The idea to learn a new language seems pretty cool!!! In fact, the one common element in the bucket-list of most people out there is ‘to learn a new language’.

However, as exciting the process to learn a new language can be, it can also be pretty tiresome. Often learners have a hard time learning new words and mastering the accents, and owing to this, they end up giving up on the process in between.

So, how to combat such scenarios?

language learning app development

To make the things easier for the keen learners, now there are language learning mobile apps in this arena as well. A Language learning mobile app is the answer to keen language learners, who are looking for an easy way out. A number of entrepreneurs have come forward already and are keen on to cash into this trend.

Now as we have referred above, a few apps have already entered the market and have gained instant prominence. One such app is Duolingo, which is making education enjoyable and offer an easy way to learn more than 25 various languages.

Same as Duolingo, there are many other prominent language learning mobile apps in the market. Also, there are some top mobile app development companies helping businesses create robust & highly-functional language learning mobile apps.\

Market size of the global language services industry from 2009 to 2021 (in billion U.S. dollars)

language Learning App Development


Here in this article, we will discuss in detail the integral aspects of developing a language learning mobile app, so let’s begin.

Important things to keep in mind while developing a language learning mobile app

Foreign Language Learning App Development

Your users will love an app that helps them in learning a new language: In order to master a new language fully, four skills play the key role: reading, writing, listening, & speaking. In that sense, a language learning app can serve the purpose:

  • Vocabulary acquisition:Some of the language learning mobile apps offer great tools to the users so they can easily memorize new words & phrases. Like, there are Duolingo&busuu, where users get wide-ranging useful exercises that are extremely helpful in learning a small number of words in an engaging manner.
  • Listening: With your app, you can also offer to train the app users effectively in speech comprehension via listening exercises. Like, there is Memrise, which was announced the winner at Google Play Awards 2017, and it offers a variety of short videos & audio tracks that enable users to listen to the native speakers’ speech as well as do certain exercises later on as well.
  • Pronunciation check:Language learning apps can also offer special speech recognition technology & pronunciation checking. Like your app can contain dialogues and audio clips for the users so that their pronunciation can improve, same as Babbel app provides.
  • Language practice:With your app, you can also enable users to create an app-based community where they can chat & exchange their knowledge. Like, Tanden unites the native speakers from all around the globe.
  • Revision: There are certain apps that also do a great job of reminding their users that they must practice their skills each day. This way users stay motivated to learn new knowledge every day. Also, this kind of approach is helpful to app owners as they get a good number of daily app users. Like, Dualingo reminds its users each day that ‘learning a language needs you to practice each day’. It allows users to set their own goals and learners are require to complete certain tasks daily so to ultimately accomplish their goals.

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Users will love an app that keeps them motivated:  The idea to learn a new language sure seems exciting and what users expect is that the process will keep them captivated. However, it is found that due to outdated methodologies the learners either get bored or lose interest.

Now this kind of barrier can be dealt with a language learning app that uses entertaining and motivational techniques to keep users engaged, such as:

  • Gamification: Usually learners get bored with outdated explanations & exercises. Gamification is the best way to combat this issue, as not only the games will ease the learning process but will keep the users engaged with the app.
  • Competition: There is a huge competition out there with everyone seeking recognition, wins & self-expression, and certainly there is no bigger motivation than the accomplishments of the others. Hence, use competition to inspire the learners like there can be a ‘leadership board’ that shows the points of fellow app users and it will encourage them all to study more and also stay attuned to the app.
  • Encouragement:During the language learning process, there will be instances when the learners will make mistakes as they try to perfect their command over a language. So, it is vital to encourage them so they don’t give up upon making mistakes.

Your users will love an app that assists them at every step: Developing a feature-rich app also requires you to guide the users through your app and offer them useful information all along the language course. You can offer:

  • On-boarding: Ensure that as the user takes a tour of your app, there are offered relevant tips all through the course. Make it easy for them to find information regarding training course, at what level they are, how they can check their progress, and all the other information.
  • Personal tutor:Often the learners are left perplexed by some language rules and in these situations, a virtual personal tutor can be of huge help. Like, to encourage users when they need the most, and also to give detailed information over usage of words in the right context.

The idea is simple, to keep the methods fresh and entertaining for the learners.

How to develop a brilliant Language Learning App?

language mobile app development

Creating a language learning mobile app will surely be a lengthy process as it needs to be integrated with great features and technologies, so to make the experience effortless and exciting for the learners. Here, we discuss them in detail.

Get excellent teachers on board: As it comes to hiring the services of high-qualified language teachers, it is always a good idea to have native speakers on board as it will ensure there are a lesser amount of errors in the study material.

language learning mobile app development

Focus on app design: Hiring professional designers ensures your app stands taller than the competitors. Getting the services of good designers is useful to create a convenient and understandable navigation platform.

Implement modular architecture: The app development work doesn’t end once the app is ready to be launched. To ensure the app gains constant prominence, it needs to be continuously expanded and advanced set of technologies need to be implemented. All of this requires an extravagant budget, hence it is advised to develop a modular app.

Once, you have the strategy for your app planned, next it’s time to work on the features. Let’s explore what features would be required in the development of such an app.

Essential features to create a Language Learning App

Language Learning mobile app

If you wish to make an app that instantly clicks to you and fetch awesome reviews and ratings in the app store, then you need to keep these crucial points in mind:

  • User-feedback:Integrate a means in your app to motivate and collect user feedback. There must be an option to review your course within the app as well, and not just the app stores. This certainly is the most direct way to enhance your service as it allows you to know exactly where you are lacking behind.
  • Interesting Learning process: As you look to get a language learning app developed, ensure that your app makes the process of learning exciting and interesting for the users. Like, they should look forward to using your app to learn the language; it should be that fun & interesting.
  • All-of-it on one platform: Your app must allow the users to listen, speak, read & write all-at-one-place. There shouldn’t be any need to download another app in order to track their progress, as users should be able to do that within your app itself.
  • Allow it for free for certain time-period:Another amazing feature you can offer with your app is free-of-cost lessons. Like, make the lessons till a specific number, free for the users, for any language. This way the beginners visiting other countries can use your app for free to learn the basic language.
  • Integrate quality learning resources: There is no point of stuffing your app with unnecessary features. Always remember ‘quality supersedes quantity’. Hence, never make the mistake of compromising with the quality of lesson presentation by offering an extensive list of numerous language courses that may not even be useful to your pupils. Rather, focus on creating something that will make people pick your app over conventional offline courses.
  • Usage of illustrations: When in school, our textbooks had informative & interesting illustrations, visually explaining the material. Similarly, in the case of language learning, which again involves us learning from the level of reading & writing with a vocabulary suitable for the adults, this approach can do the trick. Like, presenting your training program in a fun quest format will do wonders, as the students won’t just gain knowledge but will be entertained as well.
  • Live-Streaming: By introducing a functionality where students can have group video conferences with real teachers, you can increase the confidence level of learners in your teaching methodology. At the same time, it is going to make the process of self-study a lot exciting & interesting.
  • Delivery best in lesser time: Most common reason why people prefer online learning is their inability to be physically present in the classroom lessons, owing to the lack of time. Thus, your app should deliver best & desired results in a fast-possible manner. People should be assured that they are learning a lot through your app in shortest possible time. Hence, you can offer various types of courses in the app – like intensives, which offers maximum learning in a short time period, so that the students get to learn the important basics.
  • Online Student Community: The integral part of language learning process is to offer a platform to the students where they can openly intercommunicate, like a student forum, where students can discuss lesson topics & exchange opinions on several matters to brush-up their skills.

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Technology Stack:

In order to develop a good-quality language learning app, it must be integrated with latest technologies to meet the user requirements in just the right manner.

User Interface & Experience (UX UI):CSS3 and Bootstrap to develop the front-end for both the web module/version.JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby, Python or Django to develop the backend. Developers can use Java & Swift to engineer the Android & iOS apps respectively.

Database:As a language learning app consist of a lot of data, hence the technology should be reliable and robust. Developers can use MySQL, Postgres, Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, etc.

Real-time analytics: This technology would prove essential to communicate with virtual tutors in real-time. Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco,& IBM can be used.

Cloud: To safely store the data, developers can use Amazon data servers or Google cloud storage.

Required Team Structure:


The process of language learning mobile app development is pretty extensive hence having your team in place is crucial. Get the services of a good Language Learning App Development company to create an app that is rich in features and able to meet the desired expectations. Your app development team must consist of:

Next, you need to find the estimated cost to create such an app.

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How much does it cost to develop a language learning app?

On the basis ofthe number of hours invested, features and technologies involved,you can determine a rough estimate of language learning app development cost. The cost depends on various aspects, such as:

  • Basic Features
  • Advance & additional features
  • Chosen Platform (iOS, Android or both)
  • Region of the app development center
  • App complexity & number of hours invested
  • Size of app development team

Now, the cost to develop a language learning mobile app can be as high as the number of integrated technologies. However, an app with reasonable features is certain to cost somewhere around $10,000-$30,000 for single platforms. In case, you choose to develop for both platforms, then it may go up to $45,000.