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IT Solutions for Event & Ticketing

The growing popularity of the internet has created big impact on the event & ticketing industry as an increasing number of people booking their tickets online. At the same time, more and more organizations are leveraging the benefit of internet in organizing and marketing their events. This creates a demand of technology incorporation in the rapidly growing industry.

Octal IT Solution enables you to leverage the benefits of technology in the events & ticketing industry. We create web, mobile and software solutions for the event & ticketing industry to make it easier for you to organize your events and for your participants to book tickets online.

We develop interactive and technologically-rich ticket booking systems, event management systems, eTicketing mobile apps, online registration portals, POS software and much more to empower the industry. If you are an event management company or ticket seller, the solutions are ideally crafted for you.


  • Unregulated industry practices

    Since the tickets sold online are generally low-priced, some entities misuse the feature by buying tickets in bulk and reselling them at a higher price.

  • Customization

    Customization as per the location, date, event and specific audience remains a necessity for this industry, which becomes difficult to manage.

  • Security risks

    People do not feel safe while sharing their sensitive details while booking tickets online. Random portals find it difficult to implement appropriate security parameters.

  • Payment Risks and Cancellations

    Due to the lack of widespread cancellation policies, people misuse the feature by cancelling the tickets repeatedly since it doesn’t cost anything.


  • Convenience

    Convenience is spread between all the entities, including event organizers and audience, since everything is done online.

  • Better Data Collection

    Event organizers are able to collect the data and use it for further promotional activities, such as notifications and cross-selling.

  • Wearable Technology

    With the use of wearable technology, the event & ticketing industry may go many steps ahead. All they need is implementing scanable codes.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Converting first-time buyers into loyal & repeated customers become quite easy with the use of technology in events & ticketing industry.

Our Solutions

eTicketing portal development
eTicketing portal development

We create a feature-rich eTicketing portal that enables your audience to book their tickets from the comfort of home.

Event Management Solutions
Event Management Solutions

Our event management solutions enable event organizers take a better control on their planning & promotional activities.

Ticket Management System
Ticket Management System

Create, print and distribute the tickets effortlessly. The portal also enables to gain better insight and data about tickets.

Web & Mobile Booking
Web & Mobile Booking

We creating online ticket booking apps for leading mobile platforms including Android, iOS, PhoneGap and Xamarin.

Online Registration System
Online Registration System

This systems allow your audience to register for your event easily, and allow you to manage registration effortlessly.

CRM Application Development
CRM Application Development

Manage your customers effortlessly with the help of an advanced Customer Relationship Management Application.

POS Software
POS Software

We create Point-of-Sale software solutions for event organizing, ticket selling and audience management.

Venue/ Coupon/ Category Management
Venue/ Coupon/ Category Management

Manage the event related activities, venue, promotional coupons and categories effortlessly with a single portal.

Real-time Reporting & Tracking
Real-time Reporting & Tracking

Get intelligent reports and insights on real-time basis. Our solutions enable you to make better decisions.

The Octal Advantages

Media Management

We create solutions enabled with advanced media management features that make it easier for you to targeting, storing, communicating and managing over different digital platforms.

Multichannel Systems

We understand the diversity of your audience and thus provide solutions that run smoothly on multiple channels. You may use our systems on desktops, tablets and Smartphone alike.


We create highly customized solutions solely created for your business. Also, we give you the control to customize the system as per the changing demands of your business.

Future-ready Solutions

The events & ticketing industry is prone to quick changes. We create solutions that are future-ready, and remain effective for many years without requiring much modifications.

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