Mobile applications have certainly enhanced the value of mobile phones and today you will find myriad of them out there in the market for customers’ use and advantages. The growing use of mobiles and mobile phone users has also led to an increase in mobile app development.


Now as it comes to mobile application development, it’s necessary to consider the development of user interface as it’s the UI that is viewed and used by the users to interact with the application. There are several platforms or frameworks that support this task of UI development for mobile apps still it is Bootstrap that enjoys utmost significance among the mobile app developers today. This mobile-first responsive front-end framework is extremely useful for the users as Bootstrap has an easy to use a responsive grid that enables you to position your layout in a well-structured responsive way. The framework designed keeping the mobile users in mind responds well to various screen sizes and adapts the layout of the app easily to different screen sizes.

Here we will be discussing the wonderful features of Bootstrap that is useful in mobile app UI development

You can lend a uniform and modern look with stylesheets

Fewer stylesheets offered by Bootstrap comprises of various components that a developer can choose to use in UI development. These files are beneficial for those who regularly go for CSS preprocessing while the ones not comfortable with LESS can go for normal CSS files as bootstrap offers a set of CSS stylesheets that helps a developer in defining the basic style for all the HTML elements. Thus, it is best to give a uniform and modern look to the user interface of a mobile app using Bootstrap.

Easy to use

Stylesheets by Bootstrap can be used to style up the app interface and all that needed is to download the stylesheet files from the Bootstrap website, unzip and include them in the head of HTML files. Now you can access the Bootstrap framework for easy and efficient UI development.


UI development becomes quite easy with Bootstrap as it has predefined classes, several JavaScript functions, and various CSS components. However, a developer can select only those classes and functions useful for his purpose.

Responsive Grid System

In Bootstrap, there is a 12 column, responsive grid system that automatically adjusts to the screen resolution of the device used by the user. Thus it becomes easy to develop a responsive user interface for your mobile app by implementing bootstrap in the UI development process.

Captivating UI design

Bootstrap offers a number of useful components to a user interface designer as it comprises of drop-down menus, navigation bar component, menus, badges, lists, progress bar and much more. These components are helpful in lessening a large amount of development time as they don’t require to be developed from scratch with Bootstrap. You just simply have to include the right classes of the components as required.

Javascript Plug-ins and Libraries

Many of javascript plug-ins are supported by Bootstrap for the process of UI development and it’s certainly a much easier and better approach for a developer. Commonly used classes included in javascript libraries of Bootstrap are useful in rapid UI development, including the tabs, popovers, tooltips, etc.


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