Technology is the king and has brought a drastic turnaround in each and every sector. The base of this transformation is the unprecedented growth of Smartphones and mobile apps. Among those sectors, one that has been bolstered is digital education and e-learning. The monotonous blackboard and pencil have given way to the smart classroom and educational apps. The learning of today is not limited to just schools, colleges or universities; it has expanded its proportions. Modern technology has broken the shackles of time and place. Now you can learn whatever you want, at any place and at the time of your preference. The educational apps offer you this unique opportunity to learn at your pace. If business connotation is seen, it has been observed that the educational mobile app market will witness a growth rate of 6% during 2016-2020.

Now first let us throw some light on the advantages of Mobile Education Apps offer benefits to students, teachers, and learners at large:

  • Mobile education apps offer learning assistance to students. They are easy to operate and convenient to download. In fact, a lot of them can be downloaded free of cost, thus making it an affordable study option for both children and their parents.
  • The apps present ready-made solutions to issues like solving a mathematics sum, explaining difficult concepts of chemistry or physics. As per a study, more than 63% of students rely on educational apps for their studying.
  • Even the teachers benefit from the easy tips which these apps offer.
  • These apps offer an opportunity to the students to have fruitful interaction with their friends and teachers.
  • Apps offer a stress-free study option as you can learn at your own pace.

Types of Educational Apps

There are several kinds of educational apps that are available in the market. You can choose an app which fulfills your need. Whether it is assistance regarding a particular subject or preparation for a competitive exam, everything can be done with the help of an educational mobile app. Given below is a list of different kinds of apps that are available in the market:

  1. Apps which focus on a Particular Subject This type of app is quite common among school going, children. They help you deal with problems related to a particular subject like mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, etc. The app contains different chapters on the subject. For example, if it is a physics app, it will contain chapters on a matter, speed, motion, etc. Such apps are very useful in case you need assistance regarding a given subject.
  2.  Competitive Exams Apps If you wish to sit for a competitive exam there are apps that will help you regarding the same. For instance, you will come across mobile app development especially to help students prepare for exams such as PMT, JEE, or even IAS.
  3.  Educational Gaming Apps These apps are designed in the way of a game and they help students to understand a particular concept or subject in an interesting manner. They are highly useful for kids as learning is imparted in a playful way.

4.Apps for Professional Courses There are several institutes and universities which offer distance education professional courses that can be done online. Once you have the app you can attend live lectures and even interact with teachers in order to clear your doubts.

5. Apps for Foreign Language learning If you wish to learn a language such as English, French etc there are several educational apps existing out there. So, you get to learn the popularly spoken languages at very low cost or even for free. You can learn the basics of any language you want without any problem from the comfort of your home.

Features to be incorporated into an Educational App

Now in case you want to go for education mobile app development which will benefit both students and teachers, it is vital to incorporate features mentioned below:

1.  The Registration or Log-in process

The first step, once you open an app, is the registration or the log ?in process. It is like a gateway to the app. This is vital for both students and teachers. You need to enter into your account by entering your email id along with your password. This is unique for every participant and it takes you to your dashboard or profile page.

2. User Profile or Dashboard

This feature is important for both learning and teaching. This encompasses the profile information of a user. You can customize this feature; it means that mobile app developers can infuse elements based on the needs of the target audience. The dashboard has all the information about course material, assignment dates, submission dates etc.

3. Incorporating Valuable Content

Content is the king in an educational app. It is the main section that grabs the attention of the user. If you offer valuable readable content to the user it will draw more traffic to your app. Therefore,

  • Focus on just one topic.
  • Keep explanations simple and effective.
  • Pay heed to the language used in the app. Use of simple words is recommended.
  • The content needs to be mobile friendly bolstering UX and UI

4. Powerful Database

For an educational mobile app to succeed there is a need for an architecturally robust database. The database is basically a storehouse where all information linked to the study material, the profile of each user and other necessary data is stored. You need to update the same on a regular basis as new information as regards different topics is always available thus, the app database must be kept highly powered, sophisticated and secured.

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5. Interactive Sessions with Teachers

The educational app needs to have one segment where students, as well as teachers, can come on one platform in order to have live interactions with each other. The live tutorials prove to be extremely helpful to the students as they can get all their queries resolved. So, this is a very important feature that should be incorporated into an educational app. Apart from this, you can also infuse a chat now feature which will aid in instant problem-solving.

6. App Rating and Feedback

It is vital to take valuable feedback from students as well as teachers who are using the educational app. Their comments and feedback will offer you insight regarding the usefulness of your app. Based on the response which you get regarding the app you can make up your mind as to what improvements are required to be made.

7. Adding Search Option

The app should have the search option so that the student can look out for the desired information. Adding such an option helps the student to get information on a particular topic or course without any problem. This will save a whole lot of time and at the same time will assist in enhancing the overall user experience.

8. Offering access to information offline

This feature will place your app right on the top if you allow your users to access offline. It will not only draw the students but will also make it easy for them to save documents and continue reading as and when required.

9. Providing Practice Sessions and Mock Test

The main aim of an educational app is preparing the students for the exams and thus in such a case, if an app offers mock tests it will be an extra bonus for the students. A mock test gives a student an idea about how to go through the examinations. You can also provide students with videos of teachers providing valuable tips right before the onset of examinations.

10. Push Notifications

Push notifications are an integral feature is an educational app. These present important notifications to students as well as teachers specifically in case there is a change in course content. It also notifies the students regarding any change in class timings etc. Such information is sent to tutors also.

11. Social Media Tools for promoting the app

These days you cannot undermine the importance of social media tools in promoting your app. Social media is one of the best media to promote your education app. Students and teachers can share essential information via platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Cost of building an educational app

It is not at all easy to settle on the approximate cost of building an educational app that aids in learning as well as teaching. The cost of educational app development depends on your choice of platform whether you go for Android, iOS, Hybrid or Native and the features you want to add. Thus, clarify on the grounds of features you want to add and the right app developer and the mobile app development firm for engineering the best-in-class educational app.

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