or Ruby
Cloud storage: Amazon AWS
Database integration: HBase, Hive, MongoDB, Postgres, etc.
Database management: Datastax 
Payment gateways: Stripe, Braintree, Paypal

How much does it cost to develop a furniture store app?

The cost to develop a furniture store app depends on the location of the development team and the app features. For a basic app developed in south east asia the cost would be around $20k to $35k and for an advanced app the cost may be as high as $80k.

Furniture Store Development
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