Building a mobile application takes resources. If you want to build a great app, here is step-by-step for app development in process 2023.

“Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats.” Sue Grafton

And so one day in a random coffee shop while brainstorming with your friends a business idea strikes your mind. You guys wrap up and the idea is left behind.

In the middle of the sleepless night you thought of it again and with a little modification and some research, you decided to take this mobile app idea further.

But wait with so much to be done, how about taking help from a simple mobile app development step-by-step process guide that can ease down everything for you.

Step By Step Guide for Mobile App Development Process

The chit-chats in the coffee shop are just the inspiration, turning it into reality is quite a challenge that would need a well-defined process. So basically the mobile app development process talks about

  • Ideation
  • Market Research
  • Wireframe
  • Technology
  • Development
  • Test Functions and Features
  • Test UI/UX
  • Launch Beta Version
  • Launch App
  • Market App

Step 1: Not Just an Idea, a Business Plan

Working on something where you may lose interest easily is not the right choice. To make sure that the project you are working on is going to reflect exactly as you want,  be a little intriguing and curious. Play with the mind map and see if you can connect all the dots.

To affirm that you are investing your time and energy in the right place, make sure you are confident about the basic elements that make things easier.

Some of the must-consider points are:

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Who Is Your Target Audience?

First thing first in the App Development Process, you need to be sure of the target audience before you start working on the app idea. You cannot offer services to people without knowing who you want to serve. Once you are aware of the target audience the research size becomes smaller and you can easily decide how to proceed with the mobile app development process.

What Would Be the Unique Selling Point of Your App?

When talking about a mobile application then it is crucial to include a strong selling point. This would make your application stand out from the rest of your competition. There has to be an element or a design that would make you stand out of the crowd a little better.

What Would be the Basic Objective of Building the Application?

As you decide to build a mobile application, think of the problem as addressing a global issue or is it just a personal call. Analyze if your business needs a mobile application or you are better off without a mobile application. In case you decide to build a strong mobile app to support your business idea, just be sure of the functions and features that you would like to add.

How Much Investment Would Your App Ask?

Mobile app development process isn’t an overnight process where you simply wake up and “tadaaannn” here’s an application. Mobile app development is a time taking job and you have to be sure of the investment that goes in. You can start with a basic application and once that starts generating revenue you can work on an advanced version with each update.

Who Are Your Competition and What Is Their Strategy?

When you enter the market with a new challenge the most important thing to care about is the competition. You need not be the first to do something, just be better at it with some innovation. A very simple example is PayTM taught the world to use scan codes and then followed GPay, ApplePay, and other applications that made the process much simpler and convenient for the audience.

Just know the pain points and provide a better solution!

mobile app development services


Would You Want a Marketing Team to Promote Your App?

When talking about app marketing strategy, you need to have an action plan in advance. Be sure if you want to hire a mobile app development company that can build your identity in the market or can help you be in a win-win situation around the time.

Make sure you market your app in a way that it brings to the market an interesting and engaging solution.

Step 2: Understand Your Market

If you are planning to build an app for the existing business, the market research process becomes a little simpler as you are already aware of consumer behavior. But if you are entering the market with a brand new application that needs to be catered from scratch there are a few things that you need to consider.

Build a Customer Persona

A customer persona is the basic understanding of the problem and the solution your customer is seeking. Here you need to consider the minute details like demographics, age factor, region, etc. of your customers and then plan the functioning and operations of the application.

Have a Survey

What better than a quick survey to understand your customers?

Well, to understand your customers all you need to do is understand them better and be in the zone where you can connect with them. If your customers can’t relate to your application it would fall straight on its face.

Take Out the Key Points 

Analyzing the survey is the major challenge here. If you go a little easy with the survey response things would be tougher and you would have to deal with some losses. It is better to build a detailed survey report and discuss with your team the idea and the solution to the problems that your audience is facing.

Step 3: Build a Wireframe

Now that on paper you know exactly what you want, let’s get some action. Wireframing is a significant part of the mobile application development process. You have to be alert that the solutions built are engaging and interactive. Hire a mobile app development team that can take care of the wireframe process and help you comprehend the strategy.

Build a Wireframe


We are available to connect with our clients round the clock to make sure the solutions that are deployed are easy to use and meet their business objectives.

A wireframe is a basic set of instructions rolled out to decide what your application would look like.

When working on the wireframe the most important thing to take care of is mapping out the flow of the content. With a well-defined user flow, you need to make sure that your application reaches the goal.

A well-defined wireframe would be the blueprint of the solution that you are trying to build with your team. Your solutions need to be designed in a way that reflects great profits.

A few things to take care of here are:

The Device Size

Build your business application in a way that it sets with all the devices. You need to be sure of the fact that your app is compatible with all the devices and the content is displayed in the right manner.

The Aesthetics 

When talking about aesthetics, it is important that your application looks perfect. We make sure to deliver solutions that are engaging and can impress at first glance. Not just the looks but the feel of the app must be smooth. The application would reach the goal with the least number of clicks and reflect on how things function.

The Content Goes Well

Another important point to take care of is that the content goes well with the work. We make sure that the basic elements, content, icons are well placed and can easily engage the customers.

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Sometimes your design may crash. To make sure that your application works well, you need to go through a design sprint. This is basically a collaborative way of understanding and defining how your business application would work.

The important Elements of the Process Are:

  • Understanding: Understand the problems related to the designing of the application
  • Define: Build a key strategy and stick to it for ease of development
  • Diverge: Work on similar codes to be prepared with a few alternate functioning ideas.
  • Decide: Work on the idea that you think would reflect easily
  • Prototype: This is simply the model of your application so just be quick to develop it and bring to the ground an engaging solution.
  • Get User Feedback: See what sells for you and what doesn’t. Analyze why a few elements failed and can’t make an impact on the audience.

Step 4: Choose a Platform Wisely

When thinking of steps to develop a mobile app you have to be sure of the platform that you want to take your mobile app to. It could be a possibility that you want to take your mobile application as a PWA instead of the play store.

You have a few choices here:

App Development Process


1. Native App: You can launch your app platform-specific instead of making it global. You can hire android app developers or iOS app developers from an IT firm to get your solutions. Native app development is a great idea if you have a limited idea and do not want to burn your budget.

2. Cross-Platform App: If you want to target a global audience it is important that you reach the experts for cross-platform app development. We make sure that the solutions that are deployed are compatible with various operating systems and help you reach a wider audience.

3. Progressive Web Apps: These aren’t basically mobile applications but can be a great choice to stay ahead. These are basically web applications that work like mobile applications but on your phone browser.

We have a dedicated app development team that can help you to make a strong presence in the market.

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Step 5: Develop Your Application

Now that you are ready with all the details, let the drum rolls begin!

You need to discuss with your mobile app development team the complete process and how things would function.

Here you have to take care of some tech -kinds of stuff, so just connect with the team, do a little homework, and then proceed.

App Development Process


Some of the basic things that you need to consider here are:

1. Backend Technology 

You need to be aware of the technology that goes into the backend development. For Android app development steps you have to see the programming language that can offer you the most features with the least complications.

2. Build Your API

When talking about the application programming interface, these are basic tools that function according to the practices, protocols, and tools of the application.

3. Front End Development 

This is another aspect of your mobile app that you have to consider seriously. The front end of the application is basically where the user interacts. Any flaw here would make your app crash and your users abandon the app. If the front end of the application is designed and developed precisely, the chances of user engagement rise and bring more traffic and sales for your business.

Remember “What Looks Good, Sells Better!”

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Step 6: Test the Application for Its Functions

A code review process can make things really easy for you. If you hire a mobile app development team for your product, they would most probably be using Agile development methodology where after each milestone you can test the codes and make the changes if required.

The complete testing process is divided into various fragments:

Document Testing

Here we would talk about the layouts, navigational charts, and other important aspects that would bring to the picture the right solution. Here there is a basic check of the expected features and other details to make sure that your application is built exactly as expected.

Functional Testing 

The next thing that we talk about is if the app meets its targets. We affirm that the solutions that are dropped to you are interesting and engaging and can make things easier for you. Here we test the features of the application like the payment gateway, social media buttons, ticket booking, etc.

Usability Testing 

Here we basically see if the app navigation can be customized. We make sure that the solutions that are delivered are fun to interact with and the navigation process is easy. Reaching the end goal should be a minimum tap thing to make sure that the solutions are well-defined and highly rewarding.

Compatibility Testing

Test if your application is compatible with various platforms where it has to be executed. These are some of the basic points that cannot be overlooked when working on your mobile app development project.

Performance Testing

When an app goes live there are a lot of things that are to be considered. We make sure that the solutions that we work on can perform under stressful conditions too. It is important to test if the app can bear the load of continuous traffic, can work seamlessly with all mobile solutions, and can reflect in the way it is expected to be.

Security Testing

We understand security is an important aspect to take care of. When the users install an application, they need to be confident that using it would not affect their other applications or the system in general. We affirm to deliver solutions that are high on security and take care of your users’ privacy.

Certification Testing

You need to update all the elements of the application like the licences, terms of use, industry standards, and other details to affirm that the application is okay to run on any platform.

Testing your mobile application is a herculean task and it would take a little longer, but make sure to not miss any of these processes as if in any case there is a bug there is a probability that you may miss it.



Step 7: Launch a Beta Version of Your Application

When talking about the app launch, it is often done in two steps. First, launch the beta version for early adopters and see if the app works for them. If the app reflects well, then a part of your marketing strategy is accomplished. Word of mouth has the power to influence people from the past era.

Let the people understand the beta version of your application and see how it reflects and functions for your business.

Step 8: Launch Your Application

Once the beta version is launched successfully and reflects well, go to the launching of your final app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

To read in detail how to launch your app on the app store you can read here.

Step 9: Post Launch Activity

Affirm that your app reaches the audience easily. Market your application in a way that you get the best results. Reach your digital marketing team, look for some help and proceed further for better solutions.

Phew! That’s a lot of work for a very steady business.

Little efforts initially can help you relax in the later phase.

Wrapping It Up!

When talking about mobile app development, it becomes quite a challenge if you are naive. The step-by-step guide here can help you through the App Development Process but it would need you to be available round the clock to bring to the screen solutions that are rewarding and highly profit-generating.

If you have an app idea and want some consultations, reach out to our techies for a cup of coffee and see the best they can do for you.

App Development Process


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