So are you also tired of handling the daily chores related to the appliances repairs In case, yes then you have finally landed on the right post as here we will be talking about the On-demand electrician mobile apps that will enable you to find the right electrician and will also deliver us the services in the way we require These mobile apps set the user free from searching out the electrician for repairing the Geysers, Air Conditioners, Washing machine, iron, heaters, and the list is endless With the help of On-demand electrician mobile apps, you can find the electricians with just a few clicks?

It had just swiped the traditional way of finding reliable electricians through the references, ads, or by asking the neighbors, etc. So, here grab basic ideation about the technologies, attributes, and cost parameters that are attuned to On-demand electrician mobile apps.

Features of Your On-Demand Electrician App

When talking about the features of the on-demand electrician app, our experts leave no stone unturned. We try to integrate all the possible features that you would require. In case you find anything that we have missed here, feel free to share it with us.

User panel:

  • Login: This is the main section of the app where users land on. They can sign in with the help of social network or email account credentials.
  • Select electrician: Users can select the electrician desired by them and the repair services they seek to avail.
  • Request a service: Once done, the users can select particular services and can specify the time, date, and location requirements as well.
  • Make payments: Once done, the users can process the payment, in order to seek the services of the electrician.
  • Check offers availability: Users can check the available offers as well. They can view the discounts running on different services and can avail them when required.
  • View request history: The users can view the order history as well in order to book the desired electrician with just a single tap.
  • Cancel booking: The users can cancel the bookings due to electrician unavailability or some last-minute urgencies.
  • Give feedback: The users can send the reviews and can assign the ratings as per the services provided by the electrician.

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Electrician panel

  • Register: It is similar to the user panel. The electricians can sign in with the help of email or social network account credentials.
    Accept/reject appointment: As per the number of requests aligned and the user location requirements, the electricians can accept or reject the user request.
    View and manage profile: Under this section, the electricians can manage their profile and can add relevant years of experience and expertise.
    Manage availability in a calendar: The electricians can manage their availability as well. They can set the status to busy, in case they are occupied with some task and can set it to free, once the task is completed. They can schedule the occupied dates and times in the calendar as well, so as to allow the users to book the services in a convenient way.
    Receive payment: The electricians can accept the payments via integrated payment models such as Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, etc, or can select COD as well.
    Customer reviews: Under this section, the electricians can view the ratings and reviews assigned by the users.

Admin panel:

  • Dashboard: All the number of active users, overall requests counts, number of pending and completed bookings are managed by admin.
  • Users and electrician management: All the users and the electricians that are attuned to the On-demand electrician app are managed and verified by the admin.
  • Manage ratings and reviews: Under this section, all the ratings and reviews assigned by the users are managed by the admin, this way it gets easy for the admin to find out the appropriate electricians and also allow him to take the necessary steps for improvising the app.
  • Service management: All the services related to the repairs and fixing of the electrical gadgets are managed by the admin. Furthermore, all the products for which your On-demand electrician app provides solutions are enlisted and managed by the admin.
  • Payment management: The admin reserves all the rights for verifying all the user transactions. All the revenue generated via in-app purchases and subscription packages is managed by the admin.
  • Reward management: All the customer rewards, offers, coupons, and loyalty programs are managed by the admin.
  • Reports: All the reports related to the incoming orders, payments generated, the offers most loved and used, the peak hours when the maximum requests were received are managed by admin.
  • App monetization and marketing: Under this feature, all the promotional contents, campaigns, email banners, and templates are managed by the admin.

Few more features:

  • Auto estimate arrival time: With the help of the stated feature, users can estimate the advent time of the electricians based on their location. They can track the location of the electricians and can estimate the time that will be required by them to reach their place.
    Multi-location access: Under this feature, the user can view the electricians from multiple locations and cities. Thus, they can find out the top electricians within their location and can seek their services as and when required.
  • In-app messaging: Users and the electricians can stay connected with the communication channels such as SMS, emails, etc. They can interact with the electricians and can discuss the timings, location, and various other facilities.
  • GPS: With the help of GPS the electricians can track the path to be taken for reaching the user location.? Furthermore, it helps the admin and users to check the real-time location of the electricians plus allows them to ask for optimized routes, so as to minimize the arrival time.
  • Notifications: All the messages related to the order and payment confirmation, new offers, and discounts are delivered to the users. Moreover, it keeps the users attuned to the app by displaying the advent time of the electricians and other necessary details.
  • Cloud installation: The On-demand electrician app is managed by the clouds. All the information pertaining to the new orders, payments, communication, users, and electricians’ details are stored on the cloud servers. This helps to make the app run faster and in a secure way.
  • Customer loyalty program: This is a great way of attracting the users and provides them the reason to visit your app again. Well, the users get the rewards and discounts upon the successful referral or in case they are using your app services for a long time.
  • Set favorite location: The users can set their favorite location to the office address or home address. This way it becomes easy for users to request a service as they can book the electricians with just a single tap.
  • Payment: Various payment models are integrated into the app such as digital wallet app development, Credit/Debit cards, payment gateways, NetBanking, etc so as to allow the users to make the payments in a safe and reliable way.
  • Turnkey solutions: Your On-demand electrician app can act as an aggregator and can allow different electricians and companies to connect with the app. Thus, you can convert your app idea into a successful business model so as to earn chunks of revenues.
  • Integrated analytics: All the information related to the incoming orders, payments made, offers most availed, user acquisition, and the retention rate can be viewed by the admin in the form of pie charts and reports.

Other Technologies

The electrician app development team associated with us uses technology that is engaging and highly rewarding. If you want anything specific the changes can easily be done.

  • Bandwidth, Twilio  For Push Notifications
  • Nexmo  For SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification
  • Braintree & PayPal For accepting payments
  • GWT  For Powerful Programming
  • Datastax For Data Management
  • Mandrill  For everything related to emails
  • Debian The universal Operating System
  • Database  MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment  AWS
  • Real-time Analytics  Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

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On-Demand Electrician App Development Process

Once all the attributes and the features have been finalized, you can initiate the development of an On-demand electrician mobile app. Since we are here talking about development, hence it is very imperative to select the right development model in order to be seated with the best and excelled mobile app.

Analysis: This step is the core process of app development. All the requirements and the features are finalized and documented in this step.

Development: Right from the platform selection, to the integration of the features, it is in this step where the app is modeled and framed according to your app idea and business model thus, it is imperative to process all the development activities with correct planning and analysis.

Design: It is in this step, where the app is remodeled, therefore, develop a comprehended design with the aid of the right infographics, catchy content, and images that resonates with the core idea of an app.

Quality Assurance: Once all the development-related activities are accomplished, the app is finally rolled over to the testing phase. Standardized testing tools and different testing techniques must be applied for identifying the bugs and stringent measures should be applied so as to affix the prevailing bugs.

Launch: Upon the successful completion of all the testing activities, the app is made ready for the launching process. An app tailored to all the documented data and working seamlessly across all the platforms for sure top the charts in the app stores.

With a well-defined process, we are able to meet the deadlines of your project. Our team sticks to the milestones and delivers solutions in the right direction. We follow agile methodology to make sure that the solutions delivered to you are in line with your business objective.

Structure of Your Electrician App Development Team

It is imperative to find the right and potential individuals that are involved in developing your app from scratch. You require the discernable to hire mobile app developers, expert designers, astute testers headed by a couple of project managers, and the right mobile app development company for engineering the perfect mobile app with true quality.

  • Project Manager: She/he should have excellent command over managerial skills and should be smart enough to identify the best solutions tailored to the business requirements.
  • Developers: Android App Developer, IOS App Developer, Back-end App Developers
  • Designers: Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer,
  • Testers: A team of proficient and skilled QA experts for delivering a smooth and rich experience to users.

The four pillars of our mobile app development team affirm that the solutions are in line with your business objectives. The solutions that are dropped to you are engaging and help you stand out from the crowd.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an On-demand Electrician Mobile App?

Needless to say, the process of developing a mobile app is a lengthy and complicated process and can take a much longer time. Thus, the On-demand electrician mobile app development companies usually charge on per hour basis according to the complexities involved and timeline. The current standard as per hour ranges from $30-$40 which can be considered reasonable for developing such apps. Costs also include paying for UX/UI designers, Quality Assurance, and the Testing Team as they are as important as back-end developers. However, the cost of developing an app depends on the physical location of the developers as well.

For instance, US-based App Developing firms take around $40- $250/hour whereas in Western Europe and Eastern Europe these charges range from $50-$170 and $20-$150 respectively. The cost of developing a simple On-demand electrician mobile app with limited features in India is as low as $20 to $120/hour. So, according to the cost structures, it takes around $8,000-$12,000 for developing an On-demand electrician app however, the price may increase to $15,000-$20,000, in case you are looking for a fully-featured mobile app.

We offer best in the market solutions at the most affordable prices. Our solutions are technically advanced and scalable and thus can help you take the pressure of the changing technology without any worries.

Wrapping It Up!

We offer customized solutions that let you integrate your in-house data systems, keep your data in sync, and add dynamic content and flexibility. It can help you find the right locations and comprehensive interfaces with a great sense of interactivity to help its clients connect with their audiences better. When talking about web app development, the technology that is put to use is a little different from general web development. The web app offers ease of navigation and usage for the end-users. The on-demand electrician app offers ease of navigation and usage for the end-users.

If you are looking forward to a reliable team that can help you stand the test of time and take over the cut-throat competition, then we are just a click away. You can reach our experts and they would help you transform your app idea into a working reality.


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