The increasing demand for partnering with a Laravel development company is clearly visible. In 2023, over 114,599 companies started using Laravel as a programming framework tool. Thanks to the emerging Laravel web development company in the USA, now every business owner has the accessibility to build their web app to entertain a broader target audience. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top Laravel development companies in the USA for 2024.

eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart are making millions and billions by bringing the existing businesses on the online platforms with the help of web app solutions. The online platforms present the user experience of shopping online with a certain business, and technologies like Laravel come with a big relief. It helps ecommerce app developers build creative and responsive web apps to increase the operational process of the business. 

Still, there is a big challenge in getting the web app developed: choosing the right Laravel framework development company. So, we are hereby enlisting the best Laravel development companies in the USA that you can rely on for your project. 

What is Laravel Development: Introduction

laravel framework development company

Laravel is a popular PHP framework that is widely used by developers around the world. Bring an open-source platform, Laravel is considered one of the best choices for developing web apps with the help of built-in features and an intricate host of libraries. This core competency of the open source Laravel framework makes sure that the Laravel programmer doesn’t have to write the features from scratch. At the same time, a built-in authentication system also significantly helps ensure that web application is secured in every condition. 

Moreover, Laravel even contains an object-related mapping that makes it very easy to specify different classes and ensure easy access to data by saving the database tables rather than JSON tables. 

Laravel framework was invented in the year 2011 and has become one of the most used frameworks by website development companies to develop web applications and mobile applications. This open source framework works similarly to PHP’s MVC (Model, View, and Controller) format.

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Reason to Use Laravel Framework in Mobile App Development

One of the biggest reasons for Laravel being so popular is its strengths. The automation in Laravel prevents a Laravel development agency from loading a virtual server every time to test a line of code. At the same time, Laravel’s open source competency also delivers the big advantage of community support which comes with countless tutorials, blogs as well and debugging measures for any application that can be imagined. There are a lot of companies that are using the laravel framework for mobile app development.

Talking about some of the benefits that a Laravel app development or the project owner leverages while using Laravel, the advantages are as below- 

Fast performance Speed is one of the biggest determining factors for the user experience. Laravel makes sure that the web app and mobile app have responsive and fast pages that can present the information in the least time. 
Routing Laravel comes with the significant customization capability of routing that allows the best Laravel developers to customize the different features in different sections. 
Security The security authentication in Laravel comes with two layers viz. guards and providers which help to store the data securely in every session. 

List of Best Laravel Development Companies USA

1. Octal IT Solution (One of the Top Laravel development companies USA)

Top laravel development company USA

Founded in the year 2007, Octal IT Solution has emerged as a renowned Laravel development company in the world. The ISO 9001:2015-certified company holds a global presence with offices in India, the USA, the UK, and Singapore. The firm carries a strong experience of 15+ years. This helps them develop competitive digital solutions to serve a huge consumer base without failing. Octal IT Solution has served a broad client base including BMW, IBM, Clarins, Linde, Zee5, Vodafone, and Omantel. 

Moreover, the strategic partnership of the company with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Drupal Association, Intel IoT Solution, Acquia, Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program, STPI, UKWDA, NASSCOM, etc. also allows them to diversify their service offerings. The core expertise of this Laravel development agency lies in developing custom web apps and mobile app development with the help of Laravel that meets every requirement of the client. 

Hire Laravel Developers

Having been featured in top technology recognition entities like Clutch, AppFutura, GoodFirms, Softwareworld, BusinessOfApps, Top Developers, and many more, Octal IT Solution holds a good reputation in the international markets for developing different types of digital products. Other services like mobile application development, website designing, website development, E-commerce, CMS, and on-demand solutions are also the key highlights of Octal IT Solutions. 

Core Competencies 

  • 1500+ Projects Completed 
  • 250+ Expert Members
  • 700+ happy clients 
  • 100+ running projects 

2. DevSquad


DevSquad is a popular laravel development agency founded in 2014. The firm operates with a limited number of best Laravel developers which helps them to provide quality Laravel solutions to their clients. The Laravel web development company follows the Scrum methodology that helps them adhere to a fast and iterative development process. Each feature being imparted in the web app or mobile app is checked multiple times to make sure that the expected functionality is being achieved. At the same time, the least time to market is the biggest factor that brings the clients in. 

Core Competencies 

  • 9+ years of experience 
  • Broad client base 
  • Wide service offerings 
  • Huge technology stack 

3. Active Logic

Active Logic

Active Logic is a team of 35 senior software developers located in the United States. The best Laravel app development company provides custom web apps and mobile app solutions with the help of Laravel open source framework to best meet the needs of end-users. The tailored solutions allow them to build digital products for any industry in the least time. Active Logic has served a splendid client base like Lous Vuitton, Walmart, RiskAnalytcs, Merge, Abbott, Happy Bottoms, Black & Veatch, Stanford University, and many more. 

Core competencies 

  • 200+ completed projects 
  • 35+ expert software developers 
  • 100% US-based development staff 
  • 7 national locations 

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4. WPWeb Infotech

Top Laravel Development Companies

WPWeb Infotech stands out as a top Laravel development company. Founded in 2015, WPWeb Infotech has rapidly become a leader in Laravel development. The company leverages a team of skilled Laravel developers. Their approach emphasizes tailored solutions that cater specifically to client needs.WPWeb Infotech uses Agile methodologies, ensuring efficient and flexible project management. Their development process includes rigorous testing to ensure functionality and performance. The commitment to reducing time to market is a major draw for their clients.

Core Competencies:

  • 8+ years of industry experience.
  • 200+ clients Worldwide
  • Wide service portfolio 
  • 5-star rating on clutch

5. Redberry

Redberry laravel app development company

This is also a known laravel certified company which is based in Georgia. The firm was founded in 2014 and currently has around a decade of experience in laravel web application development services. Redberry works at 8 different timezones with their in-house best Laravel developers of over a hundred. Most of the company’s clients are US-based startups, enterprise companies, and agencies. 

Core competencies

  • 200+ web and mobile applications 
  • 100+ awards
  • Broad client base 
  • 9+ years of experience 

6. Curotec (Top Laravel App Development Agency USA)

Curotec laravel development companies

Curotec is among the top Laravel development companies USA, established in 2010. The firm is popular for developing different types of digital solutions using technologies like Laravel, WordPress, Python, OpenAI, Node.js, AWS, React, and Vue.js. Web development, app development, UX design, mobile development, AI/ML, and E-commerce are some of their core services that help their clients begin their journey of digital transformation. 

Core competencies 

  • 12+ years of experience 
  • Several tech awards winners 
  • Wide technology stack
  • Customized digital solutions 

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7. Highland

Highland laravel development company india

Highland is among the oldest and best Laravel development companies USA which was established in 1999 and headquartered in Chicago. The Laravel web development company works on concept creation where they understand the ideas of their clients and thus design an outline to build the solutions. It helps them develop a digital product that best matches the client’s requirements and expectations. The customer engagement at Highland makes sure that each preference of the client is being met. 

Core competencies 

  • 300+ digital products launched 
  • $1B+ of market opportunity created 
  • 24 years of experience 
  • 4.9 star rating on clutch 

8. Fingent (One of the Best Laravel Developers USA)

best laravel development company

Fingent is a popular Laravel development company USA that has delivered more than 700 projects for their clients coming from different locations, including the US, Australia, UAE, and India. Custom software development, digital transformation, cloud-native, ERP, artificial intelligence, RPA, Data visualization, SAP, AR/VR, laravel web application development services, and many more names can be found in their service portfolio. SAP Silver Partner, Global Partner of Odoo, Partner of K2 for the US region, and ISO 27001:2013 are some of the tags attached with Fingent. 

Core competencies 

  • 800+ delivered projects 
  • 19+ years of experience 
  • 14+ countries with an active client base
  • ISO 27001:2013 Certified 

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9. GoodCore Software

GoodCore Software laravel developers

This is one of the best Laravel development companies USA. With over 18 years of experience, GoodCore Software holds a strong reputation among the top Laravel development companies. Along with developing next-level software solutions, the firm has expertise in designing creative user interfaces to provide a seamless user experience. Talking about the service offerings, the firm deals in consulting, development, web and application building, MVP development, intuitive UI/UX designing, project takeovers, and much more. 

Core competencies 

  • 110+ successful project deliveries
  • 18+ years of experience 
  • Client satisfaction 
  • Protection of intellectual property rights 

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10. TekRevol

TekRevol - laravel development company usa

TekRevol is a new IT company established in Silicon Valley that specializes in creating creative digital solutions for startups and enterprises. Developing applications, websites, eCommerce, and games are their core services which impart the intuitive user interface to better navigate the users and ensure seamless user journey. Using the Laravel – PHP framework, the Laravel app development company has developed several mobile apps and web apps that help businesses around the world ignite their digital journey. 

Core competencies 

  • Recognized by several tech platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, and Horizon 
  • Broad client base 
  • Wide service portfolio 
  • Customize software solutions 

11. Saritasa (One of the Best Laravel Development Firms USA)

Saritasa laravel development company

Saritasa was founded in 2005 and currently provides services in mobile apps, web apps, AR/VR software, system architecture, and IoT app development. To develop customized solutions, the laravel app development company understands the technology and functional needs of its client and thus designs a digital product accordingly. Moreover, the firm also provides additional assistance to its clients when making technological decisions. Loadstar, NRS (Nationwide Rail Services), RV Halo, Sports Thread, etc. are some of the featured projects by Saritasa. 

Core competencies 

  • 1700+ successful projects 
  • 10+ years of experience 
  • 5 office locations 
  • Wide industry base covered 

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Things Need to Remember When You Hire a Laravel Development Company

laravel development firms USA

Hiring the Laravel developing company is a really big deal. Choosing the wrong development partner can entirely ruin the performance of your project. So, to make sure that you choose the right Laravel development companies, here are some of the factors that will help you to do so- 

1. Define your goals 

First of all, define your goal of digital transformation. It includes determining the purpose of your project and listing down all the features and functionalities needed in the product. This factor will help you determine if the development partner can develop the product according to your requirements and match your vision. 

2. Relevant experience 

Experience plays a significant role when you hire a Laravel developer. the experience of the firms helps to assess the skills and professionalism level easily. Moreover, by looking at the clients they have worked with, you can assess their capability of developing different types of web apps as well as industry knowledge. 

3. Cost quotation 

Considering the budget is one of the most important factors when planning a project. You can find plenty of names in the market who are proficient in Laravel web application development services. Still, your budget must match the quotation. You should set a practical and realistic budget for your project and make sure that the laravel development agency you are planning to hire is providing the relevant services in that silo. 

4. Technical knowledge of Best Laravel developer

Undoubtedly, the Laravel development agency must carry good knowledge of Laravel technology. You should ensure that the team of developers knows HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as have good command over the PHP framework. Moreover, it is also necessary that the best laravel developer can write clean, testable, and scalable codes as well as optimize those codes. Moreover, familiarity with APIs, Model-View-Controller handling, OOP, etc. is also important for a Laravel development team. 

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5. Soft skills analysis 

Along with hard technical skills, soft skills analysis is equally important. Make sure that your Laravel development agency has good communication skills, curiosity about implementing new technologies, critical thinking for better problem solving, collaboration abilities, and dedication to their work. 

6. Rating and reviews 

Rating and reviews are great options for choosing the right development company for a Laravel project. You can know the strengths and weaknesses of a laravel development agency to ensure that they align with your project goals. At the same time, reviews and ratings of the development of different platforms will assist you in knowing the true side of a laravel app development company. If you want to hire a laravel consultant then contact us today.

7. One-on-one interviews 

A one-on-one interview with a Laravel Development Company is the best method to clear all your doubts and select the best one among the plethora of options. Via this interview, you can assess their technical skills, communication abilities, confidence level, as well as other soft skills. 

8. Testimonials 

No one knows better about a laravel development agency than the one who has worked with them. So, you can contact the existing client companies of the firm to know inside out about them. These entities can help you significantly to know all the pros and cons of working with them. At the same time, you can the best unbiased piece of advice from good testimonials. 

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What Makes Octal a Reliable Laravel Web Development Company?

Octal IT Solution is a well-established name in the top Laravel development companies in India and the USA. Hire a laravel consultant at an affordable price for your project. We specialize in providing different Laravel solutions like Laravel migration solutions, 3rd party app integration, Laravel extension development, social networking development, Laravel eCommerce solutions, theme design & integration, and much more. Octal has delivered 1500+ ideas and projects in their 16+ years of industry experience. Check out our laravel web application development services for your next project and hire dedicated mobile app developers. With 99% certified and expert developers, we have expertise in developing customized solutions for particular customer needs and requirements. 

We are also partnered with other Laravel development entities that can take your project and deliver a product matching your vision. 

Wrapping Up!

So, with this article, it can be concluded that Laravel has emerged as a great php framework for developing web apps and mobile apps to bring businesses to the online landscape. However, choosing the right Laravel development company is equally crucial as well as complicated. There are enough developers in the world who will eat up your investment to give nothing in return. So, we have enlisted here the best Laravel development companies USA that you can rely on for your Laravel project. If you are looking for the best laravel development services then hire our dedicated developers.

Laravel Development Company

Frequently Asked Questions About Laravel Development Companies

Which is the Best USA-based Laravel Development Company?

We have shared here an extensive list of companies that you can partner with. Octal IT Solution is the best Laravel development company located in the USA and offers clients ease of doing business and always recommends the latest trends that can help the products be the best in the market.

What Technologies are Used in Laravel Development?

Some of the top Laravel development tools that most Laravel developers recommend are 
1. PHPStorm
2. Bitbucket
3. Laravel Debugbar
4. Laravel Backup
5. Socialite

Are Laravel Developers in Demand?

Yes. Considering the popularity of the framework, a lot of businesses choose to partner with Laravel development companies for their projects. The advantages of Laravel are many and businesses find it easy to choose Laravel development as their go-to framework for their projects.

What Do You Offer in Mobile App Development Services?

Along with Laravel development services we offer mobile and web app development in several other technologies, UI/UX design services, app migration services, after-support maintenance, and support services.
From ideation to scaling we help you in everything on the way.

What is the Estimated Cost of Laravel Development in the USA?

The average cost to hire a Laravel developer in the USA may be around $10 to $50 per hour depending on the experience, and expertise of the developer and the complexity of your project.

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