Are you looking for the Top Android App Development Companies in the USA in 2024 for your next project then you landed on the right article. Android is an operating system that is powering more than 2.5 billion smart devices. It is free and open-source, meaning that more people can use it to experiment and bring their ideas into existence. In this blog, we will discuss the best Android App Development agencies in the USA.

Smart people and businesses are making tons of money by bringing their unique ideas into existence. If you also have a million-dollar Android app idea then consider partnering with any best Android app development companies in the USA to turn it into reality.

Developing an Android application demands years of expertise, talent, and skills. With 3.5 million downloadable applications on Google Play Store developed by the best Android app development agencies, it is hard enough to filter the most suitable one for your plan.

Thus, we have prepared a list of top Android app development companies beholding expert developers who can be considered for app development.

Mobile App (Android) Development in the USA – Statistics & Numbers

Mobile App Development in USA – Statistics & Numbers
  • If we see an average every American uses their phone once every 6 minutes.
  • In 2023, mobile apps are expected to generate over $940 billion in revenue.
  • An average Smartphone user checks over 15 apps a day.
  • Total global mobile app downloads in 2022 touched the 260 billion mark.
  • An average mobile user spends approximately $4.9 on mobile apps.

Android is one of the most popular Operating Systems, developed by Google. Initially, it was developed by a company named Android Inc. and later Google acquired the company in 2005. With its arrival, it got the support of giant mobile developing companies like Sony, HTC, and Samsung. Following the path of success, android expanded the OS for tablets.

Check out the market share and dominance of the Android OS through the below-mentioned points.

  • As of the current report published in 2022, the market share of Android-powered tablets is more than 50%.
  • Android OS is also leading the smartphone industry with a 71.63% market share globally.

List of 10+ Top Android App Development Companies in the USA 2024

Check out our handpicked best Android app development firms that have the potential to turn your vision into reality.

1. Octal IT Solution (one of the top Android app development companies in the USA)

 Octal IT Solution - one of the best android app development companies in USA

Octal IT Solution has managed to be on the top of our list with 15+ years of experience in Android development and a team of enthusiastic designers, developers, and testers. Having developed hundreds of solutions for businesses across various industries, Octal IT Solution beholds the ability to understand business requirements and develop a custom solution accordingly. The latest technology is leveraged to develop a robust and responsive application. Being a Top Android App Development Company in the USA you can hire dedicated developers for your next projects.

Founded Year – 2007

Headquarters – Jaipur, India

Number of Employees – 51-200

2. Science Soft

Science Soft - android mobile app development company in usa

Having spent 14 years in Android app development, the developers at Science Soft are highly skilled, experienced, and talented. It has a dedicated Project Management Organization to take care of complex and large projects. The team also stays updated with the latest technology to create robust and custom IT solutions. Science Soft has also made its way into the list of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies by Financial Times.

Founded Year – 1989

Headquarters – McKinney, TX

Number of Employees – 501-1,000

3. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft - top android app development companies in usa

It is another best Android app development companies on our list with a decade of experience. Intellectsoft holds the ability to develop custom solutions for Android smartphones, TVs, tablets, and wearables. It also promises to maintain and support service post-deployment to update the application according to industry norms and helps create marketing strategies for app promotion. 

Founded Year – 2007

Headquarters – New York

Number of Employees – 51-200

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RETROCUBE stands as a dynamic force, uniquely poised to tackle modern challenges with a fusion of creativity, technology, and strategic acumen. Recognized as the premier Android app development firm in the USA, RETROCUBE embraces the philosophy of simplicity. The company has gained widespread acclaim for guiding numerous businesses through the entire journey of crafting custom Android solutions – from conceptualization and design to actual development and deployment. Central to RETROCUBE’s achievements is a team of adept programmers committed to staying at the forefront of the latest technologies. This proactive stance allows them to harness cutting-edge advancements, ensuring the creation of responsive and forward-thinking applications. In a realm where simplicity seamlessly converges with sophistication, RETROCUBE stands out as the trusted ally for businesses in search of unparalleled Android app development services.

Founded Year: 2014

Headquarters: Dallas, TX, USA

Number of Employees: 150 – 300

5. ZCo Corporation (best Android app development companies in the USA)

 ZCo Corporation - android app development company in usa

It has been recognized for developing high-performing custom applications for its clients for the past 30+ years. It takes pride in being able to help businesses to outperform their competitors through their custom-built solutions. This is one of the best Android app development agencies in the USA that also keeps on expanding its tech stack to be able to develop and provide responsive and robust solutions to its clients.

Founded Year – 1989

Headquarters – Nashua, New Hampshire

Number of Employees – 201-500

6. Appinventiv

Appinventiv - android software development company

Since 2014, Appinventiv has looked forward to helping businesses by developing a responsive and custom solution that contributes to the growth of the business. Appinventiv deploys the application after testing it from top to bottom to ensure glitch-free and smooth functionality. The Android app development services are not limited to smartphones, they also develop applications for Android tablets, TVs, and wearables.

Founded Year – 2014

Headquarters – Noida, UP, India

Number of Employees – 501-1,000 

7. Arc Touch ( top Android app development agencies in the USA)

 Arc Touch - best android app development company

Arc Touch has created hundreds of Android applications for smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc. Providing app development services since 2008, it has gained the trust of leading brands and Fortune 500. They tailor the solution according to the needs and requirements of the business to assist them in their journey to achieving the ultimate goal.

Founded Year – 2008

Headquarters – San Francisco, California

Number of Employees – 201-500

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8. Willow Tree Inc.

Willow Tree Inc.- best android app development agencies

Developing custom IT solutions since 2007, Willow Tree Inc. has assisted multiple leading businesses to outperform their competitors. The team of developers at Willow Tree Inc. is highly talented and experienced; they can turn your idea into reality. Additionally, they keep on updating the tech stack to be able to develop high-performing and robust solutions.

Founded Year – 2007

Headquarters – Charlottesville, VA

Number of Employees – 1,000-5,000

9. intuz

intuz - top android app development firms in usa

Intuz is proud to have won numerous prestigious awards for delivering outstanding and innovative digital solutions. The employees at Intuz are highly passionate about designing, developing, and supporting innovative Android solutions. Developing solutions since 2008, it has developed and delivered 1500+ apps by now to businesses across various industries.

Founded Year – 2008

Headquarters – San Francisco, California

Number of Employees – 51-200

NMG Technologies - Top android app development agencies USA

NMG Technologies is highly appreciated for thoroughly listening, carefully understanding and precisely developing custom solutions according to the business requirement. It works according to proven methodologies to create a secure and scalable application. It also leverages the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to extend the reach of Android applications.

Founded Year – 2005

Headquarters – Gurugram, Haryana

Number of Employees – 11-50

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11. Surf

Surf - top 10 android app development company in usa

Having spent over a decade developing Android applications, Surf has successfully contributed to the growth of hundreds of business entities. Working with several companies across numerous industries, Surf has a deep understanding of the business and its nature. It utilizes the knowledge to develop a custom and robust solution for its clients that meets the requirements.

Founded Year – 2011

Headquarters – Wilmington, Delaware

Number of Employees – 201-500

12. Naked Development

Naked Development - popular android app development company agencies

Naked Development holds the caliber to solve your modern problems with creativity, technology, and strategy. It is the most popular Android app development firm in the USA believing in simplicity, Naked Development has helped numerous business entities discover, design, develop, and deploy custom Android solutions. The team of programmers at Naked Development also keeps up with the latest technology to be able to leverage it for developing a responsive application.

Founded Year – 2017

Headquarters – Irvine, California

Number of Employees – 11-50

13. Blue Label Labs

Blue Label Labs

The team at Blue Label Labs includes designers, strategists, analysts, and programmers. The entire team coordinates with each other to develop an ambitious Android solution that can drive the bottom line. Having years of experience developing Android solutions, Blue Label Labs promises to develop customized solutions to meet business necessities.

Founded Year – 2011

Headquarters – New York, NY

Number of Employees – 51-200

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14. QBurst

QBurst - list of top android app developers usa

Standing strong in the market since 2004, QBurst is an early adopter of mobility solutions. It has the experience of developing Android applications from the first iteration of Android OS. The Android app development services offered by them include consultancy for the deployment of the application. They also support the application after deployment and update it according to the latest trends.  

Founded Year – 2004

Headquarters – Chantilly, Virginia

Number of Employees – 1,001-5,000

15. Clavax

Clavax - top 10 best android app development company in usa

Imagination and expertise in technology are what make Clavax another leading Android app development company. Clavax can offer consultancy services to evaluate your app idea and can engage the best minds to bring your vision into reality. It also holds expertise in designing flexible user interfaces that make the app compatible with different screen resolutions and devices.

Founded Year – 2011

Headquarters – San Jose, CA

Number of Employees – 201-500

16. Dom & Tom

Dom & Tom - hire android app developers

Leading Android app development company, Dom & Tom is working in the direction of developing responsive and custom solutions to help businesses accelerate their growth and transform according to the market trend. Dom & Tom understands and values technology, as a result, it prioritizes leveraging the latest technology to develop a high-performing application.

Founded Year – 2009

Headquarters – New York

Number of Employees – 51-200

17. TechuGo

TechuGo-hire android app development company

Embracing trending solutions and advanced tools is the motto of the team at TechuGo. The company has a team of dating app developers who can turn your idea into a multi-million-dollar business. Consult the development team for the best suggestions to lure your audience and offer an experience using the latest technology.

Developers at TechuGo have helped businesses of all sizes from homegrown startups to enterprises to build their digital identity and earn profits.

18. Algoworks

Agloworks- top android app development companies

Looking for an Android app development company that offers the perfect blend of enthusiasm and experience? Algoworks is the right partner for you. Connect with them for your business solutions and you have at your service some of the best dating app developers with hands-on experience in delivering user-centric solutions. You can connect with them for cross-platform solutions, native Android app development, or iOS app development services and they bring to the table technologically advanced solutions.

19. HiddenBrains

HiddenBrains-top android app development company

See your business idea turn into a functioning app with one of the best dating app developers at Hidden Brains working for you. With technology like AI, AR/VR, Data Analytics, etc. to serve your business needs, the dating app development firm promises to deliver solutions that are unmatched and can help you be at the top of your game. Get a competitive edge over your customers with their flexible solutions that can be upgraded and upscaled as your business expands.

20. ValueCoders

ValueCoders-android app development company

The next in line is one of the best app development services providing company, Value Coders. The firm has earned itself a name in the market for delivering solutions that are at par with the client’s vision. With users in the focus, the dating app development team here strives to bring to your screen an immersive experience making virtual dating feel real. The company with its commitment to changing technology ensures the solution you get serves your audience their purpose without compromising with their user experience.

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What Do Android App Development Companies Do?

The Android app development companies are responsible for diligently designing and developing applications for Android-powered devices. The best Android app development companies offer a range of services i.e. designing, development, deployment, app testing, maintenance and support, etc. The Android application can be developed for various purposes i.e. entertainment, gaming, e-wallet, e-learning business, etc. 

The developers of the company have a strong understanding of Android and stay updated with the latest tech stack to develop robust, responsive, and custom applications. The Android app developers also work in a direction to keep the application updated according to the latest trends and industry norms.

Android App Development Companies

Hourly Prices to Hire Android App Developers in Different Countries

The cost of Android app development varies for various regions as the cost of living varies. Here’s the average breakdown of hourly rates of Android app developers from various regions.

RegionAverage Hourly Rates
The United States $100-$120
The United Kingdom $80-$110
Australia $60-$90
India $45-$70
Android app development cost comparison

Key Services the Best Android App Development Companies Offer 

There is a probability you might be looking for an Android app development company, not for a new project but maybe to update your existing solution. There are various services that an Android App development company offers, the most common of them are:

Consultation for Android App

Before you decide to hire an Android App development company for your business idea, you can request them for a consultation session. This would help you understand the requirements of your project and validate your app idea in terms of cost, market value, and plausibility. 

Android App UI/UX Design

UI/UX design lays the framework of your application. When you hire developers for Android app development, they have a team of UI/UX designers who prepare the layout of the look and feel of your app. 

Native Android App Development

In case you want to build a native Android app, the developers can guide you through the process and help you pick the right tech stack for your project. Partnering with a company ensures you can get a team that holds expertise in the latest technologies and trends in the Android app development industry.

Update Your Android App 

There is a possibility your app may be outdated and needs an upgrade. You can either reach back to the same Android app development company or partner with a new one to update your existing solution. Most businesses connect to the same team as they have the understanding and approach of how the app functions and what motive it must serve. 

Maintenance and Support for Android App

Another reason why you may be looking for an Android app development company is because you need to maintain and support the existing solution. A few apps need regular maintenance and tech support to stay ahead in the market.

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Why Hire Android App Development Companies in the USA?

If you want to have an Android app for your business, then hiring an Android app development company is the best way to get the work done. Some of the top reasons to hire an Android app development company instead of hiring an individual developer are:

Proven Skillset

When you hire an Android app development company to build your app, you get the benefit of their expertise in the field. The probability is you are partnering with a team that has developed an app similar to your business idea. The developers at Android app development firms keep themselves updated and are well-versed with the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

Various Engagement Model

The top Android app development companies offer various engagement models like fixed cost, time and material, and dedicated team models to cater to the requirements of different clients. Depending on the needs of your project, you can choose the model that suits you the best. 

Streamlined Workflow 

Another reason why you need to hire an Android app development company is they have a streamlined workflow that lets them develop an effective app for your business. They have a dedicated project manager who will keep you updated about the progress of your project, and if you have any concerns or queries, you can connect with them and get them resolved. 

Access to Latest Technology

As you connect with an Android app development company, they have a team that keeps themselves updated with the latest happenings in their respective fields. This would give you a competitive edge and help you get a solution that would ultimately gain popularity among the audience. 

Global Experience 

As you connect with the top Android app development company, the probability is high that they have worked with an international clientele. Thus, by partnering with such an organization you are getting exposure to the global trends in your arena. 

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How To Select The Top Android Development Companies in the USA?

Finding the team of the Top Android app developers USA can be challenging as the market is packed with development agencies, each one claiming to be the best. Thus, here are a few points that you can implement to filter the best development company according to your requirements.

Pricing and Budget

– Every development agency has its pricing, at which they are willing to offer their services. Thus, the first and foremost responsibility is to ensure that the pricing of the development agency fits in your budget to avoid future complications.


– Only a team of experienced and skilled developers can develop a custom and well-functioning Android application. Thus, it is mandatory to cross-check the experience and expertise of the developer’s team before closing the deal. The best practice for the same is to Interview and question the developers about their work experience and skills.

Tech Stack

– The performance of the Android application highly relies on the tech stack used to develop it. Thus, ensure that the development agency you picked has its hands on the latest technology and leverages it to develop a high-performance and robust application.


– Also, make sure that the development firm promises to maintain 100% transparency with you about your project. You should be getting real-time updates on your project along with live tracking of the project’s progress. You should be allowed to get in touch with the development team and give them project-related instructions.


– The top players in the industry do believe in maintaining the portfolio. A portfolio basically consists of the projects that the development agency has completed and their achievements. Thus, the portfolio of the development team can be checked out to analyze the expertise and skills.

Reviews and Ratings

– Another best way to examine the expertise and authenticity of an Android development company is by having a glance at their reviews and ratings. Therefore, look out for the company with the most positive reviews and ratings.


– Time is precious and everyone looks forward to spending it wisely. Thus, share your requirements and vision with the development agency and question them about the time period required by them to complete the project. Ensure, that they promise to deliver the project by the deadline or before to avoid further delays.

Key Challenges to Develop an Android App in the USA

The key challenges that any Android app development company faces to deliver the best solutions are: 

Choosing the Right Programming Language

Depending on the app’s idea and needs, the Android app development company has to choose the right programming language. The language chosen should offer developers an environment and framework that is capable of creating a solution tailored to meet the needs of the clients. 

Most Android apps are developed in Java or Kotlin.

Handling Hardware and Software Fragmentation

One of the biggest challenges that Android app developers face is fragmentation. Since Android lags standardization, the number of devices was around 24,000. Not all users have the same device or the latest OS. Most developers use Emulator, to check for the functioning of the app on various devices.

Creating a User Interface That Works Well

One of the major challenges when developing an Android app is to create a user-centric solution. The developers and designers have to work together to create a user interface that is not only attractive but also user-friendly. From navigation to interaction and responsiveness, and everything the developers have to take care of all of it. 

Finding Ways to Optimize App Performance

Any client would expect a stable, high-performance application as a bare minimum from the Android app development company. Hundreds of factors negatively impact the performance of the app, such as the hardware and software configurations. It is important to take care of load time and latency. 

Ensuring Compatibility with Third-Party Apis

Another important factor to consider is the compatibility of the app with the third-party APIs. Your third-party APIs integrated with your application must work seamlessly with your app. The key challenge in any development process is the incompatibility of third-party API integrations. When the third-party APIs are not compatible with your app, it can lead to several issues. 

The testing team checks for the uninterrupted working of the third-party APIs for a flawless app. 

Ever-Present Security Concerns

The key challenge of Android app development is the security of the app. The security concerns are a common concern of all Android app development companies. They have to ensure the solutions they deliver cannot be hacked and the users are comfortable using the app. 

Increasing App Visibility in the Google Play Store

Another challenge that even the best Android app development companies face is the visibility of the app in the Google Play Store. The apps have to be well-optimized and stick to the marketing standards to get the app noticed by the users. 

Dealing with Intellectual Property Issues

One dominant challenge is that most Android app developers have intellectual property issues. With the ease Play Store allows to publish the app, copying and cloning the apps is a common issue.

These are some of the most common challenges that some of the top Android app development companies consider when working on any project. 

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Top Questions To Ask from Android App Developers USA?

You should be asking the following questions from the app development agency USA to ensure you are on the safe side.

What tech stack is utilized to build the application?

As mentioned above, the performance of an application is partially dependent upon the tech stack leveraged to build it. Thus, ensure the development agency utilizes the latest technologies for developing the application.

Will an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) be signed to safeguard the confidential information?

Make sure that the development agency agrees upon signing the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) form with you. It will bind the development agency not to share or disclose any confidential information related to your project to anyone.

How much will it cost to develop the application?

Once you have shared your vision and requirements with the development agency, it’s time to ask them about their charges. Make sure that their charges fit your budget.

Will I get to interact with and instruct the developer’s team?

Also, ask the development agency if they permit you to interact with the developers or not. Staying in touch with the developers or project manager will maintain transparency and have several other benefits.

Will I get support and maintenance post-deployment?

Just like every Android application, your app will also require support and maintenance post-deployment for smooth functionality and to stay updated with the industry norms. Thus, ensure that the development agency offers post-deployment maintenance and support in exchange for a few extra bucks.

Android App Development Companies

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Android App in the USA?

Connecting with an Android app development company in the USA for your project is a great idea, but you would need more than an exact app development cost. A set of factors determines the cost of Android app development. As you partner with the development team, they will discuss your requirements and needs before they give you the quote. Here are a few factors that influence the Android app development cost. 

Level of App Complexity 

The complexity of your app is one of the factors that determine the cost of development. The more complex the app, the more time and effort it will take. The major elements that are considered in the complexity of the app are: 

  • Model of Deployment Architecture 
  • Third-Party App Integration 
  • Admin Panel Features 
  • User Feature Set
  • Access to Device Hardware

Type and Category of the App 

Another factor that determines the cost of app development is the type and category of the app. Depending on your business vertical, your app requirements would change and it is an important factor to determine the cost of your app development. 

Some of the most common business verticals we work with are:

  • E-commerce/M-commerce App 
  • Social Networking App 
  • On-demand App 
  • Gaming App
  • Healthcare App 
  • Fintech App 

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App Development Team Location and Engagement Model 

A significant factor in determining the cost of the app development is the location of the development team and their engagement model. Here’s the hourly cost of hiring Android app developers from major locations worldwide: 

  • The USA: $110-$120 per hour 
  • UK: $90-$110 per hour
  • Europe: $75-$90 per hour
  • South East Asia: $25-$40 per hour

Depending on your business needs you can hire developers on a project basis, hourly basis, or full-time basis. Whatever is your business requirements, analyze it well and choose an engagement model that helps you grow. 

Animations and Designs in the App

Design and the elements that one needs in their solution play a major role in determining the cost of Android app development. Adding animations and transitions would increase the cost of app development but it would make your app stand out from the rest.

Launch Your App to Playstore 

To submit and publish your app to the Play Store, there are a few things that you need to follow. There are some rules and conditions to submit your app to the store. If you are expecting your development team to do it the cost would be added to your quote. 

Post Deployment Support and Maintenance

With the technology advancing at a rapid pace, you’d need deployment support and app maintenance services in case of bugs and issues with the app once you launch the app. As you sign a contract with your Android app development team, check for the perks you will be receiving.

The cost of engaging with an Android app development company would be around $20,000-$50,000 and for a complex app will cost something around $150,000-$300,000. 

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Conclusion About Top Android App Development Agencies in the USA

So we have discussed in this article about top Android app development companies in the USA. We believe that we were able to educate all our readers more about Android app development. If you are looking forward to availing Android app development services then you can prefer any of the above-mentioned top Android app development agencies for the work.

Smart businesses and sharp minds have already deployed Android application that serves a specific purpose and are making filthy money from it. If you wish to be on the same page as theirs then you can get in touch with us.

We will be glad to utilize our expertise and skills to provide you with an estimate of the development cost and also get our best USA-based Android App Developers to develop a robust and custom solution that meets your requirements.

FAQs about Top Android App Development Firms in the USA

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