Here, we discuss AR-based interior designing app development, its business models, features, and the cost of home interior design app development.

Everybody can close their eyes and picture a dream house or a perfect place [where] they’d like to live or have a picnic. But actually creating it – how do you create something from nothing? Anyone who’s creative understands that that’s the magic, that’s the alchemy. 

– Author: Billy Corgan

A house that feels like home is one dream that we all work for. Who wouldn’t love to be in a place that is ladened with colors and feels peace? To build these dreams, there are professional interior designers who would understand your needs and help you build the place you admire. 

With busy schedules, it becomes really difficult for people these days to coordinate and connect with the interior decorators in person. This problem can easily be dealt with through virtual interior designing app development

Are you an interior decoration service provider or want to enter the market with a start-up mobile application that can look after the needs of the people who want to style their homes? Then hiring a mobile app development company to help you build a mobile application that can take care of your business needs is an amazing idea. 

virtual interior designing app development

With the love for personalized things and a strong presence in the market, you can surely make the best of home interior designing app development

If you want to build the solutions that can help you earn great profits and mark a presence in the market then there are a few things that you need to consider. 

  • Need of the Application
  • Business Model 
  • Technology Partner 
  • Feature Set 
  • Cost of Development 

Without wasting a lot of time, let’s talk about the details that mobile app developers take care of when working on AR interior designing app development. The interior design mobile application is an amazing startup idea driven by technology. Our experts would love to be your technology partner in your startup journey. 

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Modern Technology with Traditional Methodology to Build a House of Your Dreams

Interior home decoration and real estate business have for long been away from technology and mostly driven by people who would work on the site. With real estate app development companies in the market, home decor and other services related to the industry too have started to leverage the power of technology. 

Why Home Decor Augmented Reality Apps Are the Need of the Hour?

Each mobile application that is in the play store is made to resolve some problems and provide a little ease to the audience. The home decor augmented reality application that you want to take to the market comes with amazing benefits. 

Immersive Designs

With immersive designs integrated with your application, the user can see the real-time image of the furniture and the elements they are trying on the screen. They can check the color, the furniture, the size, and other details before finalizing the real products.

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Personalized Choices 

AR-based Interior designing app development leads to solutions where the user can make personalized choices. When hiring professionals, the problem is they may lack your favorite furniture piece or they may ask you to adjust at a few places. With the virtual interior design app, you can choose what you want and how you want to style your solution. 

Try Before Finalizing 

Before the user can finalize the product, it is important that they try the product. The home decor solution would help them have the complete look of the product and how it would look with their other kinds of stuff. 

If their face lights up with the product they were definitely looking for that. 

Save Time and Energy 

Meeting real people, connecting with them, and working on trying and managing things that are to be dropped to them is a real struggle. When you build app for home design, you are saving a lot of time and energy for the user. All they need to do is install the application and work on it with ease instead of being dependent on a professional. 

Cost-Effective Solution 

These applications are quite cost-effective as one need not buy anything without trying. If you have a basic aesthetic sense and are sure what you want your place to look like, then you need not connect with the professionals. 

The home decor mobile application makes it really fun for the users to build their dream house at their own pace. Building your dream one step at a time feels accomplishment, and let your home decor app be a part of the accomplishment of your users. 

When you decide to take your home decor augmented reality application to the market, another important aspect to consider is, how would you be making money from it. 

interior design application

Making Money from Your Home Interior Designing App Development

When talking about the solutions that you are taking to the market, you have to be sure that it is impressive and can help you stand the test of time. Not just this, it is important that your solutions are well defined and help you earn great returns on your investment. 

Makes sense, doesn’t it? 

Well, our hybrid mobile app development team shares here the solutions that can make things easier for you. 

Free App with Sponsored Ads Model  

You can let the application be available to your audience for free and earn from the advertisements that you run on the application. Let people who target similar audience groups collaborate and showcase their application on yours. Make money per click, per visit, or monthly basis.

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Premium Model 

Enter the market with a premium version of the application that would make things easier for you. You can enter the market with a model where the users would have to pay for using the application features. 

Freemium Model 

Here you can offer some features of the virtual interior design app for free and some paid. We make it a point that the solution that is delivered to you has the features being defined and designed ideally to meet your business needs. 

We make sure your virtual interior design app helps you be the best in the market. 

These are some of the dominant money-making ways that would make it easier for you to earn the highest revenue and be at the top of your business. 

Now that we have talked about everything, the next in line is the feature set. Let’s talk about some amazing features that would make it easier for you to be ahead of your competition. 

Features Your Home Decor Augmented Reality Application Must Have

As we have talked about the benefits of a virtual interior design application, we make it a point that these solutions impress your users the best. To design a home interior design app development, you would need some features that could engage and hold users to your application without any jump. 

Easy Onboarding

The ease of the onboarding process makes it easier for the users to interact with the application. As they need not spend a lot of time filling up the details, they can simply jump into the application and start using it. 

It is important that the user not for once feel a threat to their privacy. You can choose to help them log in either with their email or mobile number. 

Choose Your Paint

One thing that adds to the personality of the home is the walls. If your walls aren’t colorful and can’t speak of your personality, then is this your dream place. It would be amazing if you can see the colors and the patterns that you want to use in your room. 

Our house designing app development team affirms to build a database that would talk about all the colors and patterns associated with the best home color solution providers. 

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Select Furniture

Once the colors are decided, let’s add the elements to the users’ place. There has to be a beautiful table by the window with a comfy chair and a bookshelf to enjoy the changing weather. 

Let your user find the best furniture that fits their need and the interior idea that would help them reflect their personality. 

These small elements make a big difference in the dream house and the vibe of the place.

Idea Book

When you reach us to build app like Houzz, we take the best features from the application to integrate with your product. An idea book is an amazing idea to integrate with your virtual interior design application that would make it really easy for your users to find some quirky ideas for their place. Let the users add their ideas and save them for future reference. In this way, once they are done with the experiments, they can decide what works the best for them. 

Professional Assistant

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the solution providers associated with you help you stand ahead of the competition? Let your users connect with professional interior decorators for their suggestions or assistance. You need not hire them as full-time employees, instead, let them work as a personal assistant who would virtually extend their service to the users in case of difficulty. 


Let users add their transformation journey with others. They can share their houses’ after before videos, images, etc. They can also share how they worked on various elements and what importance it holds. They can also read and view others’ journeys to take inspiration. 

We make sure the products that are deployed to you are easy to interact with and engage with. 


In case the user needs opinions from others they can be a part of the discussions on various groups on the application. Our room decor app development team works on solutions that are engaging and intuitive. 

If your user looks for approvals or suggestions from others then this is the best place they can be. They can even take inspiration from here for their nooks and corners that need a new look. 

Social Integration

Social media app integration makes it really easy to share the layout you are thinking with your loved ones. They can add or remove objects from the layout as a suggestion. Also, they can share various ideas on various social media platforms but don’t use them against anyone. 

Interior Designing App Development

In-app Camera

With an in-app camera, it becomes quite easy for the users to take real home corners for renovating and designing. We affirm that your users do not have to struggle with simply modeling the place. 

With real pictures, and scaled dimensions they can be sure of the size and look of the elements they are planning to add to the room. 

AI Chat

In case there are some troubles that the users face when working on the virtual interior design applications, it is important that they get instant assistance. For this, our interior design software development team integrates a Smart chatbot with the application. 

The chatbot can respond to most queries that your user may have regarding the functioning and understanding of the application. 

Impressive Aesthetics

The aesthetics of the application play a major role when working on the virtual interior design applications. We affirm that the solutions that you take to the market is eye-pleasing and easy to navigate. In case the navigation is complicated, the user may abandon the application mid-way. 

It is important that creating and saving the projects via application is easy and interesting. 

In-app Payment Integration

Switching between the apps is quite irritating. With in-app payment integration, our e-wallet app development team affirms that the solutions that are delivered to you can hold the customers easily.

One can make payments either via cards or other methods. 

These are some of the most dominant features that our mobile app developers integrate with your solutions. We have a team of experts who have delivered similar solutions in the market and each of them is unique.  

To make sure that the solutions that are delivered to you are out-of-the-box, we use advanced technology. 

You need a tech partner who would make things easier and more efficient for you. 

Advanced Technology Used in Your Home Interior Design App Development

Your tech partner makes it a point that the solutions that they are working on are easy to use and stand out from the competition. We believe in delivering solutions that would stand the test of time, and thus, we implement the latest technology with your application. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been in the market for a while now, and they have transformed a lot of industries to reach an expansive customer base. The home interior design app that we work on integrates the best utilization of advanced technology to affirm that the product stays even as the technology grows. 


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been in the market for a while but basically for the entertainment and gaming sector. The home decor industry is really new to the tech world and would see the best implementation of the technology. 

People can see what their dream project would look like before they finalize things. From a nail on the wall to the furniture in the place, everything can be designed and defined. 

Big Data

As we talked about the colors and the furniture and other elements that would be required, enabling big data analytic techniques to analyze what is popular and what is not is a smart move. Depending on the area and the weather of the place, one can easily see how things would function and what they would want for the place. 

Cloud Computing

A reliable cloud computing solution integration with your application makes it easy for the users to hold their ground in the market. We have been working on solutions that can talk about the cloud and help you stay ahead in the market.

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These are some of the dominant technologies that you need to integrate with your solutions. As you reach to us as your tech partner we help you explore the technology advantages and help you narrow down the technologies that would make your home interior design application reliable, flexible, scalable, and above all, highly profit-generating. 

augmented reality interior design app

Cost of Home Decor App Development

Now that we have talked about the features and the business model of the virtual interior design application, let’s now talk about how much would you need to invest. When talking about home interior design app development, the cost to make an app for interior design is defined by various elements. 

The most dominating elements that define the virtual interior design app development cost here are:

  • Features
  • Technology
  • Timeline
  • Region

The cost of hiring developers from various corners of the world could be 

  • US: $135-$150 per hour 
  • UK: $125-$140 per hour
  • Europe: $110-$124 per hour
  • Africa: $80-$110 per hour
  • Asia: $50-&30 per hour

The cost of developing a basic model of virtual interior design app that is accessible over various devices with basic features can cost around $25k USD to $50k USD. For an advanced version, you may have to pay $45k USD to & 80k USD. 

We affirm that at Octal, you would get the best in market price that would help you be in the leading zone.

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Wrapping Up the Story

When you reach us to hire a Custom Application Development team, we make sure to connect you with the best in the market team. Our Kotlin mobile app developers connect with you to understand your business objective and deliver solutions that are in line with what you are looking for. 

We have been building solutions that are taking the global stage by storm and delivering solutions easily. 

AR-based interior designing app development

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does AR interior designing app development cost?

The cost of developing a basic model of virtual interior design app that is accessible over various devices with basic features can cost around $25k USD to $50k USD. For an advanced version, you may have to pay $45k USD to & 80k USD.

How much time will it take to develop an AR interior design app?

Developing an interior design app can cost around 3 to 4 months for a basic app with no advanced features and 5 to 7 months for a feature-rich advanced application.

What are the advanced features of an interior design mobile app?

Along with the common app features, an interior design mobile app must have some advanced features like: 
– AR/VR integration for 3D view 
– AI Chatbots 
– Predictive Analytics for Recommendations 
– Big Data Analytics to Study Customer Behavior

How do I develop an AR interior design app?

The process of developing an interior design app that drives sales and earns profits. 
– Understand Your Business Requirements
– Go for Expert Consultation
– Choose Competitive Features 
– Pick the Right Tech Stack
– Develop, Test, and Deploy Your App

What is the revenue model of a virtual interior design app?

The most common revenue models for an interior app are: 
1. Free App with Sponsored Ads Model
Earn from the advertisements that run on the application. 
2. Premium Model
users would have to pay to use the application features. 
3. Freemium Model
Some features of the application are available for free, and some are paid.

Why is AR beneficial for your interior design app?

AR allows users to see your idea without putting time, effort, and money into it. This helps you save time and effort, and users can choose from options they like.

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