How many times do you install an application and uninstall it because of the difficulties in operating it? Well, in most cases the response is almost three in ten times. According to a study, around 25% of users uninstall a new application after the first use because of the struggles they face during Mobile App Onboarding. A bad customer experience not only takes your client away but brings negative reviews too. If the application you are taking to the market has a complicated interface, you are surely going to face pure loss.

The mobile application development service providers make sure to bring to the stage a solution that is aesthetically impressive and easy to use. Not sure if your team can help you through? Well, no worries!

Here’s a quick guide to getting things done in the right way.

Is Mobile App Onboarding Such an Issue?

Mobile app onboarding is a major challenge when talking about taking your new business to the internet. Taking care of the onboarding process would reflect better engagement and great profits.

We affirm the solutions that are brought to you are well-defined and can make things easier for us.

1. Positive User Experience

For sure, you aren’t investing your fortune to just be another icon on your users’ smartphones. In most cases, if an application is complex, users avoid using it and it just stays there for months. Uninstalling is way better than abandoning!

Mobile App Onboarding


To affirm you generate profits from your application, a check on the onboarding process is a must. It simply is the first impression is the last impression. If your user finds it difficult to interact with the application for the first time, they surely aren’t using it again. The first interaction with the application plays a significant role in deciding whether the user will return to your application or not. To be sure that your users visit your application, again and again, you need to give them an amazing app onboarding experience. A quick video that guides your users on how to use the app and how to make the best of the features it offers would help to navigate the app easily without being lost. Once users have a brief idea of how to use the app efficiently, they aren’t leaving you midway anyhow.

Not just this, around 68% of the customers willfully pay a little extra for the services their favorite reliable mobile application offers.

Just get the onboarding process right, and then you will notice the wonders it can bring with itself.

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2. Proper utilization of features

Not everyone is a techie like the developers and may need a little time to comprehend the functionalities and features of the application. Sometimes, your user may take a little while to get familiar with certain things in your mobile application. Once they explore these functionalities and find them easier to use, surely you are getting great conversions. We make sure that the users engage with your application with easy navigation and comprehensive functionality.

Our customized mobile app development company aims to deliver solutions that are to the point and reflect your business objective on the screen easily.

3. Increases App Retention

Mobile App Onboarding

For app retention, it becomes quite complex to bring to a solution that never fails to impress your audience. With a diverse user base coming up with something simple yet aesthetic and unique is a challenge that our UI/UX development team faces really well. If your users can always seek help to understand and effectively utilize the features and functions of the application, it becomes quite easier for you to turn your visitors into loyal customers. With well-defined and detailed insights on how to use your application, your customers will stay.

Thus, a simple effort in the onboarding process would make it easier for you to hold your customers forever.

These are a few advantages that we have discussed having a smooth onboarding process. The mobile application development team that your IT consulting team would provide to work with you would stick to some basic practices to affirm that the solutions that are dropped to you can hold your audience easily.

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Best Practices for Mobile App Onboarding

Here is a simple guide that our experts follow when they are asked about the best practices for mobile app onboarding services.

1. Prioritize Your Value Proposition

What looks well sells well. If you show the right cards at the right time, then you are surely in the winner’s place. Your user would be interested in your feature set only if your application solves their problem. For this, you need to elaborate on the problem you are addressing and the solution that you are offering to the clients.

This will not only be a clear picture of what your audience should expect but will reflect in your credibility and effectiveness.

2. Do Not Ask Details

For a decent and smooth onboarding process, make sure that you do not ask for a lot of details from the user. For an easy onboarding process simply ask the details that are required and let your user at least get in the app. Let them fill in all the additional details once things are done. You may have built a solution that is strong and interesting but to make sure your audience knows this onboarding is important.

It is found that a lot of people often abandon the application if they have a lot of information to fill in. The easier the onboarding process, the better the engagement.

3. Concise and Simple Signup Process

Easier to sign up, and better to engage. If you reach our team from Android app development or iPhone app development or cross-platform app development, we make sure the signup process remains really easy and quick.

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No one would like to wait for long to sign up for the application they think can resolve their purpose. We let the users have a choice to log in with their social media accounts, where they would need not fill in any details again.

4. Requests for Permission

Would you like to use an application without knowing what functionalities of your phone do they use? Obviously No!

When you log in to any application the first thing that you want to know is what other features of your smartphone would your app use. We make sure that your application asks and seeks permission for the bare minimum functionalities during the signup process so that you know what to do. We understand working on applications that need to invade your privacy is a little risky, but our dedicated team of developers affirms the solutions are safe and take care of your privacy.


5. Preview the App before Installing

Isn’t it great to know already what you would get before you install the app? Content preview is a barrier when it comes to application download. If you aren’t sure whether the application you are going to download is going to be of any help or not, then you may skip the download process. We make sure that the solutions that are deployed have a few preview screens that your user would love to see.

6. Visual Hints for Guidance

We add some visual cues about the application to affirm that you can use the application easily. We have been working in the direction of providing interesting solutions that are easy to comprehend and if your users have any troubles with the functioning, one can use the video guide to take the journey forward.

Visual cues are not only fun to use but are time-saving too. Watching a video over reading the instruction manual – the choice is yours!

7. Reflect Customization

Why not let your users be aware of the customizations and personalizations before they start using the app? The trick is to make them feel the application is designed specifically for them. Let your users connect with the application even before they start using the application. Consider apps like Spotify or Wynk that let the user choose their preferred language, genre, artists, and whatnot. It feels like each time the user starts with the application, they can always have the best thing they want.

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8. Use Positive Reviews as Your Advantage

Use reviews and ratings as a tool to keep users engaged with your application. Simple and true reviews leave a strong impression of your business application in the minds of your customers. Also simple screens like “Thank You, ” “Payment Received,” etc. play a significant role in determining how things function for you. Animated pop-ups and GIFs can make things easy and rewarding for your application.

9. Define Your Action Plan

It is vital to define the features and functionalities that we integrate into the application. Consequently, it is expected that you would demonstrate the functions and features and further explain the advantages that one can enjoy using the particular feature. Most tech giants come up with basic advisory and detailed information on the product. Also, they reflect on the advantages of their products over others in the market.



With a competitive edge, they affirm that their onboarding process speaks well about them and helps them earn great profits.

10. Test Your System Before You Go Live

Your product is a blend of the elements designed and developed for specific purposes. Test these elements before you make your application to the market. When you are sure that your application is flawless, it will be deemed extraordinary. One thing that makes an app great and appealing is how all the aspects reflect together once merged. To affirm that the transitions from one screen to another are smooth and seamless, you need to test and check your business application’s flow across various devices.

11. Use a Well-balanced Mix of Channels

Use various testing techniques and channels to add to the efficiency of your onboarding process. You can revisit your users reminding them of various things like emails, notifications, push messages, in-app messages, and social media alerts.

This makes it easier for the user to stay connected with the application and sign up easily!

12. Monitor Your Application in a Go

Monitoring app usage and analytics is a fantastic approach to figuring out where consumers are having issues with the onboarding process and app. This would help you make modifications as and when required and deliver solutions that your customers would love. If you are looking forward to making profits and standing out from the competition, you must work constantly on the onboarding process. Make sure that none of the complaints or reviews are overlooked and help you enter the market with a solution that sells the best.

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13. Include a Call to Action

Wouldn’t it be great if you could encourage your audience to move forward with something interesting? An attractive CTA that pushes your user to explore the application at the moment is a great idea.

With a twisted one-liner, welcome your users to explore the application and make the best of it.

14. Let’s Skip to the Good Part

Affirm that nothing seems forced on your application. Other than the basic details let your users skip the additional information if they are occupied at the moment. They may not need the video cues, or the guide to proceed. So, a simple SKIP button is a must-have when you are working on your mobile app onboarding screens.

These are a few must-not-forgotten things for your onboarding process. We understand that you have a great business idea that is surely going to make profits, but if the onboarding process isn’t done right you are surely going to lose plenty of users.

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Wrapping the Story Up!

All in all the conclusion of the story is if your first screen falls to the face no matter how great the app is, it will fail. You need to make sure that the Mobile App Onboarding Process is hassle-free and smooth. With ceaseless traffic, it should be able to cope with data management and give each individual a never-before experience.

Hire an expert mobile application development company that would understand your industry and target market and then build a space where your customers can connect with you.

If you aren’t sure where you are taking this, all you need to be aware of is that in marketing, “All that glitters IS Gold!”

Mobile App Onboarding
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