“Self-discipline begins with the mastery of thought. If you do not control your thoughts, you cannot control your needs.” -Napoleon Hill


Who doesn’t struggle with the morning alarm cycle? Most of us struggle with this. As a result, we all are late for our workplaces. And then productivity sees a clear slump. In these fast-paced, always-packed lives, tracking time and keeping things as per the schedule becomes quite difficult. And the last two years have added cherries to the cake.

We were stuck in a Zoom call-work-sleep cycle and then suddenly the offices reopened and normal life hit again.

The cycle of being broken and moving out of the comforts of the bedroom and being in office has clearly brought a decline in the productivity of the employees. We all have faced the struggles of being at the right place at the right time.

Employee Time Tracking App Development

According to a study, 77% of the employees who work remotely a few days a month reflect 30% more work in less time and 24% more work in the same time with the time manager app.

We understand that be it working from home or office, keeping track of employees’ productivity is always a challenge. If you are looking forward to a solution to the challenge, the best way is to integrate an employee time-tracking productivity app in your organization.

Hire a team of developers who will come up with a solution that doesn’t seem to micromanage your team and still add to their productivity.

If you are sure that you want an employee time tracking app development team to build you a solution to track employee productivity, we would be happy to help.

Let’s Get Back to the Basics

When working on Employee Attendance or Time Tracking App Development, there are a lot of things that we need to take care of. It is not just the employers’ needs, but also the employees’ needs that would define the basic roadmap of your solution.

We follow an agile mobile app development strategy and thus the complete process is divided into several steps to help you through and stay connected with us.

The basic mobile app development steps involve:

  • Ideation
  • Market Research
  • Wireframe
  • Technology
  • Development
  • Test Functions and Features
  • Test UI/UX
  • Launch Beta Version
  • Launch App
  • Market App

To understand how we can help you with the best employee time manager app, here’s the detailed process. You can always intervene and suggest modifications whenever you think.

Turning Your Idea into an Application

When talking about an application that is centered around your organization and employees, you need to be sure of how the complete idea would be implemented and what do you expect from the application.

There could be a plausibility that you are looking forward to a white-label solution that you can integrate with your organization and also further sell in the market with basic customizations.

Understand Your Business Objective of the Time Manager App

You would be having solid employee tracking or attendance app beforehand. Maybe it is one of those manual solutions that doesn’t reflect accuracy and requires maximum human intervention. In this case, the final analysis can be tempered.

Thus, you need a Time Manager App that can make it really easy for you to check on things. Depending upon the organization’s size and plan of action, some businesses may feel investing in a time manager app is no good and want to continue working with the manual frameworks, while others may frantically require automated tracking solutions.

Manual Time Tracking Frameworks: The Traditional Inspiration

This is the traditional and yet popular time-tracking strategy that most small-scale industries and some not-so-timeline-driven associations and groups would choose to integrate into their system.

Advantages of Traditional System

  • Easy to use and comprehend
  • Most users are well acquainted with its use and reflect easily

Disadvantages of the System 

  • Due to human intervention, this reflects a state of confusion and mostly errors in the reports.
  • All the calculations finance and composing documentation are to be accomplished manually
  • Doesn’t incorporate different devices.

Automate Solutions: Advanced Product for Well-disciplined Team 

An automated time manager app will be better for organizations that have a large workforce and are dedicated to dealing with several customers at once. This makes it easier to understand and evaluate the role of individuals in the association.

Advantages of Automated Solution for Employee Attendance App

  • Zero Possibility of Human Error
  • Direct Execution of the Features
  • Flawless Financial Reports and Documents
  • Use Over Various Reports
  • Easy to Execute for Remote Working

Disadvantages of Employee Attendance App or Time Tracking Solutions 

Cost of Development

Building and Integrating Solutions That Are Compatible with All Devices

Although these two strategies are defined and can help to add to the productivity of your employees we would surely push forward to choosing an automated solution. Even if for now the manual system seems easy, you can choose the automated system when and where you want.

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Market Research for Employee Attendance App

The study pattern for an application like that starts with understanding the basics of the user persona.

User Persona to Define Feature Set

A user persona is a representation of your basic understanding of the problem and the solution that you are looking for. We examine and consider all the minute data such as demographics, age factors, geography, and so on before planning the application’s functionality and operations.

Not just this we also consider the work environment and the work profiles before we work on your solution. We strive to deliver a solution that is customized to fit your business needs.

A Quick Poll to Identify the Real Problem 

You surely don’t understand what problems your employees face and what are the reasons their productivity may be hampered. A simple survey to help you understand their issues would be a great idea.

To better understand the working of your professional employee time tracking software, all you have to do is gain a better understanding of the problems and be in a position to resolve them. Your application would fall flat on its face if the employees’ couldn’t relate to it.

Enlist the Important Points

Our experts along with your team would analyze the survey to build a strong solution. Things would be rougher if you took it lightly on the survey response, and you would have to cope with some losses. It is preferable to create a full survey report and discuss the idea and solution to the challenges that your audience is experiencing with your team.

Preparing the Wireframe for the Time Manager App

Once you have analyzed the reports and studied your competition, the next in line is to have a wireframe to build your application. Our experts work out your solutions, list down the features, functionalities, and design and look.

The wireframe is basically your application on a premise.

Here are some of the dominant features that our experts believe your application can not miss.

Must-Have Features in Employee Time Tracking App

Easy Onboarding

If you are building an application like time manager app that is designed to cater to your organizational needs, make sure that the onboarding process is easy. You can simply let them log in with their employee ids or official email ids and integrate your HRIMS with it so that the information is fetched and your employees need not waste time filling in details that you already have.


Time Tracking

Each employee attendance app is developed with the aim to recording the time the employees take on a day-to-day basis to accomplish the tasks they are assigned. Thus your application can talk about log-in and log-out timings, inactive and functioning hours, and, surprisingly, exact hours spent working on specific tasks and using various applications.

Time Manager App solutions help the employee justify and present their work point by point as and when asked. It is a reflection of the efforts and time the worker gives to the organization and investigates the pitfalls that are an obstacle to employee productivity. This is a smart way to track the progress of tasks assigned to your team.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you know the average performance of your team, so that you can give out the exact timeline and quote for their projects?

Not just this, you can even evaluate the tasks that are to be completed by the assigned resources and timetable requirements. Thus, the extent to order timesheet records by divisions and regions can be noteworthy and rewarding with Employee Attendance App.

Employee Attendance App feature adds to the ease of administration department and entrepreneurs who might want to know how much creation esteem produced by each staff part in their association by area and office.

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Computation of Productivity

Any productivity of employee time tracking software that is designed must have the feature to calculate the productivity of the employees. If it doesn’t meet the purpose it probably won’t even merit the cost of development.

The feature time manager app is basically for the managers and leads to a clear extensive perspective on their teams’ active and inactive time over the course of the day. Although checking on your employees every hour or every two hours is not a good practice and your staff must get some time for leisure in between the work.

Luckily, the employee attendance app we offer computes efficiency and makes it comprehensive. It should create a well-defined task breakdown for you that  talks about the following information:

  • No. of hours worked
  • Hours spent effectively and inertly
  • Hours that are useful and those that are not
  • Long stretches of impartiality

This report can be generated graphically for a better understanding of the timeline, reflect productivity high and low points, and show the pitfalls of the work environment that may hamper productivity.

Participation of Employees

A truly reliable and restrained workforce must be hired to effectively reflect the timelines and the solutions. With the productivity app functioning some employees can see it as a fun activity and turn up the competitive spirits to simply endeavoring to complete their jobs early.

Yes, they are basically the students in the school who want to stand out by being the fastest. As a result, there would be a plausible rise in the productivity of your staff, and the individuals would show more focus, and monitor their work time and participation by remembering this component for your application.

There could be a possibility that some of the employees are slower than others, the application can be integrated with PIP where these employees get to learn and perform better as and when required. By monitoring their participation, you can encourage your team to work on their discipline and responsibility for their work. This will help you in imparting an expanded feeling of responsibility to your team members.

Project Management with employee time tracking software

A powerful and strong project is the result of strong team management where the project is completed and deployed on time. Integrating a personal time tracking app with your product would help your team members track the role and progress of the individuals that reflect in faster and smoother progress. By assigning exclusive job roles to individuals, associations can monitor the project’s advancement as it approaches the deadline.

With the timelines and reminders working hand in hand, one gets a sense of moral obligation, which is a strong emotion to get the expected results on time with employee time tracking software.

Create Detailed Reports with Employee Attendance App

Simplified reports and data analysis would play a crucial role in evaluating the company’s performance. They can have a detailed insight into the employee’s performance according to the pre-defined job roles and interesting solutions. Businesses can use accurate analytics to assess whether or not to grow their human resources depending on the current results and efficiency.

For better insight and detailed information, employee time tracking software helps in generating reports based on the following options:

  • Employees That Work on an Individual Project Together
  • Active and Non-Active Hours of a Particular Employee
  • Time Taken by the Employee to Accomplish a Task.

Navigation Points That Are User-Friendly

Surely not all the employees are as technically sound as the others. Thus, you need to enter the market with a solution that has significant navigation points while staying user-friendly. You sure don’t want your staff to spend time fiddling with the new solution instead of working on the assigned tasks.

Our employee time tracking software and apps are designed to assist your workforce to increase their productivity and analyze their performance as and when they want to. If your employees find it difficult to use the application, it would only have a negative impact on the team and the projects.

Payroll Administration for Employee Tracking App

Another important feature that your employee management application must-have. With an automated payroll generating feature, one can check the overall engagement of the employees over the month, the billing they created, and the total wage they are entitled to. This would keep the payroll management suitable, correct, and transparent.

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With the least human intervention, there would be no space for error and would lead to almost nil payroll-related conflicts and inconsistencies.

Integration of Employee Attendance App

As we have been discussing the development of your employee time tracking software or application, you would have seen that there are a few features that need a third-party engagement. To affirm that the third-party engagement is smooth and productive you must understand their functioning and see if their functioning works with your app technology.


Employee time tracking software with seamless integration capabilities can help you comply with applicable employment taxation rate codes in any region or country where you do business.

Tracking Your Specific Needs

This is an interesting feature that you must integrate with your application. Let your employee Attendance or time tracker app be more than a mere log-in and log-out register. If you work for a business where a lot of traveling is required make sure to integrate the GPS with the product. Let your employees log in to the application from their respective locations and further add it to the database. If you are working on something that requires making calls or interactions let your system keep a record of the same.

In case you are a business that wants its employees to interact with the system for the majority of the time, integrate an employee time tracker feature that records the screen time for your employees. Also, you can record the activities of the individuals and see their progress.


Let your application reflect the reminders or any information on the screen as and when it is shared. Also, you can use the portal to offer the calendar and leave application system to make sure that your employee time tracker application becomes a one-touch employee evaluating application.

Defining the Technology

It is important that as you decide to work on your project, you are sure about the technology and the APIs that you want to integrate. This is actually where a lot of effort would be needed.

The first thing that you need to decide is the development platform.

You have a couple of options here:

Native App

Instead of making your app available for all the platforms, you can make it specific to fit your business environment. You can simply check if you want to hire android app developers or iOS app developers from an IT firm. If you have a small budget and a constrained idea, native app development is a great option.

Cross-Platform App

If you want to build a solution that addresses people in general, you would need cross-platform app development expertise. We ensure that the solutions we implement are compatible with a wide range of operating systems, allowing you to reach a larger audience.

Progressive Web Apps

According to the experts, this is the best solution for your time-tracking productivity app. These aren’t regular mobile apps, an inexpensive and easy way to keep ahead of the competition. These are web applications that function similarly to mobile apps but run in your phone’s browser.

We have a professional app development team that can assist you in establishing a strong market presence.

Now that you have decided on the platform, the mobile app development trends and technologies would also be defined easily.

Advanced Technologies for Your Time Tracking Application

Not just this, make sure that your tech partners implement advanced technology to make you stand out from the competition. The most dominant technologies that we integrate with your solution are:

Artificial Intelligence 

A basic bio-metric system works with Artificial Intelligence. We integrate highly advanced sensors and face recognition systems to make sure that the employees cannot find any pitfalls when logging or log-out of the workplace.

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Not just this, with intuitive technology one can check the week’s task, plan leaves and also interact with the application in their native language.

Big Data Analytics 

With big data analytics, one can easily check for the solutions that would be dropped to you. We make sure that the solutions that are designed to help you track employee time give out a detailed report and you do not have to struggle with the graphs and other things.

Wearable App Integration 

Another advanced technology that keeps your audience rooted with your application. You can easily reach our wearable app development team and get solutions that work with smart devices without fail.

These are some of the features that you may want to integrate into your solution. If your team wants any other assistance or we missed anything, we are all ears to hear your suggestions and requirements.

The next in the line is the development process.

employee time tracking

Developing the Working Model

Surely, you understand that the development process would need some specifications and details. You need to focus on various details for the backend and the front end and how the data is fetched and evaluated.

You’ll need to deal with some technical issues here, so connect with the team, do some research, and then move on.

The following are some of the most important factors to consider:

Backend Technology 

It is important that you at least have a basic understanding of how back-end development works. This would help you build a solution with fewer conflicts and more engagement. The work time tracking app should help your employees track their productivity, give them tips to improve, and above all motivate them to stay productive.  In order to complete the app development procedures, you must first define which programming language will support your business app idea with the least challenges.

Create Your API

When we talk about the application programming interface, we’re talking about basic tools that work in accordance with the application’s principles, protocols, and tools.

Development of the Front End

This is the face of your application. Make sure it is curated in a way that is engaging and interactive. If your user misses their favorite section or struggles with the navigation there is a possibility your app may crash and your users abandon it. The odds of user involvement increase if the application’s front end is well-designed and developed.

Once the application is developed our QA team comes into action.

Test and Verify the Time Manager Application

We make it a point that you get the most reliable and flawless results when you look forward to the development process. Thus, our team works on the testing part strictly to make sure nothing is missed on your application. We have a team of quality analysts and software testing experts who take up various methods to ensure your employee time tracking software development. Time Manager App helps you get exactly what you want.

One can simply divide the testing process into small fragments like:

Document Verification

We’d discuss layouts, nautical charts, and other critical elements that would help us sum up the best results. This is basically the check of the features and functions as per the predefined document that you have. This is basically cross-verifying that your mobile app development team hasn’t missed anything.

Testing of Functionality

This is a significant test as it would talk about whether or not the app achieves its goals. We ensure that the mobile app that is deployed to you is engaging and intriguing and keeps your user interacting with it and making your life easier.

In this round of testing, the application’s functionality such as the payment gateway, social media buttons, ticket booking, and so on are tested and verified.

Testing for Usability

This is a mohair test of your application as here we see if the application is easy to interact with or not. We aim to develop solutions for Time Manager App that are enjoyable to use and that the navigation procedure is simple. To ensure that the solutions are well-defined and extremely satisfying, achieving the final goal should be a minimum tap thing.

We even test the application for the various platforms and how it can interact to bring to the screen the perfect solutions that are expected from it.

Performance Evaluation

Another important factor that is to be tested is the speed of the application and the time it takes to its function. It is important to check if your application can take a load of your employees if they interact with it at once. Although the possibility of this situation is negligible, for max load testing you need to check this part.

Testing for Security

User security is another crucial point to look after. When the users install an application, they need to be confident that using it will not affect their other applications or the system in general. We affirm to deliver solutions that are highly reliable and can take care of your users’ privacy.

Employee Time Tracking App

Certification Examinations

In case you want the application to run on various platforms, it must have certain certifications that include licenses, conditions of use, industry standards, and other details.

Yes, testing the application may sound like a task that can be accomplished in a click, but it takes really long to get things done. Affirm that you ask your employee time tracking team to look into the details of each aspect so that what you have is a flawless solution.

Little efforts, in the beginning, can help you relax later on.

Launching the Beta Version of employee time tracking software and Application

Be sure the solution that you are integrating with your organization reflects well. Run a trial version with some of the employees to note if they have any issues in the interaction or if they find it difficult to use the application. Not just this, also affirm if the application gets you the best results. If there are any basic changes, ask your team to get them resolved and bring to the stage a solution that is highly rewarding.

Taking Your Application to the Table

Now that you have checked the beta version and made the changes as suggested, the next in the line is to take your app to market. Integrate it with every employee’s application and see how it reflects. In case there are any reviews or changes just make sure that you can modify them.

Our mobile app development company we stand by you even after the solution is deployed./ We can make certain changes and modifications to make sure your employees don’t struggle with the application.

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Advanced Technology That We Integrate with Your Solution

We have been delivering solutions over the years and make sure we use advanced technology.

Cost of Employee Time Tracking App Development

The cost of the development of an employee tracking mobile application isn’t much. Also, since most likely you are working on the solution only to meet your organizational needs you would not need to panic about the interface.

If you are looking forward to having a white-label solution, we can help you customize the solutions depending on your user group.

Cost of Development 

  • Feature Set
  • Application Platform
  • Region of Development Team

If you are developing the solution as a white label solution then you must be aware of the monetization strategies that would help you make some money.

Monetization Strategy

  • The Free and Paid App Version Models
  • The Free App with In-app Purchase Model
  • The Free App with Subscription Model
  • The Paid App Model
  • The Partnership Model

The cost of development for a basic application that is laden with not-so-advanced features would be around $15k to $20k. And the one with advanced features and an interesting interface would take a little more depending on the hardware involved. The cost of development of the application in this case would be $35k to $50k.

You can always reach us for employee-friendly solutions at the most affordable rates.

Get the Timer Ticking with Employee Attendance App

To achieve self-mastery and discipline, one must work hard, develop a positive view in life, and have a never-say-no attitude to persevere and reach goals faster, be it in career, self-health, or in ways to lead a healthy, goal-oriented life. It is integral to discipline the inner self in order to succeed in all aspects and also be at peace with your inner self and others around you.

A lot of employees often take time tracking software as an act of discipline against them. Our experts make sure to transform this thought in your organization., They integrate features that add to the productivity of the employees and make sure that the solutions are interesting.

Our mobile application development company that the solutions are easy and can help you engage your employees with your solution.


Employee Time Tracking App


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