In this blog, we discuss elderly care app development, including its business models, market stats, features, and cost of senior care app development.

“We can all make a difference in the lives of others in need because it is the most simple of gestures that make the most significant of differences.” – Miya Yamanouchi

Who doesn’t love their grandparents? 

Well, all of us do dearly. But in our busy day-to-day lives, we become so engaged managing our work-life balance that sometimes we cannot take proper care of them. In the past couple of years after the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, the mobile application development industry has turned out to be an amazing place to find solutions to your problems. 

To help your audience who bear the guilt of being ignorant of their elderly parents and grandparents every day, simply come up with an elderly care mobile application!

An elderly care mobile application is simply a platform between the elderly people around you and the people who would love to take care of these people for some favors. In recent years, the application has seen great response and is quite appreciated by the working professionals around the world. 

If you want to enter the market with such a solution, here’s a quick guide to elderly care app development. 

5 Things You Need to Know Before Developing an On-Demand Home Care App

Over the years, there have been some amazing development in various day-to-day amenities. Like Uber changed the way the taxi businesses run around the world, Airbnb has offered some amazing holiday accommodations, Upwork and Fiverr have helped freelancers and service seekers around the world come under one roof, Make My Trip is making booking travel services easier, and there are a lot more applications that have been transforming the world functions. 

If you are looking forward to entering the market with a senior caring application, then be sure to be the pioneer here in all the ways. 

Our on-demand mobile app developers affirm that you enter the market with a solution that is technologically advanced and serves society.

A few things that you need to know about these services before the development begins are: 

  • Types of Elderly Care Service Applications 
  • Business Model of the Application
  • Factors That Offer Competitive Advantage 
  • Managing Finances 
  • Feature Set to Be Included 

These are some of the basic elements that you have to take care of when working on the apps for elderly care. 

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Different Types of Elderly Care Service Applications You Can Consider 

Not all elderly people need assistance 24*7. These days with so much attention to health and wellness, most people are active and working even after their retirements. But age is not always about just numbers, there are some problems that come with the age. An emergency medical assistance in case of urgency and sometimes for just little things. If you aren’t sure how to start an elderly care business, then all you need is to pick one from the list. 

  • Daily Essential Care Application: These are the services where one can avail of basic facilities like grocery delivery, transportation, domestic help, etc.  
  • Medical Care and Coordination Applications: These applications include services like medical care, medicine delivery, scheduling medical checkups, nursing, etc.   
  • Social Well-Being Applications: These are the applications that talk about companionship, social activities, gatherings, etc. 
  • Transition Support Applications: These are the ones that talk about insurance, legal, financial assistance, funeral planning, etc. 

These applications are quite popular these days. Most of the services that we have listed here are offered by local caregiving agencies like yours. If you are looking forward to elderly care app development, then you can either choose one of these types or provide a solution that offers all the services under one roof. 

Depending on your business needs, you can connect with our healthcare mobile app development team who can help you integrate some basic features for your elderly care mobile app. 

Once you are sure what kind of mobile application you are planning to build, the next is the business model. The business model of your application must give great returns on your investment.  

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Business Model of Your Elderly Care App Development 

The aim of an on-demand care application is to connect patients (or their relatives) with registered caregivers and nurses. Of course, there are several ways that such a platform can monetize its services.

Commission-Based Business Model 

This is the most convenient and popular way in this business to make money. Take a percentage in the payments of the services availed or fix an amount. 

You can also, have a share in the caregivers’ earnings.

This model is similar to the business model of apps like Urban Company.  

Subscription-Based Business Model 

Here instead of paying the application each time the services are availed, one can charge the users on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to use the functions and features of your application.

Dedicated Business Model 

Here you can build an application specifically for a senior living community or organization and sign a contract with them. You can take care of all the needs of the place there and be sure of how to get things resolved. 

Mixed Business Model  

Here you can enter the market with a business model that works fine. This is basically a hybrid model where you can blend any of the two elderly care app business models to make some profits. 

You can choose to work on any business model that you want, our on-demand mobile app development team would help you be in a win-win situation with an amazing solution. 

elderly care app development

Factors That Offer Competitive Advantage to Your Senior Care App 

If you consider it seriously, the on-demand caregivers application doesn’t have a very wide scope to explore. On the other hand, this could be a strong niche to build a strong competition. To make sure that your application is one of its kind and outshines others in the existing market, you need to offer services better to not just the service seekers but your team too. 

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie

Some of the factors that can help you stay way ahead of your competition are: 

The Payscale You Offer 

It is noted that many companies that offer senior living care offer really less salaries to their employees. This reflects in the quality of the services that they further offer to the clients. You have to make sure that your employees are paid well for their efforts as this would make it really easy for them to put more effort into their job. 

Advanced Technology

When you reach us for a senior care app we make sure that the solution that is dropped to you is helpful and technologically ahead of time. There are a lot of features and functions that you can add to your application like: 

1. Medicine Delivery 

In the last two years, medicine delivery services have seen a great surge in their utility. Even the local medical stores now can offer medicines to their customers as and when required. 

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This has made it easier for the senior community to stay home in the comforts of their bedrooms and get their medicines delivered with just a tap. 

2. Doctor on Demand 

The community we are addressing here is quite vulnerable and may be infected with some diseases that are a clear reflection of age. In case they want to seek medical assistance urgently, they can simply use the doctor-on-demand application that would connect them to the available doctor who could help. 

3. Remote Doctor Appointment 

One of the most infectious places to be at is the registration counter of the hospital With so many patients with different diseases, the place becomes a zone of health infection. 

Let your users skip those long queues and waits at the hospital lobby and get remote doctor appointments to make things easier. Simply log in to the application, choose your doctor, and book an appointment. 

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4. Fitness Tracking Application

Some senior citizens are health conscious and would love to stay fit. For them, there are various applications that would track their fitness. Here they can record their calories burnt, weight management, cholesterol level, etc. 

This makes it really easy for the senior community to keep themselves healthy and fit.  

These applications make it a point that you stand out from the crowd and help you be in a win-win situation. Our experts have worked on similar solutions and make sure that the solutions that are dropped to you are interesting and engaging. 

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Price of the Services 

Another important factor that would offer you a competitive edge is the cost of services that you offer. If the solutions that you are offering are at a reasonable price then you can surely be a few steps ahead in the market. 

With a little investment and automation, you can build a solution that would give great returns on investments. 

Training the Professionals  

The solution that you are looking forward to offering your clients is very sensitive and the professionals need to be trained in the right way. It is not just the medical assistance, but they need to be sure that the service they are providing expresses empathy too.

These are some of the elements that would help you build a work environment that is empathetic and loving as it needs to be. Elderly care app development team understands here it is not only the technology that would be needed but a lot more things would define a friendly and interactive application. 

elderly care app development

Feature Set of the Elderly Care App Development

The feature set of the application must be well-defined and developed to affirm that the solutions that you take to the market can hold your audience. The basic features for all mobile applications remain the same, we will here talk about the applications that would give your solution a distinctive look. 

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Easy Onboarding

As your user installs the application, the first thing is the onboarding process. If it takes time to fill in the details and information, the user may leave the application midway. 

An easy onboarding mobile app process helps you reflect your audience that they are valued and can avail of the services easily. 

List of the Services

As we have already talked about the list of the activities, it would be significant to have a list of services that the elderly can take with an estimated cost. Not just this, the caregivers can also choose the services they can provide. 

Thus, the elderly can see the expertise level of the caregivers when seeking any assistance.

Ratings and Reviews

Another important point to consider here is the ratings and reviews of the caregivers to make sure that the services offered are perfect. In case, they face any troubles with any of the service providers they can report it to the admin. 

Also, with negative reviews, the caregiver can be re-evaluated and trained for their skill set to be at the top of their game. 

In-app Message

We understand sometimes sharing your details is a little complex. Thus, with a choice of in-app messages, you can easily connect with the caregivers without sharing your contact details. 

Also, you would not have to talk to them over call, once you are confident of them, simply share your details. 

AI-based Chatbots

Sometimes there are just basic queries that one may have. In that case, we integrate smart AI-based chatbots with the application to respond. Smart chatbots can modify the responses to the queries and affirm that the user always feels being heard. 

See Schedules

One can easily plan their day and schedules with the calendar that is in-built into the application. The caregiver or the elderly can easily schedule their solution and move forward with better solutions. 

This would help both parties plan the rest of their days easily.  


The service seeker can easily place a request to what they want to get done and move forward with a caregiver being assigned to them. They can even request a caregiver at a specific time. 

We understand managing the details is a tough task, but with advanced technology, the information is automated and can easily be reviewed when wanted.  

Care Plans

Another important point to consider here is the care plans. Make sure that your application lists all the care plans in one place. This would make it really easy for the care seekers to choose what they want at once.

General Reminders

One can set basic reminders that would make it easier for them to go for regular tests or medicines. Also, if there is a report that needs to be checked or some medical preferences these can be recorded with the application. 

GPS Integration

We make sure to integrate an advanced GPS integration solution that would make things easier for us. We affirm that the solutions that are delivered to you have effective GPS integration to locate the service seeker’s location and distance.   

Push Notifications

With a notification on their phone, the service provider and the seeker would be updated about their upcoming schedules, earnings, spending, or what’s new with the application. 

This would increase the probability to interact with the application. 

In-app Payment

With the in-app payment method, it becomes easier for both the parties to make transactions and record their earnings and expenditures. Also, they can avail various discounts, rewards, and bonuses in their wallet. 

Our digital wallet app development team integrates other payment gateways to make sure the solutions that are deployed are easy to use and offer a one-stop solution. 

These are some of the significant elderly care app development features that we integrate with your application to make sure that you stand ahead in the market. 

The next thing that we need to talk about here is the various ways finances are involved. 

Finances Involved in the Working of the Elderly Care App Development

It is significant that the solutions that are being deployed to you stand by the benefits that the govt in your area offer. There are some medical insurances that are applicable for the long-term while others are available only for some time. 

These benefits can be availed by the patients when they take the services. It is important that you too are registered with the govt. so that the app users can make the best use of their medical insurance. 

Long-term or private insurance where the insurance provider pays for the service. It covers the accommodation and nursing of the elderly. Most people buy these insurances in their younger days to secure their future. 

This is one certificate that you need to avail yourself of before you start your elderly care mobile application. 

Talking about the finances, another important aspect to talk about here is the cost of the elderly care app development

Elderly Care App Development

Cost of Elderly Care App Development

The cost to make an app for elderly care depends on various factors. These are basic elements that make the application a success. 


You can enter the market with an application that has basic features and functionalities that would cost you less. But if you want to stand ahead of the competition in the market simply integrate advanced solutions with your application. 

These applications would make your project ahead of time, flexible, and scalable. 


The technology used for the elderly care mobile app development defines the cost of development. The technology stack that our team implements with your application is: 

  • Server Technology: NGINX or Apache
  • Frameworks Technology: Laravel
  • Database Technology: MySQL or MongoDB
  • Cloud Hosting Technology: AWS
  • Cross-Platform Technology: React Native or Flutter
  • iOS Technology:  Swift
  • Android Technology: Java

Along with this, we do integrate some advanced technology solutions with your application that would keep you ahead. 

Daily Challenges and Goals 

Depending on the frequently availed services and medical records of the senior citizens the application shares some daily goals and challenges. These are to keep the user occupied and healthy. Plus, they can exercise and remember a few important things on their own. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two technologies that have changed the way the healthcare industry and the mobile app development industry function. With predictive analytics, NLP, image search, and CSV, we make sure that the medical assistance and the care the user gets is flawless. 

Wearable App Integration 

Another important point that we take into consideration is wearable app development. We make sure that the solutions that are delivered can work with wearable devices. This would help the elderly to be updated with their schedules and the health condition in real life. 

These are some of the dominant technologies that define how your senior healthcare application would work. Along with this, you need to take care of a few more elements to define the cost of mobile app development


The number of people in the team defines the cost of development. An ideal team would have: 

  • Front End Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • DevOps
  • Business Analyst
  • Compliance Expert
  • UI/UX Expert
  • Project Manager
  • Quality Assurance

The Region of the Development Team

The region of the development team would be a major factor that would determine the cost of development of your senior care application. 

  • USA: $120 to $150 per hour 
  • UK : $90 to $110 per hour 
  • Australia: $75-$95 per hour 
  • Europe: $60-$75 per hour 
  • South East Asia: $30-$50 per hour 

These are the basic cost of the elderly care app development in various regions around the world. You can select the one that suits you the best and move ahead with your app idea. 

The basic cost of developing a senior caregiver application would be around $10k to $25k and if we move towards the advanced solution, the cost of development would increase to $35k to $55k. 

The Final Words!

Developing a senior care application is a complicated task and would need you to be involved with your development team to avoid any kind of confusion. The dedicated mobile app development team at Octal IT Solution follows agile methodology with regular sprint meetings to make sure you are always part of the development process. 

We understand partnering for your business is a risk and ensure that the risk you take with us is worth it. 

So, if you are looking for an enthusiastic elderly care app development team that can help you ace the industry, then you can surely rely on experts. Catch up with the team, discuss your app idea, and see it turn into a working reality.

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