Developing applications and websites have become essential for most businesses today and this is the reason they all require to have developers on-board for the creations of websites, web applications, and mobile applications.

Now hiring a dedicated developer is quite easy, as out there one can easily find a number of firms providing services to hire dedicated developers. But is it really that easy as it seems?

Well, when you hire a developer, you take one major step towards the progression of your business and making a wrong choice can have drastic results. Hence, one should be really careful while they involve in the process of hiring a dedicated developer and keep a few things in mind. Just know that it is a big decision and hence various aspects should be considered, like:

Seek Talent: Certain companies look for longevity during the hiring process of developers, however, what truly matters is not longevity, but talent. Hence your hiring of dedicated developers should be based on quality. It’s going to be much more effective to have a few but quality candidates with transferable skills you require.

As you shortlist the candidates, apart from the talent and experience, but focus on a few key skills, like while hiring dedicated developers, these key skills should be communication skills, social skill abilities, analytical skills, and ability to be visionary. See to it that the candidates know what it is they will be working toward for your project and explain it all effectively to them.

Involve team members in the interview process: So as you are in the process of hiring dedicated developers, chances are that you’re not the only one who will be working with them. Hence, it can be effective to include the team of the particular project in the interviewing process. This way, by getting the other team members on board for interviewing won’t just build their morale, but they can also offer their perspectives during the process. Like, chances are that you might not have considered something important which another team member does.

This is a crucial step to build a great and quality team and reinforce teamwork value perspective. No wonder this would help to recruit the most appropriate candidate.

Focus on Networking: Networking certainly has many benefits and is very powerful mainly with the social media adding the opportunities. So the tech firms that use their own network to initiate the search for quality developers find this the most effective step in the recruiting procedure to hire dedicated developers.

Networking platforms like LinkedIn not just helps to network, but also offers ways to look for potential talent, job postings, post blogs, etc. Hence, the networking opportunities are endless at these platforms. Also, consider the ones you know already in the personal circle of family and friends. You can think of attending local networking events or host your own.

Keep your Brand in Mind at all times: No matter you hire a developer for a short-term project or as an independent project contractor, you must consider if s/he fits your company. To gauge that, consider your brand and see how a developer can be truly helpful in building your brand. Take questions like, What your brand stands for? What is your mission, values, & goals? It is crucial that you match your potential candidate to your brand. Once you think of what exactly your brand stands for and decide how you want it to be portrayed, then you’ll be more likely to draw towards developers who are more passionate about engaging with your business.

Transparency is the key: As you hire a dedicated developer, it is crucial to be entirely transparent all through the process, be it the process to create job listing (here provide ample & accurate information), and communicate effectively with the potential candidate throughout. To be transparent in your approach as a tech firm, it is vital to be organized. It is crucial to communicate with the candidates about the work they will be responsible for and about your budget.

As you create a job listing, keep a few tested practices in mind, such as creating an accurate picture of your firm for the prospective candidates. Discuss with them company statistics, values, mission, objectives, etc. This way the candidates can see if your company aligns with their own requirements. Also, with there being a large number of potential advertisements and postings out there in the cyberspace to recruit tech developers, you certainly would want yours to stand out, isn’t it?

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So think what exactly makes your business and this position of dedicate developer stand out from the rest. Consider researching other postings & listings similar to yours. Once you research, you would know what you can say better and add to your job listing so that it stands out to a potential candidate.

In the job posting, make sure to mention the specifics like what department a candidate is being hired for, the types of technology platforms & software that they will use regularly along with other vital information, like Salary.

Outsourcing is a Savior: Every growing technology business sector is in dire need of skilled and qualified developers. Most small and midsize firms, who don’t have a budget for their own developers, tend to outsource. Today, outsourcing is a common practice that many companies are involved in and it is benefiting them greatly in many ways. However, for some as it is not possible to have their own developers owing to budget constraints, and here Outsourcing offers them this wonderful opportunity to get quality developers.

Even though many find the concept of outsourcing pretty impersonal, but it surely is a quick, and quality alternative to looking for a candidate through the other channels. Often, even when the budget allows, it is time-taking to recruit, interview, hire, & onboard a candidate, while outsourcing saves the pain as well as your time. This is the reason that when big companies are embracing this concept.

Outsourcing allows the tech firms to delegate in a manner that may serve them better for specific projects. Now, this might speed up a project, however, it is a not a long-term hiring solution, mainly when your goal is to hire dedicated developers that you will constantly grow with your business. Meanwhile, Outsourcing also allows you to find further networking opportunities to connect with new talent.

It can be challenging to hire the best-fit developers for your firm, but when you keep these few things in mind, then the process gets easy and smooth. Also, ensure to give yourself enough time for the hiring process which means keeping in mind your anticipated needs and keeping the vision focused on the larger picture. Meanwhile, above we mentioned the things to be considered while hiring dedicated developers, but do you know what qualities you must exactly look in your prospects.

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Qualities that a dedicated developer must possess

Pushing: During the development process of a web or mobile application, developers should be able to find the issue and deal with it in the right manner. The dedicated developers need to be pushing to detect an issue and solve it before it is too late and share the information with the entire team. They should be doing it without any reminders from the managers.

Demanding: In the case of the outsourced developers, they often do not update or inform the managers about the tasks accomplished by them every day. This lack of control often has a negative influence on a developer’s productivity. Hence, it is crucial to ensure the dedicated developers you hire are demanding. They should be able to constantly demand and remind the offshore developers at all times that they craft a serious product and that they’re responsible for quality. This way, having a demanding developer in your team can be fruitful in terms of having full control over the offshore developers.

Self-motivated: Usually the managers do the job of motivating their employees, and the same goes in the development team. Hence, in some case, if the manager is unable to attend, then the dedicated developers should be able to motivate themselves to accomplish tasks on time and keep working on the project even without a large staff that usually surrounds them. Hence, while hiring a specialist developer, ensure that this person is highly motivated towards his/her work and capable of managing the project efficiently, taking care of the deadlines.

Self-reliant: As a dedicated developer, this person should be always ready to face any challenges that may come in her/his way during the development process of web or mobile application and should be able to resolve issues on their own. Hence this quality to face the complex situations smartly and coming up with the right solutions on time is much-needed in the developer.

Of course, there will be other useful characteristics that you may successfully find in the dedicated developers, but these are the key qualities that must not be missing. These will ensure proper communication between the managers & dedicated developers. Hence, before you hire a dedicated developer, it is vital to thoroughly interview them so that you can zero upon the right person.

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