“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we'll augment our intelligence.”

 ~Ginni Rometty

As we move in the times that leverage the power of technology to stand out from the competition, we need to understand how it has seeped into our lives. If we talk in general about our engagements with technology, then we can see that the majority part of our day directly or indirectly involves technology. Our smartphones, desktops, laptops, biometric, cards, the vehicles, the road, each and everything that we can speak of was once AI startups ideas part of technology and we cannot run away from the fact that technology keeps us going. 

In years we have seen various technologies surface and grow but none expanded as strong as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Although the domain is quite new and extensive it is quite interesting to note that the majority of things we are dependent on owe their functioning and operation to AI and ML. Taking the advantage of the trends, a lot of tech geeks look for machine learning application ideas to bring to the market something that is unique and innovative at the same time. 

10 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Apps for Various Sectors

Technology has seeped into all the aspects of our lives. No matter how complex it is in the backdrop, it is much interesting and simpler in the forefront. Over the years we have walked a long path and have explored how technology can leverage its ease into various aspects of daily lives. 

Here we list a few innovative ideas using artificial intelligence that are shaping the way we look at the world. 

  • In the Healthcare Sector 

Healthcare sector is one of the most advanced sectors that leverage the strength of technology to help us build a stronger and fitter world. When talking about AI startup ideas in healthcare, no one can deny the fact that it is enormous. From CT scan machines to ECG and ventilators and transplant surgeries everything that we can name here is technology. Other than this there are various software systems that add to the functioning of the healthcare sector. Some being Hospital Information Management System,  Pharmacy Management Software System, Medical Delivery System, etc. can mark the significance of technology in the industry. 

With machine learning apps ideas in the sector, there is a revolution that we have witnessed. AI and ML solutions can help medical practitioners to record and analyze data of various patients without much human intervention. 

Redivus Health is a strong AI application that makes it quite easier for medical practitioners and health care organizations to take leverage of the intuitive technology that would make it easier for them to provide better services. Medical industry cannot choose to commit errors as they can prove to be fatal and machine learning startup ideas 2021 are giving it a scope to be flawless. 

  • In the IT Sector 

When talking about the IT sector it becomes quite difficult to think which area isn’t dependent on technology. There are various innovative ideas using artificial intelligence that make it easier for the IT sector to come up with better tools to manage our world. It is an infinite circle where technology helps the field and the field helps technology to grow. 

As a common notion, a lot of people believe IT is limited to mobile app development. This is the farthest we can come from the truth. IT includes working on enhancements and bringing various technologically strong solutions to the table that would make things easier and better. Some of the machine learning android app ideas are so spectacular, although in their testing state that no one would have thought next is what. 

Who hasn’t heard of AI2, an AI-based platform that can predict cyber-attacks with its proactive contextual modeling which is as simple as a continuous loop between an AI-based system and a human analyst? MIT has been dedicatedly working on various aspects of AI solutions to bring in the market nothing less than the best. Artificial intelligence app ideas are surely changing the way the world does business.

  • In the Retail Sector

When it comes to the retail sector there are a lot of functions and operations that can look to machine learning apps for ease. We as technology partners for your AI application ideas make sure that the solutions that are offered to you have a technical edge and none in the market can compete with it. With the interactive interface that AI and ML technology have to offer you can surely move ahead in the market with your chins up. 

It is not just the small brands that are part of the real struggle here. One of the most popular AI business ideas in the field is predictive analysis, deep learning, and CSV. 

With NLP technology in action, it becomes easier to search for things.  Smart chatbots can help you manage the traffic on your digital store and use AI assistants in the brick-and-mortar store. 

  • In the Journalism Sector 

Journalism is one sector that runs on human power and it is very difficult to bring technology into the picture along with. With every sector being so dependent on technology for ease coming up with machine learning app ideas for the sector becomes a necessity. There is so much of groundwork that needs to be done. There are a lot of aspects that are to be explored where technology can automate the task and make things easier. There were days where everything was done manually. Cameras, records, edit everything. But these days half of the thing is automated thanks to technology.  AI in journalism doesn’t mean replacing the human workforce it simply means making things easier and better. 

Considering the functioning of the sector, let’s check the points where machine learning application ideas can be implemented for better results. 

AI to Check Plagiarism

AI checks the articles, mines data, analyses things, and transcribes interviews in a few clicks. If you are in the journalism industry, we can help you build AI-based solutions that can check for the details and mark plagiarism. 

AI for News Reporting: With trials and announcements of Xin Xiaomeng, after they tested for an AI-based male news anchor. It surely threatens the job of humans, but there is still almost half the decade to see this turn into an obvious reality. 

Journalism is one of the top sectors that rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.  

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  • In the Content Marketing Sector 

If you have been providing digital marketing solutions and want to understand how to make ai based apps then you surely are at the right stop. Digital marketing domain is one sector that runs over the internet. With content playing the most significant part in the story it becomes quite important for us to take care of what goes over the internet.  Some of the common artificial intelligence android projects are making it easier for us to work on content marketing strategies. 

Title Generators: 

With some tools that can help you generate better titles, it becomes quite easier for you to come up with better solutions. 

Hubspot’s Content Strategy Tool helps the content managers to set up a strategy and prompts that can help them build a strong brand identity. 

Predictive Content Analytics: Let the tools you integrate with your business, study your competition, analyze case studies and white papers and bring on the screen something that could be the catch.  

Marketo by Adobe is another great tool that makes use of the user data and suggests content that works the best for your customers.

Latest buzz in the market is content automation. Wherewith the NLG (Natural Language Generation) AI-based tool to offer real-time content.  

  • In the Storytelling Sector 

One of the most searched for machine learning web app ideas is to build an android app that lets you create a story of your own. There are tools that let you generate a story and help you narrate it with the least human interventions. The interaction of media and technology has long waited over the years and now with that being a reality, advancements are coming forward. For your AI ideas, 2021 having a storytelling app would be great. 

charisma.ai is the best example of what we can expect from an app that needs to be tailored around the theme. Build stories, see your characters come to life, and enjoy the details as you want. Set your plot, see what your readers like, modify for better results and enjoy the storytelling process like never before. 

  • In the Education Sector

This is one sector that we cannot think of leaving aside. Education sector has seen the most growth depending on the latest technology. If you have some artificial intelligence app ideas to enter the domain, then our experts can surely help. Education is a very basic sector and deals not only with the kids but professionals too. It is appreciable the way we have moved further. There are some channels that promote real-life experiences to students when they are learning. 

If you want to interact with AI application ideas then you would surely need to work on innovation. Most possible things expected in the market are already into existence, we need to make sure that we bring on the table a few things that would reflect the innovation and out-of the box solution for your organization. 

  • In the Financial Sector 

Artificial intelligence ideas for the field of the financial sector are overwhelming but quite complicated. With the rise of fintech, technology like AI, ML, VR, AR, IoT, etc. have seen great implementation in the field. Security and confidentiality become a major in this field. When it comes to talking about the AI ML ideas for the finance sector you need to be very specific. There are various opportunities that the field offers to investors in the field. 

If you want to get along with the working of machine learning business ideas you can always reach out to us for better results. 

Kiosk application is the best example of AI and ML in fintech. The way ATMs work without any manual assistance can surely be thanked for. You need not stand in queues in a bank to withdraw cash or get basic banking activities done.  

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  • In the Home Delivery Services 

The world is rushing at a great pace and home delivery services are gaining popularity at a rapid speed. There were days when the delivery valet would wait for you to collect your orders, but now is the time when you can get your food delivered by drones and robots. For any AI startup ideas this could be a great gamble to invest in. 

Soon you would find tiny robots wandering around and rushing towards you to get your orders delivered. A few organizations around the world have made it quite interesting for the delivery domain to avoid the traffic. The most common technologies used here are the Computer Vision system, GPS tracker, Automated Driving vehicles, etc. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have been changing the way things work and reach to us for machine learning apps ideas turn to reality. 

Starship Technologies along with food giant Doordash has experimented with robots delivering food to people in various cities. Although it is an experiment, for now, the idea would soon take a real-life picture.

Dominos has been working on delivering food via drones to avoid traffic and support no-contact delivery. 

If you too are looking forward to exploiting the power of technology in these domains, our AI solution providers can help you turn your story into a success story and you can boast of your AI startup idea. 

  • In the Travel Industry

When it comes to traveling there are a lot of things that need to be taken care of. Surely you tried managing everything well but it would not work for you. Sometimes you want to see the destination before you go to the place. With machine learning apps in action, you can surely see the places that you can visit once or twice. The 3d view can help you have a virtual tour of the place before even being there physically.  

Travel industry can come up with AI business ideas that can enhance the travelers’ experience and help you build a strong customer base that stays engaged with your business. 

  • Virtual Event Platform 

When it comes to event management, there were days it required a lot of preparations. Venue booking, ticket booking, audience count, seating arrangements, etc. Now the troubles have been limited to just sharing the link of the event. With AI-based tools to take care of your work, it is important that you can work on the virtual events and get your team together on the digital platform and conduct functions and events that become an important part of your office functioning. Virtual events have grown over time and ever since the outbreak of the pandemic we have gathered our game up for better results.  

For your AI startup idea 2021, a virtual platform could be the catch point. Once you start working on the field you would explore there is a lot that the field has to offer. Zoom and Google are already nailing the meeting platform with their advanced features. But they do lack in offering some more features that would make these gatherings realistic and strong. 

You can reach our virtual event planning software developers for an application that can help you stay connected with your employees and your clients. 

Sounds like an Idea!

Uff! The technology does have a lot to offer. 

If you want any of these ideas to be your next business idea, you can reach to the experts associated with Octal IT solution and see how your business idea turns into a money-making startup. 


Wrapping It Up!

Now that we have seen some magnificent and interesting solutions that AI and ML can offer us we have walked a long way. A decade back no one ever thought there would be a tool that would take care of your day-to-day tasks like switching on and off lights, drive vehicles, manage road traffic, etc. Over the years we have seen technology enter various parts of our lives and business areas and bring to us some great surprises. 

2021 is the right time to enter the digital domain with something interesting and engaging that supports social distancing and the least physical interactions. With virtual meetings and gatherings over the zoom, food being delivered by AI-assistants, BPOs being handled by AI-assistants, and other things being taken care of, it becomes quite important for us to earn the best reputation.


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