Milk has been considered a complete diet for centuries. Still, the busy day schedule in the 21st century has distanced people from this healthy drink only due to the lack of access. The changed shopping behavior of the users asks them to get the milk delivered to their doorsteps. Online milk delivery apps and software have emerged as the great solution in this scenario which brings fresh milk to your doorsteps daily. 

The milk delivery software allows the users to register their profile, save their location, choose the quantity, and schedule the daily receiving time for their milk. However, the benefits of milk delivery app development are not limited just to the end-users but also ensure a great return on investment to the app owners.

In this blog, we will talk all about the benefits of daily milk delivery app development, business models, features to include, monetization models, tech stack required, and much more.

Why Opt For An On-Demand Milk Delivery Software?

On-demand milk delivery application brings in a lot of convenience for the users by delivering fresh packets of bottles of milk to doorsteps on a regular basis. First of all, the user doesn’t have to remember to bring home the milk every day in their daily busy schedule. This makes sure that we can have a healthy drink regularly without failing. So, ensuring the health concerns for ourselves as well as the whole family becomes significantly easier with this kind of software.

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Moreover, the different features that come with the on-demand milk delivery app including the time scheduling make sure that we get the fresh milk every time we place the order. The quantity selection helps to get the milk that can be used on a daily basis. Similarly, the daily service of such software prevents us from repetitive order tasks to get the milk.

Market Stats Of Online Milk Delivery App

In the theory given above, it seems to be a good idea to have an app that brings the milk to the home of millions of users. However, those few words might not be enough to decide to develop a milk delivery app and put in a significant amount of investment. So, let’s have a glance over the global milk market and how such software can bring fortune to the app owners-

  • According to Statista, the global milk market revenue amounted to $0.33 trillion in 2023, which is expected to grow annually with a CAGR of 6.87%. 
  • Talking from the population perspective, per-person revenue of $42.88 is generated in 2023. 
  • Similarly, it has been reported that an average person consumed around 30.3kgs of milk in 2023. 
milk delivery app development

Types Of Milk Delivery Apps Available In The Market Today

To meet the daily demand for milk for the users, there are different types of online milk delivery apps roaming in the market. Here are some of the main types of milk supply applications- 

On-demand milk delivery apps 

As the name suggests, these apps provide the home delivery of fresh milk when a customer needs immediate delivery. For the same, the user browses through the dairy items listed on the application, selects the item, places the order, and proceeds with the payment method. The delivery partner of the app delivers the product in the given timeframe. 

Subscription-based dairy delivery apps

This type of dairy delivery or milk delivery app works periodically where the subscriber gets the products from time to time. Users can easily select the frequency of products such as daily, alternate day, weekly, monthly, etc., when they need the delivery of the product. This app also allows them to set the delivery time and quantity of the product along with the billing cycle to make the payment, all at once.

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Farm-to-door daily milk delivery apps 

These are the milk supply apps that basically connect the local farms to local customers and then help the users to get the daily fresh milk to their homes straight from the farm. Users can place the order online, track their orders, and eliminate intermediaries. This feature helps significantly to reduce the prices of the milk.

Benefits Of An On-Demand Milk Delivery App

Dairy product delivery app is one of those investment ideas that not only benefits the owner but also a range of other stakeholders. For example, along with the software owner, the on-demand milk delivery system also provides a lot of benefits to customers as well as dairy business owners. Let’s have a glance over the benefits of on-demand milk delivery applications for customers and dairy business owners- 

For Consumers

  1. User convenience

This is the foremost benefit of an on-demand milk delivery app to consumers, where they get a lot of convenience in getting the milk and other dairy products. One doesn’t have to visit any supermarket or nearby vendors to fulfill their dairy product needs. Instead, they can just open the app, scroll through the varieties, place the order, and get the product. These milk delivery software are nothing less than lifesaver applications in times of emergency. 

  1. Flexibility

The other big advantage of using such milk delivery software is the flexibility in every aspect. One can choose the frequency of getting the product, the quantity of getting the product, the time they would like to receive the milk or any other product, the payment method, delivery address, and much more. So, these apps don’t tie the user to anything and set them free to get the product as they like.

daily milk delivey app
  1. Multiple models

Different models of daily milk delivery apps help the user to select whether they want to get certain products on a regular basis or just when they place an order for specific products. This feature makes it even more convenient for the users to get the product without having to place the order on a daily basis. 

For Dairy Business

  1. Streamlined operations

By getting the order for dairy products online, they don’t have to hassle offline customers to sell their products. At the same time, the online sales of the products help them record the transaction and quantity sold, forecast the daily demand, and determine the key performance indicators for their business. 

  1. Service branding

With the help of online sales channels, dairy owners can turn their local businesses into big brands to build trust and faith among the target audience. By maintaining the purity of the products and faith in the customers, they can build a strong customer base to maximize the profit for the longest duration of time.

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Milk Delivery Mobile App Business Models

There are two milk delivery mobile app business models which cover the major part of the target audience in the market. The two business models of milk delivery mobile app are- 

Dedicated or Self-Owned

As the name suggests, this is the business app model where the owner of the dairy or the milk seller develops his application to connect to the target audience and boost the dairy business. Here, they focus on supplying the milk and every other dairy product to different groups, individual customers, milk retailers, restaurants, hotels, schools, and other campuses. 

This is a dedicated platform where a particular businessman establishes dominance and any other similar product provider is not invited.  The dairy owner tracks the order, determines the revenue, records the milk production, and maintains all the records of the business on these apps to expand the operations.

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Aggregator Applications

This is a common platform that brings the different buyers and sellers on a mutual platform. Different dairy sellers and business owners can register themselves on this mobile app for milk delivery. Similarly, the user panel of such applications allows the end customers to connect to these providers and make the purchase. 

These types of dairy apps make money on a subscription basis or commission basis. By bringing the convenience of buying and selling dairy products, a huge user base brings good profit into the owner’s pocket.

Milk Delivery App Development: Features To Include

Features are the core working unit for any mobile application development process as they play a significant role in defining the functionality of any software. There are different panels in a daily milk delivery app or software which include consumer panel (to be used by end consumers), delivery end panels (to be used by delivery partners), service provider panel (to be used by the dairy product seller), and the admin panel (for the owner of the application). All of these panels work with a different feature that allows users to perform their particular tasks. 

Let’s have a glance over the features used in different panels of the application- 

Customer Panel

mobile app for milk delivery
  • Profile registration and management 
  • Add or manage multiple addresses 
  • Place order 
  • Sort the milk products 
  • Real-time tracking 
  • Rating and reviews
  • Friend referral programs 
  • Order invoice 
  • Reward points
  • Discount offers and coupons 
  • Setting off days for no delivery 
  • Change preferred delivery time 
  • Access order history 
  • Multiple payment gateways 
  • e-wallet options 
Online milk delivery

Service Provider

  • Registration with business profile creation 
  • Adding the product inventory 
  • Manage the prices of milk and dairy products 
  • Manage the payments 
  • Track and manage orders and deliveries 
  • Monitor the payments 
  • Track the performance of delivery personal

Admin Panel

  • A secure login to the admin dashboard 
  • Manage the milk service providers 
  • Manage the delivery executives 
  • Manage the orders 
  • Provide offers and discounts 
  • Operate monetization models 
  • Track the order deliveries
  • Manage CMS
  • View ratings and reviews
  • Generate reports 
  • Assess the earnings 
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Delivery Executive

  • Create and manage profile 
  • Assess the order details 
  • View the assigned orders
  • Access customer location for delivery
  • In-app call and chat feature
  • Order history

Some Of The Salient Features Of Milk Delivery Software That Cannot Be Missed

1. Social Media Integration
Allow your app to have social media sharing options so that your customers can share and earn referrals from your app. This would help you build a strong community and build a strong reputation.

2. Push Notifications 
Let your customers get notifications when you have something interesting to share. These keep your audience involved with the brand and make better purchases.

3. Real-Time Tracking
With a GPS enabled app, your customers and delivery man can easily track the order and reach the customers in time.
Time saving and easy!

online order tracking

4. CRM Analysis
A built-in CRM App would make it quite easier for you to record customer engagement and review their responses easily. Explore the ease of predictive analysis and cutting-edge technology to expand your customer base.

Monetization Models Of Milk Delivery Mobile Application

The milk delivery mobile app is perceived as a platform for investment where the owner is surely concerned about their ROI. For the same, multiple monetization models can be integrated into a dairy product delivery software. Here are some of the most used monetization strategies in these types of on-demand delivery apps- 

  1. Advertisement

Advertisement has been one of the biggest monetization models for different businesses for several decades. Having attracted a good user base on the daily milk delivery app, the owner can make a pure profit by displaying the advertisement of third-party products and services on the platform. More the users, the higher the owner can charge to advertise.  

  1. Featured listing

Everyone wants to be on top, and here’s where the app owner can make a lot of money. Among hundreds of dairy product sellers, the app owner can invite the best of them to secure their place in the top position whenever a customer searches for a relevant offering. For the same, he can charge a good amount as this position is going to give a lot of business to that particular provider.

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  1. Freemium model

This is the subscription model that allows the user to access the basic feature for free while asking money to use the advanced and premium features. For example, you can allow the user to order the products whenever they need while charging a premium if they want the subscription to a milk delivery schedule. 

  1. Transaction model or platform fee

As we can predict from the name of the application, this is the model that allows the owner to implement the transactional charges on the mobile app for milk delivery. Every time a user buys any product from the application or the seller sells the product, the app owner earns money. This can be the best method of earning a hefty amount if you have a good amount of users. 

Top On-Demand Milk Delivery Services And Apps In The Market

Multiple milk delivery giants in the market are taking the businesses to places by connecting the vendor to customers and making a good profit for themselves. Milkbasket, Milk Run, Country Delight, UdderMILK, Manhattan Milk, Shatto, Mitch The MilkMan, and various other names are operating in this industry with their offerings in dairy products. Most of the names come as the aggregator model while others are fully owned applications, dedicated to increasing the sales of particular brands and business owners. 

Tech Stack Required For Milk Delivery App Development

The technology stack is the core working unit of the application that brings the different functions and features to life. The technology stack helps to build the front end and back end of the application that powers the entire app and delivers the ultimate purpose of the software. Here is the technology stack that you can use to build your online milk delivery application. 

Mobile platform Android, iOS
Database MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra 
Push notification
Cloud Google, Azure, AWS
Real-time analytics Hadoop, Cisco, Spark, IBM
Online payment integration PayPal, Google Pay, E-wallets, Apple Pay
Voice and SMSTwillio, Neximo 

Required Resources For Milk Delivery App Development

The reason why it takes a good investment to develop a milk delivery app is that it requires a good amount and variety of resources. Some of the core areas and resources that help in online milk delivery app development are- 

  1. Human resources 

This is the foremost and biggest resource required to develop a milk or dairy delivery application. Human resources includes the people to manage your project, make the designing, write the codes, test the application, establish the communication, and much more. A big team of developers, testers, and collaborators is required for the project which requires a good investment. 

  1. Machinery and mechanical resources 

This is the technical infrastructure that is required to develop the milk delivery application. It includes the computers, tablets, testing devices, internet connections, and the complete LAN setup to help relevant stakeholders collaborate and work together to develop the application.

  1. Third-party support 

Mobile application development requires support from various third parties. It includes integrating the APIs to access features like mapping, calendar, etc. Similarly, bringing features like payment gateways also requires a good investment and is counted as the core resource for building the application. 

  1. Market data 

It might look hard to make an idea about this resource but it plays a significant role in the app development process. This is the whole information that helps to develop a competitive solution that can attract the users as well as deliver the purpose. It also includes the features of the peer application, the demand for the application in the market, user behavior for such milk delivery software, and much more.

Milk Delivery Mobile App Development Cost

Here comes the big concern which is the cost of delivering milk delivery applications. While going through this section, you should make sure that you don’t stick to a particular budget or number. The reason behind the statement is that the cost of developing any app is dependent on a range of factors. So, instead of predicting a hypothetical amount, it will be a better idea to understand the different factors that help to determine the milk delivery software development cost. 

Location of the developers The development teams in different geographical regions have a big difference in their charges. You can get the application developed in India for half of the price that you pay for the same app in the USA, UK, or Australia. 
Features and functionalities Whether it is the type of feature or the number of features, both are going to affect the development cost. If you want to see a lot of features in your application, you will have to pay for them. Similarly, the complex feature also increases the development cost. 
Designing Designers charge a hefty amount for designing the application pages. Integrating the UI/UX elements and components will surely add the dollars to your development bill. However, you should never compromise with the designing part of your application.
Third-party integration API and third-party integrations are always the additional cost that has to be borne by the app owner only. So, if you are integrating a lot of third-party applications, you will see the difference in your bill as well. 
Technologies To enhance the user experience, you can rely on AR/VR, machine learning, and artificial intelligence solutions. However, you must remember that these all are costly technologies to include in the application.

Partner With Right Mobile App Development Firm

Having gone through the complete guide, we can understand that the app development partner is a core key to ensuring the performance and proficiency of the daily milk delivery application. While there are plenty of names roaming in the market that might eat up your investment and provide nothing in return, you need to rely on an experienced and well-established mobile app development company for your project. 

Octal IT Solution, with an experience of more than 15 years in the industry, can be the best milk or dairy delivery app development partner for your project. In our journey, we have developed several types of on-demand delivery apps and thus are familiar with the challenges that might affect the process along with their mitigation strategy. We also believe in providing cost-effective solutions without compromising the quality of the software. 


Milk and dairy delivery apps have made their respective place in the market by bringing the daily essentials to the doorsteps of customers. By delivering convenience to buyers and sellers, these kinds of apps are getting the attention of the mass population. This makes the online milk delivery apps a great investment idea to monetize it and make a good revenue. Octal IT Solution invites you with your idea of milk delivery or dairy app development to transform into a reality by taking a step further.

Milk dairy app development

Frequently Asked Questions For Milk Delivery Software Development

Is milk delivery app development profitable?

Yes. Milk delivery app development is a profitable business with a decent ROI.  There are several revenue models to generate great profits using these apps.

Why invest in milk delivery mobile app development?

With the rise in mobile applications, milk delivery applications are seeing great popularity. Investing in milk delivery app development can help you enter the promising domain where the competition is limited and you have great opportunities to expand your business.

What are the advantages of a milk delivery app?

The milk delivery app comes with several advantages: 
★ User convenience 
★ Flexibility 
★ Multiple models 
★ Streamlined operations 
★ Service branding

How do you estimate the milk delivery app development cost?

The cost of milk delivery applications is determined by multiple factors, like the type of app, the features you want to include, the team of developers you hire, the location of the team, and more.
For a simple milk delivery mobile app development you may have to spend around $15,000 to $25,000 and a complex app may cost you around $35k to $75k.

What is the development process followed by your milk delivery app development company?

We follow agile development methodology to make sure the solutions deployed stick to your standards. The development process is simple: 
★ Ideation and Requirement Analysis
★ UI/UX Design 
★ Development 
★ Testing 
★ Iteration 
★ Deployment 
★ Support and Maintenance

What are the popular revenue models of online milk delivery apps?

Here are some of the most used monetization strategies in milk delivery apps- 
★ Advertisement 
★ Featured listing 
★ Freemium Model 
★ Transaction model or platform fee


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