This post guides you through the various noteworthy features and functionalities of a competent lawyer on-demand mobile app. This discussion is immensely helpful for lawyers who desire to build their own appointment app, where the users can schedule their appointments and check availability, as well as for the entrepreneurs who are looking to develop a robust Lawyer On-demand mobile app to associate the lawyers with the users.

Lawyer On-demand mobile app can be said to be the modest approach for finding reliable and appropriate lawyers with just a single tap. Thus, the businesses are investing in the niche for earning the revenues and at the same time, keep the users at a bay from traveling long routes for identifying the lawyers followed by waiting for long hours for scheduling the appointments.

Lawyer On-demand App Features

Lawyer On-demand mobile app consists of two separately built apps-one for the lawyer and the other one for the user. Later, these two apps are linked to each other through a secure admin panel. Let’s have a look at some of the most significant features of all the attuned panels for the lawyer mobile app design that makes your product popular among users.

User Panel

This panel is centered around end-users who would need to hire a lawyer. The on demand lawyer app would have an easily navigable and engaging UI/UX design here to let your users avail of the related services easily.

Sign in/Sign Up: This is the basic section of the app. Users can log in with the aid of social networking or email account credentials. Lawyer mobile apps can be used with ease for quick services.

App Appointment booking: The users can send the request to the concerned lawyer and can request for scheduling the appointment. The app development lawyer makes it a point that taking and rescheduling features are also available in the application.

Select the type of lawyer: The users can select the category of lawyers to which their case relates to. A variety of lawyers such as civil lawyers, property lawyers, immigration lawyers, etc can be listed in the app.

Track lawyer Location: The users can track the location of their lawyers for getting an idea about their arrival time. The lawyer appointment app development team ensures that the real-time location of the lawyer can be tracked for convenience.

Get lawyer detail: The users can get the lawyer’s details such as the expertise, designation, the court in which they are working, and other associated details.

In-App Calling and Live video consultation: The users can communicate with the lawyers within the lawyer On-demand mobile app over the voice/video calls for discussing the queries.

Upload and share case-related documents: Under this feature, the users can upload and share the case related documents with their concerned lawyers in a reliable way.

Make payments: The users can make payments with the aid of integrated payment models such as Credit/Debit cards, Netbanking, etc in a secure way. lawyer on demand app comes with an in-app payment method for easy transactions.

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Lawyer Panel

The lawyer app development team ensures that the lawyer panel is designed in a way where the lawyers can easily create their profile, showcase their work profile and maintain a list of past clients and upcoming cases.

Sign up/ Sign in: This is similar to the user panel. Here also the lawyers can sign in with the aid of social network or email account credentials.

Appointments Status: Under this feature, all the lawyers can maintain their appointment books and can accordingly check the aligned user’s request.

In-App Calling: With the aid of the stated feature, lawyers can communicate with the users and can discuss the case issues and other details. iOS app development for lawyers becomes quite easier when they can make calls through the app itself without sharing a lot of personal information.

Booking Calendar: Under this feature, the lawyers can maintain and update their booking calendars. They can schedule the dates when they are busy along with the time duration so as to enable the users to send the request in a more convenient way.

CMS: Under this feature, lawyers can post the various amendments that occur in the legal rules and publish their research on various cases and judiciary systems.

Receive payments: The lawyers can receive payments from their users via the integrated payments models. The information is transferred to the admin as well.

Admin Panel

The lawyers on demand application have a specific segment for the admin who would take care of the other aspects of the application.

Users Management and lawyer Management: All the users and the lawyers that are attuned to the app are managed by the admin.

Manage lawyer listing: All the categories of users along with their details, expertise, and experience are managed and listed by the admin.

Add/Block Features: The admin reserves all the right to add or delete the lawyers in the case, if some illegal activity takes place.

Report Management: All the reports related to the users and the lawyer’s request, payment confirmation, types of cases running, areas from where maximum orders are captured can be viewed by the admin in the form of pie charts and statistics.

Manage Payment: All the payments made by the users either via integrated payment models or through COD are managed by the admin.

App Marketing: All the marketing-related banners, ads, email templates, and other advertising campaigns are managed by the admin.

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Advanced features

Along with the panel-based features we have some advanced features that we integrate with the lawyer appointment app that makes it easier for users to connect with your application. Our experts study the market well and find the loopholes in the operations of other similar applications and try providing solutions to those loopholes in your product.

GPS: The role of GPS (Global Positioning System) cannot be missed out while developing a Lawyer On-demand mobile app? With the help of the maps, the users can locate the destination of lawyers. Google Maps can be considered as the best option for navigation purposes, the major reason being it offers maximized customization benefits and advanced functionalities.

However, the app developers can also go for choosing the MapKit for the iOS mobile apps and can also select a particular API or SDK, if required

Payment: (Credit, Debit, Wallet, Net banking, Paypal, Braintree) There are distinctive payment gateways that are available nowadays. Braintree, Stripe, PayPal’s Mobile SDK, and Apple Pay can be used in the Lawyer On-demand mobile app for making the payment procedures transparent and sound.

Database Design: It is very vital to develop a mobile app resonating with the web and mobile landscape, so as to make it stand ahead in this hyper-competitive marketplace. The App Developer community can implement the latest technologies such as Cassandra, PostgreSQL for developing a robust and sound back-end infrastructure.
Cloud Management: Cloud technology stores all the cases and payment-related information on the cloud servers and streamlines the user experience, as it delivers the data at a very fast speed and at the same time keeps your app absolutely safe. So, store all the payment information, lawyers and users detail with all the services in a very simplified and secured way plus you can access the data whenever required. The requirement of maintaining the large hardware devices gets completely vanished off with cloud technology.

Heat Map View: This feature is of great benefit as it clearly displays all the necessary details about the most popular areas/lawyers/location thus allowing the users to make the decision in an easy way. Users can easily visualize all the details about the lawyers and the services they are keen to avail of. Heat Map View is certainly the best feature of a Lawyer On-demand mobile app as it showcases all the relevant details required by the user.

Push Notifications: The ideation of push technology works great in expanding the user bases to a new level. It is a great way of keeping the users and the lawyers attentive and attuned to the app. Messages related to order confirmation/news updates/ new requests and other messages can be delivered to the users.

In-App Conference call: The In-App Conference call in the app allows lawyers and the students to communicate with each other within the Lawyer On-demand mobile app. Users can discuss all the case related queries with the lawyers in a completely secure way and share the important documents as well since all the information is stored on the cloud servers.

Refined search (category, experience, and location): With the help of multiple filters, users can search for the appropriate lawyers by simply applying the filters to different categories. For instance, they can choose a particular lawyer on the basis of running cases, location, category, etc, so as to get appropriate suggestions.

Any lawyer mobile app that enters the market is expected to be ladened with features. Our team has proficient developers who make it a point to deliver unique and highly rewarding solutions that are interesting and engaging that can earn great revenue and provide easy services.

Technology Stack

Implementing the right technological standards is a must while developing a robust and sophisticated Lawyer On-demand mobile app. So, before embarking on the development framework make sure, you have preserved all the right technical powers so as to be seated abreast of your competitors. The lawyer app design is well thought and framed with cutting technology. If you want us to work on any technology of your choice you can discuss the details with our experts they would bring on the screen exactly what you want.

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  • APNS( Apple push notifications/FCM( Firebase cloud messaging) For Push Notifications
  • Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo For SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification
  • Braintree, Stripe & PayPal For accepting payments
  • GWT For Powerful Programming
  • Datastax For Data Management
  • Mail Chimp Integration, Mandrill For everything related to emails
  • Debian, Macintosh, Ubuntu, CentOS The Universal Operating System Database MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress
  • Cloud Environment AWS and Google
  • Real-time Analytics  Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
  • MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, Node.js) – For making the functionality of the app quite fast and fluent

The technology stack that we use for mobile lawyer app development is advanced and reflects the best results in no time.

Right Development Partner

For engineering and impeccable Lawyer On-demand Mobile App, you require the right and experienced Mobile App Development Company, a talented pool of skilled managers, mobile app developers, designers, and testers.

Project Manager: He/she should be inculcated with extraordinary skills and must possess the ability to identify the best in the mobile app industry landscape.

Developers: Android App Developer, IOS App Developer, Back-end App Developers

Designers: Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer

Testers: A team of proficient and skilled Software Testing and QA services experts to deliver a smooth and rich experience to users.

The mobile app development team has different members who make it possible to deliver solutions that are interesting and help you earn better results. If you are looking for an app development team that can help you through then you are at the right place.

Cost Estimation of Lawyer App Development

Mobile App Development Companies and Mobile App Developer communities can change the cost structure according to complexities, platform selection, and the size of the app. For instance, the prices for Lawyer App Development are starting from $200 to $550 in developed economies such as Europe or in the United States of America. Eastern Europe is much cheaper in comparison with other parts of the European region as the range for developing Lawyer On-Demand mobile app starts from $200 to $600 per hour. In India, the cost of developing the Lawyer On-demand mobile app begins from $75to $250per hour for the full-stack app development.

So, calculating all the overhead costs, an average Lawyer On-demand mobile app can cost up to $15,000 to $20,000 for a single platform (either iOS or Android with advanced features). However, spending little extra seats your app ahead amongst your competitors existing out there.


When it comes to developing app development, you need a team that can take care of the whereabouts of the process. We make sure that all the elements that you want to integrate are technologically ahead and can offer great results. The team has years of experience in the development field and is updated with the latest happening in the technology arena. If you are looking forward to developing a lawyer on demand mobile app then we surely would love to extend our helping hands and take you in the market with a solution that is ahead of the rest of the crowd.

Design Team Lead

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