Partnering with an Android app development company in India is one of the most cost-effective decisions you can ever make. Leading world businessmen prefer to hire Android app developers in India as the country is growing by leaps and bounds in terms of technology and infrastructure. Before we dig deeper into the idea of hiring Android app developers from the country, let’s have a look at how the global market is influenced by people’s behavior. 

Which app did you just check? 

Yeah, when doing nothing, you’re simply scrolling through your phone. Around 21% of millennials open an app around 50 times a day. In general around 49% of people open applications around 11+ times a day. 

These numbers are a clear indication of why developing a mobile app for your business is a profitable idea. 

Well, the question is Why Hire Android App Developers from India? 🤔 (Thinking)

India has a massive talent pool of developers registered on GitHub after the US with around 11.4 million developers. 

“India’s growing developer community is central to the country’s position as an innovation powerhouse, and open source is at the heart of this. India’s developers are shaping the future of software and directly influencing global innovation, with the country uniquely positioned to push this even further,” 

quotes Martin Woodward, VP of Developer Relations at GitHub.

A strong reason to outsource your development project to an Android app development company in India.

Along with a growing number of Android app developers for hire in India, there are a lot more benefits you can enjoy. Let’s discuss a few benefits of hiring Android app developers in India.

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Hiring Android App Developers in India Benefits

Benefits of Hiring Android App Developers in India 

In recent years, India has emerged as the epicenter of many technological advancements and is growing as a global leader in the IT segment. With so many engineers graduating every year, businesses and entrepreneurs choose to hire Android app developers in India. 

What makes India the hub to hire dedicated developers

Talent Pool of Android App Developer in India

Thriving Tech Ecosystem and Skilled Professionals

India is a young country that is curious and has a zeal to always learn and grow. The tech environment is expanding with some amazing homegrown unicorns and skilled professionals who are a part of various Indian and International Enterprises. The global exposure and willingness to update themselves make Indian Android developers the right tech partners.

The whooping number of dedicated Android programmers and developers in India working with International brands is a testimony to the advanced ecosystem the country has built.  

A large population of Engineering Graduates Specializing in Android Development

With many students pursuing engineering in their graduation and app development in their specialization, India has one of the biggest marketplaces for app developers. Also, the innovation and creativity that Indians can bring to the screen are commendable. Most brands that hire Android app developers in India rely on the country’s talent pool and young techies. They see a prospect in partnering with an Android app development company in India to build their business app solutions technically advanced at the most affordable prices.

Experienced Android App Developers with Diverse Expertise

If you hire Android app developers in India, you are in for a tech treat. Due to the access to the internet and ease of English speaking, most developers easily connect with a global clientele. Thus, they have an experience of working on various projects that add to their understanding of the subject. The Android developers in India can offer you technologically advanced solutions and survive the test of time. 

3% of all 1,012,587 App developers active on Google Play are from India.


Strong Tech Infrastructure for Android App Development India 

Growth of Technology Parks and Development Hubs in India

Even if you Google Top Mobile App Development Compay there is a probability that at least a few names in the top 10 are from India. With the expanding literacy rate and tech interests, India has a greater population of trained and experienced developers as compared to other parts of the world. 

We cannot deny the fact that some of the best tech institutions are based in India and the country has a proven history in its interest and acceptance towards leading technology. To leverage advanced technology with an out-of-the-box idea, hiring Android app development in India is a wise decision.  

Access to Cutting-edge Tools Due to Globalization 

In recent years, India has marked its presence in the tech world. Many multinational companies and startups see the Indian diaspora as a concrete support to their business. Indians are accepting of the technologies and tools that are used across the globe. Your Android app developers team will be able to explore the potential of advancing technology to ensure your app is at par with global standards and engages the users. 

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity Due to a Robust Tech Ecosystem

As we talk about the booming tech ecosystem, Android app development in India is gaining popularity. In the past few years, India has been driving its economy with innovation and advanced technology. 

With advanced database centers, abundant knowledge capital, and commitment to grassroots innovation, startups like Octal IT Solution are partnering with global brands and enterprises to deliver top-notch digital transformation experiences. The Android app developers in India, are helping businesses with unmatched services that are designed and developed to engage the audience the right way. 

Hire Android App Developers in India for Cost-Effectiveness

Cost Analysis of Hiring Android Developers in India vs. Other Countries

Due to the availability of resources and their willingness to commit to the assigned projects, the cost to hire Android developers from India is much lower than in other countries. 

Here’s a quick comparison of the cost of hiring Android app developers in India from various locations. 

Average Hourly Rate (USD) Range for Mid-Level Android Developer
India$15 – $40
United States$60 – $150
United Kingdom$40 – $120
Western European Countries$40 – $100
Eastern European Countries$35 – $70
South American Countries$30 – $80
Price comparison to hire Android app developers in India

As Android app developers in India are renowned for their logical approach and comprehensive problem-solving skills around the world, hiring a team to offer Android app development services from the country lets you leverage unmatched skills at the most efficient prices without compromising the quality.

Android App Developers India Reflect Excellence in English Proficiency

India is emerging as a global leader as the crowd has earned proficiency in the English language. Most people can comfortably conversate in the language, making collaborations and communications easier. The country is home to around 5 million software engineers second only to China in the realm. With its acceptance and understanding of English, the country offers a comprehensive partnership for international clients. Hire Android app developers in India who can communicate with you easily and comprehend your business needs without any language barrier. 

Clear communication is the key to getting things done right!


Hire Android App Developers from a Strategic Geographical Location 

India’s geographical location is a plus in the list of why hire Android developers in India. The country’s timezone aligns with most Western markets and thus, the Android app developers are available for a real-time conversation around the clock. Thanks to real-time communication, Android developers for hire in India can offer instant support during pivotal decisions and updates. 

Since the best Android app developers in India are available almost according to the market times of the West, the turnaround time for app development is minimal. The timeframes for development are much shorter, as it is easier to connect with the Android mobile app developers.

As you hire Android app developers in India, you can rest assured that you get an impeccable project that helps you be at the top of your game. The team is available in the wee hours to connect with you and resolve your queries. 

Android App Developers in India Stage Cultural Compatibility

As you connect with Android app developers in India, you won’t feel much cultural drift. They are well versed in the Western culture and understand the language often better than other countries. With a Western seeped into modern Indian culture, hiring Android developers in India is a great idea. 

Indians are known to adopt new technologies at a much faster rate than their counterparts. The most significant reason why most businesses believe that India has the best Android app developers is their adaptability to the client’s culture and respect for the work ethics of the company they are partnering with. The Android app development companies in India work under the client’s preferences and needs. They nullify the potential cultural barriers in the working relationship, making India the top destination to hire Android developers. 

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Android Mobile App Developers in India Offer Scalable Solutions 

Since Android app development companies in India offer scalable solutions, they successfully work on projects of all sizes. Thus, if you are a startup looking to hire Android app developers or an enterprise to create an Android app development team, hiring developers from India is a profitable alternative. As per your project needs most development firms ramp up or ramp down the Android app development team. 

Agile mobile app development methodology is the most sought after and thus, the team is ready for suggestions and changing business needs. 

If you want a custom solution that scales as your business grows, hire Android app developers in India. 

Collaborate with Android App Development Company India with Established Work Record

Partnering with a reliable Android app development company in India with an established work record is crucial. 

  • Many of us may not realize this, but the mind behind LinkedIn Pulse is Indian. 
  • Android mobile app developers in India developed the Android equivalent of Siri, Iris. 
  • Paytm, Zomato, Hike Messenger, NewsHunt, etc. are other popular applications developed by Android app development companies in India. 

India is a hub of startups, and thus you can always trust the Indian diaspora to hire Android app developers in India for your project. If you are looking for the best Android app development companies, or where to hire Android app developers, most recommendations have their foundation in India. 

With Indians associated with some of the biggest brands and startups, their credibility and competent problem-solving skills are unquestionable.

Government Support and Policies Boosts Hiring Android App Developers in India 

The Indian government has played a significant role in expanding space for Indian businesses and startups. With government support and policies, young entrepreneurs can offer their services to the world and earn maximum profits. 

A lot of Android app development companies in USA and other countries these days hire remote Android app developers in India for their projects. 


Conclusion about Hire Android App Developers in India

Hiring dedicated app developers comes with lots of confusion, such as whether you should go for an in-house team or hire an outsourced team as it includes expensive prices, language barriers, etc. If you end up hiring non-skilled app developers, it will leave you with a low-performing application with various issues. 

We make sure as you connect with Octal IT Solution to hire Android app developers in India, you get the best team to work on your dream project. 

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