Project management is often discussed as the key to success for varied tasks within an organization. There are several reasons which can make a task fail or succeed. The important thing to understand here is that every task/project leaves behind a learning experience and a good team will always learn to emerge success after failures. Technology has an important role to play in today’s business. Project management and team task management apps have successfully replaced manual work. The loophole in this technology is that in spite of spending money on the development of such apps; these too fail to achieve the desired goal. Hence the best solution is to design an app that is equipped with required features and usability.

What kinds of task management software for teams are there?

There is several task management software in the market but important is to understand the technology and methodology behind crafting the software. Agile is the most popular development methodology used for the designing of such software. Agile replaced the Waterfall framework in the year 2001 because the former was quick in responding and brought fast changes too. Scrum and Kanban became popular Agile models.

Soon Atlassian came forth with Jira which became the first task management software. Asana and Targetprocess are other popular platforms too. There are a few questions that need to be answered to judge the best-suited task management software apt for the company:

  • What type of task management app should be built?
  • The app should be on Scrum, Kanban, or both?
  • What technology to be chosen?
  • How can the software benefit the company?

These criteria should be met and the most impactful software for the respective company can be designed with ease. Creating an app that can attend to all the queries of the company is the most suitable decision.

What should a team task management app help you with?

Most of the task management apps are designed to share files, make to-do-lists, creating tasks, assigning and scheduling tasks. But designing the app is much more than this.

Planning application development

Project managers need to access potential cost and revenue. This gives them an idea about the entire picture and they can carry forward the same. There are a few ways to study the format and thus have to be careful with the analysis too:

  1. A strategic view of the project should be analyzed. Sharable and detailed road maps can be designed using Gantt charts.
  2. Estimate the profit of the project. Development costs have to be calculated and the number of hours required daily for the project needs to be worked out too.
  3. Apps like Confluence are used to determine the capacity of the team. This is an important aspect as the team members have to finalize so that manpower is adequate to finish the task as per the scheduled time.
  4. Apps like Clarizen are used for the effective planning of the budget required to accomplish the project.
  5. Risk management is another important aspect of projects. Targetprocess is a very helpful app in this regard. The software can also suggest ways to overcome and mitigate the potential risks engaged in the projects.

If all the features are found in a single interface, then a lot of time will be saved and the task will be accomplished in an orderly fashion.

Reporting on projects

A good task management app is one that enables the project head to distribute the tasks amongst the team members and also supervise the progress of the same. The app should be equipped with an informative dashboard, pie and bar charts so that data is sorted comfortably and working with data becomes simple. Asana is a popular platform and very helpful in this context.

There are a few pointers which some of the team task management apps do not cover. These include reporting of the project, obstacles experienced and accounting for the amendments made. Hence apps that are equipped with such features prove to be highly beneficial for the companies. This is the main reason behind the immense success of tools like Office 365 and Google Sheets.

Communicating on a project

Communication is the key to success because of the lack of the same can make the project fail miserably. Team members miss the communication or gaps are created as many cha windows are open and it is easy to miss on important information. The task management should have real-time chat, comments, and views segment so that the users can easily communicate and remain in touch. This will reduce the chances of gaps in communication and the needful task will be accomplished properly.

The creation of a mobile app is also a good solution as it will allow the team members to be in touch easily and communicate will be effective and efficient. The mobile app can be designed on the lines of the web app with all or fewer features. Targetprocess and Teamwork are great apps in this regard.

Explaining how single tasks contribute to the company’s mission

Subtasks and dependencies are great tools in this segment. These will reflect how the tasks are capable of blocking other tasks. In this manner, team members get a chance to find their tasks and others concentrate on their own tasks. There is no interference. The team members should be shown on the same road map that is shared with the respective client in order to get efficiency in tasks.

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Sharing knowledge and experience from previous projects

Confluence app is very effective in helping the team members share their experience and knowledge about a particular task or project. Even sharing lessons learned from previous projects can be easily shared by the team members using this tool. The addition of a wiki feature to the team task management app is a great idea and can yield impressive results too.

Navigating in tasks

The app can make the location of a particular task difficult. This situation can occur as there are duplicate tasks. Hence the app should be designed in such a way that such discrepancies can be avoided. If a team member is not providing tasks, then the app should restrict the creation of tasks. Setting up recurring tasks can be a beneficial solution. Instead of crowding the boards with several tasks of the same activity or type, it is better to have automated tasks and the board will also remain organized. Targetprocess is a good app offering such a feature to the users.

Meeting deadlines

Deadlines can be met only when the team is providing regular reminders or notifications. It is very easy to miss any task because of overcrowding. Hence notifications will keep the team up-to-date with the deadline and they can effectively achieve the desired goal as per the time frame. Prioritizing tasks can be an effective way to achieve the end too.

Helping teams feel less exhausted

Making and designing a team task management app is a draining process. It is easily boring for the developers too. Hence they need to be constantly motivated to perform their tasks. They should be encouraged and appreciated for the tasks. This should be an on-going process so that they do not get bored. Targetprocess is a good app in this front as well.

Uniting all the tools in a single user-friendly interface

Using diverse software is essential in the designing process because a lot of input and ideas are required. But managing different software at a single point is also very difficult. It also reduces the functionality of the app that is created. Hence having a single interface with all the required features is a great idea. Popular tools should be integrated a single software should be designed with all the functionalities.

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Final Words

Outsourcing the development of such an app is also a good idea as it will save time, energy, and cost of the company. Plus they will have a product with great features.

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Dinesh Shilak is a tech enthusiast and a dedicated writer who brings a fresh perspective to the world of technology through his engaging blog posts. With a keen interest in the latest technological advancements, Dinesh's passion for the field shines through in his writing.

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