The major worry for most parents around the world is their child’s academics. In the daily grind, they cannot spare time to take a look into what their kids are learning and how things are working for them. Other than this, with new subject matter and innovative advancements around the world, the course is also a little difficult to explain for the ones who aren’t updated. Well, all these common problems of today’s generation can easily be fixed by the On-Demand tutor finding app development. Tutors find mobile apps are actually very much praised and loved by the working sections of society and set them free from teaching their children for long hours. Apart from delivering the teaching and learning benefits, it is also been embraced by the tutors as well. Large Edutech companies are also investing in on-demand tutors app development to secure their share in this rising domain. Online tutor booking app development is another business opportunity that attracts investors.

With the help of a customized tutor finder app, they can explore more teaching opportunities on a vast platform. The concept of providing tuition at home is quite traditional, but with the evolution of mobile apps, it has been redefined to a great extent. Owing to the current scenario, the development of tutors finding mobile apps has propelled almost all businesses to rekindle themselves, and the tuition business is nothing new in the landscape. So, whether you are a tutor or a user, this post will lay out all the features, technologies, and everything associated that is required in On-demand Tutor App Development. So, keep reading the write-up for identifying the engineering of the best and most excelled On-demand tutor app.

In 2022, it is predicted that after-school tutoring will have a global market size of 425 million U.S. dollars.

The after-school tutoring market in China is set to grow by USD 70.09 billion from 2022 to 2027 progressing at a CAGR of 14.11% during the forecast period.

The Basic Framework and Features of On-Demand Tutor App

When it comes to talking about the basic frameworks and features that we can use for on-demand tutor applications, it is important that the application is user-friendly and offers ease of navigation for people who cannot take much time for their kids.

tutor booking app development


The tutor finder app development focuses on three different panels. Let’s check each of these one at a time.

USER (Student) PANEL – on-demand tutor app development

It is the students’ group that would be using the application the most. If you are looking forward to gaining popularity in the market with your tutor finder mobile application, then all you need to do is hire the right developers who can integrate interesting and innovative solutions into your application.

Direct & Social Media Login: Here, the users can log into an already created account. Or else, they can sign up via their email or any other social media account.

Browse Tutor: Under this section, users can search for tutors as per the subject or course specifications owing to their learning requirements.

View Tutor Details & Reviews: The users can view all the relevant details about the users such as course specifications, specialization, years of teaching experience and much more.

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Post Requirement: As per the grades, courses, timings and the subjects required to be learned, users can post their requirements for identifying the relevant tutor.

Book a Tutor: After reading all the reviews about the tutor, users can book him/her so as to start the subjects and courses as selected and charted out by the user.

Chat with Selected Tutor: The users can communicate with the tutor about various other concerns such as timings, fees and other details for making the learning more effective.

Rate & Review Tutor: Users can rate the tutor as per the quality of services received. According to the teaching abilities, time adherence, and behavior, users can post reviews about the concerned tutor.

These are some basic features that our online tutor finder app development team would surely include in your application. This would make it quite interesting for the students to use your application and get things settled for you.

Tutor Panel – on-demand tutor app development

Another important aspect of the application would be the tutors who would be teaching these students. Our tutor finder app development solutions make it a point that the profile that has been updated has all the important details of the tutor in the list.

tutor booking app development


Profile Setup: Similar to the user panel, the tutor can set his/her profile and can log in with the social network or email account credentials.

Change Availability Timings:  As per the number of tuitions queued, the timings can be changed and altered by the tutors according to their convenience.

Accept/Reject Requests: Owing to the time schedules and the tuitions aligned up, tutors can accept or receive the requests of the users.

View/Edit Bookings: Under this section, tutors can check and edit their booking plans. All the running tuitions and the ones for which the courses are completed can be updated by the tutors.

Check Weekly & Monthly Earnings: As per the number of active tuitions, tutors can check their earnings on a weekly and monthly basis. They can also keep track of all the tuitions for which the fees have been incurred or not.

Chat with Students: The tutor can communicate with the students to answer their queries and can also update them with the change in timings schedules if they arise and vice-versa.

When we talk about the tutor’s panel, it is important that we interact with them for the best results. Online tuition app development becomes quite an interesting task when you bring to the table some interesting and innovative solutions that can help our experts brainstorm for the right picture.

If you are looking forward to developing a business that can help you attract the maximum audience, then hire the best mobile app developers in the market.

ADMIN PANEL – online tutor finding app development

The backend of tutor app development needs to be in the right hand. It is important that your hybrid mobile application development team gives you access to check what goes in the backend and how things would work as a whole.

Efficient Analysis: All the users and tutors that are associated with and availing of the services are analyzed and stored to maintain a convenient track record.

Statistics: All the facts and figures related to the services availed, more preferred locations, grades for which the maximum tutors, and all the payment-associated data are stored and managed.

Manage Tutors & Their Services: All the tutors that are registered with the app, plus the services, experience, and course specialization, are monitored under this category.

Service Listing & Management: All the grades, whether for schools or colleges, courses, and the specialization offered, are managed and tracked by the Admin.

Reports & Earnings: Monthly or weekly reports of the tutors and their earnings are verified as per the applied rules and regulations for maintaining an effective learning ecosystem.

Student Manager: All the information regarding the students that are enrolled, along with their course selection and fee structure, are managed by the Admin.

Jobs Assignment & Manager: The entire tuition requests are handled by the Admin. Depending upon the schedule of the tutors for which the request is assigned, Admin can transfer the request to the other tutors that are associated with the network.

The on-demand tutors app development team takes your business as theirs. They make it a point that you have access to the backend, which would make it easier for you to have control over what happens on your application and how things work.

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These are some of the basic features that you need to work on. When talking about an engaging solution, it is important to include a few features that your competitors would have missed.  We share here some vital features that would make it easier for you to take to the market a product that would earn great ROI and strong results.

Tutors Finding Mobile App Development: Advance Features to Include

Our tutor booking app development experts makes it a point to study and research your ios development tutors app and Android tutor finding app. They make it a point that they read the competition well. We study your competition well and make sure the loopholes in their product are covered in your product.

Push Notifications: The ideation of push technology works great in expanding the user base to a new level. It is a great way of keeping the users and the tutors engaged. Messages related to special offers/ events/ news or other promotional activities can be sent to the attuned user. This way, it helps to develop user loyalty and also conserves the users in the long run.

Payment: Integrating digital payment solutions benefits the On-demand tutor apps in many aspects. Multiple payment options such as net banking, eWallet, or credit/debit cards can be embedded to allow users to make payments within an app. This sets them free from making payments later on, thus allowing them to book a tutor. Thus, the learning procedures get more convenient for the students as they will not be introduced to the new teachers now and then.

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Cloud Management: Cloud technology is definitely the one that augments the standards of your app. It takes the functionality and operability infrastructure of the app to an all-new level. Cloud technology stores your data on the cloud servers and streamlines the user experience, as it delivers the data at a very fast speed and, at the same time, keeps your app absolutely safe. So, store all the payment information, tutor, and user details with all the details services in a very simplified manner and access them whenever required. The requirement of maintaining large hardware devices has completely vanished with cloud technology.

Heat Map View: This feature is of great benefit as it clearly displays all the necessary details, such as most popular areas/ categories/ classes/ subjects, thus allowing the users to make really very productive decisions. Users can easily visualize all the details about the tutors and the services they are keen to avail themselves of. Heat Map View is certainly the best feature of an On-demand tutor app, as it showcases all the relevant details required by the user.

In-App Conference Calls: The built-in messages in the app allow the students and tutors to communicate with each other in a very transparent way. Students can discuss all the queries with their tutors regarding any topic that might arise during the revision sessions. Other students can be made part of the communication as well. This way, the discussions about the particular topic expand, thus adding both to the student’s knowledge and, at the same time, empowering the group learning.

Tracking: Admin and users may track the location of the tutor in real time. Users can utilize GPS (Global Positioning System) for identifying the location of the users. This way, it is easy to determine if the tutor is taking a long route to reach the destination. Accordingly, users can suggest a more optimized route to be taken, thus cutting down the additional time taken while reaching.

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For advanced results, we make it a point that the features included in your tutor mobile application would make it easier for various people to deliver better results. Our experts use advanced technology that would clearly help you stand out from the crowd. The technical geeks associated with us make it a point that you get a strong product that would help you earn better results.

How On-Demand Tutor App Makes Money

Service Fees or Commissions: The primary source of revenue for on-demand tutor booking apps is charging service fees or commissions on each tutoring session booked through the platform. Tutors pay a percentage of their earnings as a fee to the app.

Subscription Models: Some tutor booking apps offer premium subscription tiers to users, providing access to advanced features, such as priority booking, enhanced tutor profiles, or additional educational resources. Subscribers pay a monthly or annual fee.

In-App Advertising: tutor finding mobile Apps can incorporate advertising from educational organizations, institutions, or other relevant businesses. Advertisers pay to display targeted ads to the app’s user base.

Partnerships with Schools and Colleges: online tutor-finding Apps can form partnerships with educational institutions to provide tutoring services to their students, often through revenue-sharing agreements.

Merchandise Sales: Some tutors booking mobile apps sell merchandise, such as branded clothing or stationary items equipment, to generate additional income.

Event Organization: Online tutor-finding apps may organize educational events, book fares and workshops. Revenue can be generated from event ticket sales, sponsorships, and partnerships.

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Top Online Tutor Booking Mobile Apps



Wyzant is an online platform that connects students with private tutors. It offers a wide range of subjects, including academic subjects, test preparation, languages, and more. Users can search for local tutors or choose to have online tutoring sessions. The platform provides detailed tutor profiles, which include qualifications, hourly rates, and reviews from previous students. Wyzant allows students to book tutoring sessions and communicate with tutors through the platform. It also handles payment processing.



Superprof is a global tutor-finding platform that offers a broad selection of subjects and skills. It connects students with local tutors who provide one-on-one lessons in various domains, such as academic subjects, arts, sports, and more. Users can browse tutor profiles, view their credentials and reviews, and contact tutors directly through the platform. Superprof emphasizes a peer-to-peer approach to learning.

Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is an online tutoring platform that offers a wide range of subjects for students of all ages. It provides access to a network of private tutors and instructors. Users can search for local tutors, schedule in-person or online sessions, and choose from a variety of academic subjects and test preparation courses. The platform emphasizes a personalized approach to education and learning. is an online tutoring platform that offers academic support to students of all ages. It covers a wide range of subjects, including math, science, English, and more. It provides students with access to a network of professional tutors who are available 24/7. Users can connect with tutors in real time through chat or interactive whiteboards, making it an effective tool for receiving immediate assistance with specific problems or questions. In addition to on-demand tutoring, also offers scheduled tutoring sessions, test prep resources, and access to a variety of educational materials. is commonly used by students seeking homework help, test preparation assistance, and academic support.

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Technology Involved Used for Tutor Finding Mobile Application Development

While online tutor booking app development, it is a must that you identify the right technological stack so as to meet the varying user requirements and grab a seat ahead of your existing competitors. A technically sound app undeniably will top the charts and will deliver a seamless user experience. So, make your app embedded with the below technical concerns and be assured that your app will be there on the user’s mobile for a longer time.

  • Push Notifications- Twilio,
  • SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification – Nexmo, Twilio
  • Payments- Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
  • Database – MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgress, Mail Chimp Integration
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, Azure
  • Realtime Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM

When we talk about the technology that we use for tutor booking app development, it is quite experimental. We sometimes put to use Artificial Intelligence solutions, Machine Learning solutions, and others that would help you enter the market with innovative solutions.
Other than the technology stack, the important point is the development cycle. We follow agile methodology, and the product engineers associated with us work on various factors without fail.

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The Online Tutor Finding Mobile App Development Process

When it comes to working on the tutor-finding mobile app development process, we take care of the following points.

on-demand tutor app development


Development Process: Now that you have learned all the features that are required for a total hit, now is the time to engineer the app inclusive of the above features. Certainly, it is very toil and tedious; hence, roll your app over the below developmental phases in order to be seated with the best and most excellent mobile app.

Analysis of the App: This can be said to be the backbone of your complete tutor booking app development processes. All the requirements and the features of the app are finalized in this step. Therefore, make sure to validate all the requirements and specifications for processing the activities in a very effective and efficient way.

App Design: Once the requirements and the features are finalized, the graphical elements and the design standards can be graphed accordingly. Make sure that the layout of the app must adhere to the core features and functionalities of the app.

Development of the Product: The app developed can be said to be countable if it comprises all the features engineered in the right way. Right from the platform selection until the integration of the features, all the developmental associated activities are carried out in this step.

Quality Assurance: Once all the development-related activities are accomplished, the app is finally rolled over to the testing phase. Standardized testing tools must be applied to identify the bugs, and all the resonating measures should be applied so as to affix the prevailing bugs.

Launch: Upon the successful completion of all the testing activities, the app is made ready for the launching process. An app tailored with all the documented data and working very seamlessly across all the platforms for sure garners the aloud success. Needless to say, an app processed out of the above phases surely stands out to be the true winner on the grounds of performance and quality.

Therefore, it becomes mandatory to find the best tutor booking app development company, such as Octal IT Solution, that can engineer feature-rich and quality-proof mobile apps to keep your business abreast in this hyper-competitive marketplace.

To keep a check on the work process, we have a well-defined team structure.

Required Team Structure to Develop Tutor Mobile App

For quality online tutor booking app development, you will require a proficient mobile app development company that is comprised of a skilled pool of technical partners, developers, designers, and testers; therefore, it becomes imperative that you select the pertinent candidates that are imbibed with true potential for developing your app. Below are the key persons that you must hire to convert your app idea into reality:

Project Manager: Definitely she/he should be able to identify all the ifs and buts about the mobile industry landscape, must have a good command over managerial skills, and must be able to figure out the best possible solutions.

Developers: Developers can be said to be the true creators of the mobile app. They were solely responsible for your tutor booking app development from scratch and know the perfect solution for making your app a clear winner in the cut-throat competition prevailing out there. Of course, the technical team must be comprised of both iOS and Android App Developers headed by skilled and experienced project managers.

Designers: Certainly, they reveal the true ideation of your tutor booking app development journey. No doubt, your app may master the coding standards, but if it fails to attract users, it might be uninstalled by the users. Therefore, you need to have expert UX/UI designers to select the extraordinary design elements and background displays.

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Testers: Testers ensure that the app developed fits all the diverse quality standards. Their journey can be called incomplete if they do not find a bug in your app. Thus, they implement all the complicated and unique combinations for testing the app. In case the apps face them all without failure, for sure, it can achieve monumental success across all the market standards.

A well-defined team structure makes it a point that the product delivered is cost-effective and reflects in terms of revenue, too.

Customized Tutor Finding App Development Cost

The Mobile App Development Companies and App Developer communities charge on a per-hour basis for app development. For instance, the tutor app development cost is higher, starting from $200 to $550 in Developed economies such as Europe or the United States of America. Eastern Europe is much cheaper in comparison with other parts of the European region as the range for developing On-Demand Tutor Mobile App starts from $200 to $600 per hour.

In India, the cost of tutor booking app development begins from as low as $ 25 to $ 200 per hour for full-stack app development. So, calculating all the overhead costs, an average can cost $7,000 to $30,000 for a single platform (either iOS or Android). Choosing a cross-platform app or adding more features may raise the cost to $45,000. However, spending around 70,000 guarantees your app for conserving the top seat amongst the heavy competition existing out there.

Wrapping It Up!

When we talk about the tutor finding app development process, we make it a point that the solutions that are deployed earn well. With advanced technology and a future-based development process, we deliver scalable and flexible solutions. If you want to add any more features or there are any elements that you want to add, we are available at a click.
If you are ready to take your idea to the digital platform, we would be happy to connect.

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