Here in this blog, we discuss things like to-do list app development, the business model, features, and the cost of task management app development.

“One of the secrets of getting more done is to make a TO-DO List every day, keep it visible, and use it as a guide to action as you go through the day.” – Jean de La Fontaine.

We all miss so many things to do in the hustle-bustle of our daily lives. Sometimes, doctor appointments, visiting that old friend, some reservations, functions, buying something important, and whatnot. Our lives have been so packed that we let go of hobbies and barely find time for daily chores. 

But there are certain people who manage to make this hustle easier with a little task management and discipline. And the secret sauce for ease in life is “Having a To-do List App.” 

Some of them may have a traditional list on paper, and some may rely on technology like task management mobile apps. Yes, advanced to-do list apps are a thing that is laden with some amazing features and interesting functionalities to make task management easier for you. 

Advanced To-Do List App: Understanding Its Significance in the Market

As the world has accepted digital transformation as the need of the hour, a mobile application for your smallest needs is no big deal. It is not just the service-oriented businesses; everything you think of has a mobile application. The simplest example: want an application that can find you a dog walker or a babysitter? They are available.

Love to journal? So many journaling applications are available online that you may need not touch your diaries and pens again. The same is the case with to-do lists. In recent years, with a hybrid working model around the world, the need for to-do list mobile apps app has seen an exponential rise. 

With the help of To-do list maker apps, users can create a to-do list that would make it easy for them to manage their tasks and accomplish each without missing any. Also, a to-do list is a great way to maintain a balance between your mental and physical health.  

We all wake up every morning with a set of activities defined in our minds to be accomplished. And as we start working, some of these we forget, and some of these we procrastinate. With to-do list apps, we can record everything that we want to accomplish, and it becomes really easy to manage daily life tasks. 

Still thinking why do we need a To-Do List application? Well, our on-demand mobile app development team has shared here some of the advantages that your users would enjoy after downloading the To-Do List App. 

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Advantages of Entering the Market with a To-Do List App

Because of the race to success that everyone is a part of, people have a tight schedule where they want to outperform their professional and personal lives. But in the urge to do our best, we keep ourselves so occupied and engaged that we forget about many things. If you’re thinking about a task manager mobile app, consider a solution that would resolve all the problems that your users face. There are relatively few solutions linked to this problem in the AppStore, so you may build your own to-do list app and aid a variety of individuals with this type of app. 

The benefits of having such a to-do list-maker mobile application cannot be unseen. The top advantages are: 

  • Add to the Productivity 

With an advanced to-do list app, your users can see a great boost in their productivity. With everything timed and managed, it becomes easier for the users to track their tasks and manage the most crucial tasks as they would already have a working map.

  • Motivate the User 

Advanced to-do list applications with gentle reminders make it really easy for the users to stay engaged with their tasks. Not just this, with some interesting motivation like quotes and rewards, the users become more active to deliver solutions that are designed for them. 

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  • Improve User Memory

With constant reminders and tracking of the tasks, it becomes really easy for the users to work on their memory too. With a constant list and task reinforcing your short-term memory becomes easier. Making lists of everything you want to focus on helps you improve your memory. 

  • Reduce Anxiety of Missing Something 

We all have been there. 

Am I missing something important? 

There was something I had to accomplish I can’t remember.

We all go through these conditions on a general basis. With a to-do list, it becomes really easy for the user to track their important tasks. They would not need to stress about missing important things. 

  • Focus on Personal Time 

As the work is scheduled and you have a rough time map attached to it, users find it really easy to manage time. They can find space for their leisure activities and hobbies if they work exactly as they have planned. 

  • Provides a Sense of Accomplishment 

Many of us lose our confidence when we constantly see our work failing. With unrealistic expectations and lack of time management, we miss accomplishing our tasks, which stays in our minds. With each task accomplished easily, the confidence boosts and helps you stand in the market. 

These are some of the advantages that your users would get after installing your to-do list mobile application. Over the years, task management app development teams around the world are trying to help people manage their time and live a  well-balanced life. 

For sure you are looking forward to building a to-do list mobile application that help you earn great profits. Not sure how you can make money with the application? Well, here’s a monetization technique that would help you make the best of your application. 

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Monetization Techniques to Earn Profits from Your To-Do List Application

As you enter the market with a mobile app idea, there are a few things that you need to focus on. You have to make sure that the solutions that you take to the audience are well-defined and have a monetization technique that is mutually beneficial. 

1. Subscription Model 

You can offer a subscription model of the application, where your user would have to register and pay to use your services. You can offer a trial version for a week, fortnight, or month and then if they like the application they would have to pay a small amount to continue using the application. 

2. Freemium Model

Instead of going for a complete paid subscription to the application, you can choose to offer some features for free and some for basic payments. Here also, you can choose to take payments either on monthly basis or offer an in-app payment service where the user can pay specifically for the feature they want to use. 

This model is more revenue-generating as the engagement and interaction with the application are more. Our experts develop a task manager app that is highly interactive and would not let your users abandon the application. 

3. Run Display Ads on Free Version 

You can move to collaborate with some of the businesses that target the same audience. You can ask them to pay you a little compensation to advertise their business on your application and let your application be available for free. 

Sounds like an idea? Doesn’t it?

Now that we have discussed the details of the applications, now we need to talk about the functions and features of the application that would make things easier for you. 

What Are the Main Characteristics of To-Do-List Apps?

Before you enter the market with a solution intended to help your users build a habit, here’s an interesting list of features you would not like to miss. These applications have two-way access, one for the users and the other for the admin. 

Things To Do List App – User Panel Login

  • Easy onboarding to make sure users can easily create and manage their accounts after registering.
  • A time window that helps your users manage and check their daily work. 
  • Make a list of the tasks and save it with reminders. 
  • In case there is something that is to be repeated, it should be easy to mark. 
  • Make sure that your users can update or add to the list.
  • For the critical work, set the real-time alarm.
  • By purchasing the app, you can have access to the premium features.
  • Provide the app with comments and ratings.

Things To Do App – Admin Panel Login

  • Check for the app’s current performance.
  • Manage the profile of the users who have signed up.
  • Send push messages to remind the user of their daily tasks.
  • Manage the information about your users.
  • Organize the advertisements that are to be displayed. 
  • Manage the details of your membership users.
  • In the case of subscription and freemium models, the paid features need to be managed. 
  • Generate regular reports about the application engagement and other details. 

These are some basic features you would need to integrate with your to-do list application. Our to-do list app service providers integrate some advanced features with your application to make sure that you stand out from your competition

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Synchronize with Your Device

The application can easily be synced with your Google Calendar or other accounts. You can choose to receive emails and push messages to remind you of the work and share the progress. 

Enable and Disable Features

To affirm that your users find ease in using the application, make sure that the application is simple. To affirm that it is free of unnecessary clutter, let your users have the choice to turn on only the functionality they require.

Continual Reminders

Let your users decide when they want to get the reminders. As they plan each task, let them decide how and when they want to be reminded of the next-in-line task. 

Mode of Communication

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your users can send speech instructions? With speech-to-text translation integrated with your application, your users can easily add tasks when busy with some other task. 


With multiple tasks assigned for the day, it becomes easier for the users to save them in terms of folders. These folders would be used to organize work and manage projects individually.

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Locations and Contexts

There are a few things that would be accomplished location-specific. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you choose to enter the market with a solution that can pick user locations and remind them of the tasks that are saved to be accomplished at the location? Our indoor navigation mobile application feature can also help you schedule your entire day. 

Collaborate and Share

Assign tasks to others and keep track of their progress. Make use of Toodledo’s collaboration tools or the app’s ability to connect to numerous accounts.


Each task comes with a list of subtasks to be accomplished one at a time to ensure the project is on time. As you move forward, you can set smaller reminders and easier understanding of the solutions

Split-Screen Display

If you offer your users a split-screen display, they can easily check various aspects of a certain to-do task. Our to-do-list app developers find this feature quite helpful and integrate it with your solution to ensure your users are always comfortable using the application. 


You can not always add small points to the to-do list column. We affirm that the user can add some highlights and notes to keep track of their notes for future reference.

Tracking of Time

The best part of using a to-do list application is that you can easily track task lengths, estimated and actual time taken to accomplish them. With a built-in timer, it would become easier for the user to come up with precision over time.

Advanced Filtering, Sorting, and Displaying

Now that the user has added umpteen tasks by various fields to the application, sorting them would be a problem. We make sure that the tasks can easily be searched for and categorized for easy work management and efficient reflection. 

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Support for Wearable Devices

As technology advances, our wearable app development team affirms integrating this feature with your product. Thus, your users can install the application, synch it with the wearable device, and move forward with an amazing result. 

These advanced features would make your things-to-do list application one of its kind in the market and help you stand ahead in the line. Not just this, these would give you a technological upper hand, and you can always reach back to our task management app development team for more information and modification. 

Now that we have talked about the amazing features that would make the things to do list app stand out let’s talk about the investment that you are expected to make. We make sure that the solutions are designed and defined to reflect simplicity. Our hybrid mobile app development team offers you a solution that appeals to a wide range of audiences and helps you earn the best on your investment. 

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a To-Do List App?

The cost to develop an app for entering the market with a Todo list app is mostly determined by many aspects that are linked to the app’s development and design. Let us go over some of the aspects that influence the price of a daily task management app:

  • Development of mobile applications.
  • The app’s level of difficulty.
  • The app’s UI/UX design.
  • The app’s basic and advanced features.
  • Experience as a mobile development firm.
  • The app’s technological platform (Android, iOS, or Both).

Other than this, the region of the android and iOS app development team and the time taken to build the solution would play a major role in defining the cost of developing a task management app. 

The cost of developing a feature-laden, interesting Todolist app is estimated to be between 20k USD to 35k USD. In the case of advanced solutions, the price may vary from 40k USD to 55k USD. We have been helping our clients with their amazing startup app ideas and making sure that they never feel technologically left behind. 

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The Final Words

At Octal, the dedicated mobile app development team has built a strong portfolio for website creation, mobile app development, and gaming app development. With our pool of talented and experienced team of iOS app developers or Android app developers for hire, we deliver solutions that are always ahead of the competition. 

We’ve also worked on a project similar to this, such as to-do list development. As a result, we offer the best and most distinctive solution for a Todo list app.


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