There are a lot of people who want to capitalize in start-ups and even, there are entrepreneurs who want to step into more than one business but all of them are in search of a good idea before investing their hard-earned money. Above all these, people are still finding ways to deal with the deadly coronavirus that has consequently dropped every market and all the industries are facing an economic crisis.

In such circumstances, it is hard for anyone to think about beginning a venture or a start-up but as they say “adversity opens up opportunities”. There are some of the businesses that have not got affected and even proven as the right choice for businesses to invest in. Here, we would like to discuss Delivery Business Ideas that have facilitated people to get everything at their doorsteps and businesses as well to earn profit.

In case, if you are agreeing to go with this lucrative business idea and thinking to explore the right kind of delivery business ideas 2024, let us help you through this below article that has included some of the top delivery business opportunities. These will help you to accomplish your dreams of having a start-up and large revenue.

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In this below write-up, we have included several types of delivery startup ideas you can begin with. Before investing, you can analyze the growth, current state, and market figures & statistics about the delivery business so that you can invest in the sector at the right time. Among all the delivery start-up ideas, you can choose the one that perfectly goes with the current trend, your interest, available resources & budget. Keep the pandemic in mind and select accordingly to bloom continuously.

Without any further ado, let’s jump to the glimpses of delivery business market growth and statistics to know its potential-

Same-day Delivery Market Size, Figures, & Growth (2016-2027)

The same-day delivery market worldwide is growing continuously with a recorded value of $4.6 billion in 2019 that is predicted to evolve at 20.3% CAGR from the period 2020 to 2027. The delivery market is highly compelled by fast eCommerce adoption, cumulative urbanization, and continuously changing users’ expectations towards the delivery services.

market size

As per the reports, the B2B segment ruled the market with a 58.39% share in 2019. It provides services to end-users such as retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. Also, the advent of B2B eCommerce platforms has affected the delivery market growth in a positive way. Despite that, the revenue share of the B2B segment is way above the number of delivery packages that led to the high shipping costs of the packages. The B2C segment is also forecasted to grow at a 23.1% CAGR from 2020-27. This evolvement is ascribed to the increasing inclination of uses towards the eCommerce platforms. The C2C segment is also forecasted to have substantial growth in the coming years because of the benefits provided by same-day delivery services.

app stats

In the above representation, it is clearly seen that the incremental growth will be around $9.73 billion from 2019 to 2024. In 2019, 10% of overall retail sales were backed by the USA B2C eCommerce sector. Additionally, the enhancing demand of the healthcare and medical industry is predicted to accelerate the growth of the USA’s same-day delivery market.

Different Types of Delivery Businesses Ideas 2024 Worth to Invest Money

From on-demand to streaming services, people have become used to living in a world where instant indulgence at one’s fingertips is a new normal. All the provided on-demand delivery services are just an added extension to this cultural portent that provides a broad range of opportunities for those businesses or individuals who are looking for great delivery ideas to start a business.

Among several top door-to-door delivery business ideas, we have come up with the best ones described below.

1. Courier Services

Delivery Business Ideas

Courier business ideas are one of those ideas that are highly adopted by businesses to get maximum profit and revenue. Courier pick-up and delivery business speed up the level of services that were lacking in the postal system. Courier services include same-day services, standard services, and even overnight delivery. It may look simplistic but there is a great requirement there for local delivery options. These courier business opportunities help individuals to have an efficient career option while facilitating customers with easy in-hand delivery after shopping online. Enterprises that want to invest in this business also need some kinds of materials to function successfully and smoothly which lead to outsourcing recurrent runs to courier.

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To execute courier service business ideas, you are required to know about delivering the larger packages, important documents, and others. Then, businesses must own a right and proper functioning vehicle to get the deliveries done. It is also significant to have tracking software to follow the route of vehicle and delivery person as well in real-time so that they can have proof of delivery.

2. Laundry & Dry Cleaning Services

Delivery Business Ideas

Among all the home delivery service ideas, laundry & dry cleaning services are in huge demand. This sector is experiencing an explosive evolution due to the super busy and hectic schedule of people in today’s world. They believe that having laundry services from outside will save their lots of time that they can use to do something innovative. These types of services attract commercial businesses comprising hospitals, hotels, restaurants, spas, and salons.

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As a businessman, you can start at a low level by using laundry machines and if your business grows, then you can have additional machines. You also must invest in the required equipment to efficiently operate a laundry business. Having a laundry app development company will help you to manage the schedule for pick-up and delivery of clothes & simplify the various processes of business such as payment.

3. Food Delivery

Delivery Business Ideas

It is another profitable and the most fantastic business plan for home delivery services that have developed more due to the ongoing pandemic situation. It has been in higher demand by users as it facilitates them to have food at their doorstep just by a few taps on the screen. They can opt for a wide range of different cuisines with the use of mobile apps.

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If you go for food delivery app development, then you can have a wider customer base by not aiming at a particular audience base. Initially, it would be good to stick to a small delivery range nearby to your correlating restaurants. If you can manage that, then you can expand it further. You can also have a food delivery app to beat the competition along with cold/hot boxes and a vehicle to deliver food and maintain the food temperature.

4. Grocery Delivery

Not all people have the time to make it to the supermarket regularly as it is a time-consuming and tedious task for them; hence they prefer to shop groceries online. It is the reason behind the increasing popularity of grocery delivery apps like Instacart, AmazonFresh, etc. You can have grocery delivery as one of the perfect delivery business opportunities. You can attract local and busy professionals and families with a touch of personalization to deliver the groceries customers have purchased. Before starting a grocery business you can go for a grocery app development company.

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5. Medicine Delivery/Medical Equipment Delivery

Delivery Business Ideas

During the corona time, medicine delivery apps got a huge increase in demand due to critical health-related circumstances. It is a great way to provide help to people in the difficulty by giving access to important medical supplies & prescriptions.

This product delivery business is very profitable as people will always need these types of services. These services can differ such as delivering oxygen machines to the lab to transporting specimens or walking aids or medicines. To start a venture in this field, it would be great to have a required certification course and the necessary skills to operate well in the sector.

6. Meal Kits Delivery Services

It is the most lucrative parcel delivery business opportunity including the creation of special meal kits as per the needs and delivering the parcels at the right address. When there is no restaurant open and people still crave the delicious food, they have the only option left to deliver the food from outside.

A meal-kit delivery business is good to go with to have maximum profit and high revenue with the potential customer base such as health-conscious people, fitness experts, old & sick patients, and working people. There are so many applications in the real world that are used by a large customer base, these meal kits delivery apps such as Blue Apron, HelloFresh, Purple Carrot, etc. In starting, you can begin with the homemade food delivery business. It will help you to create a brand and accept orders from people online in an easy way.


7. After Hours Delivery Services

Just like other shipping business ideas for a delivery start-up, after-hours delivery services have also been a good choice for entrepreneurs. It is preferred by people to get something quickly from one place to another even before or after the regular business hours. If any user needs a pharmacy or grocery item at any inconvenient time, then these types of services can help them by just tapping some of their mobile phone’s buttons.

People who are night owls or early birds will surely find these services as the most useful. Put your entrepreneurial spirit to work convenient for someone as well as make a profit through it. You have all the rights to charge a premium fee for the services you provide and you can also market the appropriate rates you are offering in comparison to your competitors.

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8. Amazon Delivery Service Partner

People who are looking for potential delivery business ideas in the UK must try a delivery service partner program by Amazon that helps newbies to turn their imaginations into a sustainable business. You must have a starting investment amount of $10,000 to participate in this program and can hire and create your team including 40 to 100 employees with the high expectation of a successful business running a fleet of20 to 30 trucks devoted to carrying Amazon orders.

Eventual owners will be verified by Amazon through a long application process and will be attentive to find candidates with management and leadership skills. Those selected are given access to get training along with the proprietary tools, technology, and other useful resources of Amazon.

9. Pet Food Delivery

At present, almost 90.5 million i.e. 70% of households own a pet in the USA, accounting for around $45.5 billion in expenditure. There are various needs from pet care to food to their toys that are accountable for spoiling these furry animals and indulging in anything that makes sure their happiness & comfort. Sometimes, they even spend a little extra for the inconvenience they have in terms of foods running short on pet or grocery stores.

Entrepreneurs who love pets can choose it as a good business plan for home delivery services to cater to the pet owners in your nearby areas by generating and delivering different meal plans intended around the trends impacting the pet food market comprising the sustainable options, organic food, and plant protein-derived menus. For this business, you must have a vehicle for order accommodation, storing space to bulk house food, packaging materials, and an interactive digital ordering platform.

10. Furniture Delivery & Assembly

Furniture shopping is like a favorite thing to do for people who love home decor. It is always exciting and fun until the customer realizes the included logistics, it can get worse when there is a shortage of truck drivers or their vehicles and the delivery gets delayed. In this on-demand world, where every person wants things done as soon as possible, this business is facilitating the customers with the furniture delivery space.

Delivery Business Ideas

You can have a contract with the local businesses to become a delivery provider of your choice or you can market yourself to a large base of audiences who purchase furniture through social media marketplace or Craig’s List, people who don’t have any resource to get the items like beds, desks, tables, etc. from one place to another. It is one of the most cost-efficient delivery business ideas as all you need is the right truck to expand your business and a license to operate it in different areas. You have to be prepared with the stocked tool kit for providing the upsell premium services such as assembly.

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11. Gift Basket Delivery

Who doesn’t love gifts? With the changing times as we get busy in our day-to-day lives, getting a gift delivered to your loved ones to make their special days more special is a great idea. Enter the market with an application that helps your customers order customized gifts for their loved ones and affirms that you stay on the tip of your game.

With a one-day delivery scheme, you would surely be able to attract more users and generate great profits without any trouble.

12. Liquor Delivery Application

Delivery Business Ideas

One of the most trending business ideas these days. As the market was hit with the COVID pandemic in 2020, the sector initially saw a great drop with strict lockdown and then the new business came into the picture.

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Let your customers enjoy their favorite drinks without having to move out of the comforts of the bedroom.

End Line

To conclude, we can say that there are a lot of options to run a delivery business irrespective of the economy’s situation. People’s desire to get everything with ease at their doorstep won’t ever fade away and it will make way for several new business opportunities for you. Just by owning an effective mobile app and functional vehicle, you can make it too far.

Nowadays, these door-to-door delivery business ideas have vast scope for start-ups to be successful and earn maximum profit. You can take advantage of this scenario by entering the sector with the right kind of technology, resources, solid work ethics, and unmatched dedication.

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