Pacing digitalization and dependency on smartphones not only preceding towards success but highly striking the physical and mental health of the users. According to a recent survey, around 71% of adults claim to suffer from one of the symptoms of stress, anxiety, or depression. Not only this, 15% of the population reported huge stress and mental health disorders at their work-spaces due to any reason. Thus, seeking the demand for mental health app development came into existence. The application that has turned the table around was Youper. Many companies have designed similar or resembling modules based on their features.

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A new upgradation added to the mental health application development was Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution. The utilization of transcript and audio inputs integrated with Machine Learning (ML) helped in detecting the pattern of speeches. So today the article conveys How One Can Develop Emotional Health Assistance App? Similarly, we will read the benefits, features, and requirements of such kind of development. But before this, we will learn about emotional health assistance apps and their features. So here we go.

What Is Emotional Health Assistance App Development?

Emotional health is termed as the approach toward overall health where an individual can control or manage their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, action & reactions, etc. But with the growing competition at work-places, the stress in personal life, failure, etc. are some issues with have drastically impacted the individual’s health.

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Now, what is the term Assistance means?

Assistance is helping in something. It is an aid to complete any task or perform any activity with proper guidance. In the light of Emotional Health, assistance is helping you in controlling human behavior or if you are stuck with some health issues then assistance is the real guide to overcome that.

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With the growing health and mental disorders, companies have started to develop apps that can work out for people facing AI-Based So this is why emotional health apps development came into existence.

Know More About AI Based “Youper” Emotional Health Assistance

So those of you, wanting to know about the Youper Mental Health App, here is a sneak peek. As we have already explained that this app targets the mental health of the patients, hence all the information displayed will be in the context of emotional health only.

Your is a chatbot named emotional health assistance which gives Emotional Health Tools and Mental Insights. It helps in involving the user in accelerated digital negotiations. Here the chatbots so deployed work as a friend speaking to you in the same manner. The assistance then asks a few questions and your answers are then elaborated.

A quick analysis then gives a result or report card type of sheet which checks anxiety level, heartbeats, depression standards, etc. Now comes the points, where this idea came from?

Youper is segregated as You=Super=Youper. It was founded by psychiatrist Dr. Jose Hamilton in 2016 after he commuted to the US from his native town Brazil. He worked with patients battling depressions and anxiety.

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The central attribute of this application is an AI-enabled chatbot. Users can anytime open the app and start their healthy conversations, speak up their heart & mind. These short conversations help you focus on different things present in the app, not on the main problem.

The owner of the app Hamilton claims that within 7 minutes of conversations with your chatbot, the user feels much better from his/her previous state.

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What are the Benefits of Emotional Health Assistance App Development?

There are several health benefits of utilizing and developing an app like youper. But before this, you must be willing to know what exactly Youper does? It is similar to other apps but functions more for the users who are stuck with some emotional health issues.

So here are some of the benefits of getting mobile app development done for emotional health apps:

Advantages of Emotional Health Application Development:


It has some interactive sessions which let any user fall for the app easily. Simultaneously, the user gets engaged in the sessions which release focus from the problem and then ultimately result in easing the mind and soul both. User-friendly appearance, intuitive features drag the mind of the user towards the current situation and set free their mind from the problems.

Worthwhile Attribute

The app development brings you some significant features like emotional state tracking, meditating levels, gratitude, mood evaluation, and many other checks like a heartbeat, blood pressure, etc.

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Rating & Reviews

One more benefit of this app is you can rate any of its features or segment on their respective platform. You can provide feedback on any section on the app easily which is analyzed by the authorities within a quick span. Sometimes this feedbacks get implemented on the app for a better approach to the consumer.

Great UI/UX

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The apps so developed holds magnificent UI-UX that expands the audience reach. Users can easily navigate any section, can jump from one page to another, and can get any help from the instance assistance (if applied). This makes the reliability of the application among users and you get a targeted audience for your app.

Engagement of Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence here automates some of the works of the experts. The chatbots replies to the queries asked by any user of the application. The chatbots applied make intelligent answering to the user for satisfying their mental or emotional state. The conversations held are just like taking counseling from some experts or giving therapy to the mind.

Easy Logins

Signing up on the application is also easy. Users can log in with some simple steps like with the contact number of their email ID. On the whole, you will get an amazing experience once you are used to the mental health app.

Features to Contemplate for Mental Health App Development like Youper

So now that you are aware of every aspect of the Youper app, if you are planning to make a similar app then here are some of the common features you should consider before any development. It helps you develop the exact app which the consumer wants. Similarly, an app like youper are more in demand and can boost your business:

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Customizations in Design & Development

There should be some customizations in the application development. It simply means that you should invest in custom apps, not in the white-label (on-demand) apps. The reason behind motivating for custom apps is readymade app development solutions are done to provide a general blend of requirements. A custom app is always developed on the business requirement of the customers. Simultaneously, you can add the common feature available in the Youper app and after this, you can check the feasibility of the application.

In the light of mental health apps, you have to be careful along with the constructions of features on the app. Emotional health apps should be easy to navigate and if you are deploying the AI Chatbots then the assistance should be as friendly as possible.

Linking with Third-Party Apps

Any app that can connect with other third-party apps is considered the best app development solution. Many times it is found that. The user wants some extra features among which Integration with Third-Party is a common one.

Integrations with other apps can pull up your visibility and accessing the other features on the app, let users recommend your app to another person. These functions are not the core app functions but exist because of the third-party integrations.

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Thus the development should encourage apps to get connected with third-party apps which boosts the productivity and visibility among the audience.

Identifying Audience Behaviour

Before all these steps, one should contemplate the targeted audience and their behavior towards the mental health apps in the region. This will give you a clear vision of the functions you need and what type of health assistance you should be developing.

For example, a person who is suffering from “Schizophrenia” wants to cure his/her problem of getting hallucinations. He will be targeting the app which can help him overcome this problem. Therefore, emotional health assistance should be built keeping in the mind the requirements and behaviors of the people in the respective region.

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Intuitive Development

Another important feature you can add to your mental health assistance development is intuitive apps. It is considered as the best approach to have something unique and stand-out features which users easily adapt to. The app should be interactive, move after the text, and must have the ability to become a brand in itself.

Simultaneously, the app must have high-security standards, which makes any user feel completely safe on entering personal detail on the app. Therefore before any development process, you need to think about the interactive part and security parameters of the apps.


In this fully loaded tech world, functionality in the apps is just like putting the cherry on the cake. But one should have a precise thought in mind that all these functionalities are of no use if a user is not able to access them. Thus, whatever feature you implement should be properly in the hands of the users.

UI/UX is the term card in this context. With proper development and advance yet simple UI/UX, you can give users the freedom to get their hands on any feature of the application. Smart chatbots, easy conversation, proper diagnosis of the user’s emotional health, etc. are some of the functionality which can be tracked by putting smart action buttons, mailing reports, etc.

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Latest Upgradations

Implementing new functionality, upgraded versions of apps are something that engages your audience more accurately. The updates can be provided with a pop-up on the app itself and then on the respective platform.

This makes your app flaunt its new functionality more easily and captivate your audience. This also helps to expand the business and helping the actual needy in terms of their mental health.

How to Develop Emotional Health Assistance Like Youper?

development process

Now comes the final segment i.e. Development part. Having said about the benefits, features of the Youper app, we will now be discussing the steps to deploy in constructing apps like Youper.

  1. Evaluating the Business Goals

    Settling any business involves a few stages among which Business Goals is the top segment. These are the ladders on which the business is going to bloom. In most easy words, there should be some objective of your business before entering the market.

  2. Add Similar Feature like Youper

    An attribute-oriented app is always eye-catchy and is admired by its audience. When we talk about emotional health assistance development, there should be features like Sleep Tracker, To-do Lists, Calendar, and checklists.

  3. The hiring of Dedicated Team

    Another huge step you need to take in the development of emotional health apps is hiring an app development team. You must have an expert panel for analyzing and developing the business needs. A team may include front-end and back-end developers, a tester, a UI-UX engineer, and so on. Moreover, you can be connected with a full stack developer or a mean-stack developer to develop your AI-based mental health app.

  4. Quality Checks

    Once the app is framed and functionality is deployed, you have to run the quality checks on the applications. Testing of the application confirms that there are no bugs, no technical glitches in the application. Any error or bug so confirmed, are reported to the development team for corrections. The testing team plays a vital role in approving the work done by the developers.

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Final Words

So here we sum up the context on How We Develop An App Like Youper. It is an emotional health tracing app, developed to heal user’s minds and detach them from being in a negative zone. Youper has crossed all the records and stood as the magnificent app in terms of treating the mentally unstable individual.

We have also shared some important steps through which you may have your mental health assistance for the related patients or users.

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