There was a time when shopping itself was considered a thing of nobility. Then, with rapid globalization, things started to change quickly and the burgeoning middle class got its taste. While the rich had the option to shop the most trending and appealing stuff, thanks to their personal shopping assistants, the middle class had to do it by themselves. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it failed miserably. Well, not anymore! Thanks to AI and Big Data technologies, the shopping world is about to get revolutionized with the introduction of virtual shopping assistant apps for everyone! In this article, we’re going to talk about how these cutting edge technologies help in creating these user-centric apps, and whether it’s the right time to start your own app that helps shopaholics around the world with their shopping. First, let’s start off with how these apps work.

A Deeper Look Into Virtual Shopping Assistant Apps

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We live in a time when huge chunks of data are being utilized by organizations every step of the way. This data is directly coming out of the behavior of internet users from across the globe. Keeping privacy intact, this data is helping organizations understand their user requirements and develop their products and services. One such service that’s becoming very popular these days is the virtual shopping assistant. Shopping assistant apps have a huge amount of data on shopping behavior at their disposal. This data has been collected through online shoppers and the way they buy any specific product online. In fact, there’s more to it than just shopping. This data also takes into account user reviews and ratings after purchase, noting every key point, both positive and negative, along the way.

Now, most shopping assistant apps in the past weren’t fully virtual. After collecting this data, an actual human was needed to interpret it the right way. These human assistants would then help the users in a perfect shopping experience.

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However, with the evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we’re now at a point where we can safely say goodbye to the human elements in these apps and let virtual platforms do everything on their own.

Let’s understand what factors AI takes into consideration before preparing a near-perfect algorithm for a user-specific shopping assistant

Shopping History

The first thing these shopping assistant apps do is try its best to understand your taste in a particular product or service that you are looking to buy. It does so by checking your previous shopping experiences with similar products to make the best

Market Trends

After receiving your history, these virtual assistants look for current market trends in your product of interest and analyze the data from online purchases from around the world.

Price Monitoring

After selecting the best possible option for the users, these apps then move on to finding the best possible price of particular products on various online shopping platforms. This way, these apps assist the user in finding their ideal products for the best price on the web.

Product/Service Reviews

Before preparing its final list, a virtual shopping assistant also factors in product reviews and ratings into its algorithm to enhance its user’s shopping experience.

Is it worth investing in Personal Shopper Apps driven by Big Data and AI?

Short answer, yes The rate at which people are moving from conventional to online shopping hardly keeps it a secret that online platforms are the future of retailing. These shopping apps can connect small and large retailers from one part of the world to another in a matter of milliseconds. Investing in a personal shopping assistant, therefore, seems like the perfect option today. We already discussed how most shopping assistant apps today need the use of humans to offer a shopping assistant platform, and hence, are still not fully automized. An AI and data-driven app, on the other hand, would be way more appealing to users because it’s going to cost nothing to download and use it, unlike a human one.

Shopping assistant apps are particularly booming in the following sectors

While other sectors are expected to catch up with virtual assistants soon, the ones mentioned above are a safe bet for investing in a new personal shopper app.

What You Need To Know Before Building Your Virtual Shopper AppNow that it’s clear that starting your own virtual shopping assistant app driven by AI is quite a profitable deal, it’s important to consider a few things that you will need to add in it to make it more interactive to the users.

Let’s discuss some of the important features that you are going to need in this kind of app

Advanced Search and Easy Navigation

One of the most appealing features of any app is its ease of use in terms of navigation and finding the right thing with a quick search. This is especially relevant in the case of user-centric assistant apps. A user shouldn’t find it arduous to search and navigate on what they can call their personal assistant.

Visible Support Options

The app should feel like it’s ready to answer all of the user’s questions related to any purchase, including the shopping history, billing details, package tracking, etc. This way, the user will have no problems spending a great deal of time on the app.

To-The-Point Categorization

Added to the list of key features is how accurately every item is categorized in the app. Again, from a user’s perspective, this is a big plus!

Other Users Feedback

If you are building an app run by AI, it’s important to add testimonials, reviews, and feedback of other users that are using it. This way, a user has a sense of assurance when they are surfing through your app, which is an important aspect of online shopping.

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To sum up, it’s a perfect time to build your own personal shopper app. When you build your app with these key features in mind, its success is almost a sure shot!

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