How about wandering for the ice cream near parlors and just a click on the app to help you out with the best ice cream outlets? In case of an emergency, instead of panicking, you roll out your smartphone and turn on “GPS”. Hurray, you get your medical assistance nearby within seconds. Alternatively, you can simply use a Cell Phone Tracker app that will do the job for you. In this blog, we will discuss the cell phone tracker app development process with cost and key features.

This is all the location tracking application can do wonders for you. The fusion of location-tracking features with smartphones expands the overall compatibility and the life of the smartphone. Over the times you have come across allowing or turning on the GPS, the geo functionality of the mobile apps offers you sorted nearby locations.

Many multinational offices have this secure mobile tracking feature to trace the locations of their employees. There are many advanced effects of allocating the location-based cell phone tracker apps for companies like Zomato, Airbnb, Ola, etc. that are based on the delivery-specific applications.

In the past, this was a vulnerable task for the delivery partners to deliver the needs to the people beyond the time limit.

Coming to 2024, there are a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their applications in these niches. With the popularity of on-demand delivery solutions, tracking systems are the topmost demand for users and businesses.

Let’s start your journey with the phone tracking app development with us and reside in this booming marketplace with fantastic features.


How Does the Cell Phone Track the Location of The User?

Cell phone tracker mobile applications with binding digitally help enterprises to track, monitor, and manage many objectives in real-time for their personnel vehicles or fleet.

The cell phone tracker app is developed for companies and individuals to control their deliveries and assets and enhance their productivity by cutting down on costs. This is the best way for the experts to reach their sales and revenues catering to the cost-effective business solution for the market.

You should enable the geolocation services and the API to integrate with the maps to spot the best possible route or direction for faster conveyance and reach.

Reasons To Develop the Cell Phone Tracker App

A cell phone tracker app development system allows important information for tracking the location of the system. This uses the geographic data of the users. There is enough tracking of vital data everywhere; food, health, work, fitness, personal, etc. The companies fetch most of the data from social networking sites, location services advertising, and other tracking systems.

Cell phone tracker app development

Even the fitness, weather, and game areas are the top areas that use tracking to play, consult, and suspect the weather conditions of the location where one is available.

One can develop a mobile phone tracking application for their business using the spatial information of their device. There are many more reasons for the companies to articulate their technologies into this market.

The basic purpose behind the location tracking app is to get information on the current location of the user to offer many services for them.

Some of the areas where one can create the location cell phone app;

To manage the fleet for better optimization

There are times when you get stuck somewhere in the middle, this is the time when we need some help. Drivers in their daily chores activity found in the middle of some emergency place, this is high time for them to their devices enabled with the fleet tracking systems. To remove any of the redundancy or the error they should install some location-based tracking systems for smartphones to reflect emergency calls in case of any mishap.

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Monitor the remote performance of the staff

This advanced location-enabled feature allows businesses to track their employee’s performance. This helps them to improve their productivity and encourages them to bring many new features in the run.

Geofence mobile tracker app development feature helps to track the record of employees of their entry and exit timing without any hassle.

Deliver at the doorstep

This feature helps delivery partners to deliver the services at the time and the doorstep. This way lucrative customer relations and revenues.

Track spot locations of sports fans

When you need to encourage your employees to the fun and activities like adventure and trekking, the location tracking systems plan out everything easily. You just enable it and let it help you to locate the best direction so that they do not lose their paths.

Type of categories to build the location tracking apps; Social networks like Facebook and Instagram; location tracker apps like Google Maps, and Waze; dating apps like Tinder, and OkCupid; on-demand food delivery apps like Zomato and Uber Eats, weather accuracy apps like AccuWeather, and many others.

According to Statista, the global mobile app internet users have been suspecting a huge growth rate of 61% in the market. This allows the mobile app development companies to forge them into this market.

Looking more into this lucrative market has hugely affected the tourism and the logistics industry. For every scrutinized adaptability of the technology, it is the verse that allows monitoring for the delivery app drivers and the partners to turn on their GPS. Get an instant location with convenient yet modern solutions at the same time for them. In the medical industry, patients have to track their relevant doctors at the nearest possible state.

The research has claimed that the tracking-based service industry faces a huge increase with revenue estimated to be 39B by 2025. These location-based monitoring geolocation apps help merchants and businesses bridge any of the gaps in the industry.

Cell Phone Tracker App Development: Complete Steps

Creating the location-based futuristic app involves several stages from scratch till the end. The process of cell phone tracking app development starts with research and analysis, wireframing, MVP creation, prototyping, embedding of feature-rich solutions, testing, and support.

Features implementation for the phone tracking app

Cell Phone Tracker App Development

Cell phone tracking device apps can work well with the integration of several technologies. Your phone must be updated with the latest map and location services, here is the list of the features in addition to creating some great location service-based apps for your business. We can implement these salient features in Cell Phone Tracker App Development process.

Gps module:

In the GPS location tracker app development this module is enabled with a built-in navigator to coordinate users at the time of navigation. This is the advanced technology controlled by the satellite for accurate geolocation data with the latest global positioning.

Assisted GPS:

This tracking-enabled system allows users to improve their location accuracy, this is the combination of GPS technology with virtualization. It lets your cell phone users track their phones without any outbreak more quickly.

Geofencing feature:

This is an easy way to monitor employees’ location and control them in case of any emergency or failure. Companies adopted this symphony of features to track their users’ location to avoid any inconvenience while delivering. Similar could happen to control users below 18 for using any software, or track/monitor their working on systems while their parents are away. YouTube configures this feature to give parental control to the parents when they are not at their home.

Cell ID:

Cell phones are the basic phones that have this built-in feature that helps users to identify their devices once lost without any internet-based app; just with the identification of the phone over the cell towers which could be fetched via satellite.

iBeacon feature:

iBeacon is a sensor that can be transmitted even in low light to the receivers. Eddystone is the iBeacon technology, it is the Bluetooth transmitting device to devices that consume low lights. This helps the other vehicles to restrict any obstacle in the journey.

Geolocation of IoT:

The IoT-based devices are integrated with the geolocation-enabled services that help to deliver any task under the Internet of Things. The sensor senses the radio antennas and enables the fast working of the devices.

Required Tech Tools to Develop a Cell Phone Tracking App

Your devices need some of the technology established for the users to let them track their locations. The geographic location tracking devices solutions are the best when combined with third-party applications. It helps the users with the correct specification of the coordinates. Some of the top technical stacks that could be introduced in the phone location-based App Development are;

Google Maps

There are plenty of APIs and software development kits for the vital integration of the Google map with the devices beyond the platform independence.

Google maps is the location tracking service agent that allows the users to locate their live location and once turned on it leads them the grant path access.

For the panoramic view of the application based on GPS, it allows the inclusion of different functionalities.

Maps SDK

this is the server response SDK that allows users to get access to their maps and fetch the accurate location of the users. Delivery-based companies use the map SDK and APIs to deliver the services in time.

Embed with javascript API

this is the unique feature that helps to customize the graphic content for location tracking. It lets the user customize their maps in panels for satellite, roadmap, and terrain.

Aligned with street view static API

to get the real-life representation of the location this API allows the users for static street view.

Some of the other important APIs are; direction API, roads API, distance matrix API, map URL, geolocation API, Geocoding API, and many others.


It is another giant for the geolocation provider. It currently partners with many big tails in the market like Facebook, CNN, Shopify, and top trending companies.

It is the pay-per-use model; limited to the free trial for some period. Although the user can demand a discount depending upon the usage of the users.

Some of the SDKs and APIs to get aligned with the Mapbox are;

Maps services, which allows the creation of dynamic and static maps from the data available from multiple sources. Users can customize it as per the theme.

Navigation services

it turns around the user to fetch accurate real-time routes and get the alert of navigation and be aware of the traffic.

Geocoding services is the API that lets the developers code their maps.

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Cell Phone Tracker App Development Cost

Cell Phone Tracker App Development Cost

The Cost to Develop an App for Cell Phone Tracker depends on various factors but here we would like to discuss estimated cost. Factors combined help to calculate the cost of the development of a mobile tracker app. On the estimation, the cost would end up with $45k, a little higher than the other apps. You can hire mobile app developers for attuning features with the latest technologies; while keeping in mind the cost adjustment factors.

Different Categories for Cell Phone Tracker App Development Process

The cell phone location tracker app is categorized into different categories; would be grateful for the entrepreneurs.

  • Route tracking apps
  • Map tracker app
  • Car tracking app
  • Bus monitoring apps
  • indoor/outdoor positioning app
  • Logistics location-enabled industry
  • Food industry
  • Medical industry

Here is a list of some most popular cell phone tracking apps which are leading player in the market


is a great cell tracking and control app for both platforms including Android and iOS. It has allowed the users with the encrypted features to limit any of the unnecessary data access on their phones at the time of loss. Features enabled are; tracking and monitoring social media channels, screen recording, keyword alerts, remote blocking of apps, or websites. Users can avail of the special features of the app at $11.6 for a year.

gets the real-time monitoring of your smartphone. It lets the parents, schools, and the business restrict any mishap. Using tools like GPS, WhatsApp, and other unique features helps the users with any of the problems. This app is a location tracker, you can restrict any of the anonymous access with the wifi. It comes with a pricing plan of $13 annually.

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Conclusion about Cell Phone Tracker App Development

Geolocation technology works in tandem with the current needs of the industries. It lets the users get real-time options to reach their destiny. Fantastic features, when aligned with the technologies, attract your customers. You can hire our dedicated developer to get Cell Phone Tracker App Development services.

We are always with our clients to develop tracking system app development, let your walk begin without any hassle. Connect with us.

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