In today’s time, the demand from app users is getting bigger and bigger day-by-day. If you are a business owner then you need to satisfy customers on various front of the business. One such prime example would be delivering collective client experience without compromising one bit on the quality of the thing that you tend to deliver. All the large enterprises out there are expected to run their business smoothly on the back of high quality apps and these app work on IT Infrastructure.  These apps need to be impressive in terms of security, capability, scalability, cost and customization factors.

Now after you have read through the process of developing apps via IT Infrastructure, let us dive straight in to how Kubernetes is supposed to make the working of IT Infrastructure super impressive and productive. Kubernetes is basically an open-source container orchestration platform that has over the years imposed itself as a messiah in improving the IT Infrastructure of various organisations. It helps the organisations accomplish their various business projects with aplomb.

So, what exactly is Kubernetes?

In technical terms, Kubernetes is a system that distributes workload through apps and an orchestration technique for servers that are gathered in a data centre. Kubernetes makes the applications more flexible and functional and apart from that it also helps in saving bucks as it needs fewer workforces for handling IT.

Kubernetes is a Google developed product which is a part of CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) and with CNCF comes strong involvement and contribution from several small and large organisations. Kubernetes makes sure that there is perfect accessibility and availability of resources for the required matter. It makes sure that large amount of servers that are engaged in various tasks work at the same time.

kubernetes architecture

Kubernetes can allow a large number of servers at a time as it is a deployed data processing system and this in turn will help you locate servers at any type of distance for sharing customers for a common customer. This whole process proves beneficial as it will help you present these intimidating workloads as services to the clients.

Some other benefits of Kubernetes includes allowing client machine to pass data, accessing services through the network and gathering services from the network. Kubernetes can be easily run within public Cloud or on-premises. Task of IT is made a lot easier in terms of shifting applications between internal environments and various clouds.

How Kubernetes grabbed eyeballs?

Arrival of app containers made most of the lifeless applications flexible for scalability. But the big thing after this was to handle delivery services and management, architecture and applications and connecting various containers with hosts. This is where Kubernetes made the grand entry.

Kubernetes has been infused with dependable architectures and API patterns of previous software which helps it with load balancing, present authorization policies and some features required to handle and run apps on a large scale. Kubernetes received heart-warming responses for the sudden explosion of adoption that remarkably cleared the focus of mass container management space.

What role is Kubernetes performing in businesses?

Business in present times is not limited to quarterly distribution for important apps, in fact every organisation associated with different types of business are adopting digitalization at a large scale. Kubernetes declarative API-driven infrastructure allows teams to work with full freedom and apart from that it allows the operators to focus on their business targets.

role of kubernetes in business

Kubernetes has contributed tremendously in attaining autonomy and higher productivity plus it has also reduced the development teams’ labour. Distribution of new software products can be done easily with the help of Kubernetes. Another feather that can be added to Kubernetes’ cap is that it creates a fast virtuous cycle for all the tech practitioners, which in turn plays a key role in success of various organisations.

Current state of Kubernetes

If Kubernetes decides to show off some more then it can say, “I help my users to deal with the end result of what a dedicated developer requires of the system while keeping the replicas’ running along with restoring the procedures automatically.” The thing is that one configuration gets circulated via all the accessible clusters and in this way we have one standardized platform to utilize all across the country.

Kubernetes has the ability to successfully manage particular distribution on some specific sites across large number of sites with app lifecycles. Prioritizing clients above everything else has been instrumental in K8’s success. Kubernetes has transformed the way of handling complex environments while also maintaining the capacity of combining practical rules.

Kubernetes on its own has shifted the industry’s focus from accomplishing a supreme condition to be in a better abstraction state. Kubernetes has accomplished mastery in orchestrating containers through which users can integrate a lot of primitives into one app. In modern world, K8 is the go-to system if you are looking to orchestrate from large to microenvironments.

K8 has guided organisations to build container-based apps as it boasts cloud provider assistance with an omnipresent platform that helps out the businesses to acquire innovative technology. Kubernetes offers its users proper stability to develop containers with suitable resources to run them and in this way it incorporate networks, databases, configuration, storage, secrets and specifications.

Reasons why enterprises are adopting Kubernetes

If you are looking to adopt Kubernetes for the growth of your business then you need to be aware of its various advantages.

Reasons why enterprises are adopting Kubernetes

1. Kubernetes is brilliant for businesses:

According to some organisations enhancing the quality of apps is the way to the heart of customers. This can be done if we make our supply chain more productive and efficient. Kubernetes make a big contribution to these enhancements, 53% of respondents reporting reduced development cycles and enhanced resource usage is a proof of this.

2. Kubernetes helps in IT Cost Optimization 

Kubernetes can prove to be a great help for your huge scale business by reducing business infrastructure expenses. It is highly efficient in gathering apps together which helps in optimally utilizing your hardware and cloud investments and this in turn makes the container-based architecture convenient.

3. Kubernetes is a solution for the future:

The statement can be supported by the following points,

  • Almost every prime cloud vendor out there is supporting it by offering various unusual solutions for it.
  • Various other container orchestration solutions fully support Kubernetes in terms of cloud vendors’ support, ecosystem and adoption.

4. Kubernetes makes sure of enhanced availability and scalability:

Scalability in modern world has become a vital factor along with app features in determining the success of a particular app. Kubernetes being an orchestration system is a vital management system to scale and boost app performance automatically.

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5. Kubernetes makes the app running more stable:

K8s can help you out if you are looking to check whether your app is running steadily or not. What it does is that it permits you to get rolling updates in order to modify your software with no prevention. K8s can be further be set up in such a way that it assists in highly accessible apps.

6. Kubernetes is less expensive in comparison to other solutions:

K8s can easily auto-scale based on your app needs and incoming load and traffic by your app. what this auto-scaling does is that it help a particular app scale up its needed resources during the hectic times of the year. This in turn will automatically scale down your infrastructure during the less busy times of the year.

7. Kubernetes along with its large ecosystem can boost up your productivity:

If Kubernetes is well-executed into your engineering workflow can help you attain highest level of productivity. Tools like Drone helps you out in making CI/CD pipelines quickly and Prometheus makes the monitoring easier.

8. K8s helps in smooth migration to the cloud:

K8s are the perfect solution for you whether you are looking to re-platform, re host and re factory. Since Kubernetes runs across continuously across various environment, clouds like GCP, Azure and AWS, it paves the way for porting your app on-premise to cloud environments.

Future of Kubernetes

Kubernetes is at the peak of its performance right now because of the development of mobile apps and organisations adopting Kubernetes. Earlier, there was a huge concern among major organisations regarding orchestration because of insufficient amount of vital tools but now they can easily access these tools.

It is only the beginning of the new methods to comply with the machine-learning, edge computing and things of moving to the cloud-native ecosystem. The innovation and initiative only requires the support of current cloud-native ecosystem for rewarding the work done behind the scenes by the contributors in order to develop and maintain the tech infrastructure. Kubernetes is doing a tremendous job in transforming the world and it is going to do this for a while as it doing it brilliantly.


Above given piece of information can easily answers all the questions that you had regarding adopting Kubernetes. But it all depends on your specific requirements and priorities whether you want to adopt it or not. Whether starting a new project in a startup that requires to grow at a fast rate or upgrading a legacy app, K8 can prove to be a great option for you.

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