Have you ever seen a complex website or app landing page and wanted to stay there for more than 5 seconds? Have you ever wanted to read the overdose of text and look at the pictures with striking colors in an app? Nobody would probably like to keep such an app on their phone for more than 2 minutes.

This has led the app development companies to work on the design as much as they work on the development procedure of an app. The design of an app plays a pivotal role in the success of that particular app, as it can either make or break the future of a company. So, it is on you to decide what to offer to your users. Please give them a page full of text, images, and links or a clear page with the most important things they need.

App developers have started laying emphases on the design these days to ensure more users for the app. They have become very creative and innovative with designs, making it look real and handy.

How important is the UI (User Interface)?

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Extremely important indeed! It is the page which interacts with the users making an app likeable or not likeable. It should be interactive and easy to use, therefore any app’s UI should be created keeping in mind the views of the customers and the users. A developer’s main aim is to create an interactive UI.

What is UX (User Experience)?

Giving the best experience to the users is the idea behind UX. By giving a positive experience like no other to the users is of the utmost importance which helps in converting regular customers into loyal customers. The journey of a user should be converted into an exciting experience, and that is the main aim of UX.

Deliverables of UX/UI

Both of these have different deliverables as their functions vary from each other. Going through various phases, the work of UI/UX is never ending as the companies have to take care of their customers or users throughout their lifetime.

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Losing even a single user can hamper their goodwill. The deliverables of the two are made to deliver better communication and documentation with the clients.

First let’s take a look at the deliverable of UX:

Customer Needs

The app developers have to understand the behavior of the users, therefore they must understand the expectations of the users from the products and deliver a product accordingly. The understand of a buyer’s persona helps the developer to communicate well with the client and give reasoning on which features are more important in the app.

Competitive Analysis Report

Keeping a tab on the strengths and weaknesses of other competitive apps helps an app thrive well in the market. A competitive analysis report helps measure the amount of competition your app will face once it is launched. If, at any point in time, you fail to understand the competition level in the app world, all your efforts in developing the app will go in vain, and the app might not be able to fare well.

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User Journey

These are the minute specifications of user behavior towards your app. It helps identify the expectations of your app users. It also emphasizes the time a user spends, his reactions, needs, and thoughts on your app.

Interactive Prototype

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The last and the most important deliverable of UX, this one helps save a lot of time and gets the work done efficiently. The designer gets the leverage to convey his ideas to the company or his employers about what might work in the app’s favor. It also sheds light on how the product will look once it is launched in the app world.

Now, take a look at the UI deliverables

Visual designs

Would you want to open an app and stay on it for even 2 minutes if you see a cluster of words and colors? Well, many might just want to delete the app right away. Understanding the elements of visual design is very important. These elements include the likes of colors, layouts, images, photography, typography, etc.

Mood boards

Getting the basic idea of what the developer is working on is called mood boards.

Dynamic photography

If you want to improve the overall functioning of your app, then you must invest time in dynamic prototyping of the app. With this, the UI can be created by the likes of the desires.

A look at the components one needs to consider while designing UI/UX mobile applications 

Interaction design

An interactive and well-coordinated design is all that users like to see in their apps. There are certain elements that contribute to an interactive design. These important elements include the likes of fonts, images, colors, aesthetics, text, etc.

Information Architecture

Navigating is something which all users want an easy hand with. The IA lets you make a smooth navigation system which will enhance the user experience letting them switch from the browser without any hassle.


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No app goes to the app store for installation without clearing the testing phase. Wireframe ideally means testing the app before letting the users download it. A sample should be created with a similar design and launched before launching the main application.


This component deals with the users’ self-serving ways. The developers have to make sure that the users can solve issues themselves. It overlooks the point that the users are self-sufficient and are getting the information they need for the application.

Visual design

An app should be interactive and should look appealing to the eye of a user. The more complex the app, the lesser the number of downloads it will see. Therefore, it should be easy to use and attractive to look at.

Next, let’s look at the importance of mobile apps in UI/UX design

Creating an app with attractive features and failing at its design is a failure on the developer’s part. The app might never be able to pick pace in this case. UI/UX plays a pivotal role in the development of an app. Let’s look at some important pointers:

  • Attraction for users: A well-designed product has a longer life than those not made with UI/UX in mind. An app should be able to grab users’ attention, and they should stay on it for long. A well-designed app also attracted loyal users.
  • App stores features: If an app receives good ratings and reviews on app stores, the app is likely to be featured on top and get noticed by the users. It is important to make sure that the UI/UX of an app is good enough to be featured on the Play Store of the App Store.

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  • Creating an impression: The first impression should always be good so that the users return to the app repeatedly. If one succeeds in making an attractive app, it will also be liked by the users and get a good word of mouth, which is the best kind of publicity. This will increase the usage time and win the confidence of the users. All this can only be done with the help of an efficient UI/UX design.
  • Customers become loyal: A person using an app with exceptional design and good elements will always win users who are loyal to the app and would never want to uninstall the app from their device. A perfectly designed app with the help of UI/UX gives a satisfying experience to the users which is of utmost importance to the developers.

While developing an app with the help of UI/UX, here are the best practices you should keep in mind:

  • Make use of convectional elements like colors, symbols, buttons and icons.
  • Maintain uniformity in the design so that the changes don’t stress the users.
  • Choosing a UI designer should be done carefully as they are the driving force behind creating an appealing app.
  • Make the app much interactive as possible for better returns and generating the interest of the users.
  • Consider designs that are specific to certain platforms.
  • Make an app keeping in mind the speed of the app. The speed should not become heavy with these designs.
  • Maintain simplicity as users are more likely to use simpler apps as compared to those that are difficult to use and loaded with features.


Making an app is easier, but keeping the UI/UX in mind is paramount. It might take a little more time for the developer, but it helps the app to sustain in the app store in the long run. An app should be attractive and interactive, for which all companies should consider employing special UI/UX designers.

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