Are you the proud part of the taxi driving business? Well, if yes, and then let me tell you, you are missing a very important part: your Cab Driver Safety. When you are running a cab business, it becomes very crucial to assure the safety of your drivers; thus, in this post, we will be talking about how technology can help you determine driver safety. Now, we are living in the era of digitization and are all using mobile apps to serve our users.

Therefore, in such a case, we can use technology as the biggest rescue for fixing the concern above. IoT, Beacons, QR codes, and different types of equipment can be integrated into your driver mobile app development very easily to make your drivers feel secure and safe.

Now, here the question arises: Well, this is what the post is about. We will shed some fundamentals, tools, equipment, safety parameters and driver app features to help ensure taxi drivers’ safety. First, analyzing the panic areas where drivers may be struck is important.

Some of the Most Common Panic Areas for Cab Driver Safety

  • Fraud in money transfer
  • Drivers fatigue
  • Sleeping conditions
  • Driver property
  • Theft

In most cases, the above four are the basic and most common panic areas where some of the other security guidelines are required to be implemented.? So, the proceeding post will follow how these can be fixed with the aid of technology parameters.

Cab Driver Safety Features for Driver App

Switch to Cashless Payments for Cab Driver Safety.

In the very first case, probabilities can arise where the cab passengers can pay fake currency to the drivers, thus resulting in panic conditions. The best way to deal with such a situation is GO ONLINE.

cab driver safety and security

The driver app can be integrated with the payment gateways, and Audio QR technology can also be used to make the payment transfer flawless. Processing further, with the aid of the technology, the driver can track the nearby passenger without asking for any contact or personal information, thus eradicating all the probability of cash counterfeit.

Update the list of nearby clinics and hospitals.

Alone driver fatigue is the most panic area, and it needs to be handled in the correct way. Update your driver app with the list of hospitals. With the Beacon technology, drivers can identify the nearby health centers in case of illness or some emergency. As per a recent study, in Victoria, around 25% of road accidents occur due to driver fatigue. Thus, helping the drivers look out for nearby health destinations during the ride is a very powerful approach to making your app remarkable. Mobile cameras, sensors, health-based solutions, etc., can be used to determine the health for examining the drivers on the road.

cab driver app safety features

Integrate Safety Equipment Car for cab driver safety.

It happens most of the time that drivers feel sleepy at times. In such a case, there are chances that their eyes might blink, thus leading to a road accident. Two major driver safety equipment, such as Tobii and Mobileeye, can be used to deal with the scenario mentioned above. Now, the main question that arises here is: What is Tobii and Mobileeye? Well, Tobii helps in maintaining the braking system of the car.

What it does is determine the standard radius that must be maintained between the vehicles running on the road. As soon as the radius shortens due to the driver’s sleepy condition, it activates the breaking of the system of the car and sets the alarm. The driver then can press the break, thus saving the driver from any accident or injury.

The mobile eye helps in scanning the retina of the driver’s eye. It reads the state of the eye during sleepy or nonhealthy conditions and accordingly helps the drivers to take the appropriate action.

Use protection cameras for your cab driver’s security.

It is a very common scenario nowadays that people may rob the items of the drivers from the center desk. In such a scene, a protection camera can come as a major rescue. The camera can help identify the culprit, and when the activity initiates, it can buzz an alarm. This will help in making the driver aware of the doing of the person and thus not only helping him to save from the robbery but also the driver can complain about the same.

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Driver Support Programs

Often, people with dangerous weapons can sit in the cab and threaten the drivers for driving in a way they want. In such a scenario, conditions can get worse, but the best way out there is to do as they say. Once done, the drivers can complain to the higher authorities and the police station, take the help of driver support programs to safeguard themselves, and ask for any help if required. The driver app must allow them to be updated regarding the support programs so that they can use them in the future.

In-App Communication:

Offer a secure messaging and calling feature within the app, allowing drivers to communicate with passengers and the service provider without revealing their personal phone numbers.

Driver Panic Button:

Equip the driver app with a panic button to send an immediate alert to the app provider or emergency services in critical situations. Given that drivers have a direct line to emergency services, the inclusion of a panic button might serve as a deterrent to prospective criminals or rowdy passengers, who would think twice before acting injuriously.

Emergency Services Integration:

Integrate an emergency button within the driver app, allowing drivers to alert authorities or the app provider in case of an emergency. By giving drivers an efficient way to alert and request emergency help in potentially hazardous or threatening circumstances, the integration of emergency services in a taxi app improves cab driver security while enhancing their safety and well-being. Drivers may instantly call for assistance in the event of an emergency, such as an accident, a conflict, or a threat. This expedites the arrival of police enforcement or emergency medical personnel and gives drivers peace of mind while they are at work.

Give Insurance Coverage:

Ensure that drivers and their vehicles are adequately insured, and provide information on the coverage. By providing financial security in the case of mishaps, injuries, or damage while driving a cab, insurance coverage improves driver security. It guarantees access to compensation and medical coverage for drivers and their passengers, lessening financial strain and offering piece of mind.

Geo-Fencing and Restricted Zones:

You can Implement geo-fencing to define safe zones and restrict drivers from entering high-risk areas. By creating virtual borders on a map and warning drivers or authorities if they approach risky regions or stray from a predetermined route, geo-fencing improves the safety of taxi drivers by averting potentially dangerous circumstances and detours.

Driver Community Support:

Create a community platform for drivers to connect with one another, share safety tips, and seek advice from experienced drivers.

Implement Two-Factor Authentication:

Implement drivers to use two-factor authentication to access their accounts, adding an extra layer of security. By providing an extra layer of security to user accounts, two-factor authentication (2FA) in a driver app improves taxi driver security by making it much more difficult for unauthorised persons to access their accounts and personal data.


So, it’s high time to integrate the above features in your cab and app to ensure cab driver safety. The concern about the above proposition is taking a new shape with every passing day. Taking the correct steps and implementing the right technologies to empower the drivers becomes very important.

Community and your taxi business. These driver safety elements improve cab drivers’ well-being and encourage a better feeling of accountability throughout the entire ecosystem. These driver security recommendations pave the way for a safer, more dependable, and ultimately more profitable taxi booking experience for both drivers and riders alike in a world where convenience meets security.

For a robust and sophisticated taxi app development, you must identify the right and ethical mobile app development agency for taking your taxi business to new heights.

Driver app safety features
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