Managing the never-ending day-to-day schedules can be a task, until properly organised in a common place. Every being has either one or more meetings or some work to deal with in a day or so, but how can a mind retain information about all of these meetings? Would you want to note it down in a diary for reference and go back to that diary each time you want to look at a particular day’s schedule? Or hire a personal assistant to take care of all dates and schedules? Or you can simply thank calendar app development teams who have created a digital solution to your problem.

Well, you can be self-sufficient if you have a calendar app on your phone or technical device, as it takes care of all your meetings, current and future, and will inform you before the due meeting or schedule.

Calendars have made our lives easier to a great extent and people have become dependent on them for a lot of things. From social media to school meetings, to online classes, hospitals, businesses, etc., everyone is using calendars these days. Today we are going to talk about the cost incurred in making a calendar app and the key features of the mobile application.

So, first of all, let us talk about how much calendar app development costs.

The cost of an application varies from business to business. If yours is a start-up company, and you want to spend a limited amount of money on a calendar app, then you might restrict the features offered in the app and save you money on that. However, if you are already doing well and your business is doing well, then you might want to get all applications with various features, making it easy for the user to use it.

Here are the things one should consider on estimating the cost of a calendar app

1- Software development rates differ from organization to organization. You can compare the prices of all developers from your current location, and expand your search by looking for iOS application developers who offer it at a lucrative price in some other region.

2- If you have an in-house Android and iOS app development team, you can always turn to them to build a calendar app for you. However, if you are not self-sufficient, then you might want to hire freelancers, who are paid on an hourly or daily basis. You will save on the cost of hiring freelancers as you would not have to pay them extra, nor would you want to look for space for an office for them. The outsourced personnel can be picked from a huge pool of talent, and you can just pick the most suitable person for yourself. The rates of outsourced talent are low as compared to the in-house people.

3- The time spent on building an app also determines the cost of an app. If you are building a complex application, that includes a lot of features, then you might have to spend a good deal of money, as time taken on it might be more than you expect it to be.

For example, a basic app might normally take 500-700 hours its develop, a medium complex might take up to 1000 hours and a complex might take over 1200 hours.

4- The industry it is catering to also plays a significant role in the cost of building a calendar application. Almost all industries are using their calendar app, which is specially designed to fit the bill and make work easier. From health care, to travel, education, logistics, and social media, almost all industries have their applications that suit their work environment.

5- The platform you are considering launching the app on also plays a vital role in estimating the price of the calendar app development. An Android app might cost more or less than an app that would cost for iOS. Also, the price of an app that works on both platforms might vary from a single-platform application.

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Apart from all this, the technicalities also contribute to the cost of a calendar application. If you build an app that might just do everything on its own and has a visual design like no other, it might make a hole in your pocket, whereas a simpler version might just be light on the pocket.

Here is a look at some of the most significant factors that influence the cost of a calendar app

  • The platform it is being built on
  • Customization of the visual design of the application
  • App administration and backend infrastructure
  • Maintenance cost of the app
  • Functions and features of the applications
  • The structure of the app development team
  • Location of the app development team

Here are some important features in a calendar app

  • Device synchronization
  • Sharing calendars
  • Import calendar files
  • Marking important dates
  • Collaboration of schedules
  • Sharing of schedules among different groups
  • Drag and drop events
  • Various view modes like weekly, monthly, annually

These are among the top features that you must include in your calendar app while developing one. However, if you are looking forward to developing an advanced version of a Calendar application, here are the important features you might want to consider including in it.

  • Creating calendars that are multi-purpose and made specially for different parts of life. It might include scheduling, planning and managing your time and scheduling repeated reminders.
  • Ability to schedule meeting time with your friends and suggest the most suitable time for you to do that.
  • Allowing you to enter the details of an event recorded in the calendar and hide it from your home screen.
  • Enables you to allow attachment
  • Enable the world clock for you, allowing you to view time zone of any country and state in the world on one tap.
  • Allow you to enable working hours so that you can set your 8 hour or 9 hour schedule for the day.
  • Add a specific location of your meeting
  • Use your desktop or your home screen to send notifications on an hourly basis or so
  • Allowing you to change the time of your meeting at any given point in time
  • Arrange meeting slots for you all by itself
  • Letting you implement a customized view according to your preferences

There are several calendar API’s that can help you build an application and make it outshine the others.

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Here is a look at some of the APIs

– Calendarific API
– FX Calendar API 
– SuperSaaS API 
– Nylas Cloud Calendar API 

Also, there are various libraries for each platform that can be used in making an app. Let’s take a look at some of those.

For iOS-based calendars

– JTAppleCalendar
– CalendarKit
– CalendarLib
– FSCalendar
– MBCalendarKit
– Calendar

For Android

– Cosmo Calendar
– SlyCalendarView
– AgendaCalenderView
– Event Calendar
– CustomizableCalendar

For Web Based

– Kendo UI
– iCalendar
– Calendarize
– Webix
– jQuery UI

Here is a look at the tools that can be used in testing the app

– Firebase
– TestFlight
– Crashlytics
– Postman


You should do a proper research before building a calendar app because it is necessary to make sure that all features are properly being used and have an important role to play in the app’s usage. Make sure to create an application that is user friendly and is easy to understand. The design and visual of the app should be attractive and the user should be given the option to modify and change the home screen according to their preferences. Hire expert mobile app developers to build your app, as they will get the best return on investment only if you make the application attractive, and full of usable features.

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