Owing to the immense advancement in the IT sector in the past few years, there has been rapid growth in the number of IT projects. This way the demand for IT specialists is at its peak and companies are facing a hard time finding qualified and skilled IT professionals for their software development needs. Due to this reason, Outsourcing software development projects comes around as the best option for the businesses, as it allows them to get great services at optimal prices, without the hassle of finding and hiring proficient software developers. This not just saves a lot of time but money as well.

outsource your software development

Today most businesses have embraced the concept of outsourcing their software development & web development requirements and they acknowledge that this is a great means to create an amazing product that saves time, money and sanity. In fact, is the best solution in the era of globalization and technological advances.

So here, let’s find out how it can be beneficial for your organization to outsource your software development needs

1. Get access to best skills

As per Statista, there were only 568,000 STEM graduates in the USA in 2016. This figure makes it clear that it is a lot of struggle to find expert dedicated developers equipped with technological expertise and experience. Even if you succeed in employing some tech geniuses in your team, you may still fail to have enough to successfully wrap your project.

Or you might require adopting this new technology stack that none of the members in your team have knowledge of. But the good news is that there are lot many nations that produce a huge number of STEM graduates, including India had 2.6 million STEM graduates in the year 2016. SO it doesn’t matter whether you require 8 or 800 software developers, outsourcing allows you access to the wider talent pool and that way you can plug your skill gap and build a product utilizing the best technical resources.

2. Reduced Costs

outsource your software development

This is the foremost reason why outsourcing your software should be considered. So, different countries have different minimum wage ($ per hour), and countries like India have the lowest development rate at $0.28, while the software development services provide here are still extraordinary. The reason why the minimum wage of lower in a few nations is because the living there is cheaper. So, the lower the minimum wage, the cheaper the software. It is as simple as it gets. Also outsourcing the software also eliminates the need for investing in expensive equipment as the software development firms already own this kind of device.

3. Recruitment Process

So, this basically comprises of two benefits in one. First is that the creation of software is a temporary job, for which the only kind of permanent support you can need is of one developer. However, the development of software will require to hire dedicated developers for your firm. But once the software development project is over, you simply can’t fire them.

And ultimately building software is way more time-consuming than to maintain and support it once it’s done.

Now in the case of software firms, they offer software support with every of the project. Hence, when a company is hired, the issue of having too many or too little people on board is eliminated. Second is that you are not required to deal with the hassle of the recruitment process. This saves both the time and the energy which can be indulged in other productive activities requiring your attention.

4. Enhanced Risk Control

With outsourcing, the number of probable problems you require to think about is reduced. It is the firm you hire for outsourcing that takes care of the entire development process and your involvement is simply limited to consulting and offering feedback. At times, companies feel that outsourcing is risky but in reality, it is far from that. In fact, nowadays outsourcing is pretty common and there are legal regulations involved that make this type of cooperating very efficient and safe.

5. More Efficiency

As a business decides to outsource, they will certainly go with someone who knows what they are doing. When a firm is hires the programmer, it gives them access to a team of software developers that is highly efficient & experienced in their arena. They are experienced at working on multiple projects together and know it well to work in a team. This knowledge helps your software project to be developed better and quicker, as compared to hiring an individual developer for your firm.

6. Lesser risks involved

With outsourcing contracts, customers receive the services they require, and they are performed in a highly professional way and these services are provided with material responsibility of the contractor for quality of its implementation. All of this is because an outsourcing firm, as a legal entity, has the assets to compensate for the possible damage. Being the subject of insurance, outsourcing also needs outsourcers to share the responsibility for working with the insurer. This way, here the quality of services offered is documented, measurable and controlled, and contractor well plans the risks involved.

Hire Software Developers

7. Confidentiality is ensured

One obligatory condition for IT outsourcing services is information protection and confidentiality. With an outsourcer, you get higher security ensured as well as NDA (non-disclosure agreement) of confidential data which is not the case with their own employees. It is also a part of the contract and if violated, not just the relationship with one particular client suffers, but overall reputation in the outsourced services market is affected and this is why outsourcing firms take extreme care of this matter.

8. Certified specialists

Hire Software Developers

Often times it happens that the firms are unable to afford a staff of experts, consisting of iOS developers, Android developers, web developers, web designers, back-end developers, data scientists, project managers. The services of these experts have different costs but they certainly are expensive. Not just the salaries, sick leaves, and vacations, but a lot of money if also spent on their ongoing training.

While the hassle of hiring expert professionals is a different case altogether. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the vendor makes sure that the certified specialists are highly-skilled and qualified. Often the outsourcing firms have a staff of diverse specialists, as this way they can get necessary expertise at any stage of the project. Additionally, this will cost much lower than the cost to hire this same employee full-time.

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9. Quicker time to market

It is a widely known fact that quickly innovating or being first to market, offers a competitive advantage to the businesses, whereas any kind of delay in product/android application development eats away that advantage and instead costs money. Most often than not, the most crucial aspect that measures the success of a software development project is the time taken to get the product to market or for the project to go live.

So when the project is outsourced to the right software development partner, they will ensure that the project is delivered on-time, while restraining to the budget. In the time that is taken to hire an in-house developer, your outsourcing team can have got the minimum viable product (MVP) built already.

mobile app development

This way it is clear that there are endless benefits of outsourcing your software projects and this certainly is something worth considering. You can begin small as you test the waters, and once satisfied with the services, you can outsource your whole project.

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