With the advancement of technology, there is nothing that we can’t do and develop. New software is coming in every second day making it easy for companies and brands to get their mobile applications developed. Grocery apps offering a wide variety of products are becoming the new trend of the industry. There is nothing among groceries that one cannot buy from apps like InstaShop.

Research conducted by Forbes estimated that the usage of grocery delivery apps will increase by almost 50 percent from 2017 to 2022. Take a look at the graphical representation of the same:

Users are in awe of the fact that they can order food items and products for daily needs from the comfort of their homes. These items are also delivered either on the same day or the next day, whatever opted by the users. The best part about such apps is that the people do not have to step out of their houses, rather place their orders conveniently.

Along with the ease of placing orders users also get certain daily deals and interesting offers that make InstaShop like applications popular. Our experts make sure to develop an application that would require the least effort to place orders thus making it easier for your end-users to shop things faster.

What is InstaShop?

While many might be well aware of the name, some might just want to know that the app is one of the leading apps for groceries, which was launched in the year 2016. The app allows the users to place orders for their groceries online, and the products are delivered from the supermarkets in a time span of 45 minutes. Well, that seems to be an amazing deal, isn’t it?

InstaShop has made it quite easier for users to order their grocery and other everyday needs and get them delivered on their doorsteps.

Users can browse through a lot of services including the following:

  1. Organic shops
  2. Pharmacies
  3. Supermarkets
  4. Cosmetics and beauty
  5. Specialty shops
  6. Fresh product market
  7. Bakeries
  8. Butchery and barbeque
  9. Pet shops
  10. Home improvement
  11. Cakes and desserts
  12. Coffee corner
  13. Flower shops
  14. Water

The app is very quick to use as an order can be placed for any product in just three simple clicks. From creating their own account to filling their cart with products and making online payments, everything can be managed by the user.

How to Place an Order?

When talking about InstaShop app development, our experts make it a point that the order process is easy so that your end-users would feel comfortable interacting with the final solution. All they need to do is

1. Register or Login

They would need to register or log in using their email id or phone numbers. Once an account is created they can easily check the rewards and discounts and the cashback offers on their account.

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2. Add Items

Now that you have created an account, start shopping!
Your users would have to look for what items they want and they can add them to their cart. They can keep adding items and once they are done they can move further to the payment process and be done.

3. Place an Order

Pay for your order and it is done. End-users can easily make payments with integrated e-wallets system and your end users can get the products at their doorstep in a limited time.

This is a simple process that our InstaShop app development team integrates with your app that makes it easier for the end-users to engage with the application.

Take a look at some highlights of this app:

  • Promised timely delivery in not more than one hour’s time.
  • Provides numerous services from daily grocery products to recharge cards among others.
  • Also offers medicines on demands and has services to offer such as cleaning the house, etc.
  • It is compatible with multiple platforms including iOS and Android.
  • Has a lot of online payment methods integrated into the app, ranging from debit/credit card to e-wallets and COD.
  • The delivery of the products is done 24*7.
  • In case a user receives a damaged product, it is replaced and a refund is provided to the user immediately.

Sections to be included in a grocery mobile app

There is a lot that goes behind making an app like InstaShop. Let’s talk about the same in detail.

1. UX/UI: The application should be rich in features and at the same time should look appealing to the users. Easy to comprehend, the landing page should look attractive and the focus should be on the design and layout of the app. If the app looks crisp, there are high chances of more people registering themselves with the app.

2. Categorization: Will you ever want to go back to a website that is confusing and has too much on a platter? Well, the answer definitely is a “no.” It is very important for grocery apps to maintain proper categories and sub-categories for all products so that the search process of the users is easy and quick. Each item under the categories should have a separate classification.

3. Online payment: Another important thing to have as a part of these apps is the integration of several modes of payment. It does not only make transactions transparent and cashless but also enables the users to place orders even if they are running out of cash. If there is a case of a transaction being declined or canceled, the money should be quickly reverted to the account of the user, from which it was deducted.

4. Backup: The store owner should have easy access to the powerful backend of the app, from where he can make changes in the application. There can many instances when a store owner would have to make changes to either the price or the availability of any product. Hence, it is important to give the store owners full access to the application.

Apart from these features, there are some advanced features that should be a part of the grocery mobile app. Take a look:

1. Push notification: Want to keep your customer updated about the latest offers and discounts you are offering? Well, how can you do that? This is when the idea of push notifications comes in. You can send out messages or pop up notifications on their mobile screens informing them about the availability of products, stocks, offers, discounts, events, etc. However, overuse of this feature can also lead to the downfall of your app as users might get annoyed by too many messages and just end up deleting the app.

2. Delivery time: make the shopping experience fun and more convenient for the users by letting them decide about the time they want to get their groceries delivered to their doorstep. There are chances of the delivery boy reaching at a time when no one is available at home. Therefore, it is best for the users to choose the time and location for the delivery of the items ordered by them.

3. Voice search option: Make the purchases quickly by integrating the latest AI technology into your app. With the growth of technology, several new trends have been noticed, and one such trend in the voice command. Users would love to speak out to give a command, rather than typing it on their phone screens. It does not only make users order quickly but is also a big help in searching for the accurate items on the app.

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4. Cart: A grocery shopping app should allow users to add multiple items to their cart, without having to exit a page each time they add something to their cart. This shortcut enhances the user experience and lets them stay on a page from where they are selecting and adding several products. This will also result in multiple products added by the users from a single page without any interruption.

5. Loyalty program: How would it feel if you get rewarded for being loyal to an app? These loyalty programs are in the good spirit of the users and give them access to various offers and discounts. It also gives them a boost to shop more from the app, as each purchase will help them earn some or the other reward in various kinds.

6. Multi linguistic: One must not restrict themselves to serving only a single community. Take the app and your services a notch higher and go global by integrating a number of languages in the app.

Points to be considered before building an app like InstaShop:

1. You should know the audience you are willing to target through your application. It can either be local, global, or both at the same time.

2. Secondly, you should try to understand the kind of groceries you want to list down under the categories of your app and the kind of groceries you are willing to sell. Take a look at some grocery businesses for your app:

  • Personalized grocery apps
  • Grocery chain apps
  • Marketplace apps
  • Single store apps
  • Aggregator apps

3. One must understand the nature of the customer and know what they are looking for in a grocery app, and then build the app accordingly.

4. Since the users have become very smart and want all at one place, you must consider integrating some advanced features along with the basic features of the app.

5. You must follow a strategy for monetization from the application and stick to it in the long run for maximum returns.

6. Before going into the development phase, you must determine the cost of the app and set aside a budget for the same, so that there is no last-minute hassle and the funds are properly utilized.

How much does it cost to build a grocery app like InstaShop?

Listed below are the factors on which the pricing of an app like InstaShop rely:

  • Number of features in the app.
  • The quality of the app.
  • Time taken to develop the application.
  • Platform for which the app is being developed. It will cost more if it is made for cross-platform development.


Grocery apps have become quite famous because of the fact that it has made things not only easy for the users but allows them to make purchases remotely without having to step out of their houses. You must be sure of the features you want to include in your app, which should be according to the preferences of the users. These apps are a good investment and are headed towards a brighter future in the coming years.

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