The mobile apps market is growing at an exponential rate. In this era of smartphones, apps are making life easier for us with their usability and advanced features. However, they need to be integrated with the latest technologies and trends for enhanced quality and user satisfaction. The lifespan of an app relies heavily on this factor. In this regard, Agile methodology has simplified the processes of mobile app development with its advanced solutions. Today agile mobile app development is considered as the single standalone project management tool for businesses due to its revolutionary flexibility and continuous improvements. A large number of app development companies are taking part and improving awareness using the Agile framework.

So let’s go ahead and be aware of Agile Methodologies, which everybody is looking for in their product.

What is Agile Development?

In a nutshell, Agile is the process of designing advanced solutions by using incremental iterations. It supports sustainable apps by integrating elements like flexibility, self-organization, and reliability. The agile model reduces the overall costs of development and enhances the value addition of the products.

In addition to that, Agile frameworks offer benefits to the manager and their team, to allow them full control of the project. It mainly focuses on quality and customer satisfaction to complete the project under the time frame.

Let the below-market stats help you more to understand the value of the Agile Model for businesses.


Market Demand of Agile Development

  • Before the Covid-19, more than 93% of the businesses had adopted the Agile Model and produced better results compared to the businesses that did not believe in the same.
  • Scrum is the top tool master under the Agile framework, used by 84% of the businesses which is more popular than others like Kanban, DevOps, etc.
  • According to the Facts and Factors market survey, the Global Agile Market is expected to reach $30B by 2026 with the latest participation of $20B in 2020 at an 18% rate annually.
  • The top companies that participate in the Agile Model are under sales, revenue, and strategies are Cognizant, Xoriant Corporation, Mindtree Ltd., Wipro, and
  • The top regions covered in the Agile Methodology are the USA, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.

Apart from the market stats, there are some challenges organizations have faced before adopting the Agile Manifesto model for their businesses. We will know about this a bit later, but first, know about the Agile development process in detail.

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The Process of Agile Development

The agile mobile app development process entails enhanced collaborations between stakeholders and app developers. It helps in designing applications with multiple functionalities. The steps involved in this process are:


Detailed Research

After conducting comprehensive research on various parameters and factors, it becomes easier to devise a proper methodology for agile mobile app development. Hence, the process of Agile development begins with an understanding of goals to be accomplished and customers to be targeted through this app. It also entails a detailed consideration of factors like business environment, challenges, and resources. This process involves the clients at every stage for promoting a collective approach to development. As a result, app integration becomes faster and more efficient.

Development of Features

There are many significant features and specifications that must be integrated into the Agile mobile app development process. These features should be enlisted after carefully analyzing the needs of end-users.

Development and Review of App

The developers can work easily on a project after understanding the client’s requirements and creating a list of features. It also facilitates the review and monitoring of the entire process throughout its development life-cycle.

Challenges of Mobile App Development without Agile Process

As a matter of fact, mobile apps have a distinctive audience and outreach when compared to websites. The interface of apps needs to be simple and fast for improved mobile experiences. But, most of the developers are intimidated by consistent issues related to the varied demands posed by the users. Advanced UX depends on faster downloads, compliance with business timelines, easy updates, bug-free operations, and prioritization of app features. All these issues can be easily mitigated by the streamlined process of Agile methodology.

How Does Agile Mobile App Development Resolve These Challenges?

The android or iPhone app development involves a series of processes. The agile approach strengthens each of them by offering comprehensive solutions for improving the relevance and functionality of the apps. It facilitates adjustments and improvements throughout the agile mobile app development process. Also, it easily fits the iteration elements that are inherently found in app development processes. Testing and adaptation of apps also becomes easier.

Some other benefits of using a methodology for mobile application development are mentioned as below:


1. Agile Brings Sustainability in App Usage

Due to the ever-evolving mobile infrastructure, the average lifespan of apps is declining consistently. Bugs, crashes and errors further deteriorate user experiences. And, it results in a depressing uninstall. But, the Agile development process assures better reliability and higher quality in the UI/UX design of the app with its constant testing procedure.

2. Agile Reduced the Risk Beforehand

Agile approach consists of many methodologies which reduce the risk of failure in future. For example; Scrum methodology uses burnout charts and sprint backlogs to better understand the plan and predictions of the project earlier.

Sprint backlogs help to break down the project into small tasks and create user stories for each of the tasks for the clear vision of the project.

Burnout charts prepare the chart in minimal time to estimate the working flow of the team. That will be helpful for the project manager to focus on the big picture of the entire project.

3. Agile Adds Responsiveness To Design

Mobile technology and operating systems are upgrading and evolving day by day. An agile approach allows easy testing and installation of apps by forming a series of test releases and sprints before its deployment. Hence, updates can be easily integrated into these apps. It facilitates faster rollout of customer feedback. Also, it ensures a smooth transition to the latest updates with greater compatibility.

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4. Agile Manifesto has more Important Metrics

Why is Agile considered a top framework for any project? When we look down on the array, previous traditional methodologies are mainly focused on cost and time constraints for the project. While Agile approach emphasizes optimizing performance and producing accurate results. It produces metrics like cycle time, lead time, and final throughput to measure the performance of the team and calculate any endpoints. And makes the data decision accordingly.

Many companies prefer agile mobile app development due to the presence of such metrics.

5. Agile Increases Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the main reasons why organizations are loved to prefer Agile methodology over any other. Generally while developing the process, constant improvements and feedback are dispatched. Agile helps to divide the project into shorter sprints that are easy to manage and upgrade within time. This helps the organizations for any dynamic changes run in between the process.

The Agile methodology does constant improvement at each phase which means every mistake is resolved, not repeated later.

6. Agile Improves the User Experiences

The limited environments of mobile apps place a lot of restrictions on their size and updates. But, Agile leads to better testing of every update in its sprints for adjusting the app design. It subsequently results in enhanced user experiences.


Why Do We Need Agile Tools for Mobile App Development?

Till now we have understood the importance of the Agile frameworks. The next important thing to consider is how to work best in the Agile environment. So you require some tools for that.

Under Agile Manifesto, there are various tools like Scrum, Kanban, etc. but as we know, Scrum is on the top for its structure. It gives constant feedback and devotion to the project. Kanban is preferred to give flexibility and better visualization of the project.

Here, we will discuss the Scrum tools for app development.

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Some of the important tools for the Scrum Agile methodology for android application methodology:

  1. Version Management: This helps analyze the 360-degree view of the work and modify it as required.
  2. Backlog Management: Helps identify the crucial issues which need to be worked upon.
  3. Sprint Planning: Used for the planning and execution of the sprints, ideal to allocate the tools.
  4. Permission Management: This decides the permission for each of the members under the project. While hiding any of the sensitive information.
  5. Workflows: How the team can improve their performance using minimal resources, workflow decides everything like that.
  6. Release Hubs: This briefs down every minute detail of the project to maintain the quality of the final project, before its launch.

Final Thoughts!

In a world driven by consistent changes in customer behaviors, Agile allows high responsiveness and efficacy. Therefore, it is no wonder that every reliable Android or iOS application development company relies on this technology for all good reasons.

Agile offers a consistent evaluation cycle. It delivers the milestones at the end of each cycle. Tangible results become evident and the app meets the development goals.

Adopting the agile model for your project is the wise decision you could take for your business. So, if you plan to follow our advice for your business then you are at the right place.

We at Octal IT Solution, help our clients with agile mobile app development for the efficacy of the overall quality of the product. Our experts can help you generate daily updates of the reports through advanced analytics and reporting tools. So let’s connect now.

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