Artificial Intelligence app development has positively impacted every industry, from finance to healthcare. We regularly interact with AI knowingly or unknowingly through biometrics, self-driving cars, smart search engines, virtual assistants, chatbots, etc. Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are investing their best AI developers in AI-based platforms and solution development. Using these platforms, top AI development companies are also putting their efforts into bringing more and more innovation to AI applications and AI software development processes.

In this article, we will understand the potential of AI software Development and how it can restructure a business’s operations. The most common impact of AI software development would be automating repetitive tasks. Machines are getting smarter daily as they are fed data to keep learning over time. It is a significant reason behind the spike in demand for the best AI development companies and best AI developers.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a cognitive science technique to build something that can mimic human intelligence to perform tasks. Alan Turing first proposed the concept of AI development in early 1950. He also introduced a Turing test to measure the ability of machines to mimic human intelligence. Since then, Artificial Intelligence has made significant progress and has come a long way.

Currently, it is classified as one of the leading technologies worldwide. Face and speech recognition, ADAS, smart search engines, and Smart AI chatbots are prime examples of AI app development and capability.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Stats and Facts

  • Most of us have heard about Artificial Intelligence in the past decade; however, AI has existed since 1950.
  • According to the latest report, around 80%-85% of customer interactions were through AI-powered chatbots.
  • The market valuation of AI app development was approximately $136 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to reach $309 billion by 2025.
  • The number of AI app developers working in the top artificial intelligence development companies or AI space is estimated to reach 97 million by 2026.  
  • Most companies, including tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Intel, look forward to harnessing the power of AI.

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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Development Companies

You must first find a top AI development company to build feature-rich AI software. Based upon the experience, portfolio, capabilities, technologies, and market reputation, here are the leading AI app developers across the globe.

1. Octal IT Solution – Best AI Development Company

Octal IT Solution Logo

A leading provider of AI app development services, Octal IT Solution, has existed in the market since 2007 and has developed dozens of AI-based software and mobile applications. The AI app developers at Octal use cutting-edge technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Strategic AI consulting, and Document Recognition to build a powerful AI application.

One of the leading services provided by Octal under their AI application development segment is AI Chatbot development. The company has offered innovative artificial intelligence app development solutions to various industries, including banking & finance, healthcare, media & entertainment, retail & e-commerce, education & elearning, and many more.

  • Year of Establishment – 2007
  • Headquarters – Sarasota, Florida, USA
  • Number of Employees – 250-500
  • Main Services – Artificial Intelligence App, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Blockchain, AI software development
  • Key Clients – Zee5, Clarins, Hungama, Vodafone, IBM, BMW

2. Appinventiv – Best AI App Development Company

AppInventiv Logo

Appinventiv stands out as a pioneering AI development company, propelling businesses into the future with cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions. Their expert team navigates the complex realms of machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision, tailoring innovative applications that redefine industries. With a commitment to excellence, Appinventiv ensures seamless integration of AI into diverse business ecosystems, enhancing efficiency and unlocking new possibilities.

  • Established Year: 2015
  • Headquarters: Noida, India
  • Number of Employees: 250 to 999
  • Main Services: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Product Development, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, AI software development
  • Key clients: Nova, Gurushala, MAAN, Asian Bank, IKEA

3. Markovate – Leading AI Development Company

Markovate - best AI development companies

Markovate is one of the best AI development companies that offer customized and robust solutions across various industries, from education to finance. This company has been developing and delivering AI solutions for years and has built a strong foundation of trust.

Markovate has a proven track record of helping other businesses identify AI possibilities and build custom solutions. Their list of services involves stable diffusion, ChatGPT integration, AI mobile app development and consultancy, generative AI-powered solutions, etc. The AI app developers at Markovate work closely with their clients to better understand the objective and develop AI solutions accordingly.

  • Established Year – 2015
  • Headquarters – San Francisco, California
  • Number of Employees – 11 to 50
  • Main Services – Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Solutions, Blockchain, Web 3.0
  • Key Clients – FedEx, Kraft Foods, WePay, Sellvage, Ripple

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4. Leeway Hertz – Top-notch AI developers

Leeway Hertz

Leeway Hertz is another name in our list of top artificial intelligence development companies. This AI app developer has developed custom and robust AI solutions for start-ups and enterprise-level companies across various industries.

The AI app developers at Leeway Hertz have years of experience and expertise in blockchain app development, cloud computing solutions, artificial intelligence app development, etc. This company also takes pride in developing custom AI solutions with the same capabilities as DALL-E and Midjourney. On top of that, they maintain 100% transparency with their clients throughout the project development, along with timely updates.

  • Established Year – 2007
  • Headquarters – San Francisco, CA
  • Number of Employees – 51 to 200
  • Main Services – Blockchain, AI & ML, Cloud Solutions, Mobile App Development, IoT, Artificial Intelligence App Development
  • Key Clients – ESPN, NASCAR, McKinsey, Siemens, Pearson

5. STX Next – One of The Top AI Development Companies

STX Next

STX Next is also recognized as the leading AI app development company. It has helped hundreds of businesses worldwide digitally transform and played a significant role in their success story.

STX Next organizes open discussions with clients to learn more about their objectives and identify AI possibilities. It takes pride in providing AI app development services from scratch according to business requirements. They utilize the most prominent frameworks and tools throughout the AI application development cycle to build a unique and robust solution.

  • Established Year – 2005
  • Headquarters – Poznań, Wielkopolskie
  • Number of Employees – 501 to 1,000
  • Main Services – Artificial Intelligence App Development, Software Development, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Web App Development
  • Key Clients – DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Web Development, Testing & QA

6. ThirdEye Data – Top AI Software Development Company

ThirdEye Data

The list of best artificial intelligence development companies is incomplete without ThirdEye Data. The company is well renowned for providing AI-powered solutions for CCTV cameras. AI app development services offered by ThirdEye Data include versatile and advanced features for addressing several issues.

Their AI solutions notify and warn the employees of a particular business if any of their customers need assistance or if someone tries to rob. Additionally, ThirdEye gathers data to offer real-time insights. It can single-handedly provide analytics, security and help in operations.

  • Established Year – 2010
  • Headquarters – San Jose, California
  • Number of Employees – 51 to 200
  • Main Services – Big Data, Artificial Intelligence App Development, Product Development, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing  
  • Key Clients – Amazon, Microsoft, Glastrosch, Ecotrak, Brave Thinking Institute

7. Addepto – Leading AI Developers


Addepto has realized the importance of data and utilizes it to train AI products and solutions to help emerging start-ups and businesses. This company is one of the best artificial intelligence development companies. Addepto offers businesses end-to-end ML, Business Intelligence, and AI solutions after custom crafting according to their requirements.

It has worked with multiple companies across various industries and profoundly understands business operations. The team of AI app developers, Business Analysts, and mobile app developers work together to establish their clients’ goals and develop a solution according to them.

  • Established Year – 2018
  • Headquarters – Warsaw, Mazowieckie
  • Number of Employees – 11 to 50
  • Main Services – Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, NLP Solutions, Generative AI Development, Data Engineering
  • Key Clients – Porsche, SITA, Ziff Davis, ABB, MSG, Jabil

8. Celebal Technologies – Awarded Enterprise AI Software Developers

Celebal Technologies - best AI development companies

Celebal Technologies has been helping hundreds of businesses boost innovation and productivity by leveraging Artificial Intelligence app development solutions. It has been listed as one of the best artificial intelligence development companies as it introduces enterprise-ready data platforms and AI solutions.

Moreover, Celebal Technologies offers custom AI app development services to craft a distinctive and tailored AI solution for businesses. The AI products and solutions they developed are helping companies to harness AI power, allowing them to grow exponentially and grab a competitive advantage in the industry.

  • Established Year – 2015
  • Headquarters – Gurugram, India
  • Number of Employees – 2,000 to 2200
  • Main Services – Data Engineering, AI Consulting, Business Analytics, Power BI, DataOps, SAP on cloud, AI software development
  • Key Clients –FYI, Adobe, Camping World, Carhatt, American Packaging Corporation

9. Snorkel AI – Best AI App Development Services Solution

Snorkel AI - best AI development companies

The company focuses on solving the most complex AI software development tasks with the help of artificial intelligence and big data. It is counted among the top fake intelligence development companies as it takes pride in empowering government authorities and Fortune 500 companies to accelerate their growth through AI software development.

The top companies in the industry, like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and Venture Beat, are making their AI app development services available. The team of best minds at Snorkel AI believes in conducting proper research to address the possibilities; consequently, they build a custom AI software solution accordingly.

  • Established Year – 2019
  • Headquarters – Redwood City, California
  • Number of Employees – 51 to 200
  • Main Services – Artificial Intelligence consultancy, Machine Learning, AI development, Data Quality, Generative AI, Fintech Software Development
  • Key Clients – Forbes, Nasdaq, VentureBeat, The Wall Street Journal, TC

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10. ISS Art – One of the Most Popular Top AI Development Companies


Founded in 2003, ISS Art is also a leading AI development company. The company has been delivering robust solutions to multinational corporations. ISS Art has simplified their clients’ complex tasks by utilizing their expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, OCR, NLP, the Internet of Things, computer science, and data engineering.

This AI mobile app development company has offered services for the past two decades and has successfully handled hundreds of projects. The best minds at ISS Art work hand in hand with their clients to attain a better understanding of the objective and develop the solution accordingly.

  • Established Year – 2003
  • Headquarters – San Francisco
  • Number of Employees – 51 to 200
  • Main Services – Internet of Things, Natural Language Processing, QA Services, Artificial Intelligence development, AI software development
  • Key Clients – Versane, Razor, Cerulean Studios LLC, InFocus, Janisko LLC

11. InData Labs – Best AI Software Development Company

InData Labs

InData Labs has AI and Big Data expertise and is listed among the top AI development companies. This company has been offering AI app development services to businesses of all sizes and helps them automate processes, understand customer behavior, and obtain meaningful insights.

InData Labs can build a custom AI solution and AI software from scratch or improve existing solutions. Another good thing about the AI mobile app development company is that it maintains transparency with all its clients. The testimonials of InData Labs describe the excellent quality of services.

  • Established Year – 2015
  • Headquarters – San Francisco, CA
  • Number of Employees – 201 to 500
  • Main Services – Generative AI, Data Engineering, Predictive Analytics, Computer Vision, Big Data
  • Key Clients –GSMA, Extrance, Myka, Flo, Interprefy, AI software development

12. Bonus: Systango – Artificial Intelligence App Development

Systango - best AI development companies

Systango has been helping start-ups and enterprise-level businesses harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. With that being addressed, it is one of the best AI development companies. Systango is proud to be able to help businesses grow quickly and make data-driven decisions.

The best AI software developers at Systango also keep up with the latest tech stack to develop a well-functioning and robust AI solution. It has also been awarded multiple times for its excellent services. It can become an end-to-end IT service provider that can help meet both small and big requirements.  

  • Established Year – 2007
  • Headquarters – London, England
  • Number of Employees – 201 to 500
  • Main Services – Artificial Intelligence Development, Digital Marketing, Web3 Native, Data Engineering, DevOps
  • Key Clients – SeeQuestor, Cuentas, CredWorthy, Oak9, Sila

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What are the Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized and restructured business operations. Automating repetitive tasks, reducing expenditure, and improving efficiency are common use cases. However, AI application development has a lot more to serve if appropriately leveraged. Thus, we have covered a few unique use cases related to AI application development.

1. Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence app development can be used to build a personalized smart AI chatbot or virtual assistant for a business that intelligently answers the user’s query by leveraging robust technologies like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, analytics, etc. The bot is trained using the data collected by the business through different sources. Several sorts of chatbots can be developed for customer support, in-house assistance, RPA, acquiring leads, scheduling meetings, etc.

2. Biometrics

Artificial Intelligence has also enhanced security standards as it can help with facial recognition. AI solutions can cross-verify a user’s facial features from a database to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of the biometric.

3. Smart Search

Before AI, searching for a particular thing necessitated writing down an exact string. It was pretty frustrating and time-consuming. On the other hand, AI app development has solved this issue by introducing voice search, string suggestions, etc. Music apps like Shazam offer smart search; using this feature, a user can find any song just by providing a 20-second sample.

4. Behavioral Pattern

AI application development can also help businesses analyze the behavior of their potential customers by using neural networks. It enables companies to recommend their products and services to their customers according to their actions and behaviors. According to a case study, recommending products or services after analyzing behavioral patterns leads to more conversion.

5. Emotion Recognition

AI is fruitful for businesses if leveraged correctly. Emotion recognition is one of the most thrilling benefits of Artificial Intelligence. It enables companies to track down the emotions of their customers efficiently. Therefore, the entertainment industry invests in AI application development to track customers’ emotions and recommends content accordingly.

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How to develop an AI-powered solution OR AI Software?

Most businesses understand the use case and importance of leveraging Artificial Intelligence. As a result, companies look forward to investing in Artificial Intelligence development to build a custom solution according to their requirement. Therefore, here is a quick guide for help.

1. Seek consultancy to find AI possibilities

The initial step includes investing time and energy to find AI development possibilities in your business. If you already have an issue to fix with AI, then that’s great. Or else, you can seek free consultancy from any of the top AI mobile app development companies. They can help you find AI possibilities in your business.

2. Find a reliable AI development company

Once you have found the AI possibilities in your business, it’s time to start searching for one of the best AI development companies to develop a custom solution. The AI app development company can be evaluated based on their experience, testimonials, service quality, team size, pricing, tech stack, etc.

3. Building AI Algorithm

The AI app development company will take over from here and develop a custom AI solution targeting your business’s particular issue or possibility. It includes developing robust AI algorithms to instruct machines and computers on how to operate or what to do upon a specific event or activity.

4. Gather and Prepare Data

As we all know, AI solutions are trained through big data. It’s time to gather the relevant data and hand it over to the AI development company. The company will use it to train the AI algorithms solution to work effectively. Necessary help can be taken from the AI app developers to gather and prepare data for training.

5. Quality Analysis and Testing

Once the AI product has been developed and trained with high-quality data, it’s time to analyze its quality and test it in different situations. The team of testers runs the AI solutions through the most complicated problems possible to examine its capabilities. The AI developers keep running the tests until they are sure about the quality of the product.

6. Launch

The last step is integrating the AI application development and enjoying its benefits. Even after the AI solution is live, it is maintained and upgraded as time passes. In case any bug or error is discovered, then it is fixed on priority by the AI app development company.

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How Much Does AI Development Cost?

The AI app development cost cannot be specified as it depends upon various factors like project complexity, the origin of the AI App Development Company, timeline, tech-stack, etc. The basic formula to calculate the AI application development cost is multiplying the developer’s per hour cost by the estimated hours required for product development.

Also, here is a free suggestion: i.e., I would prefer hiring one of the top AI development companies from a nation like India as their artificial intelligence app development cost is much lower compared to other countries. Check the table for your reference.

CountryCost Per Hour
Australia$80 to $180
U.S.A$80 to $160
Russia$50 to $150
Ukraine$40 to $100
India$20 to $50

Considering this, a simple Artificial Application with basic features costs around $50,000 to $100,000 if you hire an India-based AI app development company. A complex AI application with advanced features may cost as much as $200,000.

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The benefits of Artificial Intelligence software development should be clear by now. It is the only technology that has enabled businesses to track the emotions and behavior of their users to make significant recommendations and suggestions.

AI & ML can also help automate monotonous and dull tasks to reduce expenditure and enhance the productivity of employees. As a result, most businesses are highly invested in AI app development to build a custom and dedicated solution to attain a winning edge over competitors. Our team exclusively picks the names in our list of top AI development companies after deep research, analysis, and evaluation.

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