Women can’t limit themselves to roam on the roads beside the time catching her at home. Yes, we are living in 2022 but talking about the safety of a woman comes in a confusing state. How modern a woman is in this technological world? We can’t keep them separate from the fact that women need safety and for safety assurance, they need some survival assistance option that would keep them safe when they are alone. And here comes into picture women safety app development.

The role of reliable women’s safety solutions will be like a companion for them to push their boundaries wherever they want besides the time. With a girls’ safety app solution having in their hands now they need not answer a few questions from their well-wishers or their families like “where they are” and “how long would it take them to reach their home”. 

The women’s safety solution could deliver whatever solution a woman needs in any critical time without any hustle. Being an industrial expert it is your responsibility to deliver some engaging and helpful solutions while deciding on every perspective to make a comprehensive and suitable application for women. 

Today with this blog we are going to help you to build your application that will benefit most women to have the best effective defense against any criminal activity. They will get an immediate solution on behalf of that safety app for women. 

So let’s get started and come over next is the market analysis about the safety and how reliable the apps are and what further would be needed to brush the gap between the existing industry and what is helpful for women before the technology environment in the applications. 

Women Safety App


Market analysis stats for women’s safety in 2022

In the last 5 years, we have seen significant growth in the market of women’s safety app development, especially with the increase in the rate of molestation and mishaps that occurred with the women. The existing industry is also likely to add more development and technology inside the solution for the women to deliver them better safe solutions. 

We have seen that technology, especially 5G and AI, has played an important role in deploying safety solutions using GPS warnings alarms, SMS, and likewise to warn the special people and relatives at the time of need. It would face a maximum rate of 20% growth in coming up with safer solutions for women. The App For Women Security includes various features like text messages to emails or sending a loud tone alarm like a whistle to alert and win the next person who is trying to molest the woman. 

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What do you understand about the Women Safety App? 

If we are talking about what the women’s safety application is all about then in a single line we can see that it is a surgical solution for the women in case of emergency when they are outside their home and facing any kind of endangered situation. 

To overcome the situation there is a solution that will help that victim at the time when they face unsafe and away from their parents. There is a solution that can reside in their smartphone and call and action to the parents and their relatives to get them aware that their child is in some horrible situation. So that they can come instantly and mug their child out of that situation. 

Application is a comprehensive solution that consists of advanced features, Technology, and functionalities through driving the most vital solution at the time of emergency. 

One thing in addition to the app is there is an emergency button which while tapping will get the nearby security and police investigators in action. 

We have talked about the brief idea of what a woman’s safety application is all about. Now it’s high time to discuss how it would be beneficial for the women and how you could develop the application keeping all the essential features in your mind. 

Women Security App

Why create the women’s safety app?

The Women Security App Development is helpful in many ways to keep the parents aware that their kids are their girl child so that they can be in touch in those critical situations which could happen to them anytime. 

Let’s look at some of the crucial factors that will help the industry expert as well to submerge their next safety application for women. 

  • First of all the application is assured and ready for the parents to get aware of their child’s current location. 
  • As the application facilitates 24/7 support to the women it will be helpful for the parents and the relatives to constantly connect with their girl child for women using the GPS tracking technology. 
  • The application consists of an SOS emergency button that sends an alert alarm or warning when pressed by the women at the time when the field is safe and they need instant help. 
  • The application collects all of the information from a group of a family and relatives and also retraces the previous journey insights and the steps where they visit and that will be the possible place of the girl to be found at the time of emergency. All important data is collected by the application and at the time of Trigger or an emergency call by the women, it will instantly retrace everything to give the best possible location of the women. 
  • Application is more than just a safety solution for women. It collects and stores all of the sensitive information like ID and has protection restoration likewise for delivering the best safety solution to the women and keeping faith in the minds of the parents about that child. 

We have till now understood what the application is all about and how beneficial it can be for the women endangered. So let’s move into the next important segment which is the features that would be needed to develop a solid application for women’s safety. 

Must-have features for Women Safety Application

  • First login process

This is the first step to login inside the Women Safety App Development instantly. Women using the application can opt for many platforms to sign up or log in via the application. She can log in via social media account or using her email and phone number she can generate the user id and password for the same. 

While using this feature make sure that your App would have a super-secure login process to restrict any hackers to mug up inside the application platform. 

  • Profile management

This is a super-powerful feature for the admin to manage the users in the applications within a few taps on their smartphones. While using such profile management features the admin can limit any of the improper persons inside the application and only allows the valid user to deliver comprehensive security 24/7. 

  • 24/7 technical support

This feature helps the users to assist them 24/7. This is a free tech supported by the app owner to their users.

  • Free installation of server

This is a server management feature that circulates a vital solution for all of the members who are inside a group in the application to deliver mess-free accessibility 24/7 with their relatives. 

  • Location sharing feature

The location-sharing feature is a well-known feature that uses GPS technology to directly give the alarm call to the relatives at the time of emergency. It is a very advanced feature to access the real-time location of the individual and promptly help them in endangered situations. 

  • Help alert in case of emergency

Using the SOS emergency button the victim or the woman is aware of their relatives, family members, and their friends at the time they are not in a safe situation and want help from them when nobody is trustworthy. 

  • Monitoring of the battery

This is another advanced feature that can regulate the battery management of the mobile phones efficiently so that in the time of emergency the victim could not face any shortage of to turn off the mobile phones. It gives an alarm and push-up notifications to the group so that each member gets aware of their batteries and they will charge them accordingly.

  • Data management of the previous location

Using this feature the admin takes functionality to work cohesively. App manages data of every person inside the group and traces their previous history.

  • Sharing two places alerts

This is the emergency button feature that will share the Alert messages to the group where parents and all other relatives are available and at the nearby police station so any one of them could reach the woman and the right time. 

  • Family driving report

This is another feature that helps to manage all of the data out of the source and the destination points where the family was traveling in the past few days. This would be the driving factor at the time to find out the location of the girl.

  • Give call an SMS alert every 5 minutes

This is an important feature as it will keep the alarm in a loop of 5 minutes to make sure that each person inside the group will get aware that there is an emergency.



Some of the innovative features relocated inside the application

  • Wearable devices integrate the body’s vitals

Variable devices are so much in Trend in 2022 also they are very vital. It helps the women to take care of their health in their daily time by giving them notifications about the messages and checking their health. The app would force women to keep their health on the right track.

  • Blockchain assessment to secure the user data

Blockchain is not about functioning only on the financial application, it is a subversive way that can enhance the human rights protection in the safety application to deliver a suitable solution and reduce the threat effectively. It also limits the hackers’ fake identities for getting the information about the victims or the women so blockchain is a very important feature that must be added to the Ladies Safety App development

Cost to develop the women’s safety platform 

Talking about the cost factor other things would be counted. The cost for the development of the safety application depends on the technology-infused and the features implementation, location of the mobile app developers, and support assistance cost. 

In concluding everything the cost would go around $25k-$35k. 

women's safety app

Let’s look at some of the top apps in 2022 to deliver safer and faster solutions to women. 

  • Sheroes

It is one of the leading applications to make women safer. It is an exclusive app for women that would allow them to be aware of their security as well as their health issues. In the application, there are trained experts who would help them virtually and counsel them to get the most out of their mental health support. 

The application, in a nutshell, has important features including career advice, free women’s helpline, get the legal advice, and also the women can make some new friends, and discuss their issues with them. The app also assists you to find the perfect specialist in your professional life. And it can be a user-friendly option for them so the app is more about the wholesale bunch of many features it is free for both of the platforms iOS and Android.

  • bSafe

As the name interrogates bSafe is one of the best applications in the category of girl’s Safety App development. It allows you to tap the emergency SOS button at the time of emergency. It can also capture the nearby footage of the emergency area, and share it with the group.

It can track your real-time location of yours and share it with your parents. The app consists of many features that can prevent you from any of the crimes in your home as well as outside. Using features like voice activation, call recording, Follow Me, feature live streaming, and Location tracking, the women can feel now that they are in safe hands so they can do whatever they want to do. 

Final Thoughts! 

In 2022, if you are expecting that women should stay at home and not demonstrate their ability in their professional lives, then I wouldn’t think it’s a genuine option. In the times when we have no other options than we prefer women to have secure options like they must have some kind of spray with them or they should be aware of the self-defense mechanism to help themselves in times of danger. 

But I think it is not sufficient; there is always a secure tracker to alert if the women would be in a risky situation. To make them more alert about any kind of mishap, the app is about all of the essential things that must be inside the solution to secure themselves. 

Now it’s your time if you are a woman you must have to use those applications to understand what they are all about and how they can secure them more effectively. And if you are an entrepreneur it must be an opportunity for you to develop some kind of meaningful and advanced solution to give women a better back while keeping to achieving their aim. 

All just what I want to see in the end is just started today and make the world to be a better option to live for the women. All the best and be safe!

women's safety app development



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