Are you also looking for Top Xamarin app development companies in the USA? then this article is for you. Mobile applications have become the go-to place for businesses worldwide to connect to their target audience fastest and most efficiently. In such a scenario, all appreciate a technology or tool that helps to build top-notch mobile applications with ease and a fraction of the cost. Xamarin is one of the most preferred tools among developers to build mobile applications. Before you start looking for interesting, here’s what makes it so popular. Let’s explore the Top Xamarin app development firms in the USA.

Xamarin App Framework Statistics

It is an open-source platform that helps to create native as well as high-performance applications for iOS, Android, tvOS, Windows, macOS, and watchOS. The core competency of the tool is that 75% of the shared code can be used, which minimizes the time required for app development. 

However, to leverage the different benefits of Xamarin, you need to partner with a good cross-platform app development company that offers  Xamarin app development services. So, here are some of the Xamarin App development companies in this blog that can be the best options for your project. 

Xamarin App Framework Statistics

According to Statista, Xamarin accounts for a 12% share of overall cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers in 2023. The same figure was reported to be 11% in 2021. At the same time, Xamarin has an 81.78% market share in the mobile app development platform market. 

So, these market stats represent the popularity and usability of this framework among the developers to build different types of applications for different devices and operating systems. 

Need to Hire Xamarin App Development Firms in the USA 2024?

Xamarin App Development Firms in the USA

Hiring a top Xamarin app development company in the USA will take a good investment from your side. So, you might wonder about the need to hire an Xamarin app development agency. So, here are some of the benefits that you will leverage only by partnering with a good Xamarin development agency. 

Build Native UIs

The UI designers at Xamarin app development agencies can create native UIs. They have the skills to provide complete assistance to use the iOS designer or UIKit APIs for iOS and Android platforms and thus build a top-notch high-quality user interface to provide the best user experience. So, the first impression of your app is always good. 

Build Custom Mobile Apps

Good Xamarin app development firms USA have expertise in the framework, and thus they can build custom mobile apps. This is one of the Xamarin mobile app development services that will help you build a customized and personalized app entirely according to the needs and requirements of your business. 

Reduce Overhead Costs 

The Xamarin app development companies in the USA mostly use reusable code and some technological stack. So, the need to hire external experts and specialists can be eliminated, directly saving you huge costs. 

Hands-on maintenance 

Post-deployment, your app will require maintenance support for further updates. So, hiring a proficient Xamarin app development firm will ensure you post-maintenance support. Thus, your application will never miss any updates or bug removal. 

Comprehensive testing 

When you work with Xamarin app development companies, they test your app for performance, speed, and user experience. So the chances of any error in the app after deployment are the least, which enhances the end user’s experience with the application. 

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What Xamarin App Development Companies Do?

In the simplest words, one of the ‌ core Xamarin development services that all the relevant development companies provide is developing mobile applications with the help of this framework. However, it is important to understand that developing mobile applications is just a part of their responsibilities, and there are a lot of other Xamarin app development services that proficient developers have to ensure in their roles. 

  • Xamarin development company designs and maintains mobile applications for Android and iOS. 
  • They troubleshoot and thus resolve any defects that might affect the performance and experience of the application. 
  • They have a core responsibility of maintaining a code. 
  • Xamarin App Development Company works with the analysts to define the system requirements. 
  • Proficient Xamarin development companies develop and deliver quality products on time. 
  • They work with functional testers to ensure the accuracy of the application. 
  • Researching and learning about the new trends and technologies in the landscape is also their responsibility. 
  • Xamarin development companies also produce technical documentation.

List of Top Xamarin App Development Companies in the USA 2024

As we have already interpreted, one can only leverage the capabilities of the Xamarin framework with a proficient Xamarin app development company. The quality of your application will largely depend on the development partner you hire. If you are not from a technical background and have no experience in hiring Xamarin developers, it might be complicated for you to hire the right development company. So, we are hereby listing the best Xamarin app development companies you can rely on for your project- 

Octal IT Solution (one of the best Xamarin app development companies USA)

Top xamarin app development companies usa

This is one of the best Xamarin app development companies based in Florida. The firm has over 16 years of experience with 99% certified and expert programmers at work. At the same time, the firm has developed and delivered more than 1,500 new ideas for their clients to help serve the target audience. When it comes to Xamarin app development, the firm has expertise in developing native and basic as well as advanced-level mobile applications according to the particular needs of your business. 

Moreover, while working with Octal IT Solution, you need not worry about the tech stack options and the key Xamarin mobile app development services. Be it iOS app development, Android app development, wearable app development, etc., the firm covers everything for you. So, your project is always in the safe hands with Octal IT Solution. 


besr USA based xamarin app development companies

Appinventiv is an India-based Xamarin app development company that has a history of serving 1000+ high-performing, top-notch, and scalable Xamarin apps for businesses coming from different industries. The firm has worked for various client bases, meeting their personalized needs and demands to design the best suitable digital product and provide the best Xamarin development services. Appinventiv has over 250 in-house team members and you can hire mobile app developers to work on the projects. 

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best xamarin app development companies

This is also one of the Xamarin mobile app development companies you can rely on for your project. The firm has a wide presence in different locations like Los Angeles, Medellin, Miami, and Montevideo. Uruit has completed 150+ projects successfully. The company was incepted in 2007 and now carries an experience of more than 15 years of working with the technology. The firm’s client base holds brands like Bloomberg, Microsoft, Supreme Golf, and Kia. 

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xamarin app development companies USA

This is more like an omnipresent Xamarin development agency with a presence in 23 countries of the world. The headquarters of the company is established in Canada. The firm was founded in the year 2000 and thus, the firm carries an experience of 23+ years in the industry. One of the main benefits that you will leverage by partnering with Rishabhsoft is its excellent maintenance and post-launch services. 

Good Work Labs (one of the best Xamarin app development Agencies in the USA)

top xamarin app development AGENCIES usa

 Another one of the best Xamarin app development Agencies in the USA, Good Work Labs, is also a known name in the landscape. The company was founded in the year 2013 and has a decade of experience in the Information Technology industry. In this journey, Good Work Labs has served a prestigious client base including Mercedes-Benz, SAP, Avaya, and Unilever. The firm has expertise in developing custom iOS, Android, and Windows applications. 


best xamarin app development firms

This is a Xamarin app development company carrying an experience 18+ years of in the domain with over 500 employees. The firm has served more than 6800 clients and thus has become the ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. The firm has expertise in developing different types of solutions, which include software development, chatbot development, mobile app development, staff augmentation services, product engineering, machine learning services, digital transformation, etc. If you are looking for reliable Xamarin app development Agencies in the USA then can surely go with this.


xamarin app development firms in USA 2024

Mobiloitte has ‌ names like SanDisk, PFC, General Motors, and Equinix in their client portfolio. Talking about the numbers, the company has developed over 1750 apps for their different clients around the world with more than 3000 completed projects. Mobiloitte is an IT company having expertise in cross-platform application development to meet the custom demands of their clients. The inception year of the company is 2004 and thus carries an experience of around 2 decades in the industry. 


popular xamarin app development companies USA

TeachAhead is a Xamarin mobile app development company that has an experience of around 10 years. Fortune 500 Companies trust the name with a total client portfolio of 400+ clients. More than 200 employees work in the company to provide different services like Mobile Application Development, Android Application Development, UI/UX Design, Xamarin mobile development, Custom Backend Development, etc. The organization’s developers have special hands-on experience in developing the impactful Xamarin iPhone and iPad Applications.  

Damco Solutions

xamarin app developers usa

Damco Solutions was founded in the year 1996 and has a headquarters in the United States. The firm employs more than a thousand developers to provide a range of services to its client base. Damco Solutions focuses on Mobile App Development, Software Development, Web Development, Blockchain Technology, App design, and much more. The firm builds digital solutions for small, large, and medium businesses worldwide. 

ValueCoders (one of the leading Xamarin app development firms)

Hire best xamarin app development companies USA

Value Coders is a Xamarin mobile app development company founded in 2004 that provides guaranteed solutions to its customers. The firm’s service portfolio includes Xamarin mobile development, Mobile and web App Development, Product Development, DevOps, IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Website Design and development, and much more. In its journey of more than 15 years, the company has managed to serve 2,500+ clients.

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xamarin app development firms USA

Having headquarters in Ahmedabad, India, this is also one of the best Xamarin app development companies that you can consider hiring for your project. The firm has a global presence in countries like the USA, UK, Europe, India, Australia, and much more. Hidderbrains has expertise in developing eCommerce apps, CRM apps, and AR guides. The firm was incepted in the year 2003 and thus carries the experience of around two decades of working in the industry. The firm has more than 250 developers working at their offices. 


USA based xamarin app development AGENCIES

Having served clients like Treasure Hunt, Macktrack Media, ELogbook, and W3Post, i-Verse is a known name in the Xamarin app development landscape. The firm has 50+ certified developers having expertise in developing top-notch Cross-platform apps for enterprises and SML organizations. i-Verve is one of the leading Xamarin app development firms in the USA. At the same time, you will get 24*7 customer support as well as excellent post-development assistance from the company. i-Verve has completed over 1000 projects in there till now journey.  

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Benefits of Developing the Xamarin App In the USA for Your Business?

While there are several options that you can choose to develop an app for your business, there are some benefits that you can leverage only when developing an app with Xamarin technology. Let’s go through these advantages- 

Native User Experience 

The foremost benefit is that Xamarin. forms help you leverage the native or near-native experience. This framework has access to native APIs, which are used for different platforms like Android, iOS, etc. This native experience outputs some platform-specific elements found in C# and Visual Studio. At the same time, Xamarin.forms also allow you to create convenient UIs to attract your end customers. 

Single Technology Stack

Another main benefit that business owners get with Xamrin app development is time effectiveness. Thanks to Visual Studio, the single language C# can create multiple solutions without switching environments. Thus, this property also makes the framework easy to learn and use. 

Shared app logic 

Almost 95% of Xamarin’s written code can be reused, which makes Xamarin app development one of the easiest tasks. This reduces the efforts of developers to develop the app and thus also reduces the cost. The Xamarin developers can use the single codebase across multiple platforms with minimal changes. 

Integrated testing 

Xamarin test clouds allow ‌ developers to test the complete application during the development process, and thus, it results in the faultless generation of code. Xamarin test cloud can be used to test the application on multiple mobile platforms without buying multiple devices for individual testing. So, finding the performance issue and making a seamless mobile app for your business becomes much easier. 

Open source and Microsoft Support 

As Xamrin is an open-source platform, it is continuously improving. At the same time, the platform is even supported by the dominant power of the technology world, i.e. Microsoft, which makes it an even scalable and stable solution for your business. 

Easy maintenance 

Xamarin framework and apps are straightforward to maintain due to the fact that code is reusable to a huge extent. Also, applying the changes to the source code in case of any issue is very easy as the fault can be identified easily. The large community is always ready to provide support, making maintenance even easier. 

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How to Choose the Right Xamarin App Development Agencies in the USA?

Choose the Right Xamarin App Development Agencies in the USA

There is nothing wrong if you want to explore more development companies than what is listed above. So, certain factors will help you choose the right Xamarin development company in the USA.

Read the portfolios 

 This is one of the most important points to keep in mind when you are going to hire Xamarin app development firms. Any proficient Xamarin app development company will have its portfolio that talks about the different Xamarin services they provide along with the client base they have served under these services. So, when you hire Xamarin App Developers, you must read their portfolio carefully to gain the right insight about the firm. Analyze the work samples of the firm whether they have completed projects similar to yours. 

Client Testimonials

Most of the companies present the clients that they have worked with on their websites. You can contact these clients and ask them for a reference. There can be no better source to acquire the right information about any company than to consult with the company’s existing clients. These stakeholders can tell you about all the pros and cons of working with a particular development firm and whether you should choose them for your project or not.  

Price comparison 

Budget is one of the priority factors that play an important role in the process of choosing the right development company. however, you must remember that compromising the quality and proficiency of a Xamarin developer against a few dollars might not be a good idea, keeping a budget in mind while selecting the right developer can be a better one. 

Post-service support criteria 

You will require post-service support from your development partner. The reason behind the statement is that your Xamarin app will have to go through bug testing and updation to include the features post-deployment according to the changing demands of end-users. So, a development company providing good after-deployment support can be the right choice for your project. 

Experience of development 

Last but not least, experience in development factor is also a big factor to consider when choosing the company. more experience, the better results they can provide. So, make sure you hire the development partner according to certain demands of your project. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Xamarin App Development Company in the USA?

The cost of hiring a Xamarin mobile app developer agency is not constant because it depends on several factors during the projects. The following elements define the overall cost of Xamarin app development- 

Number of featuresSeveral features are directly proportional to the cost of a development project. More are the numbers, the higher will be the cost. 
Type of featuresIf you want advanced features with exceptional capabilities, you will have to increase your investment. On the other hand, if you want a native app with basic functionalities, it will cost you cheaper. 
Location of developersThe development team in the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe cost multiple times those from Asian Countries like India. 
Time is taken in the projectMany developers follow the hour-cost rule. So, if your project consumes much time for the developers, it will add dollars to your project. 
After service supportIf you want tech support from the development team even after the deployment of the project, you will have to pay an additional amount for the same. 
Third-party and API integrationAll the charges for third-party apps or features as well as APIs are additional. 

What Is the Process to Hire Xamarin App Development Agencies in the USA?

Hire Xamarin App Development Agencies in the USA

Following certain steps to hire the Xamarin app development agencies proves quite helpful for your project quality. Here are the steps you need to focus on when choosing your Xamarin app development firms: 

Define your key business requirement 

First of all, define your key business requirement to the potential Xamarin app development companies. So, the firms that can provide you with the relevant services and have those capabilities with contact and rest will be filtered out. 

Choose a good hiring resource 

You must rely on good mediums to hire your app development team. It can be your referral from your professional circle, a freelancing marketplace, official websites of companies, listing websites, etc. 

Screen resumes and shortlist the developers 

Before hire android app developers and iOS developers, Go through the resume or portfolios of the company to learn about their experience and the previous projects they have worked on. Shortlist those who have experience in the relevant projects to yours. 

Choose the right employment model 

There are different employment models such as part-time engagement, full-time engagement, hourly basis, in-house team, and much more. Read about each of the engagement models, compare your project requirements, and select the right model to receive the worth of each dollar you pay. 


Once you are done with all the above steps, select your development team share all your requirements, essential resources, and infrastructure, and conduct knowledge transfer sessions with a secure and straightforward onboarding process. 


Being an open-source framework, Xamarin is one of the most preferred tools by developers to develop mobile apps. It helps them to reuse the code and thus develop a digital product in the least time. Also, the maintenance of Xamarin mobile apps is very easy. However, one can only leverage these benefits only with bits of help from a proficient Xamarin app development company. So, we have enlisted some of the best Xamarin mobile app development Agencies you can rely on for your project. 

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FAQs About Xamarin App Development Agencies

Why Should I Hire a Xamarin App Development Company in the USA?

When you hire Xamarin app developers, it will help you develop a full-fledged mobile application with the least bugs and a seamless experience. It will help you attract more users by minimizing the chances of errors.

How Can I Identify the Best Xamarin Development Company in the USA?

Experience, client portfolio, and project portfolio are some of the factors that you can consider to identify the best Xamarin development company. 

What are the Key Services Provided By Xamarin App Development Companies?

The key Xamarin app development services are iOS, Android, tvOS, Windows, macOS, or watchOS app development.

What Industries Can Benefit From Xamarin Development Companies in the USA?

Xamarin can develop apps for any of the industries including healthcare, fintech, entertainment, travel, hospitality, on-demand, utility, learning, and much more. 

Are There Any Notable Xamarin Development Companies I Should Consider?

There are numerous notable companies that you can consider for your Xamarin app development. Octal IT Solution is one of them.

How Long Does it Take to Develop an Xamarin Mobile App?

Xamarin Mobile App development normally takes 3-6 months to complete. The rest depends on the particular project requirements. 

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